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  1. Thanks for the heads up, had a Casino Royal comped JS offer that we originally weren't gonna use, but since you mentioned kids sail free, we snagged the last JS room available for the 3/2/20 Brilliance sailing, taxes and port fees only. 👍 We already have 3/8/20 comp Harmony booked, so it'll be our first back to back we've ever done. (Well kinda b2b). Can't wait till visit Cococay two weeks in a row 😁
  2. $11753, damn that's like Disney cruise prices.
  3. Much of the Quantum ship's reviews were brought down by reviews from the Asian sailings, due to it being so different than your standard RCL cruises. With that said, we just got off the Ovation last week and it's one of my wife's favorite Royal ships thus far.
  4. Thank you very much! There are things I can state, such as what kind of envelope it was in and the specific types of bills that were in each envelope. Most of the cash were winnings from a slot jackpot I hit onboard last week, which they'll probably also have a record of. I really wished Royal would just pay you a check instead of cash for those jackpots.
  5. I know this is a long shot but any help would be greatly appreciated. We were on last sailing that ended on 9/20 on the Ovation. Our stateroom number is 13136, we believe we left two Wells Fargo Envelopes full of cash totaling well over $4000 on the desk counter in our stateroom. We must've forgotten to pack it after leaving our stateroom attendant her tips before leaving our room. Our stateroom attendant's name is Grace. If anyone onboard sees this please ask our stateroom attendant or guest services if any kind soul turned it in. Or if anyone on last weeks sailing retrieved something, please let me know. I'm posting this because I still believe there are people who would turn it in as opposed to keeping it all even though I mostly consider the money lost. But figured I try my luck. Much appreciated!
  6. The annual free cruise will not show up until next April. You basically qualified for the free annual cruise between April 2020 to March 2021
  7. Not sure how Cococay will survive this to be honest. I don't see it reopen for awhile after Dorian passes.
  8. Just saw the new track. I'm just hoping Cococay actually survives a possible direct hit.
  9. For the Prime Casino drinks, I guess the last few cruises I tipped so well, the Casino drink waiters would ask me to get a drink when they see me even when I'm just walking through the Casino and not there to play.
  10. Which Cabin on Enchantment? Not 8670 is it?
  11. Not saying the Grandfather is lying or just trying make excuses. But out of the 5 Royal sailings I've been on thus far, I have seen windows open on the pool deck during embarkation day on all of them. I was able to easily tell they were open even from 15 to 20 feet away, let alone being up close. Furthermore, none of those windows being open were any danger to children as they were still wayyy too high for kids to go over, unless of course it's through a poor judgement by an adult. Any common sense would tell you to at least feel whether there's a window there if you really couldn't tell, before letting your 2 year old toddler lean against it.
  12. Sept 13th sailing is available now for booking, both complimentary North Star and Ifly. Days 2 and 6 only.
  13. I'm guessing its the max $10 a spin. Its the only way you can get 15X on the Gold Spin wheel.
  14. Nice!!! Last February on the Jewel I watched a guy drop over 1.2k on this machine and he finally decided to quit cause his wife made him. I sat down after him and put in $200 and it quickly went from $200 to $26 before I hit the gold spin. Got the 15X on the bonus wheel and $100 on the wheel of fortune wheel for $1500. I felt bad cause the dude that dropped the 1200 decided to watch me. I still remember the look on his face. I can't imagine the mood between the two of them afterwards, his wife was right to make him quit, but I bet he prob argued back later about how he would've gotten all his losses back had she not made him quit cause he was pretty reluctant to quit at the time.
  15. Damn, can't believe I missed out in this. When I saw it on Monday, I only thought to check whether my upcoming Sept cruise is eligible and didn't think to check if my cruise next year was eligible. Anyone know if the March 8th 2020 Harmony cruise had the discount???
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