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  1. Yes they have put magnets to hold door open.
  2. From a similar cabin on the independence of the seas
  3. Don’t care as long as I get my balcony discount and 3 free drinks I’m all good the diamond lounge can be a clicky place at times...
  4. Bumped into @JetlaggedAgain and his wife quite shocked at the news because we meet in the plane and chatted, today they were tucking into a Italian lunch both seemed in good spirits, I gave him some pointers on how to push a wheelchair as I’ve been doing it a long time and there’s a knack to it 😁 all the best ps I’ve still got more chocolates if it helps 😎
  5. I might stalk you for the whole week 😎😂
  6. A long shot @twangster but I’m trying to find out the location of table 617 deck 4, they’ve assigned it to us for next week but want to make sure it’s location and good for a wheelchair...👍😎
  7. Oasis in September they gave cans everywhere no soda gun and they just gave the can with a glass of ice was hoping for the same, it tastes much better from a can.. enjoy the rest of your cruise..😎
  8. Do you know if they still giving cans of soda especially Zero at bars with the package?
  9. Looking at the new top decks on the Oasis I do hope they have not taken wheelchair access because it looks very cramped 😠
  10. I don’t get the dates on these new cabins because the oasis as now got them but don’t go live till 2021?? hoping we get one next week on Oasis deck 9 aft
  11. Check this site out it lets you search for solo in one swoop..😎 https://www.cruiseplum.com/solo-supplement-deals
  12. A cancelled cruise is much easier to deal with because it’s final with a full refund and basically a free cruise..a shortened and change of itinerary cruise with no compensation or fcc is very hard to swallow happened to us twice now we lost close to 3K. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. One thing I’ve noticed over the years of this was in the US they would compensate much better, look at the Oasis when the crane fell on it full refund with 100% fcc...🤨
  14. They did the same to us last year on the Navigator,😡 we cancelled and swapped to the Oasis luckily our return flight was same day we disembarked, turned out to be a fantastic land and cruise holiday 😎 never sail from Southampton after September we’ve learned the hard way..
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