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  1. I work for the US Government and an executive order was signed for telework through 30 June 2021. This does not give me the warm and fuzzies for my 5 cruises next year. I pray I am wrong.
  2. My Alaskan Cruise was $43... Thank you again for this information!
  3. I just checked my Allure cruise for Memorial Day 2021 and $50. Was $68 last week! Woohoo!
  4. Exactly what I told my husband last week... My daughters graduation cruise isn’t looking good
  5. Yes, I spoke with him before our Navigator Cruise last July. He was in the suite waiting area with us prior to boarding. He has a condo in Miami. He stated he gets off the ship early early and goes to his condo and checks on things and comes back.
  6. So My question is .... I did earn the new tier status and i am suppose to get a free annual cruise this year I wonder if am I just out of luck?
  7. Be sure to check your casino offers friends. There is a 20SUN102 code and a 20FUN102 code. My husband and I received both offers. We booked a JS in July (Harmony) and a JS in October (Symphony).
  8. We have one 5/25 for my daughters High school graduation (which is also canceled). We are Still holding out for the cruise. Need something to try to look forward too. Your thinking it will be canceled ?
  9. So now they have pushed the date out to 01 September for cruise with confidence
  10. I was offered Balcony room and My husband an ocean-view. We picked the Symphony of the Seas in October and was put in Junior Suite! This made me very HAPPY! A great offer for us and hoping we are all back sailing again soon! My daughter is a high school senior and praying we will be able to do her graduation cruises (B2B on Indy) May 25. Yesterday they postponed her graduation from May 22until June 26. However, I am thankful they are still trying to have a ceremony for the kids.
  11. Well my cruise was casino comped ... how does that work?
  12. Saturday I called and got my cruises repriced. I have two cabins booked for a back to back in May on Indy (spacious ocean view W/ balcony) I was able to upgrade to a junior suite for both cabins for both cruises for a total of $527. This is my daughters graduation trip. I hope the hysteria is over.
  13. Great news for me! I am in Room 9532 at the end of March. Looking forward to the cruise. Thank you for posting this information.
  14. Yes, onboard play is used for your tier status for Club Royale not Mlife.
  15. Harmony of the seas in November cruise My husband hit $3,989 first night on $1.50 bet and I hit $1500 the next night on $10 bet. Was a good cruise for us! Slots were good to us both!
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