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  1. I have no problem with that. I chose to get vaccinated primarily just to move the process along so we can get back to normal, but it sounds like you are clear in understanding and accepting the risks, in which case i would have no issues sitting next to you on a cruise.
  2. if you read the whole article that the headline was based off of it was clear that Florida was added into the top 5 just to make the point that Florida is marginally up and Florida must always be held out to be a problem because it fits the narrative.
  3. So my son just turned 18 and asked if he could get vaccinated, jumped online and in about 5 minutes found over 200 appointments within 15 minutes of our home all within the next few days. At this point anyone in Florida that wants to be vaccinated can be (Maybe other areas of the state aren't quite as strong so lets give it a couple of weeks extra to be safe). Add a couple more weeks for second shots and a couple more weeks for the "ripening period" post shots to full strength on the vaccination effect. So amending my statement, by the end of May every resident of Florida that wants
  4. Right now you get double points so a 4 night is worth 8 points. Also a Junior Suite or above is an extra point so a 4 night in a suite would be 8 points. Also cruising solo is an extra point a night so if you paid extra to book 2 cabins a 4 night cruise would be worth 8 points. Or you could do a 2 night cruise in a suite during the double points promotion which would net you ((2+2)*2) - 8 points But in general because cruising is awesome you should just go ahead and do a 7 night cruise
  5. CDC has an office we can stand in front of? I thought they had taken refuge in one of the "nuclear winter survival bunkers" ??
  6. I think disembarkation should be relatively quick since you have fewer passengers, etc. Not sure what the protocol is going to be in terms of cleaning, etc. between disembark and embark or just flip from one to the other. I would like to think noonish for starting but hard to say until the "rules" are published. Personally since all involved are vaccinated (at least ship and passengers and you are going to have the same exposure to port staff regardless of timing if they aren't) I dont see a need to "let the gangway air out" or anything like that.
  7. I was schedule to fly in day of, Jetblue pushed the flights back a couple hours though so i decided to take Matt (and other's) advice and switch to the day before. Apparently Jetblue doesnt really understand that concept as they currently show me flying in on both the 18th and 19th and returning twice on the 26th ... they insist this isnt a problem and arent charging me a second time though .....
  8. Just like the statements two week ago, Florida lead they jumped on, I think if there is merit they will be signed on by end of day tomorrow.
  9. Sad to see but i think completely expected ... now to see whether the CDC shows signs of a pulse before the July cancellations become inevitable.
  10. My guess is it will be a fairly crude terminal by US commercial standards but as long as it gets me on the ship im fine. We did a European cruise out of Athens a couple of years ago and they had us checking in walking through a huge tent and then straight on the boat ... no problems. They did have more of a terminal for luggage handling to be fair.
  11. I read it as a stall game once again "yeah look, see we are being reasonable ...maybe". Lets face it if the announcement doesnt happen in the next week or ten days then July is dead, they wont have time to get the crews lined up, etc. Do we really think the CDC is going to get comfortable that the fourth wave of alien jet fighters isnt coming back in that time frame ?
  12. The big question will be whether they accept rapid test or not .... back at Xmas i heard not but i cant seem to see a clear answer on their website.
  13. I wonder what you have to do to be "sentenced" to a cruise ship ... is that like the old "white collar" country club prisons or something different ? Maybe if we denigrate the CDC enough we get sentenced to cruise for life ?
  14. As long as they are sticking to this part they are still not serious. The speed of vaccinations etc. has left the value of the framework way behind in the rearview mirror.
  15. Ditto, I think that was their way of saying make sure you have it to get into the country not that they also want to see the results.
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