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  1. Pretty much the only cons I can figure would be for Canada losing the industry ….. but they didn’t seem to want them there anyway
  2. True LOL …… BUT I was about to make final payment on my December 18 cruise today before I received the email. I’m glad I saw it first …….. even though Myself and my spouse are vaccinated ……. We will NOT be letting out 9 year old son be vaccinated ……… so if it’s approved for 5 to 11 yo by then, and RCL requires it for that age group by then ….. we will be cancelling all our cruises from that point on ……… so I'm glad I don’t have to give them any more money until November 18 when I will know what the deal is
  3. ‘Knowing people who work for cruise lines, including Royal, I can tell you with certainty that it’s just like the survey they make a big deal about getting all perfect scores on when you buy a car …….. anything other than the highest score possible for anything to do with employees is considered by Royal (and the other lines) to be the same thing as them getting a Zero.
  4. ‘Every member of your party needs their own account to get a C&A number …….. once you do all the adults, you’ll have to call to setup accounts for anybody under 13 ……….. also have to call to connect spouses and children under 18.
  5. They each need to go to RoyalCaribbean.com ….. then click on “sign in”. Then from the sign in page click on “create an account” That account will generate their C&A number.
  6. Our first 2 cruises ever on RCL in 2010 and 2011 (Liberty & Allure) were 100% chartered cruises that could only be booked thru the charter company and we did receive points for both.
  7. RIGHT!! I personally think they’re crazy trying to do all that the same day ….. but I guess it’s their money if they want to take the chance of missing the boat. We’re driving down on Friday after our son gets out of school.
  8. I have friends who recently cruised with RCL for the first time …….. they signed up for a crown and anchor number BEFORE their cruise …….. after their cruise, their account received DOUBLE points even though it was their first cruise.
  9. YES …… Also, if you have the Unlimited Dining Plan, they’ll also make all your restaurant reservations for you too …… just let them know the dates and times you’d like to eat at each specialty restaurant
  10. We’re going on Symphony Saturday October 16 with friends and their kids. We all have a 1pm boarding time scheduled. They’ve now decided they don’t want their 10yo son to miss 2 Saturday soccer games. So rather than driving from Orlando to Miami on Friday night like we are ….. they’ve decided to go to the soccer game Saturday morning and then drive to Miami to board. They’re also planning on taking crazy traffic congested I-95 instead of the turnpike because they said you’ll get stuck on the turnpike with nowhere to go if there’s an accident. His game will probably be over around 11am or so. ‘What’s the latest they can get to the port on Saturday and still be allowed to board the ship? Symphony is currently scheduled to leave at 7pm.
  11. From link below: “However, this guidance is non-binding, so individual countries in the E.U. bloc can decide impose their own sets of restrictions. Travelers should expect a messy patchwork of different rules and regulations across the continent, much like they encounter a mishmash of non-uniform rules and regulations across the U.S.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/08/30/its-official-eu-recommends-travel-ban-for-american-tourists/?sh=42342bee3070
  12. From the link below: Monday's guidance from the 27-nation bloc reverses advice from June that lifted restrictions on American travellers ahead of tourism season. The recommendation is nonbinding, meaning individual countries will be allowed to decide if they still wish to allow US visitors with proof of vaccination, negative tests, or quarantine. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58386967
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/29/world/europe/eu-us-travel-restrictions.html https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/eu-to-reimpose-entry-ban-on-travellers-from-us-5-other-third-countries-on-monday-sources-say/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexledsom/2021/08/28/us-to-be-removed-from-eu-safe-travel-list/?sh=3130f51e4dfa
  14. I've been in this same situation twice ….. cruises a few weeks apart and level change …….. both times it changed in our online accounts within 10 days after the cruise ……. This first time going from platinum to emerald I did nothing and our seapass cards had our old status when we boarded so we had to go get new cards ……… we were told if we had a status change after our documents were available again to call and ask for them to update our documents once the change occurs ……… we did that the second time ….. our original documents said emerald, the new documents said Diamond and when we got on he ship our seapass card was correct saying Diamond ……… it seems that the status on your documents is what they put on your seapass card even if your online account says you went to the next level.
  15. When the voucher policy for drinks was first announced, I could be wrong, but I seem to remember many people on here in that original thread saying that it was OK to use your vouchers to buy a drink for a friend ………. Obviously that’s not allowed with a regular drink package ………. But they were saying that you earned the drink vouchers and could use them for yourself or anyone you wanted to use them for.
  16. Can I please get the link for updating vaccine status? I can’t find my email with the link. Thanks ?
  17. Can someone please provide the link for providing the vaccination info?
  18. That’s great to hear! Our 9yo son is Diamond on his own as well and only 7 nights behind us for Diamond Plus on his own. I’m glad to hear he can actually get free smoothies!!
  19. The best ruins to see are Chacchoben in Costa Maya and they’re only 1 hour from the port.
  20. ‘EXACTLY ….. ?????? …… it amazes me how so many people on here have ZERO sympathy and just expect everyone who books a cruise to be as tuned in to looking for information as we are on this board. There’s no reason Royal can’t put just a little more effort into making sure people know what’s required …….. like maybe auto-emails that keep coming daily until you click an acknowledgment that you’ve received the information. It would take much cost or effort for an IT department to set that up.
  21. ‘Actually they are, my cruise requires vaccination for ALL passengers 12 and up recently announced, ….. plus pre-cruise testing of all passengers thru December 31 announced almost a month ago …..and AGAIN ….. I found that out on this message board ……. Still NOT A PEEP from Royal by email about it.
  22. Yes, Royal has ZERO responsibility to make sure their customers are notified of the constant changes they’re making in a TIMELY manner. If you’re the AVERAGE traveler who assumes a company you’re paying thousand of dollars to for a trip will keep you TIMELY notified and they don’t, it’s tough and all your own fault LMAO
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