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  1. On our last sailing (Harmony) the C&A onboard discounts sheets weren't in our staterooms. We had to go to the C&A desk on board, and they had the print-outs there. Which is not a big deal, but just an FYI that they might not automatically be in your room upon arrival.
  2. Now that there's a pier and no tendering required, I can't imagine too many stops at Cococay getting cancelled mid-sailing (unless there's a hurricane, etc)
  3. You can buy excursions on the ship, but the beach club might be sold out by that point.
  4. That's the most likely case. You can always call and ask to be put on the MTD waitlist, or ask again once you're on board.
  5. There are a lot of umbrellas throughout the island including the waterpark (haven't been to the beach club so can't say how common they are there) - which are free once you've paid entrance to the area. The umbrellas are somewhat able to be adjusted throughout the day as the sun moves, but if you want constant complete shade you may want the cabana.
  6. Personally, I'd choose to spend the extra day in Florence. You could also do the extra day in Rome - both cities need multiple days to see the highlights. Unless you're there for Carneval (which it doesn't sound like you will be), I haven't found Venice to need more than a day for sightseeing.
  7. They had no issues of me taking videos while holding my phone
  8. Solo cruisers will nearly always pay as if there were 2 people (so essentially paying double), and you would get 2x C&A points. During the current promotion, you would then get 4x points (ex: 7-nighter = 14 points solo x 2 promotion = 28). With your current JS room, you would receive 2x points for being in a suite, so during the current promotion you would still be getting 4x (7-nighter = 14 points suite x 2 promotion = 28). By switching to the balconies, you would miss out on any onboard suite benefits that may apply to a JS on your ship.
  9. It's definitely on the bucket list. Currently booked for the 11-night Vision that is closed loop, rather than the full westbound, and deciding if the price difference is worth switching sailings.
  10. @twangster This is incredibly helpful, thank you! 4 of the 5 of the ports are in there, and while the exact excursions might not be the same, we can at least get a general idea of what's offered.
  11. I know it's pretty far away, but I'm hoping someone who is booked on the April 10, 2022 Panama Canal Westbound sailing could send a screenshot or something of any excursions that are posted so far in the cruise planner. The shore excursion brochure page on Royal's website isn't registering that sailing... Thanks!
  12. OMG this Plan All Dining option is a lifesaver. And time saver & email-clutter saver for an 11-nights of MTD! Can also confirm @twangster's comment that the earliest MTD was 6:30pm - at least for Vision. Not sure how far out you can book, @Scoular but I'm able to reserve for an April 2022 sailing. I may have been able to earlier, I just never bothered to check!
  13. We did a zipline/ tree top adventure excursion - I don't recall the excursion name but it was fun!
  14. Yes, they definitely vary. For budgeting purposes, you could just fill in with whatever the highest price you're willing to pay, at least until you've been able to track prices for awhile. My thoughts, though: Waterpark - I doubt you'll see the waterpark at $65 for a peak of the summer cruise. Especially if Summer 2022 is the first summer of "normal" cruising. If I remember correctly, other commenters saw them $100 +/- (or more!) for Summer 2019. Chops +1 - I don't think this is even offered anymore (at least for a 7 night)? On a 7-night Harmony sailing, our dining package opt
  15. Puerto Rico & USVI are included with Verizon plans. No roaming / international required.
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