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  1. That’s incorrect ……… Both times we’ve had the Key, the “Chops Lunch” was a limited Chops lunch menu served in the Main Dining Room This coming Sunday, we’re going on Harmony, do NOT have the Key, and have a 12 Noon reservation for lunch at Chops Yes, our boarding time says 1pm, but they told us we can board as soon as boarding starts since we paid for the lunch at Chops.
  2. They’ve actually only ever asked once when I’ve called to do that and that time I told them I was a diabetic and couldn’t drink much. They said ok and that was it, no follow up questioning. All the other times, they’ve just approved it straight away without even asking why I wanted to do it that way. I just have to buy myself a refreshment package at the same time every time. I have noticed though, that on some of our cruises with the OLD cruise planner, it’s actually let my spouse buy the DBP without me buying anything and without even having to call. I don’t know if that’s a glitch in their system or what.
  3. Usually I get the refreshment package and my spouse gets the DBP, then I just drink the 10 free from between the 2 of us ……. I just wasn’t sure if it would be cheaper to get us both the DBP plus Voom package onboard …….. we both need internet and because of booking so late, that’s $300 for 2 devices in the cruise planner…… I’m guessing the internet won’t get cheaper before Sunday
  4. Just booked Harmony for next Sunday 6/26 ….. I know at Diamond Plus, you get 30% off the DBP by buying it onboard. I think there’s also a discount for getting a Voom Surf & Stream Package onboard? Is there a better discount onboard for Diamond Plus to buy the DBP plus Voom package onboard? What’s the best way to purchase if you want the both the DBP and Voom Surf and Stream for the whole week? thank you
  5. You definitely MUST get your kids their own C&A numbers and connect all of you as a family ASAP. if you don’t get this done BEFORE the one turns 18, they will NOT get or keep your higher status. if you’re all connected as a family with C&A while they’re still under 18, even if they have 0 points when they turn 18 and let’s say you have Diamond Plus, they’d be and stay Diamond Plus as well. But is this isn’t don’t BEFORE they oldest turns 18, they lose all of that. Call Crown & Anchor!
  6. Kevin Phillip in the British Pub on Wonder of the Seas. We first met him when he was performing in the British Pub on Symphony. He’s EXCELLENT!!
  7. ‘Mariner, for example, even though it’s been amplified ….. they did nothing to update the rooms. They’re old, dated, and worn ….. plus the public areas are always HOT ….. don’t know if it’s just and old AC system that can’t keep up anymore or if they purposely keep it hot to save money .
  8. Can a 15 1/2 year old fly and leave the country alone?
  9. What you said plus breads and most desserts
  10. We’re on Wonder right now and you can serve yourself for about half the stuff in Windjammer
  11. Yes you can …….. instead of returning them the night before, just swap them out for clean dry ones and you won’t have to worry about getting them in the morning before your excursion. It’s only the night before you go home that you need to make sure all your pool towels are recorded as returned.
  12. Thank you ….. Congratulations to you as well!
  13. Here’s a tip: As soon as checkin opens ……. One of you go into your app checkin area and grab checkin times for everybody in both of the linked rooms ……. In the app checkin area you can just scroll thru each person to get each one a checkin time without doing anything else of the checkin …….. then you can come back later for the rest but you have you preferred checkin time locked in ………. This can only be don’t in the app, online you’d need to complete the rest of the checkin info to get to a time selection.
  14. We’re on that cruise as well!! Never been on Celebrity before, but booked Beyond for Thanksgiving’s in 22/23 and Easter’s in 23/24! Along with our son who will be 11 right before the first one. Also staying in Sky Suites. Can’t wait to try out Celebrity and Beyond!!!
  15. All the bartenders and servers we talked to about it on Symphony in February said they hated it and that it took a lot to get used to …… especially when they started making them double mask with an N95 ….. so I guess it’s all in who you talk to and how comfortable they feel with you to tell the truth about how they really feel. I’ve noticed the more you tip them and talk to them like friends, the more they open up to you as the week goes by.
  16. It’s totally fine if a card has the same handwriting for both doses. My son’s does as well because Walgreens messed up his card on the 2nd dose and a new card was totally written by the same person. He’s cruised twice with that card and no problem at all. Sending a picture of one card and then boarding with a new replacement card is fine as well. For our first cruise in October, I sent in a picture of both my card and my spouses cards that I took the day we got our 2nd shots in March. By the time October came, I’d had them laminated and the heat from that made the stickers on them with the vaccine information almost unreadable. I got new cards for both of us and the new cards had the stickers in different places and handwriting that wasn’t on the original cards. Royal took them for us to board with no problems at all even though they looked nothing like the pictures I sent in the app. At the dock, they don’t compare the cards to the pictures you sent, they just look at them to make sure they’re valid cards. The card I’d be concerned about is your folded up blue one. If you can get a new one in time, I’d get a new one just to be on the safe side.
  17. Even not amplified ….. I’d still much rather take a weekend cruise from Port Canaveral on Allure than on Mariner or Independence …… I could see my family doing a lot of weekend cruises every year if an Oasis class ship does 4/3’s regularly only an hour drive from home.
  18. ‘We live in Orlando and would probably do a lot of weekend cruises throughout the year, especially on long school holiday weekends and in the summer ………. We don’t really care for the older, smaller ships even if it is just for a weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if Royal moves Mariner and Independence somewhere else once they have Allure here doing 4/3’s. You can’t fit the passengers from both on the one ship and give them so many more options for everything ……. Especially if Allure gets amplified before then.
  19. Personally, I’ve always thought it was ridiculous for people to go to a specialty restaurant on the ship and then expect the servers there to go get them food from somewhere else. I’m not trying to be rude, but they work hard enough. I can go buy lobster at home, but if I need to eat it that badly on my cruise, I’ll go to the MDR to eat it when it’s the night for it …….. or else I’ll go eat at Hooked Seafood and order it there.
  20. 100% agree! The only specialty restaurants on Odyssey are Chops, Giovanni’s, Izumi, and Wonderland (which is tiny and not the usual atmosphere like on an Oasis class) ……… another negative is the very small pool area on Odyssey ….. it was PACKED when we were on the ship with 40% Capacity ……. I couldn’t imagine what the pool area would be like when the ship is full! ….. I don’t think I’d sail on Odyssey again for a Caribbean cruise.
  21. And be careful of your phone’s clock ……. Your phone will auto change the time to the time zone of the port …… most times the ship time stays in the time zone of the city you left from ……. If you aren’t very careful with that, you can miss the ship
  22. When we went on Odyssey out of Port Everglades Terminal 18 in November, we got there a little after 10am and there were already quite a few people outside in the different lines. Nobody was allowed into the building until 11am, not even those of us in the suite guest line.
  23. UGH …… I hope they don’t make Allure replace Wonder in Port Canaveral after April 2024! That would be horrible! We finally have a nice ship near to Orlando with Wonder coming! Harmony is just eh, and Allure is even worse because it isn’t amplified for the kids and doesn’t have the new suite neighborhood Wonder has.
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