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  1. Yes sure is. Email received today Eden cancelled on my Nov 9 Quantum cruise. Swapped with an overnight in Sydney instead. Interesting thing is that on the 2nd day Quantum has to move out to the "ancourage" in Sydney Harbour as the Overseas Passenger Terminal has Majestic Princess that day.
  2. Ovation had a dry dock in March 2021 so technically it wouldn't be due again until 2026 unless there is an unscheduled one. Ovation's 3 bookings in HNL could also be a placeholder for something else too. It is interesting Navigator showing up there though. Guess we wait and see.
  3. I have booked on the Nov 9th sailing - so i'm doing my bit to help the cause! Got a good rate on a GS too.
  4. I’m on the Nov 9th sailing of Quantum out of Brisbane and going by RCI website not many rooms left. This season 2022/23 is restart season, so we’ll see. Quantum is coming back to Brisbane for 2023/24 that’s probably a better reflection of the demand. My thoughts are that we won’t see a Voyager or Freedom Class in Australia now. I’d say status quo for now Quantum/Ovation/(Radiance Class) and an Oasis Class for 2024/25 at the earliest coinciding with Perfect Day at Lelepa.
  5. I just noticed that Brilliance is now blanked out for Summer Europe 2023 bookings so sounds like something in the works here for sure.
  6. Yes it looks like they have. I think they've gone a bit conservative for now but as long as bookings return and the ships full up then i'm sure we'll get more options in the future. Also remember Virgin is bringing the new "Resilient Lady" next year as well as "Celebrity Edge" coming down under so these are positive signs of confidence in the region. It would have been nice for Carnival to bring a newer ship down under like one of the Dream or Vista Class that would have been a good upgrade and a bit more competitive with other lines.
  7. I agree. Not much variety in the South Pacific especially with Quantum or Ovation. There is also Mare island (looks like Enchantment is stopping there) and I believe a few years back there was Luganville in the Vanuatu outer island of Santo as a stop. Interesting that you say about Quantum/Ovation are too big for Isle of Pines & Lifou especially when they are both tender ports. Must be on the amount of passengers.
  8. All 2023-24 Australian season is now uploaded on RCI site. One interesting one is the "Circle Australia" itinerary is back with Enchantment. Otherwise the usual mix of NZ, South Pacific & Short cruises.
  9. My guess here is they won't be year round in 2023 in the South Pacific. They'll need to build up with this now comeback season 2022-23 and once they are happy with that then get Lelepa ready. So i'd say 2024 looks more likely for a year round deployment. On a side note I see that the Australian deployment (23-24) has been moved up to next week, not sure if this is any coincidence of yesterdays announcement but we'll know what 23-24 holds next week at least. Going by the Alaska 23 deployment i'd say its likely to be Ovation, Quantum (Radiance?) and Enchantment.
  10. Yes Allure is deployed out of Port Canaveral for short cruises Nov 23 - Apr 24, so not for Australia for that season. Interesting thought about Enchantment based out of Auckland, that would be great even if it was for the winter (southern hemisphere) season only. I'm sure Enchantment could be spared for year round based out of Australia & New Zealand.
  11. Looks like Allure is doing short cruises from Port Canaveral then going by that test load on the site. Interesting, this will be confirmed next week anyway. Looks like Australia might just have to wait until 24-25 then, there will be another Oasis (#6) available by then.
  12. Allure being absent from the 7 night/long caribbean release and Harmony now confirmed in its place it has got me thinking about where its going.. Here's some ideas I was thinking... To Europe to be amplified (although this would only probably take out a few months of service) Transferred to the West Coast out of Los Angeles (but not sure if demand is there yet for an Oasis Class ship?) Transferred to Australia and/or Asia Love to hear what your thoughts are on where its headed?
  13. My guess would be Q2 2022, after Wonder as debuted.
  14. Enchantment must be leaving Baltimore.
  15. The clip on the C&A FB page shows iconic structures in the world so my guess is it’s about Icon. Let’s see!
  16. I noticed on the deck plans it shows a new bar called “Cantina Fresca” so only a guess it’s a Spanish themed bar venue,
  17. Be interesting if this 'Suite' neighborhood continues to any future new new builds or whether its just for the Asian Market. From what it looks like there is the Loft Suites and one level suites in the top middle section also a Sun Deck, Coastal Kitchen and Suite Lounge all in the one area.
  18. That's forward thinking alright. They really need Sydney that will be the key one. Unfortunately the port plans to the south harbour were put on ice for now. Oasis 6 is due in 2024 so that timing could be looking more likely.
  19. Excellent will be interested to see what we've got for 22/23. Hopefully some new ports its a bit disappointing that the South Pacific for 21/22 only go to the same ports of Noumea, Mystery Island & Port Vila. What's happened to Lifou, Isle of Pines, Mare, Luganville etc? At least some variety be nice.
  20. I was wondering about this, must be the same with the NZD prices as all the prices seems to be much higher especially for the Suites. Currently have Symphony GS booked for Dec 2021 at $3,500 NZD pp and looking to change that to Oasis for Dec 2022 and even a JS is showing around $5,000 NZD pp.. ?
  21. Wonder what’s happening with Enchantment & Rhapsody? Nothing listed after Oct 22 so far.
  22. I think this was to be expected. One of the older ships left in the fleet and it was an outlier being around 30,000 or so tons. So for Carnival Group there is still 3 more to go out of the total 19!! ?
  23. Any suggestions on what's happening with Grandeur of the Seas (now that she is staying in the fleet) as the sailings were only originally scheduled until April 2021? Nothing in the recent Summer 2022 release either. Same goes for Empress/Majesty/Enchantment as nothing after April 2022 as well or will these be included in a different deployment release?
  24. So my prediction here is that Allure will be going to Europe for the 2022 season. Would be great if it would be to get the "amp" then before going to Galveston late 22 with the new terminal there opened.
  25. Serenade is also now confirmed for the Winter 2021-22 season out of Sydney, Australia. Radiance will be repositioning from Alaska (Summer 2021) to Miami for 2021-22.
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