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  1. I love the menu. Kind of disappointing regarding the brands...Titos? My husband flew for the AF and his call sign was Bullet, so we always have that in our house. I was hoping for at least Buffalo Trace.
  2. I love the menu, but I thought it was paired with bourbon, it seems Bulleit was the only bourbon.
  3. I can't find Matt's review anywhere. Looking for the menu. I know its $$$, but we are bourbon drinkers, thus I would like to see the bourbon offered. Thank you in advance
  4. It just dropped on my app. It is the same as everyone stated. The problem for me is I have to be cognizant of the menu during the cruise because many of the dishes are served in the CK too. As much as I like the scallop carpaccio or the soup I don't want to have it twice within the week. Entrees won't be an issue bc I will just order veal, lamb or duck in the CK. I noticed too that its basically all white wine. No problem... I don't drink reds. Hubby will be disappointed. However, the salted caramel martini will ease his pain!
  5. Its just a place holder for them on the 1st day. You can go wherever and as often as you want. My husband goes right after working out in the a.m. we go together @lunch. Port days at a beach we go straight there to use the rain shower.
  6. That's not the first time I have heard about this. I even read a post on another forum they were angry bc she was vegetarian and would not eat the filet course, wanted a 2nd fish course, not branzino. On top of that she wanted a wine to be paired. They told her No! Her defense was this is the Chefs table, the Chef make what I want. The replies flamed her alive. Most were the same....you are not on a yacht and they are not your personal chef.
  7. That's why I thought they may have changed it up. That and bc with Icon and supper club, Royal may have said its time. I love the menu, but its now going to be 5 yrs since I have had that exact menu everytime.
  8. I was hoping they would have switched up at least 1 or 2 items. Don't get me wrong I loved the food, but....
  9. Anyone have a most recent menu? Just wondering if they have changed it up since last May.
  10. Yes you can use it for drink package including Coco Cay. HOWEVER beware they come in limited colors. You must take it off if you hand it to an attendant at a pool or such. Example, you are on a lounger and an attendant comes by to take your drink order. Just like the sea pass that has your picture on it you must hand over the band who h has no picture.
  11. Go onto FB there is a page for the cruise with close to 450+ Look under this site regarding the beverage packages. As far as packing clothes, don't go down that rabbit hole until the week of. Last yr on April 21st it was 90 degrees. April 22nd it was in the mid 70s. You just don't know Must haves for me would be Heavy duty magnets! You can find them on amazon...get heavy duty! All walls are metal. Hang hats, pool bags, diaper bag on the walls so the floor isn't cluttered. With children that age you might consider a shoe hanging bag....aloe, tylenol, sunscreen, small bottles of bath and shampoo for the kids, water shoes, sunglasses, tide wipes, etc. Zip lock baggies....a box of them! Go to the Windjammer and load up every morning....cereal, grapes, muffins, whatever! If they are not using day care beware WJ will shut down between breakfast and lunch this comes in handy at the pool! Repeat at lunch....cookies, roasted chicken, cheese, etc. Bring on pre seal snacks. Buy the Ritz on cracker packs you put in a lunch bag. Get the small Oreo cookie tubs or dunk a roos. MUST BE UNOPENED! Place in luggage. As far as embarkation day. IF the weather is nice ... Go to the WJ all the way back! Everyone fights for tables around the food! Anthem is unique it has an outdoor seating in the WJ! If you want to keep it more low keyed. Go to the 270. This is where you will get the Kummelwreck! Its a hidden treasure for first timers! It also a beautiful view ....enclosed! Solarium bistro is also a great option...fewer selections, but if the kiddos see the pool and start asking can we go now and its chilly, the bistro is right there next to the indoor pool! Hope this helped! I am on this cruise.
  12. I am with your wife. The jersey girl in me screams digorno pizza is better! Plus there always a line I know that so I go to the WJ before dinner and get fried chicken, mongolian, or deli meats and cheese! I would love to see Royal open up the Solarium bistro or cafe promenade after the WJ closes. I don't want pre made sandwiches or wait in line when people order entire pizza! Just give me some variety! I would be okay with opening the dawg house!
  13. Here's the thing @TheMaxRebo Many of the areas are free beaches and the pool. Nobody is forcing anyone to pay anything. In reality it is an excursion just like Bermuda or Cozumel. You do what you want. Impo that's how they are seeing it. They are giving you a free beach with the same things, food and drinks as if you were on the ship at sea! Do you feel that charging for the specialty restaurants on board are wrong? If not how is this any different? The passengers are paying for a specialty.
  14. Our cruise its 53. Not paying it. Not my cup of tea I actually think Royal is being smart. They are trying to attract younger passengers. I wish it would be a solarium type, but I get it from a business aspect. My guess is this will actually make it better in the long run. People will pay for that Vegas atmosphere and not go to the lagoon. Thus, others will feel less crowded. The thing that baffles me is the complaint about the cost. If you go to Bermuda you have no issue paying for excursions. The beach is free. The food is free. Honestly do the math. Even at 80 bucks, that's a pretty cheap excursion Obtw you will find me at the beach club! Hopefully it will go down now hideaway is open, but even so this is our splurge
  15. We go multiple times. We always have a balcony and enjoy eating there. This is our usual practice. Morning: We order the free continental breakfast. One of us runs up to the WJ. We get omelettes, hash browns and bacon and bring it back to the cabin. Dinner: We eat late. So I run up and make plates as soon as WJ opens . 1 is deli meats, Breads, pasta salads veggies, etc...basically things to nosh on while we get ready. We hit one of the bars and get a cocktail to take back to the cabin. The second plate is always a bowl .... It fits easier in the mini cooler. I get things that I enjoy cold, such as, fried chicken or Mongolian noodles. Desserts in a cup. We do this bc we aren't fans of Sorrentos pizza and the lines after the shows. Instead we just go to our cabin and watch the sea . I have never been able to eat a full meal regardless be it mdr, do or specialty. I get them to give me the dessert to go. I just leave a note on the dish so the attendant won't clear it away.
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