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  1. Yes ..... you can wear nice shorts to my time dining, regular dining, specialty restaurants, coastal kitchen ........ you’d be surprised by how many people even wear shorts to dinner at all dining options on “formal night”
  2. Its actually not that curious as to why ..... rather than having a suite area for people who are already paying at least triple the normal cost to cruise wouldn’t make Royal MORE money ..... charging the maximum they possibly can get for people to buy into an “exclusive” beach club on CocoCay is much better for their bottom line.
  3. I posted this on the other thread asking the same question ..... There’s not, but starting the end of January 2020, you can PAY A FEE to go to the exclusive private beach club. That’s open to any guest who PAYS THE ADDITIONAL FEE of $59 to $79 each on the cruises I have booked. You won’t have to be in a suite to go there as long as you are wiling to pay more money. LOL
  4. There’s not, but starting the end of January 2020, you can PAY A FEE to go to the exclusive private beach club. That’s open to any guest who PAYS THE ADDITIONAL FEE of $59 to $79 each on the cruises I have booked. You won’t have to be in a suite to go there as long as you are wiling to pay more money. LOL
  5. Mine is like that also for 2 of our upcoming cruises ....... I guess they have another intern who doesn’t know math, like the one who gave us the $18 deluxe beverage packages a few months ago LOL
  6. On Oasis now and we've only had breakfasts and 1 lunch in Coastal Kitchen because we have the UDP ........ The service and food quality in CK is also much better on Symphony ........ our first cruise on Harmony will be in January and we’ve heard their CK is just as good as it was on Symphony. We didn’t get the UDP for Harmony in January because of that, but we’re definitely going to get it again for when we’re on Oasis again in February. We don’t want to eat dinner in the Oasis’ CK. Maybe it’s because the servers in CK are new to a CK, but they aren’t personable at all like they were on Symphony. At our first lunch they day we boarded Symphony a few of the servers came over and talked to us and our son and we had 2 favorites that we’d always ask for the rest of the week and they were like family. Always the one at breakfast and the other at dinner. The servers in CK on Oasis seem overwhelmed and don’t really try to get to know you at all. The breakfast food also hasn’t been very good. Not at all like it was on Symphony. Everything at every meal in CK was delicious on Symphony. Now the Oasis specialty restaurants all have AMAZING servers. We’ve loved them all....... Especially Ahmed from Tunisia in Giovanni’s . We’ve had him for lunch on day 1, last night for dinner ..... and requested him again for tomorrow night. If you’re going to eat at Giovanni’s, I highly recommend that you ask for Ahmed.
  7. We’d never wear the pins either and I’m sure they’ll just end up in a drawer ....... I’m mainly just aggravated that it’s this on top of how rude she was to us in Labadee yesterday and how she never would confirm that we actually had the dinner reservations we asked her for before the cruise. I couldn’t find out for sure until I got on board and checked at one of the specialty restaurants myself to confirm all our reservations were made for the week. Every other suite concierge we’ve had wrote back with a confirmation of our reservations without us even asking for it. I hate that she will be our suite concierge again in February, which will be our first sailing as Diamond level.
  8. I had a feeling Lyli was lying. I don’t like her at all, she is the WORST suite concierge we’ve ever had. From never sending a confirmation of the dinner reservations we asked her to make before the cruise .... to ....... Yesteday she was beyond RUDE to me in Labadee. When we got off the ship, she was standing right next to the lady at the info desk on Labadee when I asked where you got the ride to the Suite beach. They lady told us, “It picks you up right here, you can sit in the roped off seats here until it comes.” Lyli didn’t acknowledge us the entire time. When the suite guest golf cart came about 10 min later we got on it and Lyli VERY RUDELY said “where are you going?” I nicely told her we were going to the suite beach and her rude response was, “let me see your sea passes!” After I showed them to her, the only response I got was, “Ok, get a wrist band when you get there” and she walked away. This was my first time meeting her in person. Terrible first impression and now today she flat out lied to me about the emerald pins.
  9. So we are definitely supposed to get them for Emerald?
  10. Yes, the pools will be open. Bring your bathing suit in a your carryon because you may not get your luggage until late afternoon. Also, you cannot get into your room until about 1pm and will have to keep your carryon with your until then.
  11. Are you supposed to get a recognition pin for reaching the Emerald level or no? The Crown and Anchor chart I’m linking below says that you do ...... however, Lyli De Leon, the suite concierge on Oasis just now told me that you do not. She said you only get a pin for platinum. Which is correct? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/countries/crown-and-anchor/pdf/CAS-member-grid.pdf
  12. Royal Caribbean published the following note concerning travel documents for Martinique: “As of January 1st, 2020, all guests on sailings visiting Martinique will need a passport book (not a passport card) for boarding. The passport book must be valid for at least 6 months after the sailing ends. Passport cards and birth certificates will not be accepted and may result in a denial of boarding for both adults and minors. This policy change impacts sailings beginning from and returning to the U.S. including San Juan, Puerto Rico. Guest should be sure to keep your travel documents and SetSail Pass handy. They’ll need them from the moment they arrive to the port, all the way to boarding the ship, so they won’t want to pack them in their luggage.” SEE LINK BELOW: https://cruisefever.net/royal-caribbean-issues-policy-change-regarding-passport-requirement-for-caribbean-port/
  13. I’ve eaten in 4 different Chops now ....... August on Mariner, September on Symphony, October on Navigator, and last night on Oasis. All 4 times my steaks have tasted like they didn’t put any kind of seasoning on them, like they took a steak out of the fridge and threw it on the stove and nothing else...... not even salt and/or pepper. Is this their normal way of cooking steaks at Chops? To me a steak that was cooked totally unseasoned is horrible. Yes, they offer you steak sauces when they bring the steak, but a properly seasoned steak shouldn’t need to be drowned in steak sauce to eat it. I haven’t complained and lied and said the steaks were delicious, but I don’t think I ever want to eat in Chops again at this point. I’ve had delicious well seasoned steaks in both the MDR and the Coastal Kitchen. I don’t understand why they aren’t seasoned before cooking in Chops. i don’t get it, does everyone who loves Chops Grille like their steaks cooked unseasoned and then covered in steak sauce to make them taste palatable? (I didn’t try the filet any of the 4 times ..... it was the other steaks)
  14. here’s the story on cruise fever ....... we’re on Oasis right now and supposed to go to San Juan tomorrow ....... as of now they haven’t told us otherwise ..... https://cruisefever.net/cruise-ships-canceling-port-stops-in-san-juan-puerto-rico/
  15. ‘There is NO pool in the Solarium on Harmony.
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