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  1. Yes, your TA will be able to book it and use your OBC. We have used our TA on various sailings for the big planner items, such as cabanas or beach beds with OBC. I can't see why not. We do this method for price drops since they are limited in quantity when not wanting to bother our TA. Instead of taking the chance of losing the cabana between the time we cancel and rebook, we book the new one on the other's reservation number and it has always worked. In essence, for a few minutes we have 2 cabanas until we go back and cancel the higher price cabana. We never had to link them to our cabana or our beach bed or even a couple's spa. IE it is just 1 person. This includes or May 2021. It even says 1 person, so my fear would be that if yo link all of the people you will be charged that cabana price for every single person. However, if this is the new way, I would not worry about whom is in which cabana. Once in that area they will give you a wrist band. The attendants don't care that you linked Jane to 1 cabana, but in the end she wanted be in the other cabana. They will originally walk her to that linked cabana, but after that they will just look at the fact that she has a wrist band on. The only problem you might have is that they assign the location of the cabana. You no longer, at least at Coco Cay There are not many of them, but you might find them next to each other. They are assigned by the time of purchase. So if you book yours and by the time you finish and start the 2nd, and than 2 other passengers book during between those times, the cabanas will be separated by 2. Which goes back to why you might ask your TA or RCL directly so those numbers can be right next to each other.
  2. I agree with @FManke. We enjoy them, but I would not place them at a 5 star level. I would not place them as low as Out Back or Olive Garden either. However, that being said we do specialty restaurants because we enjoy the ambiance at each one and the unique items offered. IE I am the biggest fan of the goat cheese salad which you will never find in the MDR, you can't request it, but you can request the wedge salad. Same is true for the grilled octopus...ain't happening. Heck, the MDR will offer beef carpaccio as a specialty on their MDR menu, but impo it is not as good as the specialties. FWIW I still love the MDR on the night they offer the lamb shank. Their prime rib is pretty good too, but it can be a hit or miss. I think that the specialties will become even more popular once we get back to sailing. My reason behind this is that a big selling point for the specialties is you don't feel as cramped compared to the MDR. AKA social distancing. That being stated, I have also seen in the past 2 yrs or so that the MDR is less crowded, so it could be once we get back to sailing it will be 50-50. We do traditional late seating (8 pm) Reason why is that these specialties have become very popular. 1 cruise we did on Anthem with my family we only did late dining. We were a party of 10. The waitstaff had only us in the MDR. They were absolutely, positively the best service I ever experienced including 5 star restaurants. They had other tables, but how it works for traditional is that is your table for MDR, if you pay for specialty, that is still your table even if you don't show. Thus, tables around us were empty since those people purchased the specialty. On that cruise we never did specialty. The staff knew we would be entering and by night 2 they had our drinks down in their memory...they always asked 1st if we would like that drink again. My cousin only eats fish due to a medical condition, they brought out every fish appetizer for him. They discussed that night would he would like off the menu. My body does not appear it, but I eat very little. They thought I did not enjoy the food, they kept bringing out more. It got to a point that my husband had to say, she doesn't eat a lot, all you are now doing is making me spend more time in the gym to burn off the calories she is forcing me to eat not to offend you! Did the late seating on Adventure with a group of 5 for an 8 night cruise. We had 5 specialty nights ( 3 nights purchased, TA gifted 1 night and 1 Chef's table). Same deal as Anthem. 1st night was chaotic, but thetip 3 nights our staff only had us and 1 table. I think they were so bored that to keep them busy they just kept bringing out food. The lobster aka formal night they brought out every single dessert on the menu. Didn't even ask what we would like. We were moving plates to find room on the table. Let's be honest, they also work for an additional tip, hence why they are now working 2x as hard. FYI, those MDR waiters also work in the WJ or the MDR for lunch too. They have long work days.
  3. @CJS2766 I would say that if you come from an Italian family, especially one from the NY/NJ area, Giovannis maybe a bit of a let down. We live in VA, but originally from NJ. We have gone there several times on different ships, it was always, eh! However, we place it on the fact, to us, we have a high bar for them to reach due to our background. Last yr we traveled with my husbands family (NY/NJ Italians), originally we had 1 night in Chops, 2 nights at Giovannis. We went to Chops the 1st night and Giovannis the next. As soon as we were done with the meal at Giovannis, we went to Chops and had them cancel our 2nd reservation for Giovannis and reserve a 2nd night at Chops. We actually prefer the carpaccio at Chops over Giovannis. I have had the branzino at both. No, I am not crazy eating fish at a steakhouse, I just get tired of having heavy meals and always find the branzino good. Again, I preferred the Chops over Giovannis, not that Giovannis was bad, just that Chops always seems to be better. At Chops our wait staff has always brought out to our table the spicy shrimp (entrée) for us to share without us ever asking. My husband was not impressed with the gnocchi. We had gnocchi one day for lunch in the MDR and it was amazing, thus he figured since it was a specialty restaurant it would be much better. WRONG. In the MDR it was light and airy, theirs were mushy and heavy. The waiter noticed that he was not pleased. He came back and offered him a 2nd entrée of his choice. He did the carbonara. He enjoyed it, but it was still not OMG I can't stop eating although my stomach is full. I will say the grilled octopus at Giovannis is amazing. When it comes to ambiance I do prefer Giovannis, mainly due to the fact that Chops is that old style steakhouse design, dimly lit and dark wood/colors. It is hard not to feel like you need to go to sleep after eating such a heavy meal.
  4. .It is 50 per person. If they are offering the 3 night specialty I would do that over just 1. I got ours for 85 per person. Chops is comparable to Ruth Chris or McComick and Schmidts steak houses. Just like in the MDR you can order multiple appetizers, but only 1 entrée per person. Albeit, sometimes the waitstaff will bring out an additional entrée for the table to share. We enjoy Chops, I especially enjoy their goat cheese salad as an appetizer. The steaks are great and the ambiance is nice. @WAAAYTOOO will tell you that her favorite item on their menu is the Red Velvet cake!
  5. That would be my number 1 fear of booking a gty right now.
  6. It has not returned to Symphony. I have a sailing in May 2021 and my TA said Symphony never has and most likely never will have the Chef's table. I am probably like @WAAAYTOOO not too picky, but I am not adventurous as my husband. Let's put it this way...snails....I'll pass on it everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Same with sushi! Now if you offered me any Indian dish, including goat and I am good to go! The 1st time we did the Chef's table and I looked at the menu I swore I was only going to like maybe 3 items. I decided I would at least take 1 bite. To my surprise I enjoyed every single item they served. After that we have always done it on any ship that offers this option. To me I think they try to push the envelope just a tad. For example, the soup was a smoke tomato bisque with parmesan croutons. The scallops were served as shaved carpaccio with some type of vinegarette. The fish was branzino with parsnip puree. The steak course was a filet with asparagus (can't recall how it was created). As you can see it is not too far out there, just enough to make you feel like you are getting a meal that can't be found anywhere else on the ship. The Chef's that come out to meet you are typically the Executive from 1 of the Specialty restaurants. They are usually the highest end restaurant. IE. On Adventure Chops is their highest end, so that was our chef. On Anthem,, we had the Wonderland chef since they classify that as the highest end.
  7. I am for it. I have a JS balcony, thus I have no problem lounging on my balcony. Only exception would be that long walk to a car to get my drink. To me the issue I am seeing is the "chair hogs" It is bad enough already with chairs slammed up right next to each other to the point you have to shimmy in to the lounger. Imagine now if they reduce those chairs by even 25%. What time in the a.m. will you have to be there to get a lounger at the pool? 4;30 in the a.m.? The upshot of this maybe RCL pool attendants might become more pro-active removing towels. Before they didn't want to upset passengers that "hogged" the chair. I would think now if they reduce the chairs, the non-hoggers will be pointing out to attendants at a higher rate and demanding the attendants remove the towels.
  8. LMAO on this comment in total agreement. Our 1st cruise (10 night Med) was the exact opposite. We were 27/28 yrs old. It was the size of Enchantment. They sold 50% of it to AARP. It was the strangest feeling ever. It actually felt like you were on your own personal yacht. 9 pm and the bars/dance venues were just a handful of passengers. However, since this was back in the 90s, at 11:30 they all came back out again for the midnight buffet to take pics. 12:15 and the ship was silent again. I would never do it again even though it felt like my own yacht. It just had the wrong vibe. OBTW I am now eligible for AARP.
  9. A friend of mine has had their sons do something like this on Liberty (country music sailing). They have done it now for 3 yrs running. Their fan base has increased ALOT from this exposure! This past yr they were invited to sing at the Grand Ole Opry (prior to Covid). Just like anything else in life, people get curious about anything tied to "special" events. Passengers will talk at Schooners, WJ, Solarium, etc. about the "special" show and meet/greets. Other passengers will wonder how they got that opportunity and about the band. Many passengers have Voom. They will than look them up on line. Hence, even if they are not seeing their show, their social media exposure will increase.
  10. The thing is Cape Liberty is not in NY, it actually is in Bayonne, NJ. NCL sails out of NY. NJ governor has been moving along with re-openings. I believe they moved into Phase 3 this week. (My family lives in NJ, we live in VA) This is also one of the reasons I can see RCL opening it up when they come back. People can easily drive from as far west as OH, as far south as NC and as far North as Maine and do it in 8 hrs of driving. Another reason is they have said multiple times that it would be the larger ships that they roll out 1st due to various reasons. Liberty has both Oasis and Quantum. Also remember Celebrity sails out of Bayonne too. Finally, although you may not feel safe flying, many Europeans like sailing out of Liberty due to its proximity to NYC. They can fly into Newark and be at the port within 30-45 mins. You do not have that option if you fly into Texas regarding the distance to the port.
  11. I agree with Twangster. Many of the residents in Venice have been protesting and demanding that the cruise lines leave Venice forever. They want fewer tourist in the city, and the biggest way is to halt cruising.
  12. I am actually shocked that excursions have already popped up. My May 2021 cruise on Symphony did not have any excursions pop up until about 400 days out. We jumped on the Coco beach pass the day it came up. It is only 2 of us, so that was the best option for us, we too are like @Ogilthorpe, usually like Chill Island cabana when in a group. When we purchased the pass in late April, the only other Coco Cay excursion on the planner was the beach bed. Mid May the over water and Chill cabana came on line. It was only a week or two ago that Thrill came on line. Oasis cabanas came on line that day too. If I knew I was going in a group I would jump on that price, especially with children since the cabanas have a water slide attached. I could see doing the water park since you are on Anthem. If you said to me you were on Oasis, I probably would have said that the water park is not worth it since the ship has water slides. I get Thrill has a bigger slide, but to me, even when I was a kid, a large slide like on the ship is a large slide. The only thing that would sway me is the fact that I am a beach girl and love jumping waves. I could live all day in a wave pool. FWIW, if you do not know this, if the cabana price drops (I highly doubt since that is such a low price), purchase the new cabana at the lower price and than go back and cancel the higher price one. There are limited numbers of cabanas, however, unlimited number of people looking on the planner. They could have only 1 left. By the time you cancel and come back to rebook at the lower price it can sell out. I have seen this occur multiple times. ~ The way my husband and I have done this is: 1st purchase would be under his name. 2nd purchase (re-pricing) would go under my name. Went back in and cancelled his purchase. We do this so we don't mistakenly cancel the cheaper cabana.
  13. Pima1988


    I agree with @ehw51 both times I have been there the balloon did not go up. It has a wind restriction. One time we were there they sent it for a test run, and it never went back up. The other time it never went up at all.
  14. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. Rarely, if ever do I read a negative review regarding a cabana. I will admit, I don't like the look of the Thrill cabana, but I would do it for the shade and attendant service.
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