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  1. Yes. It is just like any Coke freestyle machine you see in certain restaurants. IE in VA we have 5 Guys and Qdoba, both have the freestyle machine. I want to say it has Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Seagrams Ginger ale, Diet Ginger Ale, Fanta, Sprite, PowerAde, Minute Maid, plus Dasani water. And of course there are caffeine free options. You are able to add in flavoring, such as, lime, cherry, raspberry, and vanilla. I won't swear if I got them all correct. However, I know since I drink only diet ginger ale, with flavors, they have that. My husband likes Powerade when we go to the gym, so I know they have that, and I get the Dasani water flavored. I had said before that I wouldn't use this new designed cup, but now I realize I have to for when we go to the gym in the a.m.
  2. @12thman The thing about the freestyle machine besides it being self serve is if you want diet gingerale lime flavoring they have it there. Just like you can get coke vanilla or Powerade, Minute Maid, etc. Beverages you won't be able to get at the bar. Hence, you will probably walk around with the cup. If you are fine with just diet coke or coke, than you don't need it.
  3. I agree that I doubt you will see any northern lights. I lived in Anchorage for several yrs. I remember every summer solstice we would go on a white water rafting trip that went until 2.m. and it was still light out. The golf courses last tee time was 11:00 pm. We used to joke that the sun just would bounce down and right back up. Winter time and we would see them at least once a week, but than again the sun did not rise until about 9- 10 a.m.and it would be dark by 3:30-4:00.
  4. I agree that it is highly unlikely there will be a ban. However, I do see them taking a hit financially and the stockholders will not be pleased. in the end it will not only be loss revenue if cruisers can't trust that the ships will dock, but stock investments too. They need that $$$ to remain competitive in the cruise traveling world regarding updating their ships.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6911541/Judge-threatens-stop-Carnival-ships-docking-In-US.html A federal judge is set to hurt Carnival big time come June. Threatening to temporarily block all Carnival ships from docking in the US as a punishment for a possible probation violation. They were found to be guilty of dumping grey water into the Alaska Bay National Park while they were on 5 yrs probation and a 40 million fine because Princess dumped oil back in 2017. I believe it was also alleged of dumping plastic garbage too, and falsifying records for the auditors. Can you imagine...you have booked a cruise out of Baltimore, Miami, NY for Aug. with Carnival and now read this article. Than add in the AK cruises. Sure, no impact if you sail out of Vancouver, but sooner or later you need to dock in AK. Princess will also be impacted. Princess actually also owns their own private train to Denali National Park for cruisers. $$$$ I highly doubt it will come to this level, but let's be real, when the Chairman and President are requested to attend, it might also hurt their stocks too. I am a cynic, so I believe in the end of the day it will be another slap on the wrist at worst, and delay, delay delay at best. There is more at play here bc terminals like I mentioned for sail away will be screaming Bloody murder from a loss revenue aspect. Baltimore has only Royal Lady G and Carnival Pride...That will hurt the city and the port revenue and tax wise, Bayonne would be fine, they could lure NCL out of NYC to take over. However, I also believe that if the RCCL CEO is smart, they will make sure that they adhere to all regs. That, and they may want to think about how repositioning their ships. If worse came to worse and Carnival can't dock in AK. Will RCCL now try to capture that market?
  6. We were on Anthem going out of Bayonne and it was suppose to go to Bermuda. Jose and Maria (?) were barreling down. 48 hrs prior to the cruise RCCL contacts everyone on the cruise and said we are going to Nova Scotia. If you want to cancel, we will give you a FCC and pay back your costs. If you want to go, we will give 50% of the cost + 250 OBC. They stated that the ship sailed away full occupancy. The funny thing there was on the sail away a group of 15 people wearing designed tee shirts. It stated sail away to Bermuda, and than a red line crossed through it with handwriting saying Nova Scotia. It didn't end there. The next day was a sea day. They traveled as a group and all had tees, drunk 1...15 Think thing 1 and 2, Dr. Seuss. I had noticed them throughout the day in different spots on the ship. We went to trivia, late afternoon. There they are. I look around and count the numbers on their shirts. Other people did too. All of the sudden we realized there were only 14 people, even though there was a drunk 15. The group said, that because they got the trip so cheap now (RCCL OBC) they didn't want to jinx it and decided nobody would be #13. They were the talk of the entire ship, bc everyday they wore a new tee shirt.. Day 3.Bermuda/slashed through and Portland Maine written. Day 4 was the funniest...Bermuda slashed through and BRRR written because we were now in Canada, the last week of Sept. These were professionally done and prior to us leaving the temp was suppose to be in the mid 70s in Halifax. We get there and it was 91 degrees.
  7. Actually we are AF, but he did CGSC as a sister school opportunity
  8. I immediately knew as soon as you said that you most likely were at CGSC. My husband loves to do that same line just to see people's reaction.
  9. Maybe they were confused. On CocoCay. just like Labadee and the ships, they have specialty drinks. I believe on CocoCay it is called the Cocoloco. It is an alcoholic beverage in a pineapple that is more than the dbp allows. Thus, they will be charged that cost differential plus grats. I remember the 1st time we went to CocoCay yrs ago. Many purchased that pineapple. We had the deluxe. I said can you make the same drink and just place it a cup? Yep. Since it was not in a pineapple we were not charged a dime.
  10. To me I would get rid of it completely, but again my position is that I think this is a market research program under the guise of discounts. Not one poster here has been able to use it. Just like they have discounts for certain state residents or age group. RCCL, just like many hospitality companies will not let you pile on discounts you are eligible for when you book. Again, we are now retired military and hubby works for the govt. My oldest is currently ADAF living thousands of miles away from our home. None of us has found that the military discount works for airlines, cruises or hotels. Disney Shades of Green, yes. Certain stores, like American Eagle yep. However, if I contact Marriott today and ask for the rack room rate, 10 will get you 20 it will be cheaper than the military discount, and on top of that they will tell me, just like RCCL that I can't combine the two. Just saying.
  11. OBTW, my husband is a wise arse. He still takes/wears that outfit, but he says that he does it now hoping he will make some tips while on board to offset the cost of the cruise! If now only he would use youtube to learn how to make towel animals!
  12. I have 2. 1st story I work for a national mens clothier. I go off and buy what I think is a great outfit for my husband. White/navy blue striped cotton sweater, and navy shorts. One a.m. we were at the pool and it was kind of chilly, but he knew it would warm up, so he wore this outfit. It is @ 10 a.m. and he is sleeping on a lounge chair next to me...snoring. Passengers are walking by and glaring. Thus, I nudge him so he will stop snoring. He stops snoring, but they are still walking by and mumbling under their breath. Huh? I don't get it, why are they looking at him this way. A few mins later a bar staff member walks up to me and asked if I needed a drink. I looked at him, looked at my husband and broke out in laughter. His outfit was almost identical, just different stripe design on the sweater. I am positive all those passengers thought he was part of the crew sleeping on the job! 2nd story We as a family (siblings and cousins) decided that we were going to surprise my Mom for her 80th with a cruise. She got wind and said she was not going. We (siblings/cousins) decided we were still going and celebrate my Mom's Bday without her. My brother is a practical joker. He went to Staples and had a 24x32 picture of my Mom printed up. In his mind, she was going on this cruise with us no matter what. He took it with him on the ship, but kept it a secret. Formal night rolls around and VOILA he pulls this picture out for the photos.. I can't recall the Captain's name, but he was European and needed staff to translate. There is my brother asking the Captain to take a picture of him holding this huge picture of my Mom. The captain could not wrap his head around he was being asked to do. I am pretty sure when he got back to the bridge, he told everyone, now he has seen it all for the photo ops. My brother also makes calendars for every family member as a xmas gift. Every month is a photo. That yr. her bday month was the picture of the Captain holding this picture of her
  13. Part of me thinks that they also use it for market research. IE Check the boxes that apply to you and they than can start seeing trends to use for advertising.
  14. Add us to the list. My husband is retired AF and we have never used the discount.
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