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  1. It’s the way it was handled, booking people on an itinerary ….. for God knows how long …… on an itinerary they KNEW didn’t exist. You’re booking it and paying a deposit thinking you’re going to the Southern Caribbean ……. Then IMMEDIATELY after booking receiving an email saying, oops you’re going to Eastern Caribbean instead now that we have your deposit …… it’s a major bait and switch. A cruise is a cruise is a cruise doesn’t really apply in this situation ….. RCL didn’t book them on the southern Caribbean itinerary in good faith and had to change it later due to unforeseen logistics
  2. This is the part that I’m sure is what frustrated and annoyed him and many others the most. He booked ON THE PHONE, the RCL website still listed the original itinerary, the agent on the phone apparently was never told by RCL the itinerary changed, and then he received a Notice of Itinerary Change BEFORE he even received the receipt for the cruise he’d just booked on the phone which comes within minutes of booking. So RCL obviously knew they changed the itinerary BEFORE he booked, but yet they never told him on the phone when he was making his reservation, obviously they never even to
  3. Just curious, what’s the process to put a hold on a cruise? Does it guarantee the price without a deposit? How long can you have the hold for?
  4. My friend in the Philippines who’s worked as a waiter for RCL for over 20 years, cleared his medical exams the other day and was given a 6 month contract on Harmony……. He will meet her in Cyprus on July 16.
  5. I’m curious what will happen if somebody’s fully vaccinated, had Covid previously, and tests positive on the the cruise. It would obviously have to be a false positive ….. I wonder what would happen to them in that case?
  6. They all came back today. Now the November 20 Odyssey cruise I’m booked on has vanished from the booking page ….. but I think the ship may be full and that’s maybe why it’s gone.
  7. Yes, your refund would be in an OBC if cancelled onboard ……. Just make sure you are farther out than 48 hours to port arrival when you cancel or you won’t get any refund:
  8. RCL hasn’t released any guidance for cruises leaving from the US yet. They closest we have is the following for cruises leaving from the BAHAMAS …….. I’m thinking leaving from the US shouldn’t be much different …… hopefully …..
  9. As of now, vaccination is optional on all US RCL cruises except for the Alaskan ones. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/royal-caribbean-makes-vaccines-voluntary-passengers https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/06/04/royal-caribbean-vaccine-summer-cruise/ https://thehill.com/policy/transportation/557004-royal-caribbean-changes-policy-to-make-vaccines-optional-for-cruise
  10. Yes true, however, considering the CDC has already said vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks at all inside or out anymore, I can’t see why RCL would make the mask rules for cruises leaving from the US any stricter than for cruises leaving from the Bahamas. I could be totally wrong, but I think it would be crazy for RCL to make the mask protocol any different/stricter for vaccinated passengers leaving from the US as compared to the Bahamas. Especially when they know it will make a lot of vaccinated American passengers furious to have to wear a mask inside all the time like on the UK
  11. Looks like masks will NOT be required for vaccinated passengers leaving from North America ……. They aren’t required for anybody vaccinated on the cruises leaving from the Bahamas: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=bahamas
  12. Masks for the fully vaccinated at all times indoors except when “actively eating or drinking” seems pretty ridiculous if that’s also required for cruises here in the US, when the CDC has already said it’s not necessary.
  13. This is all that comes up now when you choose “any destination”, “any port”, and “any ship” for July 2021 in North America:
  14. The original post about this change is from January 12, 2020 ….. so this was a Pre-Covid decision to originally start limiting access to Diamond Plus and/or Pinnacle.
  15. RCL I’m sure is look looking at it this way ….. at what point does having Diamond Plus and Pinnacle allowed in the concierge or suite lounges cause them to be so packed that it’s no longer a good experience for the suite guests who are CURRENTLY spending a huge amount of money to be on the cruise. YES, we all spent a lot of money to get to our levels, BUT if you’re barely spending anything for a regular room (compared to a suite guest) on your CURRENT cruise ….. at what point is it no longer fair to the CURRENT suite guests to have their lounge packed to the gills with people who are pay
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