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  1. I do not have any offers and I don’t understand. They came to a screeching halt end of August
  2. I noticed you do not have any offers. I do not either which was strange to me. I emailed club royale thinking they have messed up my account (again).
  3. Great writing! Have a wonderful cruise.
  4. I feel your joy! We received three negative test today too! Our first cruise since COVID. I truly can’t imagine having suitcases packed and getting a positive. I would be heartbroken.
  5. I am interested to hear if had to pull out vaccine cards and show? I have read other ports are not even asking for them? What is protocol these days at Port Canaveral? I will be at port on Sunday waiting anxiously to board (praying for 3 negative COVID test on Thursday) and want to have all ready to go. Ordered a passport and COVID vaccine holder and hoping can just flash and keep it moving to the bar. Did you have to physically take it all out ? Great writing! Enjoy Cococay..
  6. My son represented the state of Alabama in 2016 in Warner Robins, GA at LLWS. We lost. TheRick have a great cruise! So looking forward to following along. I will be checking-in this time next Sunday ! It is our first cruise since November 2019.
  7. I am considering getting a holder for passport and vaccine cards. Do they make you take it all out of the holder? I do not want to hold up the line and afraid they will not give it back to me in all the commotion of checking in with 6000 of my closest friends. Lol
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/carnival-cruise-bookings-soar-eases-170858055.html A few more articles like this we could see additional changes sooner rather than later .
  9. So I will be Diamond after my October cruise. Do I get 5 drinks each day with Diamond status or per trip? Also, is the Diamond lounge complimentary drinks or do I have to use my vouchers?
  10. Did you have to wait until your boarding time selected in check-in?
  11. How was your cruise? I go 28 August and I can’t wait to board a ship after almost 3 years ... I might cry tears of pure joy
  12. What is actually required on the testing result form? My good friend is a Nurse practitioner and will “monitor” us while I do a test and will prepare a test results memo and sign. He works in a doctors office. is this enough “proof”?
  13. Following.. I will be getting on the Harmony as you are getting off on 28 August ..
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