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  1. Agreed number of cases is a poor stat to focus on, Florida has lots of cases but the majority are young, healthy and basically don't even notice they had it. Keeping the hospitals available for those that need to be taken care of is the key.
  2. Unfortunately i think there is truth to this ... government efficiency at its finest.
  3. Or just accept the risk and get on with it. I would be happy to get on Mariner of the Seas today exactly as it was in May of 2019. The capacity was light and combine that with some mask wearing and sanitizer stations and its exactly the same risk profile as everything else in Florida these days ...
  4. Think we might be heading into the politics ban again here so i will just say i have never been happier to live in Florida.
  5. Going to be interesting to see how it shakes out in the long run ... down here in Sunny Florida the only thing that isnt already open for business is the cruise terminal ...
  6. I think they threw in the towel on the mock cruises and protocols, going with vaccine or bust. Tiptoeing up to the no politics line here but pretty sure that the whole thing was only moving forward due to political pressure at the time that is no longer being applied.
  7. My understanding is the only industry the CDC can require anything of is the Cruise industry, everything else is governed by other bodies so the CDC can only recommend,
  8. I think this section is most relevant because no other US economic sector is subject to the CDC the way the cruise industry is. The rest of the economy is subject to a balancing act between the CDC's mission to control the spread of a disease and the other governing agencies need to have the economic sector prosper. The cruise industry has no offsetting agency that is interested in getting them restarted .. thus no restart.
  9. Ultimately all a guessing game at this point and based on recent comments I dont think the cruise lines even know what their plan is .. sounds like the latest iteration is waiting on the vaccine to get us to some point that the CDC finds acceptable.
  10. Agreed, there are risk's both ways. Wasnt saying i see it as a slam dunk either way, just that i think there is a legitimate discussion not just "you are an idiot anti-vaxer".
  11. I dont know a lot of people that think its a hoax, i do know a fair number that have looked at the numbers and concluded that for those that are younger and in good health the results of getting it are generally in the cold/flu category and therefore arent convinced that taking a vaccine with unknown long term effects to avoid it may not be optimal. Generally of the opinion that people who are older/have underlying conditions should be taking it though as the risk/reward is very different at that point.
  12. It depends on what the requirements are. If its mask everywhere, all the time, then no i wouldnt book it so i would have to wear the mask. Masks in sensible areas/ways ... fine, i dont really want to but if it makes sense i can live with it.
  13. No i was asking if those 400 knowingly sail without a vaccine does that impact the 7600 significantly ?
  14. This I find interesting .. so if you have had the vaccine you are now "safe" so how does whether or not someone else on the plane potentially being unvaccinated affect your safety ... I actually hadn't thought of this but when discussing the likelihood of cruises requiring all passengers to be vaccinated got challenged on it. If the crew is vaccinated (condition of employment, presumably) and all those passengers that are concerned about it are vaccinated, why would it matter if an unvaccinated passenger wanted to cruise ... I think there is a slight risk of the unvaccinated passeng
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