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  1. Forgot to update, was still not operating as of June 10th on Mariner.
  2. Just took a friend of my son on a weekender out of Canaveral, he had the birth certificate only. Process was about 1 millionth of a second longer than usual to hand over the birth certificate and 2 passports, have customs glance at them and hand them back. Same line, same process, no issues.
  3. We had three cruises this month and checked in for all of them on the computer at the same time. For the first one, one member of the group got expedited and no one on any of the other groups did. They let us all go through together on the first group, basically you walk through a set of cameras that perform facial recognition and bring up your information automatically and then all you do is show your passport and head straight on board. When we did it this time they waived us straight on to the ship while everyone else was still waiting in the seating area ... leading me to believe you cut ahead of the status groups. While there i asked how you get expedited arrival and was told "if you upload your pictures you have it". Second trip, all pictures uploaded, no expedited arrival. No one could explain why since i had my pictures uploaded, no big deal, Diamond loaded up shortly anyway. Third trip, all pictures reloaded, no expedited arrival. Asked the attendant, he couldnt figure out why so he waved us through the line anyway. This time Diamond boarded before Expedited ... All in all it seems very slick but somewhat scary that the people operating it dont seem to have a clue about how it works.
  4. I had purchased for the two teens and not for myself so i dont think this is the case, we were all in one cabin this past weekend.
  5. I was just there yesterday, they would not let my two teens (16) enter unless i purchased a package and went in with them. I probably could have turned around and walked right back out but i was not paying $69 more than i already paid.
  6. Update from Mariner this past weekend ... I had purchased the 1/2 day package for the two teens i had with me several weeks/months ago. Went to get them into the park at 12.30 ... the first attendant said "you didnt buy the package ahead of time, that will be $69" ... I told him i already paid for the 1/2 day and he said there is no such thing you either pay me or go back on the ship to sort it out. Went around to the other entrance just to see and they did recognise that i had purchased a half day package but wouldnt let the boys in on their own, i would have to buy a package (full day) and stay in there with them all afternoon which defeated the whole purpose. Had them cancel the packages instead. Seems the 1/2 day packages are going away ... and FYI no crowding issues on any of the three Mariner cruises I went on this past month.
  7. Plenty of storage in my opinion, think we had 3 of the hanging wardrobe things and several sets of drawers ... also lots of open floor so you could live out of suitcases too ... we were only a 3 nighter so we barely used any of the storage.
  8. My description was for cabin 9200 on Mariner so i think it should apply directly to your room on Liberty.
  9. I just sailed in that cabin style on Mariner (near sister of Liberty). Very nice cabin for 3 adults, should work for 2+2 as well. Walking in the door you had the standard cruiseship bathroom on one side and then a "nook" on the other with a set of bunkbeds. The nook had shelves on one end where you could put books, etc. Individual lights for each bunk and one closet that you could hang clothes in. I am 6', 220 lbs and slept on the bottom bunk very comfortably. Continuing into the "main room" it was basically a standard cruise cabin with the two single beds that can be pushed together into a queen or left seperated as two beds if you prefer. The couch folded out into a bed as well if needed. We used the 2 beds seperated and then i had the bunk so we never unfolded the couch. No real "seperation" of the couch from the beds though if you wanted privacy for any reason. Plenty of closet/desk space and room to move around the beds and couch. Biggest decision is probably whether the 2 teens will use the bunks or have 1 in a bunk and 1 on the couch.
  10. Sounds like the standard RCI rules on customer service apply .. keep calling until you get what you want. I called in to ask about getting the points available through CP early and was told it wasnt possible, they would show up about a week before sailing but sounds like they did it for Cruisegirl. I didnt bother to push since they would just refund the $ to my card post cruise instead but it was annoying to have to pay for the drink package and then get a refund after the fact.
  11. Just off Mariner 2 weeks ago and received a refund of the Rewards $ to my credit card after the cruise. As noted above ... you cant get the points back but whatever $ you dont use are credited to the card on file after the cruise.
  12. Just booked them for Mariner next weekend so they do exist as of end of may ... maybe just sold out to high demand from bigger ship?
  13. Based on my current experiences (cruise 2 weeks ago and another next week and calling in to the redemption center to confirm) the OBC will show up on the Cruise Planner but do not expect to see it until 7 days or less out from sailing ... so unless they happen to be having a great sale right before you sail ... not really usable ahead of time.
  14. Im back on Mariner next weekend, will advise.
  15. It varies by venue and patience level. On Mariner last week we had a good experience with sitting in the pool and the waiter taking our order and delivering beers to us in the pool ... conversely we had a terrible time at the Pub with the waiter never coming by to take an order so we just kept going up to the bar to order another round and the line at the bar was usually short.
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