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  1. Phoned on the 12th December to claw all our money out of booked cruises before it all goes pear shaped, I got all and I mean all refunds on Saturday 19th December exactly a week which is fantastic,not got FCC for deposits yet but I don’t need them yet
  2. Well Qatar cancelled our flight to Sydney, they offered an alternative or refund, we took refund as I don’t see Australia opening up for cruises this season maybe September 2021, we will try again once the world reopens
  3. I’ve done both and removed booked flights when we see a better deal and what you mean that’s a photo of me
  4. We’ve used RC air to the Spain, Italy and the US many times mainly with jet2, Virgin and BA and live in the UK and others from other euro countries have done the same, no upfront payment etc All done over the phone since the online option was removed
  5. Or daft we are still going if allowed entry even if no cruise, we have a Airbnb booked and will go NZ while over that way
  6. I gambled and booked our flights to Sydney and return from Singapore for March cruise, I booked a fantastic price in business class Qatar qsuites fully enclosed suite, if things are not back to normal their confidence policy is good
  7. Australia RC are terrible at not sending out invoice confirmation 4 bookings and not one confirmation until I phone and ask for one, I’m waiting for FCC I bet it’s just sitting their waiting for me to phone and ask
  8. Also we had a all inclusive deal with deluxe drinks so l&s was a easy choice
  9. Depends if the l&s have a cruise you want to take if not take FCC
  10. Did everyone one of them ports with P&O and Iceland is just fantastic
  11. Alaska-Hawai-South Pacific-NZ-Australia it’s 4 back to backs but one day
  12. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.94405592.594647497.1590767327-1101230479.1590767327
  13. They gave us a option on 8 cruises and they differed in cruise length, there’s a online form under the cruise with confidence section just follow the instructions and they will give you the options
  14. We like any cabin near the aft lifts on deck 8 or 9, great access for most places
  15. I was told I had a option of 8 cruise to lift and shift they have a tool and they are the only ones available all repositioning or TA they would not let me move to any other cruise not on the list, you can go online and see the options for yourself https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.94405592.594647497.1590767327-1101230479.1590767327
  16. Wow my lift and shift was done over night after I filled the online form in yesterday a quick call to get cabins next to each other and all done and they seem to have reduced the price in my favour
  17. Yep no point in worrying about a vacation there’re meant to be fun, I think they will sail her straight back to the US after dry dock
  18. I raced a you lad on the water slides he went twice to my one yep I got stuck, maybe I need more weight to go fatster (fatter)
  19. Made the decision to lift and shift the Allure TA They said our free deluxe package will swap over as it’s a all inclusive package, we chose the Harmony TA next year from Barcelona, just need to cancel everything and rebook everything
  20. I’m waiting for a few FCC few from Australia and one form UK can these be used on any booking booked in any country or are the tied into the country you booked at?
  21. Try here https://www.aerlingus.com/html/trip-mgmt.html#?select=0
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