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  1. Also interested in that answer ….. we’ll be there for a night in June before an Alaska cruise
  2. Link to Wonder of the Seas tracker ….. it’s supposedly leaving France on January 27th ….. https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9838345
  3. ‘You have until the cruise planner closes at about 48 hours before sailing to cancel.
  4. ‘The water will be freezing in the pool ……. It’s not heated
  5. Considering the CDC has said for months that the vaccine does NOT stop transmission or spread of Covid-19 and only lessens its severity ….. 100% vaccinated isn’t an excuse for allowing things to happen on one cruise that aren’t allowed on another cruise. FOR EXAMPLE ….. Norwegian has had a 100% vaccinated only allowed to cruise policy all along (no unvaccinated kids allowed) and they’ve had just as many outbreaks of Covid on their ships as Royal has had. Also when I had covid ….. I tested negative on an antigen test on Monday, negative again on an antigen test on Wednesday. It wasn’t until I had a PCR test on Saturday, 5 days later, that I actually got a positive result 2 days after that on Monday. So double testing doesn’t mean much either.
  6. I’d bet money you’re an Atlantis employee or the owner. You’ve never been a member before and as of now have only posted on this thread. I don't see a regular person joining just to come here and repeatedly defend Atlantis in very lengthy posts over and over. Don’t want to argue, …… that’s just my opinion.
  7. It’s probably ok for that ….. BUT if it were me, I’d also bring along a certified copy of my birth certificate and my state ID/driver license for just in case they won’t let you use the passport for boarding. Also if your last name is different between your ID and birth certificate, you’ll need proof of the change, (a marriage license for example))
  8. If you’re going to have to drink the cost of both the DBP ($80 - $88/day on board) and the refreshment package ($30 - $40/day on board) on your own every day …… it sound to me like you’d be better off just paying for each drink you have as you go.
  9. When we were on Odyssey in November, I thought the same thing …….. the pool/whirlpool space barely cut it for the size of the ship and were always very crowded at roughly 40% passenger capacity. I can’t imagine trying to use those when the ship is full to capacity! I don’t know that I’d want to sail on a Quantum class ship in the Caribbean again when things are back to normal.
  10. Have you looked at MSC World Europa? It comes out later this year, will sail in Europe, and looks to be on par with an RCL Oasis Class Ship. We’re doing our first cruise on MSC this summer ….. in the Yacht Club On MSC Seashore out of Miami, they best part is they status match …….. once we hit Diamond Plus with Royal next month and do the match, it should give us their top level. See MSC World Europa at the links below https://www.msccruisesusa.com/cruise/ships/msc-world-europa
  11. I wish I knew about Emed when I ordered 6 tests …….. $150 for 6 from Emed compared to $198 for 6 from Optum
  12. A vaccinated 10 year old can use these tests, correct?
  13. ‘You should just print this out NOW …… and their personal one for everybody else going with you who hasn’t had a booster yet……… then show THIS copy to Royal at boarding …… And you wont have a problem …… they’ll see you had your second and last dose much longer than 14 days ago
  14. Do they take your old card and give you new card every time you get a vaccine? I don’t understand how the card can have the date of the most recent vaccine put on it each time and not still have the dates of the previous vaccines. If they give you a new card each time, couldn’t you keep the one you have from your first 2 by saying you “lost it” when you go for your booster? Or maybe wait until after the cruise to get your booster?
  15. You’re not required to have a booster to cruise on Royal Caribbean. As long as your original 2nd Pfizer, 2nd Moderna, or 1 J&J was at least 14 days before your cruise, you’re good.
  16. Only the people in the room that bids and wins the bid would be officially moved to the suite. They’d also be the only ones who have the suite benefits and the only ones who could use the suite only areas. Only the people moved to the Star Class suite would be refunded their beverage, zoom, and dining packages. The people from the other room could sleep in the suite, but they wouldn’t receive any of the suite benefits.
  17. ‘Do they ever do formal night on a port day? I’ve only ever seen it on sea days on my cruises that I can remember.
  18. This was our experience with the TA we used in the last while before Covid ….. if you wanted to do something simple like add a passenger or change from a Grand Suite to a Crown Loft (that he’d make more commission on) he’d charge a $150 fee to make the change. I also had booked all the cruises myself and given them to him. By the time I realized the fee, I’d already given him almost 3 years worth of cruises. If nothing else, Covid helped me break away from him by cancelling the last bunch of cruises I had given him.
  19. It is so tiny lol ….. even on my iPad it stays phone size …… I’m not sure why….. , MSC’s app actually gets big enough to fill up your whole screen when you use it on an iPad …… you’d think Royal would make theirs do that as well.
  20. For connected reservations, it’s much easier to make reservations and book excursions thru the website cruise planner ….. the app makes it much harder.
  21. YES, unlike crown and anchor status where you have to wait until you get off the cruise to move to the next status with points you will earn ………., you get the crystal block on the cruise you will earn the points to pass the thresholds of 140, 210, 380, etc EDITED TO SAY ……..… oops I read that as a question asking to verify …… I saw “can you testify” LOL
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