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  1. In my experience they arent reading the results they are scanning for key data, in fact the last couple of times they thanked me for taking a highlighter and marking the data they were looking for: My name Date of test Test result It didnt look like they were looking for anything else so i wouldnt stress over it. (All my tests have been CVS/Walgreens)
  2. Worked on Harmony over Thanksgiving. Fortinet VPN worked fine, able to get on my network and transfer files slowly but without issue.
  3. Have done the one on Mariner, it was a fun group activity.
  4. It was 6 weeks for my one picture from Mariner of the Seas.
  5. Thanksgiving on Harmony they had some games on the TV at the bar at Sabor and put some of them on the Aquatheater screen if there was nothing happening there. Not optimal.
  6. Onboard ship, TMobile is the same as everyone else, come off airplane mode and you are paying. Throughout the caribbean I get "free" data/text in all the islands but phone calls cost $.
  7. Conceptually I prefer the "cleanliness" of the nay vote. In practice i found it extremely frustrating to stand and wait for servers to become available to do things like "hand me a glass of iced tea". "hand me a spoon" , etc. I could get behind a mixed method, some of the areas of service right now are flat out stupid ... put those back to self-serve and just focus the crew service on actual areas of concern like the food that you can touch with your hands, etc.
  8. Yep first rule of RCI customer service, if you dont like the answer you get, call back and ask again ... eventually someone will give you the answer you want.
  9. We decided to do a once around of the port area about 3 weeks ago (things may have changed). We did not get asked for cards anywhere but were warned that we should bring the vax cards in case we were asked. We did get asked to put on masks everywhere we tried to go in. Probably about 75% of restaurants/bars/stores in the port area were closed and those that were open were very desperate/aggressive, we beat a hasty retreat back to the pool deck on Mariner.
  10. Based on the last 18+ months ... nope. Pretty clearly demonstrated to my satisfaction that the cruise protocols in particular are pure theater driven by fear of an overreaching government agency. Witness my first cruise in July with fewer protocols in place and statements being made by crew on board that they were prepping to reduce the protocols further in the near future and instead going the other way just to keep the CDC "happy".
  11. Guest services on board can help with reservations for at least some things.
  12. You would be the "everyone" group is your kids are attending, could go to the vax area if the kids arent with you.
  13. I was waiting on the Blog event list, now that i saw that come out I can start thinking about other options
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