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  1. Remember Chloe's mother is a prosecuting attorney and her father is a police officer, so in their world being notified of CCTV is grounds for a legal defense. For me, it is BS and grasping at straws, Worse yet, I would be looking at them, and saying you know there are CCTVs as a public official in the legal system
  2. @Grabthars Hammer You made me laugh. I am a Jersey born girl, but because of my hubby's career we have not lived there for 30+ yrs. My Jersey accent comes back in full mode when we sail out of Liberty bc there are soooo many NJ/NYers. 1st day I look at my hubby and say do we really sound like that? When we return home to VA, go back to work and our co-workers laugh and say OMG you were in Jersey. Here is an example. Normal people: I drove the parkway to the diner to visit Dina, had a bottle of water and called my friend's phone, 333, 4488 NJ/NY people: I took the PAWKWAY to the DINA to visit DEENA. had a BODDLE of WHATER and called my friend's phone. TREE TREE TREE, FAHR FAHR ATE ATE . FWIW our daughter spelled water WHATER until she was about 10, because phonetically that is what she heard her father and I say. She also spelled chocolate...choclate Sausage in NJ is pronounced SAWSAGE. Caramel is CARMEL. A drawer sounds like draw. I was teased for decades regarding my accent...Pima, what is that thing you pull out in a cabinet? I love NJ/NYers they are vocal, but soooo much fun. I will also say the vibe is different on a cruise out of NJ than Miami. We always feel that sailing out of Liberty is filled with more US citizens than when we sail out of Miami. Nothing bad or good either way, it just always seem that when we sail out of Miami there are more European passengers. No flaming me, just saying when they do the 1st night welcome, we always notice there seems to be more passengers from Europe on our Miami sailings. It makes sense to me bc many add on a pre/post vacay to Disney.
  3. I have to say we loved doing the para-sailing there. They took us around the entire island. You are up in the air for about 10- 15 minutes. It is just amazing! My hubby loves snorkeling there. Last cruise my brother and sister in law rented the kayaks and loved it. It is like the snorkel gear, you can just walk up and rent. The kayaks are by the cabanas on chill island.
  4. Scary stories. I have to say we do tip and we have never had any issues at all. My only problem is that driving there you really need to pay attention to the signs that direct you to the port. They are small blue signs. I have a navigation system in my car so we don't have a problem, otherwise use Wayz. You will see a golf course right on your right prior to getting to the port. That course is Trumps' golf course. You can also see the tear drop memorial from the ship. The interesting fact about the memorial is it was a gift from Russia. The tear drop is made from the steel from the twin towers. It is an absolutely stunning memorial.
  5. We have not done the Oasis cabana, but have done the Chill (we are beach people) Paid 449 for the cabana and have absolutely ZERO regrets,. Loved the service. No waiting in line at the bar. Food delivered to us, not only lunch, but special snacks throughout the day. Towels. Shade. Safe for our belongings. ETC That being said, we have been on multiple cruises, and done almost all of our bucket list items for excursions, thus, the cabanas are our big splurge (we have a budget). If, it did come down to dollars and cents, than I would probably not do the cabana over doing...let's say para-sailing and Chef's Table for dinner.
  6. We boarded Adventure just a day or two after this unfortunate situation. Everyone was discussing this everyday. Everyone had the same reaction...that handrail is far enough out that any sane minded person would say....hmmm. handrail by window, WARNING, danger! You don't need tinted windows. The handrail should be a big enough warning. What drives me crazy about the parents is if they are anything like my son nd his wife, they are nothing like when we raised our kids regarding safety. I am 54. No sleeping with pillows until a certain age, crib bumpers have to be a certain fabric. Switching car seats from one car to another is a process/ordeal. Check, double check to make sure it is tethered properly. I believe I am an intelligent woman, but I cower with my kids....can I do this or that with their child? Hence, as a grandparent, I really don't get the family. How on earth, with this video, did he think oh I just bent my body 90 degrees over a railing to look out, so lets have the baby, at best, stand on the railing. My hubby and I discussed this on a car ride this past weekend. We both agreed that if we did this as a grandparent, we would have to be on a suicide watch. I could never get over it. There would be nothing in my life to live for. Please, no flaming me. I am just saying emotionally I could never get past this pain and guilt. If I was working in the PR dept for RCL. Whatever ends with the lawsuit, win or lose, I would tell them to publicly offer the family, every family member lifetime psychological counseling regardless of the cost to the company.
  7. @Mikeb1892 It doesn't matter if you are the only ship departing that day. The parking garage can only handle so many cars. We have sailed multiple times out of Liberty. Parked in both the outdoor and garage. It all comes down to the cycle. If I am correct Oasis is taking over for Anthem next summer, thus, impo it is highly likely you will get the garage, not the outdoor parking. If I am incorrect and it is taking over for Adventure, and not Anthem, you will probably be parking in the outdoor lot. You will not know until you get there. Bring a window screen for your car just in case. Last yr we sailed on Adventure, and had to park in the outdoor lot. We debarked at 9:30 (drove) and it was already 90+ degrees. Make sure if you are in the outdoor lot to remove any coffee cups, etc bc if you don't your car will stink to high heaven. The outdoor lot is very secure. It is maybe 30 seconds more of a walk at tops. We absolutely love Cape Liberty. They have it down to a science. From entering the terminal to walking onto the ship is maybe 20 mins. The negative is if you show up @11:30-12:00 The drive into the terminal was poorly designed. It becomes a bottle neck, but not horrendous, just a slow crawl. Make sure you keep your carry on separate from your luggage. Learned that the hard way the 1st time. We had the carryon in the trunk with our luggage, the porters grabbed everything and threw it in their big totes. Only when we parked did we realize they took our carry ons too.
  8. I agree with @Matt there are a ton of loungers with umbrellas (free) We had a cabana this past July and you could see many open loungers with umbrellas everywhere on the island.
  9. Did not see it on our last cruise. As a matter of fact we did not see the beer buckets until the last sea day for our 9 day cruise.
  10. A hair straightener (flat iron). I have short hair and do not use it, EXCEPT on cruises. You cannot take an iron on board, but you can take a hair straightener. It works in a pinch as an iron to get wrinkles out just like an iron. If you visualize how a flat iron works, you can see how it will put the crease back into your pants, shirts, etc. I use to take Downy release, but always came back with it never opened after I learned about this trick. For the outdoor sundeck. A portable sun shade that attaches to your lounge chair. https://www.amazon.com/Lightweight-Portable-Sunshade-providing-Protection/dp/B002E9KSKW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=37PY0JMTBM0HQ&dchild=1&keywords=sun+shade+for+lounge+chairs&qid=1578670332&sprefix=lounge+chair+shade%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-1 I also am what my husband calls navigationally challenged when it comes to finding our cabin. I get a fun magnet for the door this way I can quickly spot our cabin. We also use this when traveling with a group. We take the magnet off the door when we enter, and place it back on when we leave. This way anybody that comes to our cabin, immediately can tell if we are there. Like this over using a dry erase board.
  11. Being a NJ girl from Central Jersey. Here are a couple of things I would do depending on your style. 1. Princeton is a really nice town to walk around. See the university campus, have lunch or dinner. It is quaint and probably 15 mins. off of the NJ Turnpike, exit 8A. 8A is about a 45-60 mins away from the port. My family loves to do this just on a lazy day. The Nassau Inn is beautiful and historic. It was built in 1756. You could stay the night prior there, get up early in the a.m., have breakfast and still be at the port by 10:30. 2. If you take the Parkway, and enjoy the beach, there are some great beaches in NJ that are not like the MTV show Jersey Shores. Belmar is a great stop. If you are a Springsteen fan, than you want to go to Asbury Park. The Stone Pony is a bar that Bruce Springsteen is still known to come in and try out some of his music....never announced, just shows up. 3. Red Bank is also a great walking town, and is known for their antique shops, but a little further out. Maybe 75-90 mins from port. 4. If you like Horses you can do both the beach or Princeton in one day. Go to Freehold race track. You basically skirt through the state using Rte 33. It runs perpendicular to the Parkway and NJTPKE. IE go to the beach during the day, take 33 and 45 mins later you are at the racetrack. There is a huge mall right there, so in case you forgot anything you can pick it up there. If you do the Princeton option, it is @30 mins. to the race track. 5. Hoboken is another option. It is the new hip place. It has a train station that can take you into the city. We usually sail out of Bayonne if the itinerary and ship work. Will be going on Oasis this summer. We go up the night before and stay with family right off of exit 8A. We typically leave at 9:30-10 (depends on the day of sailing) Leave too early on a work day you will hit traffic. We are always at the port within 45 mins. Drop off our luggage, park the car, and are on the ship by 11:15 with cocktail in hand. It is true, that unfortunately, the entry is a bottle neck, but at 11 it moves faster than it does @ noon. Finally, you need to go to a true diner in NJ. There is nothing like a NJ diner menu. Two of my faves are: Porkroll and Cheese sandwich (nobody flame me for saying porkroll, not taylor ham....baha NJ joke) and the other is French fries with brown gravy. Hope that helps you regarding ideas outside the box.
  12. It is a waterproof paper type wristband with tacky glue. There is no way to take it off and swap it back on someone else's wrist without ripping it. The attendant at the cabana check in will ask the person that booked the cabana the names of each person and their cabin number. They will than write down the names on their list. They do not hand out the wristlets until that person physically checks in. At least that is how it worked for our Chill Island. IE. My husband was the booker. We traveled in a group. We got there early. They gave us, our wristbands. The rest showed up 30 mins, to 1 hr later. They just said, Hubby's last name, the attendant looked on the list, and Voila they were handed a wristband. Granted maybe you could leave the wristband big enough so it can slide off your wrist and onto his hand, but that is a maybe. My hubby's wrist is way bigger than mine. We could not do that from a fit purpose. Are you sure you are in a cabana and not a bungalow? Bungalows from what I know are 6 limit, and cabanas are 8. I also don't know if the kids count in that count due to their age. I do know, again, from a chill island cabana, that the attendants will not let them pass the entrance. It is a roped off area. Saw many people say,....my family is at this cabana and I just want to drop this off with them. The attendant told them they had 1 of 2 choices, give it to them and they will take it to them, or get someone in that cabana to come to the station and collect it. They did not let them go past the attendant.
  13. We always book prior, BUT that is because we want to lock in the time. I have always gotten 30% off the cost on our cruise planner.
  14. I agree, I would fly into EWR (Newark). Not a fan of JFK, it is massive. Another thought since you said you are going to fly in 3 days prior. Look at flying into Philly and renting a car. Philly is a great little city, and of course has amazing history. If you go this route you MUST do at least 1 of these things, besides the traditional touristy things Have a cheese steak sandwich from either Genos, Pat's or Jims. This is the city's claim to fame, at least 1 of them. Have one of their pretzels from the street vendor....totally different than a NYC pretzel Visit the Philly Zoo Go to South Street Of course you need to do the tourist climb the stairs of the art museum (ROCKY movie), take a picture by the LOVE sculpture (downtown), and see the Liberty Bell. From there you can hit the Jersey shores, such as Asbury Park, Belmar, LBI, etc., stay away from Seaside Heights/Park or Wildwood ---touristy. You can hit Princeton, a quaint town, home of course to Princeton University, as a pit stop from the beach....just skirt across off the Parkway to the TPKE...than get back on the TPKE to your hotel near the port. The last day you can stay at a hotel near the port, drop off the rental and than train it into NYC. There are many hotels that have a free shuttle to the port. You could also fly into Baltimore (BWI) or DC (Dulles =IAD) In Baltimore you could go to the Inner Harbor, they have amazing ships to tour. You can Amtrak it up to Newark. Dulles, you can get a hotel room that will have a shuttle service to the closest Metro (train) Spend a day in DC, visit the Zoo to see the Pandas, take a tour of the Pentagon and see their 9/11 memorial (very unique), contact your congressman prior and get a tour on the Hill,if you have never have seen the Lincoln Memorial, do that if nothing else....pay attention to his hands, it is sign language, A and L. Than the next day Amtrak it up to Newark. Again find a hotel that has a shuttle to the port, and take an Uber to the closest train station into NYC. NYC is a great city. In NYC you must do 1 of the following regarding foood Get a dirty dog from a street cart vendor. They are hot dogs, but called dirty dogs, because they are boiled in water, hence the water is filled with the all of the hot dog oils. They are amazing. Go to either Little Italy or Chinatown. The food is amazing. If you want to buy jewelry (gems) You are right around the corner. Take cash with you and haggle. The area is called the Bowery. They are cheaper than anything you will find on a cruise. Pizza. Be prepared for cheesy, oily, great goodness! Bagels or Bialys. or even a blintz or knish Point is from as south as DC, if you are doing 3 days prior or after, you can actually see more than you think. I live in Northern VA. It takes me 4 1/2 hrs from my door to the port when we leave during commuter off times. Just more food for thought.
  15. I would also add that from what I have seen, they stagger the ships in. For example, Anthem may dock at 9 a.m, and leave at 5, while Mariner docks at 10 and leaves at 6. That means both of you get some time as if you were the only ship there. I would also add that by late afternoon @3:30 people start leaving in droves. My guess has always been that anybody with an early traditional dinner time wants to get back to the ship to shower and change before dinner.
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