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  1. ‘QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: “We won’t be seeing any fancy new features as the focus will be mainly on the propulsion and navigation elements. The majority of work will be done by Navantia workers rather than subcontractors. No doubt social distancing will be followed during the upgrade and strict health protocols to make sure workers remain safe and healthy.”
  2. https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-to-begin-shorter-dry-dock-after-delay/39619
  3. And yet they always seem to be the first ones to report things that have ended up being true 99.9% of the time
  4. The original article clearly says the FCC being offered was for 125% of the fair paid ...... do you REALLY think the charter company was going to give the nurses an extra 25% out of their own pockets for next year’s cruise if Royal had already refunded the money to the charter company for the nurses?
  5. ^^^ EXACTLY ........ you just proved my point ... all the charter company could do was offer the nurses a Future Cruise Credit as they did, ..... UNTIL Royal agreed to pay the charter company the money back for any nurses who wanted a refund instead of a Future Cruise Credit. So just like I’ve been stating ..... the charter company couldn’t offer the nurses a refund with money they didn’t have ...... Royal had the money ............ So it the charter company ORIGINALLY told the nurses they had to take a Future Cruise Credit, it was because that’s obviously what Royal ... who had all the money ... told them to tell the nurses.
  6. You do realize pretty much every business has a statement at the bottom of their emails telling you that it’s illegal to publish or share their private communications, right? Neither company published the communications between each other. It still boils down to who actually had the nurse’s money at the time of the cancellation ..... and that was Royal ....... the charter company couldn’t give refunds of money that Royal had without Royal returning the money to them first ....... unless the charter company paid the refunds out of their own pockets ..... so I’m going to stand by my original opinion ....... that Royal probably in the beginning told the charter company to only offer them an FCC and then only reversed course after the nurses had a fit because they wanted their money back.
  7. BUT ...... what was Royal offering the charter company in the beginning? It would have been Royal who had the nurse’s money at this point that would have been paid to them by the charter company. MAYBE Royal originally told the charter company that they could only offer the nurses an FCC and then Royal reversed course and allowed the charter company to offer refunds ONLY after the nurses had a fit. It wouldn’t be the first time Royal tried to play hardball and then backed down after people threw a fit .......... like with the $18/day deluxe beverage package mistake they weren’t going to honor until people went insane about it. I wouldn’t be so quick to let Royal off the hook without knowing what went on behind the scenes.
  8. Here’s 2 new news articles from today https://www.businessinsider.com/carnival-royal-caribbean-banned-from-sailing-up-to-3-months-2020-4?amp https://cruiseradio.net/cdc-extends-no-sail-order-for-cruise-ships-indefinitely/amp/
  9. https://finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/royal-caribbean-extends-operations-suspension-141602627.html
  10. ‘The suite area at Labadee could use a MAJOR overhaul.
  11. We’re in a crown loft facing the rear of the ship right now on Oasis, getting off this morning. Ours is 1738 which connects to the Star Loft next door. When the Aquatheater Show is going on it is VERY LOUD in the room. The one night this cruise that we were in the room while it was going on, you could hear the music BLASTING from 830 to 930pm and again from 1045pm to 1145pm. We didn’t care overall because we’re not usually in our room at this time of night and were only in it that night because our 8yo wasn’t feeling well. But if you have a child who goes to bed at 7pm, I could see BOTH the Star Loft and the ATS being way too loud for him to sleep anytime the Aquatheater show is going on.
  12. I don’t understand this ....... it sound like whoever booked it just wanted to make the COMMISSION on the cost of the extra people who they know aren’t going. I currently have a 2 bedroom grand suite booked on Independence in august for THREE of us ...... the room holds EIGHT people ...... at no time was I told I have to book 5 more fake people in the room to book it ..... SOMETHING IS SUPER FISHY HERE
  13. If you happen to be staying in a Grand Suite or better, the suite concierge will send you a welcome email about a week before the cruise ......... you can reply to that email and ask them to book the restaurants and times you want for each day and it will all be booked for you before the cruise.
  14. I’ve never hear this before the cruise we’re currently on ..... another passenger told us that if you tip your server in specialty dining in CASH they get to keep it all, but that if you tip them on your sea pass card, they have to split it with everyone else in the restaurant ..... is this true?
  15. ‘they’re on a 4 night cruise for $96 UDP ..... at $179 , I’m guessing you’re on a 7 day cruise ...... Theirs is $24/day, yours is $25.50/day ..... just as good a deal.
  16. ‘We sailed on Oasis for Thanksgiving week, right after the refurb ...... I thought the Grand Suite we were in looked all brand new, but others who saw the pics I posted at the time said that they thought it was the same decor as before ..... so I can’t 100% say if it the stuff in the cabin was brand new or not, but it all looked amazing and like new even if it wasn’t. We’re actually sailing on Oasis again tomorrow (Feb 9-16), this time in a Crown Loft.
  17. My spouse has been playing My Vegas on the phone for years and has tons of points. Does what’s in the screenshot below get us anything? Is it the purple coin amount that counts or the gold coin amount?
  18. We’re thinking of booking a TransAtlantic for Fall 2021. Our son will be in 4th grade then and about to turn 10. We figure if we’re going to take him out of school for 2 weeks, we need to do it before he gets in junior high. Oh Harmony we’d be in a Crown Loft and on Odyssey we’d be in a Grand Suite 2 Bedroom. Both are the same price. Odyssey stops more places than Harmony. Which ship and itinerary would our son have more fun on? He’d actually turn 10 on the Harmony one, he was born 11/11/11. See screenshot below for the stops each ship makes .....
  19. Oasis after its amplification is actually WAY BETTER than Harmony. It has a huge Playmakers Sports Bar and Arcade where Sabor and Starbucks are on Harmony. Our 8yo son had a lot of fun playing all the free games in playmakers over thanksgiving. He also LOVED the new kid’s club design on Oasis ....... they have a really nice video game area and it’s just setup a lot better. The cruise director on Oasis also was a lot more involved and had more fun things going an all week than the cruise director did when we were just on Harmony. We’re actually going on Oasis again this Sunday. If you’ve never tried the Crown Loft Suite yet, I HIGHLY recommend staying in one!
  20. YES ..... When the suite concierge emails you about a week before your cruise, you can then email back and ask them to make all your dinner reservations for CK and also for all of the specialty restaurants if you have the Unlimited Dining Plan.
  21. I’d HIGHLY recommend getting the UDP ...... You can usually get it on sale for $179/adult....... that’s basically $25.57/day. The food in the specialty restaurants is WAY better than in the MDR. Just make sure you go and make ALL your reservations as soon as you get on the ship the first day or you may not get the times you want. IF you’re staying in a Grand Suite or above, you can actually make your UDP reservations thru the suite concierge when they email you about 7 days before the cruise ....... just email back and tell them the dates and times you’d like to eat at each restaurant and they’ll make the reservations for you.
  22. YES ..... You can always send your food back and get something else if you don’t like it.
  23. It really depends on your server ....... we were just on Harmony 1/19-26 and ...... all 3 of the nights that we ate at 150 Central Park with the UDP our server (who we tipped well and asked for every night after the first) insisted on bringing out an extra entree each night for us “to try” ..... he actually would have brought 2 extra entrees each night but we said please no lol
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