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  1. A cancelled cruise is much easier to deal with because it’s final with a full refund and basically a free cruise..a shortened and change of itinerary cruise with no compensation or fcc is very hard to swallow happened to us twice now we lost close to 3K. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. One thing I’ve noticed over the years of this was in the US they would compensate much better, look at the Oasis when the crane fell on it full refund with 100% fcc...🤨
  3. They did the same to us last year on the Navigator,😡 we cancelled and swapped to the Oasis luckily our return flight was same day we disembarked, turned out to be a fantastic land and cruise holiday 😎 never sail from Southampton after September we’ve learned the hard way..
  4. People in our Facebook group for the 8th are getting their gty cabins today and some have got royal bid offers today so looks like it’s all good..
  5. We used Alamo car rental a minivan cost about $70 and dropped at the port office who have a free shuttle bus to the port and did the reverse after the cruise..👍
  6. The Colosseum Advance tickets not needed go to this place on the day and you will get a guided tour with express entrance the extra cost is worth the super fast entrance because if you queue it can can around 2 hours to get in... https://www.romecolosseumtour.com/tours/guided-colosseum-skip-the-line/
  7. My son got same deal for solo on this cruise, we even got upgraded to connecting rooms ocean 8D balcony from XN neighbourhood balcony, 😎👍 my son also got the Key was on offer at £18 ($22) a day
  8. I had the same daft pricing for the 8th December sailing price without C&A number for solo £990 price with number £1500 🤨🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway they sorted it eventually..
  9. Same no bookings for our December cruise, I bet they are waiting for diving pool stage is fixed completely while in dry dock, the diving show was a different show few weeks ago due to the crane accident...
  10. We just got upgraded from XN to 8D ocean balcony and got 2 connecting aft rooms on the Oasis 😎👍
  11. Deluxe £37.24 refreshment £15.20 for our Oasis December cruise I’ll let you do the conversion 😎
  12. We always do Chop’s on embarkation day and was hoping he could join us if he just purchased the key but now we would be split up 🤨 takes the shine off a paid so called VIP addon..
  13. Just looking at the Key for my son as he wants more time on the flowrider and noticed Chop’s meal is not served in MDR..what’s special about that..?
  14. Was great for taking of ship when going on excursions saved us lots of cash 👍😎 even red bull was given by the can on the refreshment package 😁
  15. Just off the Oasis and they were giving cans of soda at every bar never seen this before..! Is this a new thing.?
  16. This is online price for solo, one with loyalty number one without can you guess which is which 🤯
  17. There were security around but not really guarding our luggage 🤨
  18. We used the “stay a while” yesterday, it’s was a great addition we made our way to the solarium at around 9am made ourselves comfortable and at around 10am we were asked to go to deck 17 forward for about 30 mins so they could do whatever they do, after that we stayed in the solarium eat at the solarium cafe and then made our way to deck 5 cafe for a quick bite and drink before we disembarked at 3pm our cases were waiting in the baggage terminal.. we were given a wristband to wear which was in the cabin night before we left.
  19. We just booked this for next weeks cruise on the Oasis from Barcelona as we have a evening flight, it’s a great idea plus if you have a refreshment drinks package it rolls over to the last day if you have the deluxe it downgrades to the refreshment and if you have internet it also rolls over..
  20. We hired 8:seater from Alamo at Orlando airport and dropped of at their port branch just minutes away from ship and they have a free shuttle bus to ship,
  21. Prices have increased in that time, we booked the Allure November TA 2020 with free drinks, booked in January £1050pp today it’s £1900pp price comparison needed to be same day really...but still a great savings like us, rule is book early for the best deal..😎
  22. Just seen today for our Oasis cruise in September the deluxe drinks package is now only £38 (plus Spanish tax) £309 in total and refreshment is £16 total £136 which is the lowest yet, not sure for any other cruise or country but worth checking ..👍😎
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