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  1. How big is your insulated container? It is a shallow sink, but you can easily wash them. You just can't soak them. My only thought is what are you going to use to wash them? Are you going to take a bottle of Dawn dish soap? As far as the fools that fed veggie straws, they were getting aggressive and that is when they decided to leave. Like I stated earlier, as soon as they left the water, the gulls did too. Unfortunately the gulls followed them.
  2. I am with @AshleyDillo I do not recall seeing lids ever available, and that includes on the ship. ~~ Caveat Starbucks for coffee and fraps. However, I do recall people, carrying around their own type of insulated cup that had a straw. They would use it for complimentary drinks. I would say impo that the birds are not a problem, unless you are near people that I would call jerks. ~ IE they throw food a few feet away on the ground, all of the sudden, 2 gulls are there. They think it is cute and funny, so they throw more, now 5 gulls are there...meanwhile they are snapping pics of it. ~ They are too lazy or ignorant/arrogant to pick up after they eat, so they leave their leftover food on the table, which equates to feeding frenzy for the gulls. ~ We had a cabana, and I can tell you 1 cabana ticked off the other cabana people. They decided to bring into the water a bag of Veggie straws. The kid (probably 18) would dip it into the water for the fish to jump and nibble on. He would immediately pull his hand back into the air as soon as they nibbled. They all thought was cute...the rest of us, thought you are a jerk. Do you know if these veggies straws are healthy for the fish? Family of 5 or more are laughing, taking pics and telling him do it again. By the 3rd time seagulls started swarming in. They continued to laugh, and say take a pic. People were talking loud enough for them to hear that this was wrong. They did not care. 5 minutes in, revenge occurred. They must have had a dozen seagulls flapping around them, the majority of us decided to give a very wide berth, no closer than 20 ft. They decided to get out of the water to escape the gulls. Unfortunately for them they were carrying that bag of veggie straws and the seagulls followed them too.
  3. +1 to all of the posts. Your edocs will tell you exactly what is needed. By 2020 every state will require the enhanced DL, so I don't know how that will play into the equation.
  4. I have short hair and only own a flat iron for cruising. I purchased one for 15 bucks. You will not scorch anything if you think of it like an iron. You are not leaving it on any area for minutes. You just take it down slowly across the garment. Everyone talks about Downy release. I purchase it for every cruise (we cruise about every 9 mos) I have never ever used it on 1 cruise. I would also suggest make sure if you do take it with you to place it in a ziplock baggie like you would with any of your liquid toiletries. The suitcases are man handled just like an airport, if you don't you are risking leakage. Than again, for my husband, I take his dress shirts for formal nights to the dry cleaner prior to sailing. I ask for heavy starch. I keep it in the plastic bag from the cleaners. Never had any wrinkles. The majority of his clothing is from Jos. A. Bank (travelers collection). The travelers collection is considered wrinkle resistant. They sell not only shirts, but pants too. On embarkation day he hangs them up in the closet. The a.m. he plans to wear them, he puts them on the rack in the bathroom. We both take showers, and VOILA even if there were some wrinkles in the pants or shirt they are gone due to the steam in the shower. For me, I only travel with my Chico's clothing. Chico's is just like Jos. A. Bank, but for women. They have what is called a travelers collection. You could roll it up in a ball throw it in the back of your closet for 6 months, and when you take it out, it there will be no wrinkles. Chico's can be expensive, but you can find great deals on clearance. For my formal nights I typically will wear a dress with a lace overlay. Lace won't wrinkle. I typically will wear shorts during the day and dresses at night. I buy with the thought of not wrinkling and if it will require me to pack more shoes. Hope that helps when it comes to your decision of what to pack.
  5. Can't stand the slippery nipple and sex on the beach...I was a cocktail waitress in college, I always felt that people ordered for a shock purpose. It is bailey's and Sambuca, layered in a shot glass. For me, if I wanted a drink like that I would order a B52 after dinner. B52s are layered like the slippery nipple. It is Baileys, Kahlua and Gran Marnier. OBTW bartenders hate when you order layer drinks because to layer it, requires pouring the alcohol on the back of the spoon so it does not mix. That means time, unlike ordering a Jack and Coke. If Bailey's and shots are in your wheelhouse. Order a BRAIN. It is schnapps (usually peppermint). Than they pour in Baileys, and finally a dash of grenadine. The Baileys coagulates in the schnapps and then the dash of grenadine will travel in it to look like blood veins in the brain. My husband loves the frozen concoctions when sailing. On land he is a Bulleit Bourbon and Coke guy. He likes the Kracken lava flow and Miami vice. I believe Miami vice is 1/2 pina colada and 1/2 strawberry daiquiri. At Bolero's they have my favorite drink. It is called either the Royal Marq'rita or Crown Marq'rita. It is a traditional margarita, but they add Royal Crown in. If you like magaritas than you want to go to that bar since they have a huge selection of specialty margaritas. I typically do not like my margaritas frozen, and request it on the rocks, which they will do. Typically on a cruise I like to have Caribbean style drinks that are not frozen. I will say the only one I won't order on RCL is the Mojito. Tried it on every ship we have sailed, and it really isn't like what you get on land. I understand why. The bars are always packed and they don't have the time to muddle the mint which is key.
  6. We did Blue Lagoon, but like @vanelli56 stated if you are going to Coco Cay too, than you will find that the Blue Lagoon is more of a let down. We did Blue Lagoon through RCL, swimming with the dolphins. It would be the only reason I would pay the price for that excursion. We have done Nassau a couple of times. The last time there we did John Waitlings Rum tour on our own and than stopped at Graycliffs Chocolate for their tour. We took a taxi to Waitlings since it is @ 20 minute walk up hill. The taxi for 5 of us cost 20 bucks, the Waitlings tour was free, can't recall the cost for Graycliffs. Waitlings tour maybe 20 mins., but it is interesting. It ends up in their tasting room. We bought a flight of rum and they are extremely generous in their pours. If you drank all of the rums you would fail a sobriety test. There are also great photo ops, especially with the roosters walking around. Personally for me I would not do the Graycliffs tour. The chocolate is good, but the tour is....eh at best. We lived in England and did the Cadbury tour. Graycliffs factory is no bigger than my home. I would buy their chocolate as a gift to take back home. On our walk back to the ship we stopped at little shops (nothing purchased, all impo were traps). We stopped at the straw market bc I wanted to buy our granddaughter a little straw purse as a souvenir for her. All in all it was about 3-4 hrs (leisurely walking). We came onboard @2. It was really great on the ship bc the pools and slides were empty. I don't know which ship you are sailing on, but we were on Adventure and they have water slides. OBTW I would also check on how many ships will be in port that day. Can't recall the website, someone here will be able to tell you the exact name. You put in the port date and they will tell you how many ships will dock that day. This is important bc many cruise lines offer Blue Lagoon and Pearl Island. Hence, if there are 4 ships docked that day you can find it crowded. When we did Blue Lagoon, it was our RCL ship, Disney and Carnival in port the same day.
  7. Just my guess, but the answer would be if 1 person booked both than they would place them next to each other since they now assigned by booking date of the cabana. The only caveat would be cabana 10 and 11. Cabana 10 is front row, 11 is diagonally behind them on the 2nd row. My suggestion would be to talk to your TA or RCL directly.
  8. ROFL As a family my siblings and cousins wanted to take my Mom (only living aunt in the family...hence matriarch) for her 80th on the Anthem. She adamantly said NO WAY! All you do on cruises is spend time waiting for an elevator
  9. I also think it depends on the ship you are sailing on. Larger ships have more Broadway type shows so the special seating is an advantage. Do you unplug while cruising? My husband and I always get Voom, but only for 1. That would be @12 per day for 1 Voom only compared to the Key at 40 for 2 people. Do the math...you could use that money to buy specialty dinners for multiple nights, and OMG, WOAH is me have to show up for a show 30 mins out for a seat. I am on the I would rather pay for a great excursion than the Key. I would rather pay more and book a suite. To me you need to do the math. Is the chops lunch, the specialty line for embarkation, the reserved seating and the debarkation breakfast worth the money.
  10. The picture of the new design is missing the coffee table, unless they decided to move it against a wall. We only had the cabana last month so I know there is a coffee table (that is where the safe is located. That cabana looks to be number 9. I say that because we had #10 and the cabana behind in the picture is the farthest out. Since we had 10 I know we were the closest to the rock area. Now if you also look at the old cabana vs the new, you will see that if you remove that 2nd tier deck, and look at the 4 loungers against both, they are the same size without the deck. OBTW, RCL is assigning the cabanas now. It is still 1st come 1st served. It is tied to your reservation of the cabana, not when you booked the cruise. We booked our cabana on the same day we booked the cruise. 10 months out. We were cabana number 10. There is an enclosed beach/swim area for cabana only customers. It is not big, nor is it small. However you do get to meet a lot of them if you are like us...in the water non-stop. Think about it the most they will have in that area is 160 people (20 cabanas X 8 people) From what I could tell by talking to many is that the 1st 10 all got their cabanas in the 400 range. The back row ranged from 649-899 because they booked later. I will say we loved every second. We had a phenomenal attendant. 10 a.m. she brought over slices of pineapple, cantelope and watermelon with our menus. 11 a.m she took our food orders. I would not suggest the Portobello sandwich, but the funnel cake was amazing, so was the greek salad. My brother in law basically ordered 5 items (high metabolism and athletic). He got the Portobello too, grilled chicken,, Caesar salad, can't remember the last item, and the salted caramel brownie. The salads are huge. We got our food around 11:30 -11:45. @ 2:30 -3:00 she came carrying fruit kebabs. In between during the entire day, we saw her every 15-20 mins. They are extremely attentive. I ordered my 1st drink and said to her, just leave it on the table bc I am going to bathroom. Cabana 10 is the farthest out (90 second walk, 2 mins at tops). I walk out of the bathroom and there she was drink on the tray waiting for me. OMG😎. Later on I was on the float mat and she screams out to me...MS. Pima, do you or Mr. Pima need a drink? I ordered one and said Mr. Pima was snorkeling, but I am sure when he comes back he will want his usual. My drink arrived and on my float mat, I paddled to her. At that time she saw him coming back in from snorkeling. I thought nothing about it. He took off his gear and came and floated with me. 30 seconds later she screamed...Mr. Pima, with his usual drink on her tray. He looked at me, and said we can never go back to not having a cabana ever again...it is like what posters say about 1x you go to a balcony, it is hard to go to an oceanview or 1x you go to a suite it is hard to go back to a balcony. Our attendant wasn't the only one that did this. It was non-stop of attendants on the edge of the water. I will say I did have a pet peeve, but that had more to do with a certain cabana. As I stated earlier in the post, the beach/swim area is not small, but not huge either. There are fish in that area, and Coco Cay is known for the birds that steal food. This one cabana decided to bring a bag of Veggie straws with them off the ship (if you don't know what they are, basically it is vegetable potato chip) They walked in the water and started to feed the fish. Of course the fish would jump up to get it. They laughed...the rest of us are cringing and saying you don't know if fish can eat that. Their response, it is vegetables! (BS if you ever read the ingredients). Their tone was mind your own business. The fish than began pooling around them and jumping up out of water as soon as their hand came close, so than they pulled their hand back, and guess what...the seagulls start grabbing them from his hand. They thought this was hysterical. Take a pic, take a pic. is all they kept saying. Meanwhile, anybody with common sense in their brain had to get out of the water because the gulls were swooping in from all over the place. Their cabana attendant had to come to the edge and tell them to knock it off. They argued with her. She got back up from the staff. They reluctantly came out and beaaccched the whole way back to the cabana...we were just having fun and feeding them, what was the problem? We of course had the last laugh. Seagulls know where the food is coming from. As soon as they left the water. the gulls did too, only to follow them to their cabana. Later on that night we were at Schooners, we had an amazing piano player. They sat a table or two away from us, and were stating I would never do a cabana again. the service was great, but later in the afternoon we were swarmed by seagulls non-stop....wonder why?
  11. @Ala_Paul what I think @dodgestang is talking about is the actual size of the cabana. Prior to new day the Chill cabana had an additional deck which was a step down from the main cabana. They placed 2 loungers there. That decking is gone now and the additional loungers are placed right out in the front of the cabana. Some cruisers have complained about this because with the removal of that secondary decking makes it is a higher step up to the cabana. Even if they remove these cabanas, I highly doubt they will bring back the second tier, hence the cabana will feel smaller in size. I would love to do an overwater cabana, but seeing as it starts at 899 I would think you'd be lucky to get one at that price. My guess is it will be much higher. If I was going in a group of 8, and the cost was 1200, I probably would pay for it. I look at it from an excursion cost aspect. It would come out to 150 pp for 8 hrs. That is not a very expensive excursion when you compare it to spending 75 for a 45 min jet ski. My hubby and I are beach/water babies, so than again, I probably would still take the chill at the lower price.
  12. I don't have the picture, but it is my favorite towel memory. We were on the Enchantment on Election day 2016. The towel animal was an elephant. My hubby and I looked at each other and said I guess Trump won! Please don't make this political. We just found it funny.
  13. @JLMoran. My favorite at Boleros is the Crown Marq rita.
  14. My favorite is the panini station at lunch. I also like the Mongolian at dinner.
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