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  1. Awesome! This is good to know...... I've never eaten at the specialty restaurants (I want too, maybe on my next next cruise lol), so I don't know how they all work or what they really are known for. BUT if I have the drink package,....I would like to at least try their drinks if capable..... there are only sooo many sugary drinks you can handle - I like to expand my palate a little... Thank you to everyone who answered my questions with your experiences.... this is great....
  2. yeah its the same prices on everything all year for both my cruises.....hoping (fingers crossed) that Black Friday will have better pricing
  3. The Spiked Palmer is another drink on my list.... do I have to order food at Portside? Or can I go thru the line and use my Drink Package to get the Spiked Palmer?
  4. What Specialty Drinks are each restaurant known for? For reference I will be sailing on Oasis specifically.....
  5. Yes,... thank you... this is exactly what I meant.... The Cucumber Martini was the drink I wanted to try the most lol..... Is there a specialty restaurant cocktail list floating out there somewhere I could screenshot to take with me for reference?
  6. Ok.... from reading many trip reports ......I've read that all the specialty restaurants on deck 8 Central Park get their drinks made by the bar tender at the Trellis bar. Is this correct? All the dining: Chops, 150, Giovannis.....? If this IS true.... Can I go to the Trellis Bar and have them make me the same drinks but not go to the specialty restaurants. I would love to try some of those cocktails but usually travel with a group who enjoy MDR in the evenings together. So I haven't had the time to schedule any specialty dining, but I do have the Drink Package and would love to tr
  7. I have a JS cabin in July 09, 2021.... i had done the same where I assumed the pullman was over the couch.... but apparently in all of the pictures I've seen online....this isn't the case- the pullman is over the main bed....soooo not ideal for what I was wanting, but at this point I really need the pullman over squeezing 2 of my big kids on the couch.... Depending on this cruise,...we may start booking 2 adjoining balcony rooms going forward for more room....
  8. Dang it.... after reading this, now I want pizza..... lol
  9. I'm surprised at the amount of negative nancy's....or Realistic RIchards..... lol My cruise is March 21, 2021..... I'm fully expecting to be on Oasis..... I'm not one to usually be pessimistic. I've always tried to be an optimist.... but do you all truly think that full fleet won't be operating by spring? I understand not in November and December....but I'm still 6 months from my cruise..... I figured they would have worked out all the kinks by then. But again,.... maybe Im just optimistic???
  10. We could drive to Florida,.... but we don't want too lol We are in Indiana.....so depending on the port thats a 16-20 hr trip one way.... then there's the dreaded drive home when the fun of vacay is over...... SO that being said we choose to fly if we can.....but i the cost of flights aren't in our budget then we would drive.
  11. Going on Oasis 03/21/21,... My dh & myself in a cabin and another dear couple/friends in another. Can I buy 1-4 device Voom package and split it between us 4? Do we are get separate logins --also can we all be on 1 device at the same time? It just seemed financially savvy to do it this way instead of buy 4-1 device plans...... Thanks for all of your input.... I greatly appreciate it
  12. My cancelled March anthem Thrill Park was $112 pp now it’s $135 pp thats insane for 4x $135 for a few hours
  13. My July cruise its $131 pp...... its outrageous..... how can a family of 4 afford that?
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