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  1. I booked the Heritage Walk on the first afternoon in Penang just to get my bearings, and I love walking around new (to me) places. I'll check out the free hopper for day 2
  2. I wonder how many people read this thread yesterday and then we're pointing at cabins on a deck plan going "right wrong right wrong" I travel solo and just realised i prefer the couch by the balcony. With the door open it almost feels like it extends the space of both the sitting area and the balcony. My last cruise i had a solo cabin with large balcony but no sitting area, and it felt so squishy!
  3. Brisbane, Australia >Mystery Island, Vanuatu >Noumea, New Caledonia >Vila, Vanuatu >Brisbane
  4. Singapore >Penang, Malaysia >Phuket, Thailand >Singapore First rollcall for Spectrum!
  5. How many nights do you think that will be?
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