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  1. OK so i tried to type a bunch of responses without hitting the "political" filter and cant find any that work .... so lets just say $##^&^&^%*&^%(*(%***$%&^^#& and leave it at that. Anyone pushing to get cruises back in business is doing the right thing in my book.
  2. Really, i havent done long cruises in a while (something about a worldwide pandemic screwing up my liftstyle) but i was seeing sub $50 prices on all my short Mariners last year havent seen close to that on the longer ones i have looked at ... maybe just my timing is off.
  3. Tampa to Miami is now an option as well ... $100 R/T vs 5 hour drive each way ... tempting
  4. Standard Royal Caribbean Customer Service, if you ask the question enough times you will get the person who says yes.
  5. Carnival has been saying for a while that they were cancelling all but a handful of ships to sail from Canaveral and Miami, definitely seems to be their plan ... whether they get CDC clearance is up in the air.
  6. Carnival is probably proceeding with the logistics of standing up the handful of ships they hope to sail and hoping the no-sail doesnt extend. If it doesn the ships are ready to go and they sail them, if it does they lose the bet and have ships ready to sail and costing money for crew, etc. with no sailings to go on. Maybe i can sign up to be an unpaid intern so they can sail with me as an "employee test cruise" ...
  7. My guess is they are waiting on the meeting that was scheduled for Friday but delayed. Right now the CDC has made it clear they want to postpone cruising in which case Nov/Dec is out of Royal's hands ... but if the CDC isnt allowed to extend the ban then they will have a small slate of cruises they hope to run in Nov ... but dont want to announce until they know they can.
  8. Could be the latest iteration of the RCL IT Interns getting out of control again ...scenario one they jumped the gun and posted the cancellation before it is supposed to be official, option 2 they saw something in the news about cruise lines cancelling November and decided to get a jump on updating the website. Either way no way to know whether your cruise is cancelled until it is "official" unfortunately.
  9. I think Carnival announced about a month ago that they were only planning to sail 6 ships in November, feels like they are extending that through December but still hoping to sail them in Nov as well.
  10. Yep i gave up on trying to find itineraries that i liked that might survive the rolling ban. Added a Feb option into my portfolio this week though ..... and like you i will probably book a short notice one as soon as they are actually sailing again.
  11. We are open but the cruise ships arent governed by Florida ... thats the CDC. Florida politicians are starting to get very vocal about the CDC needing to get in gear though. Got the Unions protesting now too ... so i tend to think the no-sail is ending this week.
  12. 5-14 day gestation period so anyone "catching" it in one of those places should be off the ship and on the way home again before becoming "sick"
  13. Yep i was almost exclusively booking the itineraries that were 5 night out of Florida to Labadee/CocoCay in the Sept/Oct window hoping those would be the first to restart ... no such luck. Thats my point though, if they listed these are the three ships we hope to sail in Nov and the itineraries we hope to sail, I would be happy to put money down ... not really interested in putting down money on a 7 nighter to St Thomas, etc. fully knowing that its not going to go there even if they do get the green light.
  14. I wish they would publish the proposed actual sailing schedule so that those of us that are willing to be guinea pigs could get in line. I get why they cant/wont ... still no certainty from the CDC side so it would only be the plan not final and massive refunding and bad press in a time when they can ill afford it due to all the currently scheduled cruises getting cancelled but it would be nice to have a dream that might actually happen rather than just futilely throwing deposits (and final payments at this stage) on ships that Royal (and other lines) know arent going to be sailing no mat
  15. Like most things in life there arent any guarantees. There may never be a vaccine or like the flu there may be one but it isnt 100% effective. You can wait on it forever or decide what level of risk is acceptable to you and take it.
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