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  1. It looks like the inside cabins added forward of there on the deck plans should be in it's place same on the other decks, I don't imagine they would have filled in part of the atrium for cabins?!
  2. The other interesting thought is will it have a dock/pier built or be a tender port and yes i think if they are investing in this concept they will be increasing sailings out of Australia.
  3. Interesting move, makes sense since Asia is doing well. Looks good - quite futuristic nice update on the Oasis design. This might be a clue as why Quantum was showing in Napier (New Zealand) port schedule in 2022 and as previously mentioned it could end up between Australia/Pacific & West Coast. Let's see what happens!
  4. So to take a guess.. With Oasis 5 arriving 2021. Liberty Of The Seas re positioning to West Coast in 2021 (7 night Mexican Riviera) and Oasis moving to Galveston, TX.
  5. Looks like a first for the Voyager Class, Voyager of the Seas has been painted with a blue hull! Check out the FB page Singapore Cruise Society for the pic!
  6. Looks like the NSW government are looking into a new cruise terminal in Sydney, to be situated near the airport at Port Botany/Phillip Bay. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21579-nsw-government-eyes-sydney-terminal-plans.html
  7. To try and put a positive spin on it, Voyager is getting something done which is better opposed to nothing at all. Despite being 20 years old I can't see it or any of the other Voyager Class ships being retired anytime soon and most likely will still be around for 30 years. When I was on the all access tour on Explorer in February the engineer said that the Voyager Class ships are built pretty well and the engines are made to last they also are more 'mechanical' rather than electronic which means there is less to go wrong than say a Quantum or Oasis Class ship. Just look at Empress & Majesty still being in the fleet at almost 30 years old!
  8. P&O Cruises Australia is the really only line based there year-round which currently has 3 ships (will be 4 in 2020). Winter in Australia & NZ depends on where you are really, it's still tropical north of Brisbane in Winter and in the South Pacific.
  9. That’s very true, a Freedom Class ship would be a good fit and something new for the Australia market.
  10. Have you done a Tasmania or a Queensland cruise?
  11. If this 'unnamed ship' is in fact Quantum, this would mean a replacement would have to be sought in Asia as it's currently sailing there year-round. Hence my thoughts of the possibility of an Oasis Class heading to Asia at the end of 2021 freeing Quantum to come down to Australia. The only other thought here I would imagine OA 5 will just free up an Oasis Class to go to Galveston, TX though.
  12. Also, am I correct that Oasis Class do not tender? So this would also have to be taken into consideration. For cruises to the South Pacific there would be very few ports that could handle it - if any currently. For New Zealand I imagine Napier, Tauranga, Wellington & Lyttleton (once new pier is complete) should be able to accommodate but at this stage Ovation has to tender in the Harbour when visiting Auckland, which would therefore not even be possible with an Oasis Class ship. I’d say more likely an Oasis Class ship would get to Asia before Australia.
  13. What about Chicago or Wicked both very popular musicals!
  14. Radiance is showing to arrive in Singapore on 30th September 2020 and the next cruise after that is 4th November 2020. Guess we will have to wait until closer to the time to know of any changes, it could be just a normal routine drydock and a refresh without any major changes.
  15. Definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the Icon class in Asia-Pacific as well, but I’d most likely say since it’s a brand new class this first one will be based in the Caribbean. For West Coast I’d say it would be more likely to be an older ship, perhaps Liberty once an Oasis Class gets based in Galveston.
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