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  1. For question number 1, if the over water are like the beach cabanas NO you cannot switch them out during the day. You will go to the cabana attendant upon arrival, at that point when you check in you will give them the names of the guests that will be in your cabana. They will give you one of those waterproof paper band wristlets that you can't take off and on. That is the only way you enter the area. Thus, once the 8 are used up than that's it. Question number 2, and I am sure @WAAAYTOOO can answer,, but I gave always been told that the Genies have no control over getting any special treatment with the cabanas. You might be able to ask the cabana attendant to see if they will escort the 3 that are not eligible to come to the cabana just for the renewal ceremony. I can't really speak for the overwater, but when we did Chill, they were very strict with the numbers. I had walked by at a time where 3 people walked up to the attendant and basically said we just want to pop by and switch out stuff. The attendant told them that they could either give it to them and they would take it to the cabana or go to the cabana and get the guest to come to the desk. They said the "We swear we are just swapping out, it will only take a few minutes" Their answer remained the same,....we will be happy to take it to their cabana or have them come to you, but unfortunately you can not enter. Personally, I can see why they are strict, even if it was for a vow renewal. The cabanas are closer than you think, and at that cost the neighbors may say....HEY, wait a 2nd here why are they allowed to switch bands? There are some beautiful places to do the renewal. Not this last cruise, but the one before a couple actually got married on Coco Cay, you may want to ask RCL if they could set it where they do ceremonies.
  2. If the Starbucks is a kiosk IT IS INCLUDED in the DBP.
  3. Better yet if you have the DBP you can have as many Johnny Rockets Milkshakes you want for free! I no longer wait in line for ice cream. I hit up JRs for a milkshake instead.
  4. FREE continental breakfast room service to enjoy on our balcony
  5. I don't know for your cruise, but for ours before they started doing the "after dark" festivities, we were suppose to leave at 4, but they changed it to 6. I would also add that there maybe another reason they don't stay late...not the only ship in port.
  6. Well... if you have the DBP and imbibed a little too much the night before, sometimes that is the best thing to have in the a.m. to absorb the liquid from last night. If not that than a plate of bacon and hash browns from the WJ.
  7. Typically if you go for an off menu item, expect not to get it that night, but they will have it the following nights. On the 1st night I always tell the waitstaff I want the wedge salad for dinner. In the MDR they will offer this usually on one of the nights, but not every night. The wedge salad is with bacon and blue cheese dressing. My cousin due to a medical condition can only eat fish. Our waitstaff on that cruise only realized this because we were teasing my cousin...Kevin, what are you getting for dinner, let me guess...fish. He came over and asked if he only eats fish, and from there every night my cousin would order from the menu, but our waitstaff would bring an appetizer off menu as an extra for him without him asking. The one thing to be cognizant of, is if you are going to go to a specialty restaurant, tell your wait staff the night prior so they don't have it made. If you are going to a specialty, ask the waitstaff if that restaurant has any off menu items. IE I know Izumi on Adventure has a sushi roll off menu, can't recall the name of it. We found this out the night prior when we did the Chefs table. The maitre'd/sommelier was the one that told us to ask for it.
  8. Fried Goat cheese salad from Chops. Gran Marqtini at Boleros ( a margarita martini with Gran Marnier in it) If you are talking non-specialty food venues Tutti Salad in the MDR for lunch Lamb Shank in the MDR for dinner Made to order Panini sandwich in the WJ for lunch Mongolian in the WJ -----we do late seating in the MDR, and 7 pm in specialties. I go up to the WJ on Mongolain night. I get that, place it in a bowl and take back to my cabin. Plates will not fit in the mini-fridge. We always have a balcony. Nothing better impo than coming back to the cabin late at night and eating semi-cold Asian food on the balcony listening to the sea. The best meal I ever have on the ship is the Chef's Table. It is worth every single penny. It is a 5 course meal, and nothin on the menu is served on the ship, including at the specialty restaurants. Once you do the Chefs table you will do it on every cruise.
  9. @CGTLH Unpacking my stuff, I would pass bc of the reasons I already stated. Packing my stuff up in the end, GO FOR IT bc all I am going to do when I get home is dump it in my laundry room and sort out what gets thrown in the washer and what goes into the dry cleaning pile. I would also say in the end for the Genie or the passenger it takes what? 10 -- 15 mins at tops to unload your luggage. I am sure it is not a biggie to the staff.
  10. I am with everybody else, although it is a great perk, personally I would not want them to do it, and it's not about the "unmentionables", it is everything else. My husband and I are particular about how we put our clothes away...hubby being retired military, is let's say... OCD to an nth degree. I.E. All of his work out clothes go in one drawer, that means shirts, shorts AND socks. IOWs, his gym socks would not be in the drawer with his dress socks. His work out tee shirts would not be in the drawer with his white tee shirts for his dress shirts. His gym shorts would not be in the same drawer as his lounge pants. He hangs up his suit and sportscoats with the shirts and ties he will be wearing that night. The genie would not know that, so in the end he would be re-doing everything the Genie did. It would take him longer to fix everything they unpacked than if he just unpacked it himself. I am not as bad, but I do have that same OCD when it comes to things like, sunscreen, aloe, lotion, etc. I keep those in different areas. I do not spray on sunscreen in the bathroom and that is probably where they would leave it. I keep hand lotion by my bed to use right before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. Good on you for doing it, and you should at that price, but my suggestion would be ….be prepared to go: DIDN'T we pack XYZ? and than wait for the Genie to say whether or not they recall unpacking.
  11. I have been to Coco Cay multiple times, old with the tenders and Perfect. I had read the negative comments about how the island lost that unique feel, the amusement park feel, etc. We did a cabana, but even if we didn't I will tell you on Chill Island there was no different feel from the old and the Perfect, if anything the Perfect is better in every aspect, and that starts from the bathrooms to the food to the tourist trap straw market location to the sand upkeep. People talk about mobility issues, the old Coco Cay was much worse. Now you have trams, and the beach wheelchairs. Trying to get on a tender is much harder with mobility issues than walking 5 minutes to the end of the pier and getting a beach wheelchair. They let us off @ 8:45 a.m. We walked to the cabana, my SIL has mobility issues, and took the tram. She got on the tram before us, and we made it there walking at a leisurely pace faster than her. During that time you saw them with golf cart type equipment with sand rakes, raking out the sand. There was absolute noise we could hear on Chill from South Beach, Oasis or Thrill. Pet peeve for us was that the location of the Kayak station. it is roped off like an alley between the cabanas and the open area. The problem with the ropes are they get filled with seaweed and if you are on a floating mat you might find yourself by that rope and touching the seaweed as you paddle yourslf away. The food selection is not only larger, but sooooo much better. Old Coco Cay it was like going to the WJ at the end of their service hrs because due to their limitations for keeping food hot it just impo was food to fill my stomach, no 2nds thank you very much. The Gulls were worse because it was more of a picnic style, less coverage. You get off the pier and basically you turn left for the beach, just like you did with the tenders. We could see Dare Devils, from the ship and the pier, but once you get on the beach, the only thing you MAY see is the Balloon, may because if the wind is not cooperating it will not go up. We took the tram back to the ship since we were too tired to walk back, and that is when we saw Thrill and the kids water zone. Gotta love that tram! OBTW we were tired because we either snorkeled all day or laid on the float mats in the sun. When we did the old Coco Cay, we always remarked how the straw market really felt like a tourist trap and because of the location we had to walk through them. Not with Perfect Day. Favorite thing about Perfect Day, which is kitchy is when you walk down the pier they have dancers and musicians playing Caribbean dance music to just set you in the mood of how fun this is going to be today. They are there doing the same thing when you leave. I have to say everybody as soon as they hear the music starts to dance and smile! We were the only ship docked in July, 4400 passengers. I will tell you that we did pop over to the Lagoon. The bar was crowded, but less crowded than the pool bar on the ship. There were multiple loungers in the water that were empty. The pool itself was busy, but unlike the ship, you didn't have to navigate around people. The cabanas were fully booked on Chill. Yet, if you walked up and down the beach you could find loungers everywhere, including if you needed them in a group of 6 +. The swim up bar was not crowded or packed either. I see the swim up bar like the Bionic Bar on Anthem, you have to do it just to say you did it, but you are not going to spend your entire day on the bar stool like you would at Schooners. You are going in Feb. South beach will be open. The thing is look also at the 2 ships in port. My guess because Anthem does not have the water slides on the ship, they will probably have more passengers hitting Thrill, than let's say Mariner. Additionally, my guess is they will not arrive in port at the same time, nor leave at the same time. Yes, during peak hrs they will both be there, but my bet is if you are the 2nd to come into port, the 1st will leave an hr or 2 prior and you will get that smaller feel, or vise a verse if you are the 1st to arrive. Sorry for the novella, but I would not want to go back to the old Coco Cay, no way, no how. If anyone feels that way I have a suggestion for them, book NCL. You can see their ship tendering to their island from the RCL ship.
  12. I am sorry to hear about your experience. Our experience was the complete opposite. As an example, I ordered a drink and made the remark that I am just running to the bathroom. My thought was this way she knew she could leave it in the cabana. I went to the bathroom and as soon as I exited, I hear her say Mrs. Pima. I look around and there she was with the drink on the tray. I want to say she checked in on us every 20-30 mins., usually less because a couple of us would order drinks and by the time she delivered them, someone else ordered, plus the delivery of food (fruit platter, than delivering the menu, delivering the food, cleaning up the food delivery and than bringing the fruit kebabs in the pm). On top of that if we were all out in the water, she would fold up the towels laying on the chairs. Check our water bottle stock. We all remarked that the noisiest thing there when you were in the water were the attendants screaming by the edge of the water their cabana guests name with their drink in hand. At one point we even remarked that there were 4 attendants standing at the edge with drinks in hand. I would contact RCL. The one thing I did find out through our attendant, is that the attendant contract is not like the cruise contract for their staff. It is a 4 week contract. I state this because it might be that due to the hurricane, maybe their more experienced staff did not come back yet if their family home was destroyed. She told us that every night they actually have boats to ferry staff back home due to how their contracts work. They leave @ 6:30 p.m. and the ferry will bring the staff back at 6:30 a.m.
  13. @1978bucketlistWe did a 9 day on Adventure this past July. Lobster night in the MDR was the 2nd formal night, and it is only the tails. I wouldn't worry about the app so much because sometimes the menu is incorrect. I recall on day 2 on the ship the menu in the a.m. was listed and it stated lobster tails, plus my favorite salad (wedge) and lamb shanks too (yummy). That a.m. we were hanging in the Solarium and all of us that had cruised were shocked that they were doing this on the 1st formal night. A few hrs later the topic came up again since we had gone to lunch in the MDR for our tutti salad fill. The menu board had changed. Nothing that was on the menu at breakfast time in the MDR was showing now at lunch, the lamb shank even changed to pork shank. Our guess was that they went oops this cruise has TWO formal nights, unlike the shorter cruises with ONE, so they had to rectify the situation. No, since they do not serve lobsters from New England on the formal nights regardless of where the cruise is going. If my memory serves me correctly the only way they serve you Maine lobster in the MDR is if you pay for the upgrade that they offer.
  14. @KristiZ we have always been like you, never had to call RCL. We all just went online and never had a problem. Our groups sizes have ranged from 3 couples to 5 couples, and on different Royal ships. The only time we did contact RCL via phone was to ask for a table located by a window.
  15. +1 regarding we no longer do it bc we found that they are very particular about the background color. One time we did it at home in one room, no problem. The next time they had us re-take it at port, same room we used before. They told us that probably this time the sunlight was not as much as before, thus the background color did not meet their standards and that meant they had to do it at the port.
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