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  1. You have to find your own table. When you’re with multiple people, it’s best to find a table and have 1 person wait there while the rest go get their food. They do have people coming around getting you drinks, but it’s much quicker and easier to get it yourself. Just an FYI, the food at windjammer isn’t that great. On sea days, you can have a much better breakfast or lunch in the main dining room. Also, every day the Park Cafe has good options for breakfast and lunch as well.
  2. They obviously have a deal with NCL starting September 3 or NCL would say on their website that there will still be a limit to certain sailings and they do NOT.
  3. There’s not a limit ……. The person who’s saying that apparently thinks it’s still the 10% unvaccinated deal, which it’s not …….. it’s definitely unlimited starting September 3.
  4. Norwegian Cruises to Allow Unvaccinated Passengers Starting in September https://www.travelandleisure.com/cruises/norwegian-regent-oceania-drop-covid-vaccine-mandate
  5. If you haven’t already booked your MTD reservations, you’re probably out of luck at this point getting anything reserved for earlier than 930pm on a cruise that leaves tomorrow …….. and the non reservation lines are usually ridiculously long unless you get there at least 30 minutes before they open for seating
  6. ‘The bid is binding and charged as soon as it’s accepted …….. BUT, at least in my case, they have allowed me to change rooms within the SAME category that I was Royal Up’ed to after I called and asked to switch to an open room that I found in that category. I didn’t mention I was Royal Up’ed when I called. I just said I’m in this room and wanted to check on moving to that room and they made the change.
  7. Our favorite decks on an oasis class ship when not in a crown loft are decks 8 and 12 ..… deck 8 is same floor as Central Park ……….deck 12 is 2 floors below the pool. But we’ve also been happy on deck 6 ….. deck 6 is higher up than you think on an oasis class ship. You definitely don’t want deck 14 just below the pool deck. The one time we stayed just below the pool deck, you started heard chairs being drug across the floor very early in the morning every single day and sometimes late at night too.
  8. ‘Times we have won royal up and didn’t like the room selection ………… I’ve gone to the website and looked for what other rooms were available available in that same category, then I called Royal and asked if I could switch from my current room to the available room I wanted …….. and they’ve changed the room for me all 3 times that I have asked.
  9. Here’s an example from the Harmony cruise we got off last Sunday ……….. some people in our Facebook group for the cruise from Virginia planned to fly in Friday, spend Saturday at Disney, be at Port Canaveral on Sunday for the cruise ….. Friday their flight was cancelled ……… they posted oh well I guess we won’t be going to Disney, but at least we’ll make the cruise with the flight they changed us to for Saturday. Saturday they posted that their flight was cancelled again and the only option they had left to to fly here and make the cruise was flying to Boston first and hoping the only flight that night from there to here wasn’t cancelled ………. There were no options to get them here Sunday morning ……… Saturday afternoon, they posted the whole family was piling in the car and driving to Florida from Virginia. In the current environment of constant flight cancellations and delays ….. I wouldn’t trust a same day flight
  10. Celebrity cruise ships have casinos and they are non-smoking
  11. We’re Diamond Plus on Royal …….. trying Celebrity for the first time this fall. We actually got great pricing for Sky Suites and booked the Beyond for the next 2 Thanksgiving and next 2 Easter weeks. We have a son who will turn 11 just before our first Beyond cruise …… we’re hoping that going during the holiday weeks each time will mean there’s boys his age on board for him to hang out with. But if not, he also likes to hang out with us on cruises too, so I guess it will be good either way.
  12. Just got off Harmony yesterday and all everybody on there had was the adult sippy cups lol
  13. That’s incorrect ……… Both times we’ve had the Key, the “Chops Lunch” was a limited Chops lunch menu served in the Main Dining Room This coming Sunday, we’re going on Harmony, do NOT have the Key, and have a 12 Noon reservation for lunch at Chops Yes, our boarding time says 1pm, but they told us we can board as soon as boarding starts since we paid for the lunch at Chops.
  14. They’ve actually only ever asked once when I’ve called to do that and that time I told them I was a diabetic and couldn’t drink much. They said ok and that was it, no follow up questioning. All the other times, they’ve just approved it straight away without even asking why I wanted to do it that way. I just have to buy myself a refreshment package at the same time every time. I have noticed though, that on some of our cruises with the OLD cruise planner, it’s actually let my spouse buy the DBP without me buying anything and without even having to call. I don’t know if that’s a glitch in their system or what.
  15. Usually I get the refreshment package and my spouse gets the DBP, then I just drink the 10 free from between the 2 of us ……. I just wasn’t sure if it would be cheaper to get us both the DBP plus Voom package onboard …….. we both need internet and because of booking so late, that’s $300 for 2 devices in the cruise planner…… I’m guessing the internet won’t get cheaper before Sunday
  16. Just booked Harmony for next Sunday 6/26 ….. I know at Diamond Plus, you get 30% off the DBP by buying it onboard. I think there’s also a discount for getting a Voom Surf & Stream Package onboard? Is there a better discount onboard for Diamond Plus to buy the DBP plus Voom package onboard? What’s the best way to purchase if you want the both the DBP and Voom Surf and Stream for the whole week? thank you
  17. You definitely MUST get your kids their own C&A numbers and connect all of you as a family ASAP. if you don’t get this done BEFORE the one turns 18, they will NOT get or keep your higher status. if you’re all connected as a family with C&A while they’re still under 18, even if they have 0 points when they turn 18 and let’s say you have Diamond Plus, they’d be and stay Diamond Plus as well. But is this isn’t don’t BEFORE they oldest turns 18, they lose all of that. Call Crown & Anchor!
  18. Kevin Phillip in the British Pub on Wonder of the Seas. We first met him when he was performing in the British Pub on Symphony. He’s EXCELLENT!!
  19. ‘Mariner, for example, even though it’s been amplified ….. they did nothing to update the rooms. They’re old, dated, and worn ….. plus the public areas are always HOT ….. don’t know if it’s just and old AC system that can’t keep up anymore or if they purposely keep it hot to save money .
  20. Can a 15 1/2 year old fly and leave the country alone?
  21. What you said plus breads and most desserts
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