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  1. Even without delays and rebooks checked luggage might not travel with the passenger. My luggage went with me from SFO to SEA but did not make my SEA to Anchorage flight, despite a +/-3 hour layover. Traveling companions' bags all made it just fine. Airline was able to easily track it (plus I had an airtag inside it), saying it had made it onto the next SEA-ANC flight arriving a few hours later. Fortunately we arrived early afternoon so there were a multiple flight options for my luggage to arrive before we left the next morning for Seward. I packed a carry-on with 3 days worth of clothes just in case something like this happened and my luggage couldn't meet me until Juneau.
  2. Just got off Radiance last week and this was my experience: coffee card had my name and room number on it - no ship name. My first drink was a grande (16oz) chai latte - so no espresso shots - and that took 2 punches. Next drink was a small 12oz chai, which was only 1 punch. So if getting a non-espresso drink, I would recommend ordering the small each time to maximize the benefits - 2 smalls = 24oz for the same "price" as (1) 16oz drink. Since I didn't use all the punches on this sailing, I will be saving the card for a future cruise. May have to white out the room number though
  3. FYI, we decided to go ahead and use the airport address since that's where we will be the longest
  4. @PoochI've bought travel insurance through AAA as well. You do not need to book the cruise through AAA - we either used MEI or booked it ourselves. You will need a AAA membership and I believe the travel insurance has to be purchased through the AAA portal, not the Allianz website.
  5. This link should help. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass
  6. @Pattycruiseanother thought was to use the US consulate address
  7. At risk of being banned from Canada in the future, we'll be completely the form. However, I keep running into an issue. We're doing the southbound sailing from Seward to Vancouver, with Vancouver our only stop in Canada. I've selected "Yes" to "Is your cruise terminating in Canada?" since we disembark in Vancouver. The app wants us to enter a Canadian address where we will be staying post-cruise, except we are returning to the US later that day. I can't complete the form without entering an address. But if I select "No" to the cruise terminating in Canada then I don't have to enter an address. So... do I answer truthfully and type in a 'random' Canadian address (was thinking of the airport or port terminal address), or answer 'No'? Or does someone have a better solution?? I tried calling the help line but I've been disconnected twice and have been on hold for 30min+ now
  8. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/how-can-i-redeem-my-future-cruise-credit You should be able to apply the FCCs on the payment page of the booking
  9. You can find a similar sailing and look at the cruise compass to get an idea of when show times will be to plan your dinner. When you go to make reservations for the remaining nights on board, you can see about changing the venue for the first night.
  10. @CruizeManI would also not consider Rome and Positano/Sorrento/Amalfi to be close at all. Geographically yes maybe, but logistically not at all. La Spezia: Pisa if you want more of a historical/learning day, or Cinque Terre for coastal sightseeing. Too much travel to get to Florence and spend any quality time there. If opting for Pisa, see if you have enough time to add Lucca. Naples: Pick either Amalfi or Pompeii (or Ercolano). If doing both on the excursion, you'll spend the majority of your time in transit and not actually at the sights. Pre-cruise in Rome: seconding the day trip to Florence (though I would try to make it an overnight if possible). If you can get a freccia train it's a quick 1.5hr non-stop ride (would recommend buying in advance to guarantee getting the departure times you want, and save a bit on ticket price). You could also do a 2nd day trip to Pompeii as @wordell1mentioned to free up your Naples stop for Amalfi. It would be a long day but potentially worth it to make it to all the places you want to visit.
  11. Your SetSail pass is like a boarding pass to check in at the terminal. It will have your account information so it can be used in the meantime before your Sea Pass is available.
  12. Could you book now to lock in the price just in case the mask requirement changes? Can always cancel later...
  13. On our pre-pandemic sailing, all slots for the rest of the cruise were full by the 2nd day of sailing. We tried to switch our session to a different day but there were no openings. Would recommend you book on the cruise planner as soon as possible, if it's available to pre-book. If it's not, make it one of the first things you do after boarding. We kept our original session and really enjoyed it.
  14. You could also ask about getting your meal to-go if the smells are too overwhelming in the restaurant
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