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  1. We used a TP Link AC750 on Harmony in March then again on Icon in May. Worked great but it only works in your room. Connected 4 devices to it and it was still fast enough to stream videos
  2. So someone currently onboard Harmony told me my sailing next week will have 25 Pinnacle members. I'm guessing thats extremely low and this should help me.
  3. So question about Coastal Kitchen? so for our next cruise on Harmony. We have two rooms booked. One room is a Jr Suite currently with my name and my 10 yr old son in it. The other room is a Central Park Balcony directly adjacent with my wife and 8 yr old son in it. My wife and I would like to eat at Coastal Kitchen just the two of us on few of the nights if we can grab reservations. So would they accommodate us and let my wife join me in Coastal Kitchen (instead of my son as my son will not be eating in Coastal Kitchenat all). Or would we have to go to guest services and switch room assignments in order to do this??? I heard they let you assign minors to their own rooms if the room is next door or directly adjacent. I'm guessing there's no way they'll just let all 4 of us dine at CK.
  4. My 210 will be August on Utopia, a brand new ship at the time. Wonder if they have the crystal blocks available.
  5. No it doesn't matter with slots, its on a random number generator. They do not changethe settings in the middle of the sailing lol, I've had good and bad sessions on any day of the cruise. I've also hit jackpots and seen other folks hit jackpots at the beginning, middle, and at the end of the cruise. As for table games, yea its more of a mystery how points are calculated. I have a buddy who seems to mastered how to get comp's playing craps onboard. But I don't understand the game enough to know what method he uses. I watched him a few times and it doesn't seem like he's betting that much.
  6. Yes my Icon sailings are May 11th and Dec 14th 2024. I saw Icon summer sailings (June and July 2024) on 9000 pt certificates which are really high. So don't expect getting Icon during peak season with low points certificates.
  7. For video poker you only get 1 point for every $10 wagered. They never publicly published the payout percentage of slots, although multiple folks saw 85% setting when they saw slot technicians doing maintenance on the slot machines onboard. With that said my payback percentage over the past 7 years has been 88%. So pretty close with a huge sample size of 7 years. I won two grand jackpots which explains the extra payback % with my results. The guy who says 60% meant if you never hit any of the progressive jackpots. But thats impossible if you played enough to be getting free cruises. Its like saying you can get a payback % of zero if you put in $20, spin it 4 times and get nothing. Its flawed logic. As for you going on 2 cruises a year. So yes I would just do all my gambling on 1 of the cruises. Get both the instant reward certificate and the annual tier certificate and there's your 2 free cruises for the year. As for whether you can pick the Icon as a annual Prime cruise, we will have to see if Royal blacks out Icon since its so expensive. I got my Icon comp'd from an instant certificate and another on a mail offer, not annual Prime. I always book my annual Prime cruise during my kids spring break. Typically on a newer Oasis ship. This past march we sailed Wonder as the annual Prime cruise.
  8. Ashleydillo did a good job of explaining everything so I'll add the way I do things. Typically I only have enough vacation time to do 3 sailings per year (sometimes I stretch it to 4). So how I usually get my 3 free cruises would be to Gamble most on the first cruise of the new Casino year (which runs from April 1st to Mar 31st). I usually go for either 4k pts or 6500 pts on that one sailing. This year on my first cruise of the new casino year, I was running good on slots at first and hit over 9k points on that sailing. I would say at 4k or 6.5k pts on one sailing the comp list pretty much covers almost all sailings for the next calendar year. I pick my favorite sailing which is also usually one of the more expensive sailings on the list. (This comp alone Typically cover my gambling losses or better). For the annual tier cruise, I typically choose a sailing on Spring break (because I have 2 boys ages 10 and 8 we also get my Wife to just Prime every year (never too hard imo) so I can get a 2nd room for my annual tier comp. We typically book an Oasis Class ship during Spring Break (its farely expensive to book yourself but upgrades from interior to Balcony can be cheap). For our 3rd free cruise we typically pick one outta Galveston from the mail offers we get cause we live in Houston.
  9. Yes I wouldn't recommend anyone who doesn't get any enjoyment out of gambling to do this. I told my friend the same prior to him trying out the method on our last cruise. Luckily he did enjoy the process so now he's hooked. Overall I think Club Royale created an excellent casino program for us gamblers to be able to get some amazing perks while we do something we enjoy doing anyways. I definitely couldn't stomach booking Icon Class ships on my own at current prices.
  10. I only play in the casino at night. Usually from 10pm after the shows are over to 1am or 2am. (Trust me, I get the full cruising experience!!!) Thats another common misconception from the non gamblers is that you have to spend the entire cruise gambling to get comp'd cruises. Spinning slots goes really fast. Now table games (which I rarely play) could take much longer time. Also its never boring to someone who enjoys playing slots. So for us, not only are we getting comp'd cruises at less of a cost than paying our own. But we get to have fun doing it. Not to mention the free drinks etc... its a win...win...win scenario for all of us. (Unless you go overboard and gamble beyond your means or beyond what you need to gamble for the comp'd cruise you're aiming for. Which I'm sure is what the Casino is hoping you'd do, there are also plenty of degenerates that gamble so much they get 20k pts on a cruise even though they're already max'd out on their free cruise bookings)
  11. Then you probably shouldn't be assuming we lose more than the cost of the comp'd cruises like its fact if you don't even gamble enough onboard to get one (it only takes 1200 pts lol). As I said the real way to lose is if you don't use the comp'd cruises. My family enjoys cruising a lot. Prior to me starting to gamble on cruises I've paid for 3 cruises a year. Then when I learned how Casino Royale program actually works in 2017, I realized I've been doing it all wrong by paying for my cruises instead of getting them comp'd from the casino. Over the past 7 years my gambling losses were literally just pre-paying for my future cruises except at a much more discounted rate. Talk to other regular players in Club Royale and they will tell you the same. Yes Vegas does offer better paybacks. But nothing beats the perks you get back from gambling on a cruise ship (free cruises that costs thousands to book on your own is way better than a few free nights with some dining credits at a Vegas resort). Especially if you're a cruiser to begin with like my family.
  12. Lmao do you actually gamble often in Club Royale or are you just going by one bad experience. If not I'd suggest you stop pretending to be an expert. I accrued 7 years worth of my results gambling on Royal ships. Recently just introduced my friend to the comp cruise game on Royal and he couldn't be happier with the results. He gambled on Royal for the first time last cruise and lost $2100 and gained 3k pts last cruise. (If you know what you're talking about you would know this is a very average result). He used the instant certificate to book an Alaska cruise (June 2024 Quantum) he originally was gonna book himself and pay $4800. (Instead he paid $860 taxes and fees including adding his daughter as 3rd guest). So thats already a win for him as he paid $2960 (casino losses + taxes + 3rd person fee) instead of $4800 for the same room category (Large OV Balcony). Plus he still get annual prime cruise and has already gotten two additional mail offers. Yes 85% includes progressives if that particular slot even has a progressive. But guess what progressives gets hit too. I've hit it many times. If you're only getting 60% returns after prolong playtime in the casino, then you might want to just accept you're one of the most unluckiest person alive. Sure it can happen in a individual gambling session. But in the long run, it always averages out to close to the 85% whether you're initially lucky or unlucky.
  13. Not true at all, if you ask anyone who is a seasoned player on Royal that plays in Casino and get comp'd cruises. You'd learn that comp'd cruises aren't hard to get at all. And you'd likely only lose 33% to 60% of what the cruises actually cost to get the free cruises. The key is you'd actually have to be willing to go on the free cruises to make it worth it. For example on my Allure cruise in last August it takes 4000 pts minimum to get Icon comp'd. Thats $20k coin in. With slot average of 85% payback percentage thats an average of $3000 in losses (I did a bit better than the avg). But by gaining 4000 pts on that cruise not only got me the Icon (which would've already costed more than $3k to book it yourself). It also got me the annual Prime cruise, plus additional mail/email/online offers. Thats minimum 3 free cruises for an $3k loss on average. So many non gamblers have no clue what they're talking about constantly spewing BS about how us gamblers lose way morethan what the free cruises cost. Truth is if you know what you're doing and know how to manage your gambling budget. You'd definitely make out like a bandit with the comp'd cruises versus paying for the cruises outright. Especially these days with the outrageous cruise fares Royal is charging. I actually kept a record. Over the past 7 years since I started sailing all comp"d on Royal. I've sailed on 18 comp'd cruises with Royal that would've costed me $76692 had I booked it myself. My total losses in the Casino the past 7 years was $31k (and there are many other comp'd cruise offers I received but didn't use because I only have so many vacation days a year)
  14. Well I already have 2 comp's on the Icon next year (from losing $2500 total in the casino to get both). They're not as hard to get as people think. Certainly much better than paying the outrageous cruise fares outright. Heck for the price I see folks willing to pay for Icon, they might as well as just gamble it all in the Casino, you're pretty much guaranteed to get Icon comp'd plus much more for losing that much in the casino.
  15. Lol I will just wait for the casino comps. Didn't have to wait very long for my Icon comps.
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