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  1. Bonaire still showing in our App. I don't see Coco Cay listed anywhere. Maybe a glitch?
  2. This is great info! Thank you! I had been using a TA for a long time but started booking on my own with my last reservation. I didn't realize I could dive this deep.
  3. Over my next few cruises, I will cross over to Emerald status and then to Diamond. I have additional cruises booked out beyond that and know I can't use my increased C&A status towards discounts on already booked reservations, but could I use my newer status to upgrade to a higher cabin category on those already booked cruises? Can't seem to find this particular scenario discussed anywhere.
  4. I always shoot for an aft-facing cabin if possible. My favorite view.....
  5. Thanks! I actually ended up getting some crossbody pouches which will work better than fanny packs. Appreciate the links.
  6. Yeah - I know I won't be making a fashion statement - or at least a good fashion statement. LOL.
  7. I've always hated having to carry around a purse while I'm traveling but I can't get by with just pockets (and sometimes there aren't any pockets anyway). I'm considering a fanny pack but haven't used one since I was a teenager. Opinions? Other suggestions for something small that I don't have to *carry*?
  8. Just booked a mother/daughter getaway for myself and grown daughter. Leaving the husbands at home for this one.
  9. First time cruising in Latin America! I know I'm setting this one up very early, but hoping to meet some others who will be sailing this itinerary.
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