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  1. Matt just posted an post-shutdown review of Maya Chan on the blog's home page
  2. Agreed - the aqua show on Harmony was fantastic! We also enjoyed the escape room- though I'm unsure if that will be operating next month.
  3. @Ian TI think the 11am end time is just an error. You'll have full access to the beach lounger for the entire day. The correct end time would be like 30min before the all-aboard/ship departure.
  4. +1 to Maya Chan! We were there in September 2019, so unsure what the post-covid service is like, but pre-covid service was fantastic
  5. Not sure when you last booked a cabana, but I don't think you can pick your exact cabana (regardless of location/type) anymore, even by stopping at the Shore Excursion desk. They're all automatically assigned in order of when they were purchased. The only exception might be if you're in a suite and the Genie/Concierge can select for you.
  6. Yes, you would only be charged for the shot. Same concept for virgin cocktails (free with the refreshment package) and paying the upcharge for the alcohol only.
  7. I never personally received the email. It was sent to our travel agent, so if you have a TA, it may have sent to them
  8. What a bummer of a situation! Echoing the others here, in that making final payment would tie up cash that could be spent on other non-cruise things, and making sure you can use all the credit by the expiration date. Good luck in your studies!
  9. Our cancellation email didn't mention anything about 125% OBC, but that could have been because we hadn't actually bought anything yet. But if I recall correctly (and it is still something RC offers), the 125% OBC is only an option if you take the 125% FCC, and doesn't apply if you take the cruise fare refund route.
  10. Yes, our 4/10/22 cruise on Radiance was cancelled. All Radiance sailings are cancelled through 4/30/22
  11. Our April 10th Radiance Panama Canal sailing also appears to have been cancelled - no email yet but it's disappeared from the website and its first sailing is listed as 4/30/22.
  12. It's going to vary by ship arrival time. IIRC, our shipped docked at maybe 8am? We were on the slides by 9am.
  13. I thought I read that you could add (2) extra people to the floating cabanas at Cococay to bring occupancy up to 10 - the additional persons would have to buy their own passes for Beach Club access plus the additional cabana charge. In theory they could do something similar for the water park. But in your case, with (3) people over the limit, it increases occupancy by 50% and I can't imagine they'd allow that as a policy (vs at the discretion of the attendant). Like @AshleyDillo mentioned, seating and space within / between water park cabanas are limited.
  14. On our last sailing (Harmony) the C&A onboard discounts sheets weren't in our staterooms. We had to go to the C&A desk on board, and they had the print-outs there. Which is not a big deal, but just an FYI that they might not automatically be in your room upon arrival.
  15. Now that there's a pier and no tendering required, I can't imagine too many stops at Cococay getting cancelled mid-sailing (unless there's a hurricane, etc)
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