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  1. I haven't kept up the past year with scheduling, and I know in previous years RC kind of changed up when they released the next schedule. Any word on when summer 2021 will be released?
  2. Maybe this was already mentioned...I'm too lazy at the moment to read all the comments...but my guess is 4 O-Class in FL, and 1 in TX.
  3. I've never been on an Oasis class, but I'm looking forward to trying out Oasis even more now.
  4. Use a travel agent for sure in this case...so much easier.
  5. We like to go mountain biking in Utah. I went to Lake Tahoe as a kid, so I'd love to take the wife and kids someday.
  6. I tuck mine in my socks for safe keeping. My wife keeps track of them, she's the organized one. She usually has them all in a manila folder.
  7. We always pre-pay gratuity, in case the daily amount goes up by the time we actually reach the cruise date.
  8. I've been away for a while...what is this Odyssey of the Seas you speak of?!?
  9. Any RC out of Galveston would be a good fit I think.
  10. People definitely decorate their doors. Obviously nothing offensive or vulgar, and nothing damaging to the door. I have a laminated piece of paper with my RCBlog screen name, with a magnet to secure it to the door.
  11. Brilliance is a great ship, you'll love her! My favorite place to relax is the schooner bar, for the great ocean view, and nautical theme.
  12. Congrats on reaching Pinnacle @Traveler!! 😋
  13. Love love loved Freedom! But after 2 trips on Radiance class it's a very close 2nd.
  14. The link didn't work on my phone
  15. lol, I'm laughing so hard right now!
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