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  1. I've never seen the coffee card for anything other than $31 in the cruise planner. I guess maybe they're more expensive onboard?
  2. Unless you booked through a TA, I think you may have to keep calling RC to move your cabins closer together. This close to the cruise it may be difficult since I imagine there won't be many unoccupied rooms. I wish you luck!
  3. We are also doing an Alaska cruise in September and the excursions are definitely more expensive than the Caribbean excursion pricing we've been accustomed to. However, I've also looked at independent tours for the same ports with similar activities and RC isn't that much more for most of them. The hours that the ship is scheduled to be in each port should be listed on the itinerary and your Cruise Planner calendar.
  4. Our return flight doesn't leave until 7:30pm, which gives us a good amount of time to kill after disembarkation. There are (3) RC excursions listed that include airport transfer, but all are fairly short and would have us at the airport by 2pm. Any suggestions for a company that could do a tour of the city with airport transfer (including storing luggage)? We're considering a rental car, but would rather not.
  5. @DixieSAre you talking about RC gift cards/ certificates, or the Visa/Discover branded gift cards that are more like debit cards?
  6. They also have a small boat to bring people ashore who didn't want to jump directly into the water.
  7. Also a fan of buying at a price you can live with. As @Ampurp85 mentioned, some things will sell out, and simply having them in your cart doesn't mean you've claimed those openings. Someone could swoop in and purchase the last remaining spots while they're still in your cart.
  8. I commend you guys for doing the Monterosso - Vernazza section of the trail. It's the most strenuous section by far!
  9. Depending on the company / policy, some insurers sometimes will let you transfer the policy to a different/ similar trip if you cancel the original trip before a certain period.
  10. No, you only pay the gratuity once, at the time of purchasing the drink package
  11. The water park could very easily sell out. I would purchase now and if her friends don't want to go, you can cancel. If you cancel onboard, you'll get the refund as OBC towards your account statement, and if you don't spend it onboard, it should go back to your original form of payment post-debarkation.
  12. @Aron_Rosson our last sailing (pre-covid, so mileage may vary now) we were frequently approached by staff offering BOGO 50% off for the 2nd guest (so effectively 25% off for each) for a couple of the restaurants, and by the 2nd to last day or so were offered 30% off each guest. As @Ampurp85mentioned, it will depend on how much availability they have. If the restaurant is pretty well booked up, there probably won't be any discount offered onboard.
  13. I would go ahead and cancel anything you bought in the Cruise Planner now, and not wait for RC to cancel them automatically. I've found that I've gotten the refund(s) much quicker that way.
  14. You might be able to just go to Guest Services with everyone, and ask them to redistribute the OBC as you want.
  15. You could also get the 3-night package, and see what discounts are offered on board
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