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  1. I believe the attorney is floating this idea comparing this ship to the newest built by NCL and Carnival. Showing pics of their pool decks. I get they are trying to make a point, but I am not stupid. They even admit these ships were just launched, and it is in select areas. They are not showing pics of a ship that was built 15 yrs ago. If I was a RCL attorney I would take pics of all of their ships that have been refurbed @ the same time that Freedom did their last refurb. Do they have windows that only open 4 inches, or glass to floor windows. Let's compare apples to apples before you place blame on RCL. As far as the color vision deficiency goes, I don't bite off on it. My husband and now son flew/flies for the military. Color vision deficiency is huge. It is not a vision issue like being farsighted, where you can't see close. It is, as has been stated by twangster, they can't usually see certain colors, green and red are the big ones. They still see shades. I would go with being farsighted as a defense faster than color blindness. Caveat, my brother is an Albino. He has vision issues. He is 57, probably about the same age as the grandfather. Here is the thing. Just like the grandfather, this has been with him for his entire life. He takes precautions in everything he does with the grandbabies, and my grandbabies. Common sense would take over, and this is where I do get angry at the family. Common sense means ===handrail and the windows are showing a different tint. Windows are not true green on the ship, typically they are more a blue/green/gray, and so he should have been able to see that this one is lighter than the one to the left and right....hmm...common sense....wonder why? Let me check b4 I lift up this wiggly worm 18 mon old why this is occurring. The thing I am curious about is they have stated that they are electing to have a jury trial. Why? If you believe so intensely that RCL is at fault why not just a judge? All of this being stated, I believe RCL is going to wait to hand them a settlement offer until his negligence case is resolved in PR. I also believe that both sides will settle out of court with an NDA. They will get millions. The attorney will get 1/3 of the settlement. Their family will never heal. As others have stated only the attorneys win here.
  2. @thepants That is such a common mistake. My hubby and I now use the Air to Sea program with Royal if we can't get in the day before. We especially do it for overseas cruises. The reason is they price match, or at least have done it with us (might be where we fly out of) and they guarantee that they will get us there or at the worst get us to the next port. Never had a problem since if we have to fly out that day, we take the O dark thirty flight and it is only 90 mins to get to Miami. My niece did her honeymoon cruise in Italy/Spain. They planned to be in Barcelona the day before. Her flight was cancelled, it took off the next day, and got there only a few hrs prior to departure. The one thing she did not listen to me about was buying travel insurance. They saw it as an expense they wouldn't need. They were young so the medical coverage didn't rock their world. They knew they had the time off so, they didn't want that coverage. What they didn't realize was that because their flight was cancelled, they incurred about $750 in hotel costs. They had a night flight out of EWR. Had to stay in a hotel, and United was not offering them a hotel, just a food voucher since that airport is open 24/7. On top of that bc they had a room booked at a hotel in Barcelona. The hotel charged them for the room because they cancelled less than 24 hrs.
  3. I read on Daily Mail today they will be submitting their lawsuit today against RCL. Supposedly Daily Mail was one of the news outlets that got an exclusive from the attorney. I hope they read the comments. Overall, everyone is against the family and for RCL. I mean in the comments it is running hundreds for RCL for every few for the parents. It might be a reason they did exclusives, because before submitting their lawsuit they want to see how this is playing out via social media. For them, not so well. The majority of people are saying, the railing is there for a reason, and even through the pics, you can see that the child play area is not close, plus with the slant of the windows, that a normal person would say ,,,,hmmm before hoisting a toddler up. JMPO, it would be hard for them to find a jury that will find RCL at fault. That being stated, I still believe RCL will settle out of court with an NDA.
  4. Have you looked into the Clam Tram? https://www.theclamtram.com/
  5. We went there and Graycliffs a few months ago. It was July and hot so we took a cab right outside of the port. It was $30 for the 5 of us and maybe a 5-10 min drive. It is up a hill. The tour is maybe 20-30 mins. Nothing spectacular. However, they do sell flights of rum really cheap at their bar, and it has an amazing view. Can't tell you if or how much it was on the ship bc we purchased a bottle at the factory. It was probably a 25 min walk all downhill so it wasn't an issue. When we left, we passed Graycliffs and popped in for their tour....this would be a tour I would say you are missing nothing if you don't do it. (Been to Cadburys in the UK, Haights in Australia, and Hersheys in US) The chocolates are good. On the walk back you will pass a lot of restaurants. We opted not to go to any of them, instead we came back and hung out in the Solarium Loved that because we were able to get loungers and hang in the pool with nobody around. (We were on Adventure) This was our 2nd time in Bahama. If we go again, there will really be no reason to get off the ship, which I am fine with, especially after enjoying the less crowds this past cruise.
  6. Add me to not a fan of the Crème Brulee on any of the RCL ships. I have gotten to the point that I no longer even dare to order it. I am a snob when it comes to that dessert. IOWS, the burnt sugar must crack and the custard must be cold. Making it too far in advance an you typically don't get that hard crackle, and the custard is usually not cold enough
  7. Nobody flame me for this. Biggest mistake was our 1st cruise (The Med) and we booked an interior cabin. Did not sleep well at all because I was afraid that I would oversleep since we had no daylight, thus ever few hrs I would wake up and look at the clock. Second biggest mistake, but not really a mistake in the end. Looking at the itinerary more than the size of the ship and their amenities. In the end, since it was port intensive (1 cruising day) it all worked out, but if we had more sea days we would have been frustrated from lack of options.
  8. Yes, you can. You can't if you are a specific amount of days out, but otherwise, you can. You just are rebooking at the new price, and as I said whatever perk for your previous booking is gone, they may hit you with a cancellation fee. You have to think about the pros and cons work out from a financial standpoint
  9. You cancel and re-book. Sometimes the penalty is you lose the OBC, but that is when you have to do the math. '' IE the cabin is 2000 with 100 OBC. Later on with another sale it is 1750, no OBC. Overall, you would save $$$ to cancel and rebook, even though you lost your OBC. This is also another reason why we always use a TA. I check the planner. If I see a price change, than I contact my TA and they spend the time canceling and rebooking. One time they actually had to spend their time on the phone with RCL bc it was an excursion that was limited in numbers, and the fear was by the time I canceled, and re-booked it would be sold out. Believe me when I say that. We had a cabana for Coco Cay, purchased long b4 Black Friday. On the cruise there was a very upset passenger in the Solarium. The day prior to Coco Cay, everybody was talking about their plans for Coco Cay. He went onto vent how angry he was with RCL. Black Friday it was lower than they had purchased. He canceled, and by the time he got to rebooking it appeared as sold out. He than tried for a Bungalow. SOLD out. I get it, it was something he was looking forward to for his vacay. I didn't want to pour salt in the wound, but after doing my own rebooking using a TA for a different excursion, I immediately saw the benefit, since my TA was making sure that nobody was going to be able to steal away my excursion via the net.
  10. I would add another reason not to wait. Some excursions are limited in number. IE, cabanas/clamshells/beach beds at Coco Cay or even catamaran excursions, or spa times. If you wait they could sell out. I speak from experience, we booked a catamaran on Weds. By Friday a.m. it was sold out. I hemmed and hawed on the spa, and decided to chance it for Cyber Monday. By Monday, the times I wanted were sold out, and I was left with only the most expensive times, thus the massage went by bye and I just did a pedi. Still at a higher price than on Weds., bc the cheaper times were also sold out, but I thought for 30 bucks for a pedi I still got a deal.
  11. Grats are not included. So if it is 45, add 18%. or @ 9 bucks more. I know last yr when we did it for our July sailing, everything stayed the same from Weds through Sunday. Cyber Monday they did change some prices. We purchased some things on Friday and canceled/repurchased on Monday.
  12. +1 YOLO. I purchased our 2021 cruise yesterday, @ 3 pm. Yesterday I had a choice of 5 different cabins (aft, but close to mid) on deck 9, and 4 on deck 10. Mid was an upgrade, so I immediately said no, don't know how many were mid. Today I did a fake booking to see if the price went down. NOPE, it went up. Caveat, all AFT and FWD were sold out, so mid is now included. However, yesterday if I did elect to pay for mid upgrade it was still cheaper yesterday by 200 bucks. I will also state that the cabin I booked was a Spa ocean view balcony, so there are limited cabins. Betting if I check on Thursday all of them will be gone.
  13. Of course I didn't here about this before I booked my cruise on Symphony yesterday. I am not concerned bc we are so far out and if it comes to fruition I would believe by the time of my cruise they will maybe find a different stop to replace OSJ. For my cruise we are already stopping at Labadee and Coco Cay. The other 2 ports were suppose to be OSJ and St. Thomas. I think this is a pressure play from RCL just like they did with Bahamas a couple of years ago.
  14. For Nassau this past July we needed our sea pass and a photo id. At the end of the day your cruise compass will tell you, and also the announcements as you debark for the day at the port.
  15. I am getting conflicted info. Does Labadee have beach beds like Coco Cay
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