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  1. This could vary by local transmission/ testing capability factors. I had planned a road trip (completely voluntary, non-essential travel) from CA to Seattle and requested a test through my doctor (Kaiser insurance) as a precaution prior to staying with friends/family. Kaiser had no hesitations about getting me tested even though I didn't knowingly have contact with anyone who had tested positive and didn't think I would have it. They had me take the test 10 days before my scheduled departure, since it's been a toss up whether it takes 1 week+ for results or a quick turnaround. I got my resul
  2. Within the port there is a free swimming pool, but if you want a lounger/ chair, you may have to purchase some food/ drinks. The main beach area is a couple miles away from port, and if I recall other posts on this forum, it's not advised to walk there due to narrow road shoulders.
  3. And only one of you needs to purchase EBCI - you'll board separately, but one of you can save the other a seat.
  4. I stayed on Harmony's Deck 12 in one of the interior rooms, which is about as far forward as you can get on that ship. Didn't feel much movement, with the exception of a single morning towards the end of the cruise.
  5. I have zero experience in book a cruise in a foreign currency, so just curious and wondering aloud … Do US agents offer the exact same promotions/ rates (or almost exact) as Canadian agents, and the difference is just in the exchange rate (and associated fees)? If they do, then it seems like it would be better to book in $CAN as opposed to $USD. But if the offerings vary, I would imagine it’s entirely possible that the US agency could offer rates that are still cheaper even after accounting for the exchange rate and fees... in which case it seems like it would make sense to boo
  6. @Neesa I can't answer about whether RC accepts copies. But the county I live in allows you to request an original birth certificate via mail (would probably need to get the request notarized), or via a company called Vital Check. You might want to see what the options are for the county you relocated from.
  7. Our 11-night sailing on Vision was a $450/p deposit. Our past sailings on Freedom & Adventure (all 7-night) were $250/p.
  8. That's a good bonus! But of course, the number of points needed to travel could increase once normal travel traffic returns. I've noticed the number of points needed for my more frequently flown routes has increased over the years. Southwest also has a shopping portal where you can purchase items and a variety of gift cards using your Rapid Reward points. So it's almost, sort of, a little bit like cash, so you're not stuck with just flight credits. I used all my points loading up on Starbucks and Target gift cards so it's like free shopping and coffee trips for me!
  9. I thought at some airports they allowed "walk-ins." Like if you happened to already be at the airport you could stop by and see if they could take you. Of course that would only be convenient if you lived close to participating airport, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've stopped doing this with the pandemic happening.
  10. Yep, OBC gets credited back immediately. Credit card purchases have a few days wait (in normal times).
  11. Nooooo don't say this! Don't put this idea out into the universe lol Vision's future with Royal needs to last until at least December 2021 once our sailing is complete
  12. Since you have an adult booked in each room, I think you might also be able to get away with bringing 2 bottles of wine per stateroom, for a total of 4 bottles. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong
  13. There's another thread regarding this over in the News/Rumors section:
  14. I think $79 is a pretty good price for an August/summer cruise. Our September cruise was about $60 I think. But you'll see lots of other threads on here where the price was higher than $79 once the park opened and every one loved it (particularly for summer sailings). In my (limited) experience, the best CP excursion deals were during the 2-6 months before the cruise. So if you were to lock in the price now, the better price might not come until after things (hopefully!) settle down and refunds are issued with normal/ reasonable wait times again.
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