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  1. 46yo guy from Naples, Florida ...... purposely jumped from 10th floor https://www.cbsnews.com/news/royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-man-apparently-jumps-overboard-san-juan-2020-01-22/?intcid=CNI-00-10aaa3b
  2. Just saw this posted in a thread about it in a Royal Caribbean Facebook group ....... apparently it was a contract worker working for Atlantis
  3. This one is from a few hours earlier https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/01/22/world/americas/ap-cb-puerto-rico-missing-passenger.html
  4. We’re currently on Harmony and people are talking abut it ..... see article below: https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/01/articles/disappearances/man-goes-overboard-from-oasis-of-the-seas/
  5. We just got Royal Up’d today ...... 4 days before our cruise on Harmony this coming Sunday 1/19/2020 ....... originally booked a Grand Suite 1 Bedroom ........ got upgraded to an L1 Crown Loft # 1758. I actually didn’t even put in our bid until this past Sunday when we were 7 days out. I got the original email about bidding before Christmas. We bid the lowest bid that got us into the “strong bid” zone on the bid meter.
  6. ‘We talked about it more over dinner and decided we might as well try it since our 8yo son isn’t coming with us on this cruise. He for sure wouldn’t like it. So I sent in our reservation requests with 1 night at Wonderland
  7. This Yelp review in the pic below just sold us on NOT going to Wonderland lol
  8. We always make the entire weeks worth of UDP reservations pre-cruise thru the suite concierge to make sure we get the times and days we want at each restaurant. We figure we’re paying for the extra service in all the extra we pay for the suite ..... and on the cruise itself, we’ve pretty much never had to bother the concierge for anything else, ..... so since it is part of their job as a suite concierge, we figure making our dinner reservations is the least they can do for us in exchange for all the extra we pay to stay in a suite.
  9. We've never eaten at Wonderland before. We’re on Harmony 1/19-26. We have the UDP and I have to email the suite concierge back today with the days and times we want to eat at each restaurant. Should we eat at Wonderland? I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and I saw that a few people on a post somebody made in an RCCL Facebook group have said that the Wonderland on Harmony was very disappointing. If you think we should eat there ....... please tell me your favorite appetizers and entrees and what you liked about them. Thanks in advance.
  10. For some reason, if you don’t know you can make UDP reservations thru the suite concierge pre-cruise, they don’t seem to tell you when they send out their email.
  11. ‘You wouldn’t pay them now, they’d go on your invoice now and lock in the current gratuity rate ..... you actually pay them on your final payment date along with the rest of the cruise fare.
  12. THANK YOU ..... I had thought it might be fun to do a cruise for New Year’s Eve, but now I see we wouldn’t like that at all with a tight packed in crowd like that.
  13. I’d honestly prefer if they just charged a few hundred dollars more per person for the cruise and PAID THE CREW BETTER ....... then you could tip the people you wanted to tip what you felt they deserved ............ i already just treat the “prepaid gratuities” as part of the cruise fare and then also generously tip the people who I come in contact with that deserve it.
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