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  1. I would add Schooners too. We love doing the trivia, and sing a long at night. OH and if they canceled the 70s night party, I am done!
  2. I lived right outside of Anchorage (Eagle River) for 4 yrs., husband flew F15E out of Elmendorf. Trust me I know that. For us, from May 15th through Sept 15th we were camping every weekend. Anyone that has watched the local weather report will get this. Everyday they start it off with we lost X amount of minutes of day light today (June-Dec) or today we gained X amt of minutes of day light. For me Sept. is really pushing it for cruising season. May is also a month I would shy away from. We called it the SPIT month. It doesn't rain per se it spits. The mosquitos are HUGE. Never saw them that size before and still haven't since we moved from there. End of May to me would be perfection. Salmon is running. Mosquitos are smaller. Spit is not happening, and you have a lot of day light. Every solstice we would do a midnight white water rafting trip. It ended at 3 a.m. It was basically the same light as 7 pm where I live. Back to the regular programming of arriving early.
  3. I was thinking it was because at 8 pm in AK it is bright as it would be at 4 pm in San Juan.
  4. It has always been minimal for us. I don't think it has been more than $50 pp for any of our cruises. I always get jealous of posters saying they got hundreds off. If it was hundreds I would jump on a gty., but since it is always minimal for us and we love to sit on our balcony, it would drive us crazy if it was obstructed.
  5. We are like @RClDreamer96. We have flown out of DC 1x on the day of the cruise and took the earliest flight. Got there around 7 or so. Had breakfast in a restaurant in the airport to kill time, but still had to wander the airport for about another 90 mins. We typically fly on our own, but because we knew we had to fly in that day so we decided to do Sea to Air (?) with Royal. We also used their transportation to the terminal. We did this because we knew if G forbid happened RCL was going to make it work for us to get us to the ship. We opted for the O'Dark thirty flight out of DC, so it would allow us the ability if that flight didn't go, there would be a few behind that we could get on. If you use their transportation they have a meeting area that is clearly signed RCL.
  6. @gtgtgt Thanks in their description they say you go for 30 mins, but I have to be honest I am doing this excursion for my husband, so 15-20 mins is fine for me. Did you see a lot? I kind of want to see the sea turtles, but than I am afraid it will freak me out by the size of them. They also say that you can snorkel on your own. Did you or anyone do that too, or did you just sit on the boat looking at water?
  7. Has anyone done this excursion? In essence, you wear a helmet and ride a scooter under water. Hubby likes snorkeling, me not so much, but this looks fun. Kind of like a unique excursion where many can't say they did. https://bossusvi.com/2-in-1-tours/ They take you to Buck Island for this excursion.
  8. I think they would go the route that airlines do when it comes to overall practice. They know the exact percentage that they have to have on avg. IE let's say 55%. It is okay if 1 flight goes off with 25% as long as another goes off with 85% so between the two they maintain that 55%. If the number drops below, than guess what? They will re-deploy their planes to an area where they can maintain that avg. I can see them saying Aug. 8th on XYZ is 35%. Aug 15th is 60%. We need 40% to break even. Cancel the 8th with hopes they will move to the 15th and sail at 60%
  9. How can you do that? Look at some of these repatriation schedules. I believe it is Anthem that is going to India. It is what @2 week sailing to get to Goa after leaving their last port. Assume 500 crew members. That means they would need 14,000 tests on board prior to the sailing. Assume the test takes 5 mins. How do you process 1000 tests a day? That is 5,000 minutes. They would need more than 4 medical personnel operating 24/7 to get through this on a daily basis. Theoretically, your example is a no go from every way you turn. How do you know they are not doing exactly that? Do you actually think RCL or any cruise line doesn't have a team of people working on this already? Just because they are not announcing it, or the news is not covering it, doesn't mean they are not diligently investigating how to do it. Let's be honest, they read the news too and they have personnel that do market research. You would be a fool to think that there is not an RCL employee or intern lurking on here, cruise critic or FB reading posters opinions. My daughter was an intern for a famous non-profit. One of her jobs as an intern was exactly that. Social media. She was not allowed to respond to any post. She gathered info, opinions and made a daily report to her supervisor and what was being talked about on the multiple sites. I work retail. Management also gets a weekly report on what people are saying, be it their website, Yelp, FB, etc. Yes, our world is now a global economy, but the last time I checked there is no global government. The only closest thing you would come to that, would be the UN. Nor can you force a company (airline, hotel, car rental, etc) to do that, public or privately owned, unless of course it is mandated by law. Tieing it back to unless you have the world all agreeing and setting standards than it is not feasible. Add on top of that a company like NCL that made headlines a few weeks about their ability to survive past Sept without a huge cash infusion. The type of things you are talking about cost money and lots of it. Where will they find the funds if they follow all of your suggestions? How much do you think thousands of medical tests done twice a day on a daily basis for repatriation would cost the cruise lines? If they use their funds for your 1st suggestion, than how can they create a space, assuming you mean more social distancing/less density on a ship? That would mean pulling their ships and doing a complete re-design with fewer bookings. IE, will they now no longer offer an interior room with Pullman beds, equating to every cabin can only hold 2 people? If that is the case can you not see cruise companies suing the govt if they don't say to resorts like Disney or Sandals or Atlantis that they do the exact same? A hotel room with 2 double beds is how much bigger than a cabin? It is a slippery slope you are going down. JMPO, and with $2.07 you can get a small coffee from Starbucks (wearing your mask of course!)
  10. Italy announce today that they will be opening up for tourist come June/July. In essence, 90 days after they shut down. We shut down very shortly after their county. We would be following their footsteps, but still longer on a shutdown than Italy.
  11. I absolutely hate that photo op. It makes me feel "pressured" to buy a product before I even get on the ship. I feel like they should just let me walk by it without them asking. If I want it, I will approach you, otherwise leave me alone. Be real, it is not like you can't see it there!
  12. So what age is adult to you? I am not trying to be antagonistic. I am trying to see how they could draw the line from your perspective. Are they going to give sea pass cards color coded for age range? What age is the line drawn at? 8, 10, 12, 14, 16? My youngest at 12, was 6 foot, he is 6'4. My daughter is 5'1. They are 2 yrs apart, and she is older than him. If you looked at her at 16 at 5'1 you would think she was 12 due to her height and physical structure, but due to my DS's height you would assume he had to be at least 16. He was my height of 5'5 by the time he was 10. We do visit the WJ, but rarely sit down and eat in it, since we always book a balcony. We will order the continental breakfast delivered to the room. 1 of us will go to WJ, get omelets and tasty triangular shaped hash browns on a plate while the other waits for room service. Take it back and eat on our balcony instead of searching for a table. We also love their panini station in the WJ at lunch. We live in the Solarium, so it is a repeat. 1 goes and makes the plates, the other stays in the Solarium. We eat dinner late (7:30+) so as soon as it opens for dinner I am up there making an anti-pasta plate with their deli meats, breads, appetizers in a cup, etc. to not only eat b4 dinner, but as a late night snack compared to their pre-made stuff they offer late at night on our balcony. Point is, we use it a lot, but more like take out than sit down. Seeing as that is how we do it, I can tell you that I have seen gaggles of teens without their folks picking food and putting it back while a friend laughs about how they touched it! The offender usually giggles and does the shush response! They can make WJ work. I can see it. Look at how Solarium Bistro and the MDR breakfast/lunch works. It is a mix of both aspects.
  13. ROFL thinking that same thing! I swear my husband and I can do the 50 yard dash faster while serpentining to avoid the photogs in our 50s than in our 20s. We have purchased 3 pictures in total from all of our cruises. 1 on our Italy cruise, because it was Italy back drop . 1 on our Sydney, because, well, it was Sydney as a backdrop. 1 on Anthem because it was with all of my cousins. I can see why people buy the package, but I am someone that likes informal, spur of the moment pics more than posed/positioned pics.
  14. My mind keeps exploding with the idea of what embarkation day lunch will look like if they change the WJ to be akin to a restaurant style. Same can be said for breakfast on early a.m. port days and debarkation days.😱 We typically do not eat in the WJ, but we do pop in for snacks to take back to the cabin or the Solarium, so it would impact us.
  15. I could never do a Panoramic, it would just drive me crazy to see the ocean, but not hear it or feel the breeze. I also think about the What If? Imagine there is another outbreak of a virus and you are stuck in your cabin for multiple days like Princess in Italy. At least in a balcony you can get fresh air. Feel the sun directly shining on your face, instead of it being reflected off glass. Only you can answer the one question that needs to be asked. How often do you sit on the balcony? For my hubby and I, we are sitting on our balcony at least 3 or 4 hrs everyday. Breakfast on the balcony. Cocktails pre-dinner on the balcony. Late night conversations on the balcony. Sailing into or out of port on the balcony.
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