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  1. Unfortunately that all means we just keep on sitting in limbo because our government has reached the point where it so monumentally huge and bureaucratic that absolutely nothing really happens except wasting a massive amount of time and energy I'm not even sure I know whether my cruise in about 30 days is actually supposed to be happening or not because no one really understands who's in charge and what they have agreed to. Oh well, fingers crossed.
  2. Does that treason thing come up if we help the gang invade ?
  3. Thanks Matt, look forward to meeting you at Thanksgiving. Hope You have a blast starting tomorrow on the B2B !!
  4. Made the unfortunate decision to cancel, not afraid or anything but with cruising now opening up in July I cant quite convince myself to destroy my schedule for June fitting this in just to get on a ship a month earlier. Definitely in for the Blog cruise in November so hope to finally meets some of you then.
  5. I just added my parents last week and they did have a few rooms left at the group rate.
  6. They lose credit though for forgetting that at this point more people are likely to be encouraged by doing the opposite of what CDC/HHS recommends ...
  7. I would have cruised in May of last year with some form of protocols in place similar to those outlined (or even less protocols to be honest). At this stage any protocol is a waste of time and energy.
  8. I think all stems from trying to follow along with the CDC guidance ... if they were going to give preference for fully/highly vaccinated ships then you wanted to be going that way to be ready to go, Florida went the the other way ... Cruise line were stuck in the middle waiting to see "who won" .. now it looks like a compromise might work so we are all happy again
  9. Same thought ... im assuming my July on her is toast .. but ...
  10. Translation - Its basically "under control" (not gone but it never will be) so lets go on with normal already ... (My translation not putting words in your mouth)
  11. I think this is the key point that unfortunately means this is just going to keep going indefinitely as they keep pulling more clowns out of the car.
  12. Considering bailing off of this cruise, no concerns about it or the protocols but having a hard time getting anyone to go with me and feeling considerably less excited about going solo as it actually comes down to it. Will see in the next couple of days.
  13. 1230 checkin time confirmed ... im staying at the hilton on the 18th ... going to be tough not to show up at checkin early but thats ok we have all day and just glad to be getting on the ship at this point.
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