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  1. hello! On my past med trip, we took advantage of the train service and not only took the train to two of the terraces (they get repetitive after a while), but took the train further and rode to the Portofino area. Consider this, it is so so amazing!
  2. I've been, but many years ago. Since you're only pre-cruise for a night, try to avoid the toll roads so they don't hit you with the daily fee once activating. The parking at BB and T is easy and quick. There are a few toll roads surrounding it but you can either find one that takes cash or just take the local roads.
  3. Funny story: On Oasis this past July, there was a problem at our dining table, so they offered our table of 10 free champagne, but by the end of the cruise, charged us for a few glasses!
  4. I originally thought I saw phase II coming out this week? Was this wrong or are they expected to come out? — Odyssey and Adventure specifically
  5. On my Oasis Cruise, i attended teen karaoke (I’m 16) and then was the first participant of adult karaoke.. no body kicked me out !!
  6. For starters, Anthem will be redeployed in 2021 to England.
  7. ...or a smelly dinner table after taking the donkey path down!!
  8. This looks like it’s a limited batch because it is Serenade from August 8th onwards and Ovation from July 30th onwards.
  9. We managed to get a good airfare for July 2020 New York to London Barcelona to New York... all for $590 round trip, nonstop. Look in American and Delta out of JFK because United has a monopoly out of Newark.
  10. Not sure how you feel about discount airlines but depending on where you're coming from, there's Trenton (TTN - frontier airlines) and SWF (upstate New York State). TTN is about 1hr15 and SWF is about 1.5 hrs. Far but still options.
  11. Has anybody here been on the 12 night Baltic (brilliance) and able to share their opinions on whether or not it is worth it for the time commitment?
  12. Last year on Jewel, it would be a low-2, but this time around on Oasis I would say it was a solid 4.5 so I was a little confused. Food is an important part of the experience for me, and if the pizza isn’t up to par and our experience wouldn’t be as good, it might be a different ship we end up choosing
  13. After coming back from a trip on Oasis, the quality of pizza in Sorrento's really stuck out in a good way. I recall seeing a blog post that said they switched the ingredients, so my question is concerning this.... is this pizza quality fleetwide, even on Radiance-class ships without Sorrento's or only on ships with the place itself?
  14. What package do you need for standard social media uses (snapchat, Instagram, telegram etc.)
  15. Does there seem to be many children onboard or is it mainly the older demographic? Any teenagers at the club? If you can, let me know... thanks!
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