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  1. Not sure how you feel about discount airlines but depending on where you're coming from, there's Trenton (TTN - frontier airlines) and SWF (upstate New York State). TTN is about 1hr15 and SWF is about 1.5 hrs. Far but still options.
  2. Has anybody here been on the 12 night Baltic (brilliance) and able to share their opinions on whether or not it is worth it for the time commitment?
  3. Last year on Jewel, it would be a low-2, but this time around on Oasis I would say it was a solid 4.5 so I was a little confused. Food is an important part of the experience for me, and if the pizza isn’t up to par and our experience wouldn’t be as good, it might be a different ship we end up choosing
  4. After coming back from a trip on Oasis, the quality of pizza in Sorrento's really stuck out in a good way. I recall seeing a blog post that said they switched the ingredients, so my question is concerning this.... is this pizza quality fleetwide, even on Radiance-class ships without Sorrento's or only on ships with the place itself?
  5. What package do you need for standard social media uses (snapchat, Instagram, telegram etc.)
  6. Does there seem to be many children onboard or is it mainly the older demographic? Any teenagers at the club? If you can, let me know... thanks!
  7. Following! Could you scan the compass from the teen club and send it in to the website? Thank you!!
  8. They’re really fun and they make the experience really fun for me. (I’m a teen)
  9. Oasis July 7th (2019) Jewel July 5th (2020) Any tips for Oasis?
  10. Also, for about 2 or three cruises Carnival has their ship leaving out of Dover. Could that have drawn away customers from Indy? This might shift up the way that other lines deploy in the Caribbean with another ship in Fort Lauderdale.
  11. What airport do you need it from? The major carriers of both Europe and America overcharge for booking a one way ticket on transatlantic routes. They do not charge you extra if you are using miles. I know that airlines like TAP or Norwegian do not charge. How does Stewart airport sound? Norwegian has flights to there too...
  12. Newark and JFK are both... put nicely.. bad airports. Although never flown into EWR on an international return, departing from EWR on an international flight is as normal as a domestic flight. Security and all that is pretty much the same, and add the normal tarmac delays, but that goes for either airport. Returning into JFK is hit or miss, but the customs process in the shared JetBlue / TAP Portugal terminal is very smooth and through retina with only a human interaction at the end. I have no input on whether airlines known to a certain country are any better than a “big-three” US carrier. TAP provides the same experience that United, American or Delta would provide. PHL has lots of flights to Europe, with a few to Rome, Venice, London and even Prague.
  13. I would take the train to the St. Peter’s train station and walk up to the Vatican Museums that way. Early in the morning the lines are long and by noon, they wrap around the walls. It would be your best bet to go there first thing, as early as possible.
  14. Is anyone going on Oasis this summer before the 7/7 cruise? If so, can they send in the compasses?
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