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  1. Judging by Chris Wong's posts on Odyssey guest counts they aren't trending up. Hard to take a simplistic view though since we are moving out of summer and into school season so guest counts are usually down I would think.
  2. You have the right to ask, if refused i would probably do a credit card dispute since the charge is for kids that are unable to sail due to subsequent changes
  3. So far i havent lost out but i am start to get just a little ticked off about the cruise credit i am due from June Cancellation that i was planning to use to pay my October cruise .. or my November cruise ... it wont be paying my December one though, either the credit gets applied or it gets cancelled ... done putting fresh money in the pot.
  4. I have not seen it advertised or mentioned anywhere but it just appears that if you quote single rates you get "half price" cabins on a lot of sailings.
  5. They were on Freedom in July, cant comment since then.
  6. My area of Florida seems to be releasing Rapid tests at about 2-3 days ahead but regular tests at about 2 weeks.
  7. I think you can schedule PCR 2 weeks out (the 22nd just opened today so i can make the appt for my Mariner cruise on 9/24). Rapid tests seem to only become available a little closer to the time, i havent quite figured it out yet but it seems like a couple of days ahead. My current plan - PCR on 9/22, book a Rapid for 9/23 in case the 9/22 appt falls though and then if all else fails crack open the home test kit on 9/24 before heading to the port .... sounds like a fun start to the vacation
  8. Gotta keep ratcheting up the terror level or people might stop and think.
  9. There were definitely signs at the hot tubs on Freedom with limited #'s but i didn't see any sign of enforcement (to be fair or "large crowds" attempting to use said hot tubs). I would imagine the pool had similar signage but i didn't notice and again crowd was so light it was not an issue
  10. I can share our experience on Freedom. We went down to the Windjammer about 8am for breakfast and discovered when we were done around 8.30am that they had called every group already and were basically waiting for us to go back to our rooms, grab our bags and leave so they could call the ship "cleared". It went a little faster than normal
  11. It does happen, especially on the short runs between islands in the Bahamas. I wouldnt count on it though.
  12. I think they went to straight everyone vaccinated over 12 to cut down on the complication of having to think about what cruise goes where.
  13. Ultra spacious is code for what used to be the Family cabins, it must be offensive to somebody to use the word "family" so we dont say that anymore. Lots of extra real estate but unless you need it i wouldn't do that upgrade.
  14. As long as the "heat damaged" test defaults to negative I'm happy ...
  15. I know a couple of people who have had success with very low bids, i havent tried personally since im more about getting on board and putting the money towards the drinks than i am upgrading a room i only plan to use to sleeping
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