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  1. as a huge hockey fan I got really excited when i saw NHL!!
  2. that's pretty awesome that it is not in the main corridor. thanks!!!
  3. Does anybody know which way the door on 9077 opens up? I was thinking since it is 90 and not 95 it would open to the left. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. right now, it appears that the website servers are down. will not let me search for any sailings.
  5. Not sure if I uploaded this correctly, but Jewel. Adventure not yet up. JW_2021_Europe.pdf
  6. Does anyone know when the new sailings will be available to book?
  7. likewise. bummed out, was considering booking the 11n Ultimate Scandinavia Cruise on Adventure. This whole thing might change that though.
  8. I agree. In places like Copenhagen, Tallinn or Helsinki, taking an overpriced excursion might hurt the idea of an already expensive trip.
  9. I was thinking... in the new world of Covid-cruising, there are new protocols being implemented that might really change cruising. In the past, I have taken Europe cruises where every excursion has been a new day, exploring on my own. In the future, however, some cruise lines might implement cruise-line excursion only rules.... Long story short, I was wondering what itineraries or cruising locations do you think this lends itself best to? For me, I would say it is great for an itinerary like the Norwegian fjords, where there is not MUCH to see in any given port, but could provide tr
  10. 100% agree. I also like the Serenade’s itinerary to Alaska better than Ovation and Quantum’s. The views from the ship are hard to beat!
  11. New question, sort of still fits within "Quantum Class Advice".... For alaska, 7n Serenade roundtrip (Vancouver) or 7n Ovation roundtrip (Seattle).... having cruised on Jewel ots before, I really like the feeling of being surrounded by glass. Just looking for suggestions. Visiting Skagway is a must.
  12. I think it was like that for when they did the rotational dining but now they just have similar menus, I think.
  13. Very funny! I've become very accustomed to Royal lately, but they're offering really cool northern europe itineraries on a smaller ship... I think Anthem to the Canaries might trump any Carnival Northern Europe itinerary though.
  14. Has anyone ever been to the Canary Islands or Norway on a cruise in this forum? Both cruises look interesting.. one is on Anthem the other is CCL... just wondering though, is one better than the other?
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