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  1. This is interesting. I understand the frustration.... Good to know for future cruise bookings.....I wouldn't let it ruin my vacation, but I do understand how the early call on a vacay day does indeed suck. Maybe switch cruises? Thank you for the insight that I'd never even thought of before.....
  2. No thank you.... this was a smart way of doing it.... I'm typing them a to do list once they checkin.... to help guide them Thank you for all the help
  3. I found it..... geez if it was a snake it would of bit me lol Thank you for the direction!
  4. I am not seeing the cruise compass link above..... Im sorry,.... where is that at? Something you posted or RC Blog?
  5. Yes I know how to find all of this and showed them..... I was just hoping to have a paper copy of the previous shows as a guide/example...... Thank you for the pictures
  6. I am trying to help my parents in advance,.... they board on Sat 09/17 on Allure for 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise. I normally (precovid) booked all their shows and reservations prior to them boarding. They are nervous about not doing it right on the app once they board. They aren't the greatest with technology..... is there a Showtimes at a glance pic from the same cruise with the same ports/stops that I can show them as an example so they can try to map it out.... Obviously the showtimes could change, but something tangible they could have in their hands as a reference? Day1: FLL, Day2:Sea, Day3:Labadee, Day4:Sea, Day5:Aruba, Day6:Curacao, Day7: Sea, Day8:Sea, Day9: FLL I would great appreciate it!
  7. Does anyone have a picture of the Show times and schedules from your cruise?
  8. Day 1: Miami (departs @ 4:30pm) Day 2-3: Cruising Day 4: St Maarten (8am-6pm) Day 5: St. Thomas (7am-4pm) Day 6: Cruising Day 7: CocoCay (10am-6pm) Day 8: Miami (arrives @ 6:00am)
  9. What is the earliest time one can board? I don't know since the restart?
  10. I am not aware of how this works since scheduled boarding times are in place Im trying to do some research for my father. He didn't check in early at the 45 days ahead mark. He wasn't aware that the earlier you checkin the earlier boarding times were. He now has a later than desired boarding time. If he chose to purchase the key (he is already wanting purchasing the surf and stream internet anyhow). What is the earliest he could board? I was asking so I could try and help him board earlier and also he would use the other perks that came with the key (show reservation seating & chops lunch) Thanks for you help in advance
  11. Just booked on HOS for March 18-25th Thought I would start a thread for Roll Call..... who's sailing with us? It will be My husband Chris and I coming from Indiana.....
  12. I have a cruise booked that has been rebooked 5x do to covid cancellations from 2020 & 2021. Now please do not bash on me,.... but I can not get a covid vaccine. I have (APS) antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.... My doctor has advised me not to get the vaccine because of this. So what are my options? Do I wait it out & hope that the mandates change in March.....do you think that it would change by then? I truly do not want to reschedule and have FCC....I'm to the point where I'd just really like my money back since I can not get the vaccine so I don't feel like this will change any time soon? What is the suggestion? I'm tired of booking and rebooking etc (As I know alot of you are)
  13. Awesome! This is good to know...... I've never eaten at the specialty restaurants (I want too, maybe on my next next cruise lol), so I don't know how they all work or what they really are known for. BUT if I have the drink package,....I would like to at least try their drinks if capable..... there are only sooo many sugary drinks you can handle - I like to expand my palate a little... Thank you to everyone who answered my questions with your experiences.... this is great....
  14. yeah its the same prices on everything all year for both my cruises.....hoping (fingers crossed) that Black Friday will have better pricing
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