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  1. Just got off of the Harmony this morning... Great Ship! I miss her already ....
  2. This makes me super excited! We get on the Harmony Sunday.
  3. Does CK consider “Truly” a beer? Just wondering if that is an option for their complimentary beers during the day.
  4. Hello, I leave on Sunday, November 3, on Harmony for birthday cruise . We have not heard from the concierge. Should we be worried or just wait til we get on board? Would like to make CK reservations and a cabana in Labadee hopefully. Thank you, Lynn
  5. Can you tell me your room number from deck nine. We are Considering a spring break cruise out of New Orleans.
  6. Matt - I am on 10/7 with a group of 27. How is the casino on the Mariner and variety of slots? Have several with us excited about the casino and hoping it is decent.
  7. I’m going on Mariner in 17 days. Group of 27 of family and friends... So Excited
  8. Did Mariner or Navigator arrive first ? We leave 10/7 on Mariner And both days at Coco Cay Navigator Will be There as well. Worried about chairs because we have a large party.
  9. I have royal up bid for my Mariner cruise on 10/7. It email was sent on 8/24 and I bid to upgrade from a JA to a Owners suite on 9/2. Last night I went into the bid and it states I could not modify the bid but I have not won the bid either. So I called this morning and they said because I was within 30 days I couldn’t modify it. I thought you couldn’t even bid until they send email or 30 days out and you could change or cancel until it is accepted?
  10. I booked Water Park Cabana for 10/7 Mariner for $299 today. I have four kids so this was a steal for us!
  11. Disney has pushed their return to Port Canaveral from 9/4 to 9/5. I do not understand RCI’s thinking on this one. Shocked when I saw the 6:00 update and no changes.
  12. Looks like CoCo Cay survived Dorian with minimal damage
  13. I have a group of 24 with two stops at Coco Cay first week in October. So so worried for all in the path of this monster storm...
  14. Can you show me the list that is currently being offered thru the certificate?
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