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  1. What reason do you give when you don’t buy two DBP ??
  2. My son does this all the time sailing solo, the other person is classed as no show, you will get double points and a refund for the other person which differs every time he once got a full refund and other times tax and port fess, but it’s still cheaper to book double occupancy than single..
  3. My son had a Lloyds test last week and boarded on Sunday no problems
  4. I’ve done nothing different for 3 people but only 2 got accepted, btw it seems to be fixed now I’ve got the last one on waiting to be validated
  5. My son and daughter-in-law used a Lloyds test on Sunday to board the Wonder they had no problems
  6. It’s a bloody nightmare got 2 accepted but my wife’s won’t go through tried 30 times now
  7. Mine and my sons all accepted but my wife’s jeez must have tried 30 times now all different documents but still not accepted funny thing is it rejects it as soon as a submit new documents, I think something is broken
  8. All good test was done in about 10 minutes got a printed certificate and was onboard in 10 minutes from arrival at port
  9. Interesting… did the obc not show up in the planner?
  10. @twangster i just phoned and asked about a new cruise with a XN category, low and behold it exists so anyway the good agent repriced and $550 OBC should be applied in 14 days so I will keep you updated
  11. You only need a lateral flow test try boots or Lloyds chemist they do them in 15 minutes cost £30
  12. I’ve already successfully done a price drop months ago so have many others from our group it’s just today.!! thanks for your input, I’m going try again tomorrow if it’s still lower
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