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Which Cabana?


Which Cabana Would You Choose?  

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  1. 1. Which cabana?

    • Chill Island
    • Water Park
    • South Beach
    • Oasis Lagoon
    • Skip it -- easy enough to just grab chairs for free

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We are sailing on Anthem over New Years and the cabana prices are pretty high for our sailing.  Looks like I can grab South Beach for $799 vs $1299 for Oasis Lagoon or Thrill Waterpark Cabana.  Chill Island showed up this morning, then disappeared again ?  I think it was also $799.  So, A) are cabanas even worth it?  B) which ones are better?  (we are more interested in hanging out away from little kids, our son is 14 and acts like he's 30 LOL).  C) what else should I be thinking about as I decide this?

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We had Chill and loved it.  We got ours for under 400 so to us it was well worth it.   I am a little shocked that they still have any available at  this point.  For our sailing on Adventure this past summer, the cabanas were all sold out @ 4 months prior, except Thrill.  We were the only ship in Coco Cay for the day.  We reserved our cabana @10 mos out.  They now assign the cabana to you, it is assigned by the date you reserve it.  We were number 10.  We met someone that had #18 and they said they got their cabana 5 months out.  This might be why you are seeing it pop up and than disappear immediately...i.e. someone reserved one, and later decided they didn't want it so cancelled it.  RCCL would only have 1 cabana left, people watch the pre planner like a hawk, so if it pops up they race to get it.  

I think it comes down to several things in the decision making process. 

  1. A cabana can hold 8, to me even at 800, if there are 8 of you, than that comes out to 100 pp if you think of it from an excursion aspect.  
  2.  A bungalow can hold up to 6 people,  so that might be a better option than the cabana.  Both offer the attendant option with drinks and food being delivered to your cabana/bungalow.
  3.  The cabanas have their own separate beach area for Chill.  I think maybe I saw 5 little kids in that area.  Most were older teens (16 yo +) from a kid aspect.  This is also probably due to the fact that they now have the splash zone for the little ones which is far away from the cabanas.  Closer to Oasis.
  4.  I don't think 1 is better per se, I think it is more about the person.  We are beach people.  The pool is nice, but in our minds we can use the pool on the ship.  You can't have that beach feeling on the ship.  If you are pool people than obviously Oasis or Thrill are better.
  5.  Does your family want to go to the water park?  If so remember the price included for the cabana includes the cost of Thrill.  
  6.  How far does your budget stretch?  We have been to Bahamas 4 times in the last 3 yrs.  We don't do any excursion there anymore.  Bermuda for us is a taxi to Horseshoe so that is 50 bucks tops. We have also done para sailing, swimming with dolphins, and sting rays and the catamaran snorkeling, so those boxes have been checked  Our TA comps us 100 OBC pp and 1 specialty dinner.  We don't gamble.  We use the OBC for 3 night dinner, with the TA dinner that means we eat in the MDR only on formal night.  Thus, for us that is our 1 and only splurge.   Now if we had a lot of excursions on the plate, my hubby would say no cabana since the money goes only so far.



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Like Pima1988, we got and loved the Chill Island cabana for my husband and I. We were looking for a nice quiet beach day and got it. If we had kids with us we probably would have done the water park Cabana but for the 2 of us it was perfect. Really it would have been perfect with out teens too! I think you'll  have a great time whichever you choose. ENJOY!

Edited to add:

I agree there are plenty of free chairs and umbrellas to make a perfect beach day but if you have the budget for a cabana you won't regret it. 

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5 hours ago, Matt said:

It's hard to overlook the Thrill waterpark cabana for one reason: it includes water park admission. That makes it a significantly better value than the other cabana options.

This is why I just booked a Thrill cabana for my Feb 2021 cruise(yes they are available for booking already, crazy right). I got it for $499 for up to 6 guests and includes waterpark tickets. Well I have a family of 5 and the park tickets are being sold for $79/person which would put us at $395. $104 to have a cabana for the day sounds like a great deal to me. If you wanna be exact with the deal, you get 6 free waters included too and we aren't drink package people.  Can't remember what bottled water costs, but lets call that a bonus of $20 ?

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