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  1. I see that I can book My Time dining times in my Cruise Planner which seems cool. Can I book more than one night at a time or do I have to check out every time? I can;t seem to add more than one night to my cart at once, but maybe that;s user error. What if I change my mind when I'm on the ship and want a different time? Will I be able to change it in the app? (I"ll be on Anthem if that matters). Thanks!
  2. Gotcha. And if I'm on an 8 night sailing, do they charge me by the day or night for drink package? Looks like maybe day? So, 9 days on an 8 night cruise?
  3. Are there taxes added to the purchases? I'm trying to figure out what the cost per day was originally, but of course, it isn't coming out to an even amount. Grrr.
  4. If a drink package or Voom is cheaper on the current sale, how to I rebook the item? Do I have to cancel first, then buy it again?
  5. We are sailing on Anthem over New Years and the cabana prices are pretty high for our sailing. Looks like I can grab South Beach for $799 vs $1299 for Oasis Lagoon or Thrill Waterpark Cabana. Chill Island showed up this morning, then disappeared again 😞 I think it was also $799. So, A) are cabanas even worth it? B) which ones are better? (we are more interested in hanging out away from little kids, our son is 14 and acts like he's 30 LOL). C) what else should I be thinking about as I decide this?
  6. When Anthem stays in port over night in Bermuda, is there a curfew? I looked at cruise compasses and didn't see an all aboard time, but I just thought I'd double check! I thought they'd always want everyone back on the ship at some point, but maybe not?
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