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  1. @kittysoul The Chill cabanas are quite close to the main dining area so you can always just walk over and bring back a plate to your cabana.
  2. I don't have one, but it is basically the snack shack menu, such as, chicken sandwiches, Portobello burgers, salads, funnel cake, etc. You can order as much as you want. They will drop the menu off around 10 when they drop off the a.m. fruit platter. They will deliver at the time you request. There will be a p.m. fruit kebab delivery.
  3. That is strange to me. How would the pharmacist or the bank teller know? I work retail (specialty) I know many of my customers personally, but someone coming in off the street I would not know if they were a nurse/doc, etc. I have no need to ask, thus, I cannot fathom why the bank teller or the pharmacist would ask since it has nothing to do with the transaction. Honestly, as I said to @Lovetocruise2002 in that theory, they should keep me off the ship since I have a high risk of exposure. That bank teller is probably at a higher risk than you. Think about it, money is not sanitary.
  4. I agree. As I have stated I work for a national retailer. Outside our door is a big sign and it states "Are you feeling well? If not we ask you to use our curbside delivery" You cannot miss it as you open the door to enter our store. Do you think I actually believe 100% of our customers would be honest regarding that question? Absolutely not, and we are not talking about a vacation that have paid for at least 90 days ago.
  5. We are the 15th. It was actually showing that way months ago. We upgraded back in end of May/early June and got the 2nd to last available on our deck. I than went on in July and looked to see what was available for any balcony cabin type and I was seeing maybe 1 or 2 per deck, that was probably in early August. I agree that I think a lot has to do with L&S. Yes, maybe they have already removed the remaining, but it was looking pretty full (90%) back 2 months ago. Thus, my question is still even if they want to get to a 75% load, they have to kick some of us off the ship for our
  6. LMAO. We were told to SMILE with our eyes when dealing with customers. I never thought about fake eye lashes! I work for a men's retailer. I am the only female in the store. I can see it now...Pima, can you put on mascara/false eyelashes for me so I can smile? Back on topic. One additional thought. My Symphony cruise in May looks pretty full. I tried to do a fake booking for balconies, including the neighborhoods, and they are 95% gone, basically 1 or 2 on every deck. So how will they limit the capacity? Should I now be waiting for RCL to say, due to lower capacity,
  7. I am one of those retailers. I have to play mask police everyday. I have had customers argue with me, telling me it is not a law or mandate. The only thing I can say is, that for our company we require everyone to wear a mask. IMPO that is exactly what RCL is saying. It is their company and they can set regulations regarding health and safety. The problem that does occur in the retail world and I suspect will happen on the ships is: You become use to everyone wearing a mask, thus, you look at their eyes only. Eventually, there will be someone that doesn't wear it and it will take qu
  8. That is hard for me. It is a tie. Coco Cay Cabana and Chef's table....oh maybe I should add the 70s party....oh, but was that better than Quest? Okay, let's just go with my favorite memory of my last cruise was walking onto the ship so I could have all those memories! What is easy for me to say, is my biggest negative memory, not because of RCL, but because of crazy passengers. We loved doing the trivia in Schooners. It was fun and let's be honest, what did you win... a key chain you never used or a highlighter? On our last 2 cruises people were acting like they were going to wi
  9. I agree. I am willing to do whatever they require. Like I said, if the pools are closed and they have removed 50% of the loungers, it will be no biggie to me because I have a balcony with loungers. I have no problem doing RCL excursions, just let me cruise. Guessing the sad fact will be The Quest will no longer exist for at least a while.
  10. I don't know how they can enforce the non-RCL excursions. Look at Bermuda as an example. Many people hop on the pink bus, take a taxi, or rent scooters to go to Horseshoe instead of paying the price of RCL. How will they verify that they did any of the those three options? Are they not going to let you off the ship? We did Waitlings and Grays Chocolate tour in Bahamas last yr, but not through RCL, it would be impo a non-rcl excursion, but it would be considered verified. We walked off, got in a taxi and went there. How would they know I got into a taxi, unless they are going to stop
  11. I can't see how this is going to work from a pool perspective, especially regarding chair hogs. It was already bad enough when every chair was slammed right next to each other, now do social distancing (IE remove loungers) and you might as well bring your blanket from the cabin and go to sleep on the loungers at midnight to save them for the next day. If they follow organizations like Disney regarding the mask issue, you will probably see a ton of drunk/fat people, since that is one reason you don't have to wear a mask....just keep drinking/eating, drinking/eating, drinking/eating (Dora
  12. I lived in the UK for 4 yrs. I don't think we never didn't tip. However, let me preface and say that my husband and I during our college years worked in the restaurant business, thus we know how hard they work and the long hours they endure for every shift. It really would have to be absolute disgusting service for us not to tip. Our tips are always tied to the level of service, it increases with the quality.
  13. Yes you can. We booked The Gift, WWRY, and Spectra prior to sailing. I want to say it was 60-90 days out, can't recall (sailed in 17) We also booked NorthStar. You have to look on your planner, I want to say it is entertainment. The Key gets "designated" seating for the shows. Non-Key holders/suites will need to be there early since it is a free for all regarding seats. If they state that you can't book on your planner, as soon as get on the ship go and make reservations, especially for I Fly and NorthStar.
  14. This is also why I think wait staff around the world loves the US because we automatically tip. I lived for 3+ yrs in the UK. I have traveled across Europe and Australia, I know they have a VAT, but as Americans we still leave another tip on top of the bill. OBTW, I am a military wife (DH is now retired) guess what? If you purchase groceries on base/post you actually do tip the baggers. They are paid min. wage. They bag your groceries and walk them out to your car, plus put them in. So yep, in some parts of the US we tip grocery workers. They are paid min. wage. We also pay a 5%
  15. I don't know if your builder does this or Florida allows it, but I did this for many of my new construction buyers. They actually would take the credit on certain items. For example, they did not take the appliances. Why pay a 20-30 yr loan on your fridge, because in essence that is what you are doing with a mtg. Instead, they purchased on their own the appliances. The only thing that creates an issue is that you will not get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) from the county on the day of closing because you do not have your appliances. They would get keys that day, and have the appliances
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