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  1. @AmyCT622 Although Adventure does not have the big shows (Anthem out of Bayonne does). They have the Ice Skating Show. The Love and Marriage, Battle of the Sexes, Silent Party, 70's show and of course the Quest. All of them are fun. Also go to schooners and do the trivia. It will be posted in your compass daily. The trivia ranges from how well you know RCL to Michael Jackson to NFL. Adventure is smaller than Anthem, but it still has a lot to offer because it has more stuff impo to do during the day at sea. You have the flow rider, and rock climbing wall, but you also have water slides, mini-golf that Anthem does not offer. If you are use to only cruising large ships remember that Adventures passenger load is @3200.
  2. They have beach umbrellas for free. You could also just follow the sun as it moves.
  3. If you look at the top of the page you will see a menu header. It goes by each ship. Also if you look on the Live Blogs, most of them post the menus with pictures. Finally if you go on FB and join your ships private page they will be able to show some pics of the menus too. The only one that I think that has really changed is the Chef's table. Otherwise they will always have the classic specialties, such lamb shank or prime rib, along with escargot, wedge salad, calamari, sometime along the cruise.
  4. I hate the lanyards especially if you have a long cruise. You sweat around the neck, and your sunscreen will melt into it, and of course add in cologne you may spray on while you are walking out of your cabin. It can be nasty by day 7 on a Caribbean cruise. We do the phone option (pocket on the back). We take our phone everywhere so in our eyes why carry 2-3 things (lanyard, wallet and phone) when 1 will do just fine. To me lanyards are like getting an inside or balcony cabin. It is personal to that passengers desires. We did it 1x and will not ever do it again, but that is just us. FYI my husband and I must wear them for work, so it might be that when we are on vacation we want nothing to remind of us of being at work.
  5. I doubt they will open this up until 90 days out. Look at Thrill and Oasis, it kept getting pushed back over and over again. They are going to be coming into Hurricane Season very shortly. Just like the pier they are dealing with building something in the water. Too windy and they can't build that day. just like how they sometimes didn't tender. and how they are not taking reservations for the Balloon ride.
  6. Enchantment is one of their smallest ships, so don't expect Broadway type shows. Being small the staff also really get to know you.
  7. Also go to the Love and Marriage show. It is kind of like the Newlywed game, except they take 1 newlywed couple, 1 married for 20 or so yrs (like you) and 1 married for 40-50 yrs. It is a fun show if you have a good cruise director. Skid is correct We Will Rock You is a great show. You need to stay even after they take their bows, they do an encore. Many people leave prior because they want to beat the crush of passengers exiting only to realize as they are at the door that there is an encore. The Gift show is something 99% of posters will say that it is a Check the Box, been there done it. We would never spend 45 minutes of our lives again to see it for the 2nd time. If your schedule doesn't permit it, than you are fine. All of the broadway style shows take reservations, so make them as soon as possible. I would say reserve Spectra for the 1st night. That is their acrobatic show in 270. The reason why is if the seas are rocky it will be canceled, thus, if you wait to the end of the cruise and they cancel it, you will not see it at all. If you go to the 270 cafe for lunch (they have the kummelwreck there, along with soups and salads) sometimes you can see them practice the show. The 270 is also where they host the Quest show. If you took a balcony and really want her to enjoy it, order the continental breakfast for the cabin. It is free and you can select the time. My husband and I are early risers. We go to the gym or walk the deck. We than jaunt over to the WJ and order an omelet get some hot items and fresh squeezed OJ to take back to our cabin, timing it so the continental breakfast arrives as soon as we get back. On the Anthem they have a coffee bar in the WJ, so if you have the deluxe beverage package you can also get a specialty coffee to go. The beauty of this is three fold. 1. You don't have to search out a table. 2. You can eat on your balcony and watch the ship pull into port. 3. You don't feel rushed to get ready for the day. Eat and look over the Compass for the day. Take a shower, and grab a sip of coffee or a bite of a muffin. Put on sunscreen, pack your beach bag, take another sip of coffee. The cabin attendant will clean up after you leave the room. I would also suggest the best tip we were ever given. The WJ opens for dinner @5 or so. We typically do late seating. We go in @5:30 and make 2 plates to take back to our cabin 1. For while we get ready, appetizer stuff. Another plate which we place in the mini-fridge for late night snacks... bread, deli meat/cheeses, fried chicken, desserts, etc. that taste just as good cold as when it is hot. It is better than the limited selection offered on the Esplanade. WJ has things like seafood in a cup, veggies in a cup, desserts in a cup. If weather is permitting the WJ has outdoor seating, so don't worry about trying to find a table with a view inside. Most passengers don't know it exists because you basically have to walk as far away from the food as possible. In my opinion the best Solarium on any of the RCL ships is on the Anthem. They not only have a bar in there, but the Solarium bistro is attached to it also. The peek a boo bridge is in the Solarium. Make sure you go to Schooners and play trivia. Popular ones will get packed, so be there @ 15 mins prior if you want a seat at the bar or table. The trivia ranges from NFL history to Michael Jackson to Friends (tv show). I typically would not purchase the Key, but for the Anthem I would. I also would purchase the ultimate dining package because they have multiple venues. Anthem is a great ship to do your 1st cruise. It is large, but once you figure out how to navigate it, it doesn't feel that huge. Hopefully the weather will be nice on your sail away day. The pool deck sail away party to me is the best. Anthem only clears the bottom of the Verrazano by about 30 feet. If you are on the pool deck you will see the tires of the cars roaring over your head. It is a sight and sound you will never forget. It is unusual for them to sail around the Statue of Liberty. If they do consider it a bonus, but don't expect it. The 1 thing you should visit is the 9/11 Memorial at the port. It is right next to the pier. It is a tear drop made from steel from the WTC. It was a gift from Russia. You can actually see it from the decks on the ship. Cape Liberty is a great port. The only problem is the design when it comes to dropping off your luggage. It tends to bottle neck. The garage is attached to the terminal. It takes maybe 3 mins to walk from the garage to the terminal. Once in the terminal they have kiosks and attendants to check you in. The attendants work with an Ipad, so it is quick for them. It takes about 15 mins total from check in, through security and walking onto the ship. We have traveled through them a couple of times. I will say they are very serious at the scanners about what is allowed, so don't try to sneak anything on, it will be confiscated. Anthem has the WOW bands if you want them. Lastly, at least when we have cruised on the Anthem they do a 70s night, silent disco and a White Night. I believe the Battle of the Sexes is held right before the 70s party. If you want to make her laugh, as soon as you get on the ship, go to the pool deck and find the Giraffe! Sorry for the novella, but I hope it helps you planning this cruise to convert her into loving cruising.
  8. I agree that you should be fine. We will only be eating in the MDR 3 nights for our 8 night cruise, and we took all of them for 8 when we will be in the MDR. We like the late seating. We find it less crowded, and the staff is more attentive, plus we are not in a rush to get through dinner fast so we can get a good seat at a show. Typically we will go to WJ @ 5:30 to get some lite bites to hold us over and take a plate back to our room for late night snacking when all you have open is the Promenade pre-made sandwiches or pizza. Just place it in your fridge so they won't clear it while they turn down your room.
  9. Listen to @Matt You do not need to have both in the cabin for Voom. We have never purchased more than 1 device for us. I would say also look into your planner. Sometimes they bundle the DBP with Voom at a lower price than when you buy them separately. If you see it on the planner that way, contact RCL directly. For example, I have seen the bundle for 57 pp. DPB was 49.99 and Voom 11.99 = 62.
  10. As others have stated the ports to me are the real bonus. I would do Anthem for a transatlantic, but would not sail on her in Europe due to her size. We did a small ship for Italy/Greece and would do it again because we got to dock in ports (tender), such as Portofino, whereas a larger ship would not be able to stop there. My SIL last yr did the Med sailing on a larger NCL ship and due to the size she had a lot more sailing days than docking. Granted she went to the big areas like Venice, Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Sicily and Rome, but not small ones like Elba, Naples, and Portofino. Due to that fact I think the size of the ship really does not matter since you are so exhausted from the day in port all you wanted to do at night was eat and relax. Plus, the staff really gets to know you personally, be it at the pool bar, interior bars or the dining room. I recall 1 bartender knew by the 3rd day when I showed up after dinner I was going to order a cappuccino and amaretto side, he would see me coming and started to make it before I got to the bar to order it. Funny side story of that cruise was AARP purchased @50% of the ship. My husband and I were in our late 20's when we did that cruise. The passenger load was the size of Lady G. By 10-11 at night it felt like we were the only ones on the ship, except in the casino, as if it was our own personal yacht!
  11. Mine started at 19.99 it jumped to 29.99 and now it is at 24.99. HOWEVER, it has the red box saying SOLD OUT. I am starting to see a pattern with at least my cruise and things that have limited availability, right before they are sold out they jump up the price really high and than bring it back down to a lower price for @ 24 hrs only to have it show the red box the next day. Maybe that is just me overthinking it or seeing something that doesn't exist, but I have watched everything from Cabanas to zip lines to the key. I only say that because I check constantly/daily on my planner to see if any of my excursions have dropped since Black Friday or for a new excursion that might appeal to me is now at a lower price and many times I go OMG that priced really jumped up and the next week it drops big time. IE I purchased my cabana at 449. It ran for @ 6 weeks at 649-699. Than it ran at 849, and topped out over 1K. The next week it went to 649 or 699 (can't recall) a few days later it was at 449 with the red box of not available on line, check on board. The same happened with the Key.
  12. We actually don't go towards the cabin hallway until @ 1:30. Everybody starts lining up in that area @ 12:45 so you are basically just in a bottle neck, including people sitting on the steps. Than on top of that you have people figuring out where their cabin is and grabbing luggage. Instead @12:30 we hit the WJ. @ 1:15 we hit the bar for a drink to take to our cabin to consume while we unpack. By that time everybody has cleared through the staircases, hallways, etc. No crowds just easy peasy.
  13. My husband and I always get the deluxe. The way we look at it is that we would never get anything less than the refreshment, since that also includes water bottles. For our sail date we got the deluxe at 47, the refreshment was 21. That meant to make up the difference we had to get 2 $13 drinks per day to break even if we did refreshment and out of pocket for alcohol. Honestly it isn't hard to do, especially on my upcoming cruise since we have 4 sea days in total. 1 cocktail at the pool, 1 glass of wine at dinner, a cappuccino and amaretto side with dessert, and a cocktail at the shows at night means I am making $$$. Plus, remember if you are going to Coco Cay the beverage package works there.
  14. Or you can use your hair flat iron (straightener).
  15. The only problem I have ever found on the sail away is they do the Cha Cha and follow it up with something like cotton eye joe or cupid shuffle. I always think. dang did I sign up for Zumba and didn't realize it? The next thing I do is while dancing is to look over at my hubby lounging on a chair and raise my cup....hint hint honey I need a new one!
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