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  1. +1 to Harmony! Though full disclosure, haven't been on Oasis or Allure to compare it to :)
  2. Roatan - we enjoyed the Gumbalimba Park tour with Zipline adventure (purchased through RCL, but I believe it's also available directly through the park). Included the zipline, monkeys/ macaws/ park tour, and beach time. There is a small cafe with limited food/ drink options. I think there is also a fresh water pool, and you could rent snorkel/scuba equipment. Cozumel - we opted for the Chichen Itza Ruins since we weren't sure if we would ever make a trip to the Yucatan other than another cruise stop. The history is fascinating (at least to me) and I'm glad I did it despite the long travel time and limited time spent at the ruins. If doing this tour, DEFINITELY book through RCL. Costa Maya - made reservations at Maya Chan Resort (not an RCL excursion) and was worth beyond what we paid. Friendliest staff, great (and constant) drinks and food. Fresh water pool is AMAZING. There was a seagrass issue (this was soon after Dorian) and they gave us a few options - automatic refund, or going to the resort and seeing for ourselves and offering to return us to port with a full refund if we didn't want to stay. We opted to stay and had the most relaxing time. Kayaks, SUPs, floats and (maybe) snorkel gear were included. Massages available for an additional fee.
  3. I don't believe the Guarantee Rooms ("We Pick") offer a refundable option.
  4. lol don't bother. Here in SF the delivery companies are now requiring someone to be present to sign for deliveries of TP. Too many people are stealing them off their neighbors' porches. 🙄
  5. I enjoyed this excursion! Yes the travel time takes a significant chunk of your day, but the site if fascinating and our guides were great. I would have preferred to have spent an entire day at the site, but that's only possible if you are staying for a a few days on the mainland. I recommend the RCL excursion only if you don't plan on ever booking a multi-day trip to the Yucatan. If you think you might take a trip on your own in the future, then this excursion isn't worthwhile.
  6. Not sure about shorter / longer cruises, but for 7-night cruises it's 90 days from sail date.
  7. Not sure if you've sailed w/ RCL before, but this is the Crown & Anchor phone number: 800-526-9723 Did you try placing a # before the 1? I think I've had to do that sometimes when making international calls.
  8. We also tip a few dollars for room service
  9. Officially yes. In practice it really varies on the server. You can also ask your stateroom attendant for a corkscrew and glasses, and serve yourself in your room before going to the dining venue.
  10. I've stopped at all of those ports and the yellow fever vaccination was not required by Royal or the ports. You may want to check with your doctor to see if they recommend anything for the region (I checked w/ mine prior to departure and they did not suggest any special vaccinations).
  11. In addition to carrying it in your carry-on, I'd also suggest bringing a new, unsealed bottle just to be safe.
  12. Thank you, but I guess I misread the thread and thought it was referring to the towels specifically at the beach club 🤦‍♀️ So I'm wondering if those special beach club towels are available throughout the club area or just for the daybed/cabanas.
  13. Yes you can get there earlier. The "assigned" time is just a suggestion. You won't be able to board any earlier than 10 though because they are still disembarking the previous sailing until then.
  14. Are the special towels just for guests who purchased the cabanas/daybeds, or also with the regular loungers?
  15. Here's a recent thread about stockholder benefits. The biggest Pro being market value for cruiselines has been trending upwards (outside of the recent dip) so could be a good investment. Biggest Con would be that you can't always cash in the so-called stockholder discount/ OBC.
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