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  1. Just put a "bid" in, on Mariner, about a month out. OV balcony now, bid on a GS. There are at least 10 left...I'll take that as a good sign we'll get one, depending on how many people ahead of us bid on them. 8-26-19 just got off Mariner today, didn't "win" the bid. But we were totally fine in our regular balcony cabin.
  2. Currently...3 weeks, 7 option days (sick days), 6 "major holidays". Next year I'll start getting 4 weeks.
  3. We've always done 5:30/6 and never had an issue
  4. I'd be willing to try once for my family of 4, or maybe 5 someday. Or, like others have said, split between 6-8 paying adults.
  5. I don't gamble...but I totally just took a screenshot of this reply...never know when it'll come in handy. Thanks! P.S. I mean all that in a good way, it's good advice.
  6. I booked a hotel for part of our honeymoon, but when we got there the nice lady at the desk told me no current booking for us. Turns out I booked it for two months earlier ?. There's money gone. I was so mad that we left and booked a room at a different hotel. More money gone, lol. And my original was a wine free booking! Looking back I wish I would've been drinking some wine so I could pass the blame.
  7. I'm guessing...you had the drink pkg?...?
  8. It's a good question. Just throwing this out there, not trying to argue, lol. But...I've heard more complaints about the slides, specifically how slow they are (I haven't experienced them myself...yet), than the flowriders. I talked to a fellow cruiser on Freedom, and he won't book on a ship if it doesn't have a flowrider. He brings his own wetsuit in case it's cooler outside.
  9. I forgot my dress shirt for our first cruise. Luckily we remembered before we boarded, so we ran to Ross to grab one.
  10. Glad you mentioned this...I'll make sure to request them on our next cruise.
  11. We're sailing in August, and I don't see the escape room in my onboard activities in the cruise planner. Will it be an on board sign up? Or is it possibly already full, being so close to sail date?
  12. I've booked, then had to cancel so my travel agent could rebook. It was pretty simple ...but that was over a year ago, not sure the current website is up for that, it might crash if you try...
  13. Thanks! That was my thought. If I remember correctly they used to release in spring, but bumped it up to fall, which works out nice, more time to plan.
  14. I haven't kept up the past year with scheduling, and I know in previous years RC kind of changed up when they released the next schedule. Any word on when summer 2021 will be released?
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