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  1. Have done the Key and would say unless you got it at a great price its not worth it at all. Did it last week on Symphony only because it was 5 bucks more than VOOM. Per day. Figured the Chops Embarkation lunch and rebar nation breakfast was worth it.
  2. Deck 3 is where they were Quarantined . 42 passengers in essence it was 1%. My husband tested positive on Saturday. I have been negative all week. We are both triple.boosted. the only think it was the casino or gym.that
  3. Thing. I was on Symphony 4/30-5/7. A couple of things. 1. We were told by Jordan in CK that the Solarium Bistro is suppose to open on the 5/21 sailing. 2. They said we had 5280 passengers Approx 2300 passengers were 2 separate groups. 1600 with a Philippine finance group. 1100 with a Canadian insurance company. 3. 70s night is done on the Promenade. We sat at the Copper Kettle. Got there about 30 mins. prior. Sorrento is the optimal spot if you want to sit, but there were no chairs at least 45 mins prior....ticking off passengers so we they weren't eating. A great place if you don't mind standing is by the photo kiosk. They do the show right next to Schooners. 4. No Quest. 5. Hiro is ending their run. I believe the new aqua show starts 5/21. We saw them practicing on our cruise during the afternoon. It looks like its going to be 80/90 music. I also believe Hairspray will start than also. 6. Schooners sing along nights were amazing as always, but our piano player was ending his tour so this week has a new one. He did a Billy Joel, Elton John Neil Diamond tributes. 7. Chops impo has gone downhill. We tried it twice and both times I would rate it as poor. Service was slow, food came out cold. Trust me I was excited to go there just for the goat cheese salad is my absolute favorite. We ate at CK the night before and i purposedly ordered the steak so we can compare it to Chops the next night. At CK came out med/rare. Chops it came out med to medium well even though we asked for med/rare. We waited so long for our food we just accepted it and mived on. Chops Branzino is one of my favorits, the skin was not crisp and it was luke warm. If you eat there ask for a table outside. Its terribly noisy in there. It does not have that cozy steakhouse feeling like it does have on the Freedom class. The tables outside on the Park makes it feel cozy. 8. 150 is amazing...order the lamb wellington. Jamie's is amazing too. No complaints. Hooked was eh for me, but my husband loved everything they served him, oysters, lobster roll and clam chowder soup. I would say the soup is great. ---- Ask any of them for a dessert to go. They will gladly give them to you. We did that every night. Playmakers will also allow you to do this....order wings and take it back to your room for your late night snack. 9. Try Vintages for your pre dinner drinks. It is so cozy. They will bring you a charcuterie board. They get a 10 out of 10 for me. Trellis bar too 10. Be smart when returning to the ship on port days. There are 2 gangplanks. St.Maarten, St. Thomas go to the aft . everybody sees the 1st one they see. Go to the next 1 . here's why, it will take you to another elevator bank and you won't wait forever. For Coco Cay go to the bow gang plank. same reason. 11. If you can get the Thermal spa at a good price, DO IT. Sea days we went to the pool in the a.m went to the spa before we got ready for lunch. The rain she were is so amazing. On port days we would go straight to the spa. Spent time on the beds, steam room and hit the shower to get the saltwater off. I had a JS,so we had a full bathtub. If you have a cabin with that shower tube there is another beauty to it. The locker room has showers . they give you nice robes too. 12. Pool towels can be delivered to your cabin ....just ask the day before. If you are going to the Beach Club no need to take towels they have them there. If you can only afford 1 excursion The Beach Club is a must. I have done loungers, beach beds, cabanas. We got it for 89. per person. Negative if you like snorkeling go to Chill. Now for my bad 1. I have sailed on many classes, but I would say that I hoofed it almost everytime on this cruise compared to my other cruises. The elevators were packed. It was really annoying by the end of the week. You can see the banks packed complaining on the pool deck ...15 that it skipped them for going up. HELLO how about you walk it 1 flight to the WJ....I will touch upon this later. 2. Sapphire Beach excursion is not worth the $$$. This excursion felt like I entered a run down hotel site, but because of the beach they milked it for everything they could. Beach was amazing. No good snorkeling. 3. Chair hogs...no new tHing. 4 passengers complained in the Solarium regarding the covered beds. Someone placed towels at 6 am. At 8 2 different passengers approached the attendanAt 8:00 I approached at 8:30 and was told the clock started now...the other 2 came up and said I came to you at 8. They tried to avoid, but everyone kept on them. I get it, they don't want to address the passenger, but in the end they faced us. They did remove their stuff. Spoke to the couple that got it. They were mad when their showed up at noon. Where is my stuff ? They not only took the bed, but 2 loungers. Nobody cared about the loungers. Attendant said here it is, you can't leave it for 5 hrs. Seriously you have to be assertive when it comes to chair hogs Big big thing. I would say 25% tested positive covid on sunday the day aftwr. believe it was tied to 3 things A. Elevators seriously walk 1,2,3,4,5 flights. Hub and I saw maybe 1 couple on the staircase as we traversed alp week. , yet let's cram into a 6x6 elevator. Lets cram in the elevator banks too. B. Be smart in the vasino. The tables they will make the ok use Pyrell, the sl ok vs the womy. C. Pay attention to passenger----- I saw many women that did not wash their hands after editing the bathroom.
  4. I know someone that is going on Symphony OV and has placed 9 bids, thus, I do agree it probably has more to do with what's available compared to where you start via cabin level.
  5. Its really easy to know when their ready just watch the massive flow of people leaving every area, such as WJ, bars, the pool etc. They lock the hallways to the cabin and everybody stands right outside them so if you miss the flow of people you won't miss the crowds there.
  6. I am on the same cruise and it shows on my planner I am booked for dinner too. Any word yet for you on your bids...still pending for my 3 bids
  7. That gratuity is shared among many levels. Do you leave your dishes in the WJ at your table? No, well that person cleaning up after you is part of the gratuity you refuse to pay. Are you washing them? No. Taking out the trash you make and leave at the WJ? No At the pool do you always bring your drink and never go to the bars even to get a glass of water? The bar staff is responsible for filling the water container at the bar. Do you say no to the wait staff when they walk around picking up empty glasses, but instead do it yourself? Again, do you empty the trash on the pool deck where you tossed your trash? Are you making your bed daily, and replenishing your towels, toilet paper, etc? No. Do you eat at the MDR for lunch or dinner? Would you not tip your waiter at Applebees? So why not them? Your tip at Applebees is like on the ship...a waiter/waitress in the food business shares it with the person clearing your dishes. People do not understand that the gratuity you pay includes not only food but cabin attendants. You may say RCCL should pay their staff more. Sure, but the fact and reality is this is a common practice among their industry. My husband and I worked through college in the food and beverage industry. I get not tipping for poor service, but anyone that has worked in the industry knows they live by tips since they are not paid min wage. I am totally opposite than you. I respect your opinion, but disagree with it. We are like many and tip personally certain staff on top of our tips added via RCCL. For example, we tip about 100 to our cabin attendants for 7 nights. Day 1 we ask for pillow toppers if we are below a suite. They have made the bed and now have to remake it again . I request due to a knee issue that I need 2 more pillows. They have to get them. They went out of their way to make me happy, impo they deserve a reward. We tip our MDR staff at the last night we eat in there , we do specialty so we're not in there every night. However, when we show up they immediately remember our bevs. and ask if we would like that again. Finally, look at the hours the wait staff works. If you only eat in the WJ for all of your meals you probably don't know that the wait staff picking up your dishes also work in the MDR on sea days for lunch and dinner. When you hit Coco Cay or Labadee before you get to debark you'll see staff leaving. They will be your bartenders, wait staff at their private island. They will than return to the ship and start their shift that night. These are people that live on the ship for 9 months in cramped quarters and long hrs. Yes, they chose this life, but many do it to support their family. They work probably 12 hrs a day. In essence for your tip, it equals to a dollar or 2 per hour. I don't know how anyone Done with my rant and only hope you see
  8. I am of the same mind set or at least hoping it is the case. We booked our JS 2 years ago, and due to covid, we lifted and shifted 3 times. I did fake bookings for some time and in the end our cabin, which is an ideal location, hump deck 9, was selling for 2.5k more than we paid. Plus it was still a few hundred more than an ocean balcony. Thus, if someone place a bid of lets say 500 total for a JS and purchased a balcony at a cost that was only 300 less than I paid for my JS they actually make money off of my cabin. Ontw, I am on SoS 4/30 and still pending, along with at least 15 other posters on à private group.
  9. There are a lot of IFS in your oost. WHAT ship? WHAT ports? WHAT Cabin upgrades did you bid on? For example Anthem out of Cape Liberty, Enchantment out of Baltimore is different than Symphony out of Miami or Liberty ...they are all different class ships. Jumping from interior to a balcony is several jumps and bids may vary due to the week you sail.... And again the ship plus itinerary. Just bid on the amount you feel comfortable with paying in the end. Don't try to game it. I would highly highly highly doubt it will be 50%. Last I read they are at 80+%.
  10. Which ship? If its Anthem 10 will get me 20 you will be in the parking garage. Other ships may be kin the open lot. If you are in the open lot, pay for a porter when you debark. When we do the covered we don't pay for porters ....hubby and I get the luggage and than I wait by the garage as he runs to get the car and brings it down to loading level. Open air out door you will want to pay for a porter bc you can't drive the car closer and it's more of a haul....2 min walk in the sun, but when you are talking multiple luggage bags, carry ons and a stroller its a pain. The covered garage less than a min. and they can stand in the shade.
  11. Being a Jersey girl born and raised I know NYC traffic...exit 8A. I was only talking about once you get near the terminal...ship in sight Trumps golf course on the right.
  12. The one thing to realize there are actually 2 lots, one covered garage and 1 out in the open. They do not let you choose which one you park in, or at least they didn't pre covid. Both are a short walk and gated The point is if you are sailing in the summer, you should take a window shade for your car just in case. When we sailed Anthem we had the covered garage. When we sailed Adventure we were in the open lot. We were told that this is how it typically goes, which makes sense. Anthem sails on a different day than Adventure, it is a bigger ship. That means they fill up the garage leaving Adventure in the open garage. I do disagree about it not being super busy. There will be a bottle neck when you get close to the terminal. It can be a long line of bumper to bumper bc they funnel you down. Nothing insane, but frustrating. We always joke that it takes longer from the time we hit the FUNNEL for dropping off the luggage than it takes once we park the car and are on the ship ordering our 1st drink. One piece of advice keep your carry on with you in the car and not in the trunk. Learned that the hard way. We were traveling with another couple and drove our car. We placed our carry on in the trunk (SUV) and they threw their luggage on top of it. The porters just grab and pull. The next thing we knew after we parked the carryon was unloaded with the porter.
  13. I did not pick a cabin just looked at which ones were available on what decks. Thus, in the 5 mins I was on all suites were sold out.
  14. If it was me, if you want the JS bid on it now. I have multiple bids currently for my 4/30 cruise on Symphony. If I don't win one I am okay and happy, because....I am in a JS on the hump mid sh and the deck I chose. If I win a GS on another deck great, if not fine. Royal up you have to accept wherever they give you. Don't like being AFT than its better to rebook now for the cabin and deck level you want. As far as bidding, only you know how far you're willing to go.
  15. Omg as I went to close out my RCCL fake booking page ...I had opened for my last post...what 5 minutes? It now says Royal suite class sold out. 5 minutes and both JSs gine.
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