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  1. I am sad to report that I am unable to give my personal opinion on the comfortabity of the benches. My wife and I arrived about an hour before show time and were able to snag a particularly comfortable lounger right in the center of the theater. Highly recommended!
  2. I heard some people talking today that they were walking around the ship offering it for 50% off a few hours before dinner. Obviously just word of mouth but wouldn’t be surprised, they’ve been offering speciality dining at all 5 meals we have had so far this sailing.
  3. Let the record show that a Dyson Airstraight worked perfectly fine with and without a EU adapter when plugged into the 120V AV outlet on Icon.
  4. Followed all of the directions from the article and got Express Boarding for tomorrow. Nothing better than RCB!
  5. Earlier this month there was a sale that brought many packages down around $70, that’s about the bottom of what you’ll see recently on traditional/typical cruises.
  6. That could be! We are staying on for Costa Maya and Cozumel and I’m expecting a decent number to as well. Didn’t necessarily expect that for CocoCay as much but could be. Alternatively it could be due to mostly families on board and not as many ‘adult only’ groups.
  7. I'm curious what the logistics of this look like - when you come back after already checking in, do you walk through the same lines again or can they push you through another way?
  8. Super-late price drop for Hideaway Beach to $19.99 on the last day of the Cruise Planner for Icon on Saturday. Perhaps not selling well?
  9. Seriously! We have some severe weather in the local forecast Friday, so hoping we can get out of town without issue.
  10. I think that's fair. We will be there next week (!!) and are looking forward to experiencing it for the first time. I'm mostly interested in trying the new food options. The main attraction to me a PDCC is the swim up bar, which is obviously available for free as well. We'll see how much we like it - if the price stays low we may just book it when we're cruising without the kids as a change of pace.
  11. I'm interested to hear your reasons why, if you wouldn't mind.
  12. I believe this to be true because when you use the phone to scan the passport and take the picture they are able to verify the information from the passport and capture the necessary information for facial recognition. When using the computer to check-in, they still have to verify the passport information and potentially take a new photo if the one that was uploaded doesn't meet the requirements.
  13. Same. But I also prefer that those that are working hard to provide me with services get compensated appropriately, so I oblige and pay gratuities.
  14. The order is not standard and will sometimes change on a ship week-to-week depending on its itinerary. AFAIK, dining menus are not posted in Cruise Compasses. Your best bet will be to look at the app when Adventure is on the same itinerary as you and look at the current menu in the app. Not guarantee it will be your same order of menu but it is your best bet.
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