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  1. Since you have an adult booked in each room, I think you might also be able to get away with bringing 2 bottles of wine per stateroom, for a total of 4 bottles. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong 🙂
  2. There's another thread regarding this over in the News/Rumors section:
  3. I think $79 is a pretty good price for an August/summer cruise. Our September cruise was about $60 I think. But you'll see lots of other threads on here where the price was higher than $79 once the park opened and every one loved it (particularly for summer sailings). In my (limited) experience, the best CP excursion deals were during the 2-6 months before the cruise. So if you were to lock in the price now, the better price might not come until after things (hopefully!) settle down and refunds are issued with normal/ reasonable wait times again.
  4. FWIW, there aren't any 'sales' going on for our November 2021 cruise.
  5. Harmony also has a dedicated escape room
  6. Agreed. Neither by looking at percentage off or comparing dollar amounts showed any real "savings" once I hit final payment date.
  7. It might be different now with covid changing everything, but once we hit final payment for our Harmony cruise last September, our available shore excursions never really went on sale again. There might have been a couple that were advertised as "20% off" but the majority were 10% off if they were on sale at all. Just our experience.
  8. Yes there are loungers with umbrellas all over the island, including Chill Island, that are free.
  9. But try to get a rate with free cancellation! Allows you to cancel without penalty should your cruise be cancelled, and you can cancel/rebook if you see the rates go down in the interim.
  10. As others have mentioned, it is far too early to tell what routes and fares will be next summer. However, having flown from the west coast to Italy several times, I've noticed Venice tends to have higher fares than flying out of Milan or Rome, and always requires a layover. I believe there are direct flights from LAX to/from Milan and Rome (or at least prior to the pandemic).
  11. There's a new blog post that addresses this https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/04/29/royal-caribbean-says-no-doctors-note-will-be-required-cruise-once-sailings-resume
  12. There are plenty of loungers scattered throughout the water park. The majority are by the wave pool, but the adventure pool and splash summit (smaller water slide structure) have some as well. Between every two/three loungers there is an umbrella too. We snagged a couple of loungers by the wave pool in the early morning and made that our meet up point for the rest of the day.
  13. +1 to Harmony! Though full disclosure, haven't been on Oasis or Allure to compare it to :)
  14. Roatan - we enjoyed the Gumbalimba Park tour with Zipline adventure (purchased through RCL, but I believe it's also available directly through the park). Included the zipline, monkeys/ macaws/ park tour, and beach time. There is a small cafe with limited food/ drink options. I think there is also a fresh water pool, and you could rent snorkel/scuba equipment. Cozumel - we opted for the Chichen Itza Ruins since we weren't sure if we would ever make a trip to the Yucatan other than another cruise stop. The history is fascinating (at least to me) and I'm glad I did it despite the long travel time and limited time spent at the ruins. If doing this tour, DEFINITELY book through RCL. Costa Maya - made reservations at Maya Chan Resort (not an RCL excursion) and was worth beyond what we paid. Friendliest staff, great (and constant) drinks and food. Fresh water pool is AMAZING. There was a seagrass issue (this was soon after Dorian) and they gave us a few options - automatic refund, or going to the resort and seeing for ourselves and offering to return us to port with a full refund if we didn't want to stay. We opted to stay and had the most relaxing time. Kayaks, SUPs, floats and (maybe) snorkel gear were included. Massages available for an additional fee.
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