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  1. If summer cruises are at reduced capacity, would having the Key be of any benefit?
  2. Im aware of that, but my concern is if its required in the future
  3. I have a 13 year old who I wont be getting vaccinated, and I am booked to travel on Allure 22nd August. Currently I am thinking of cancelling and getting a FCC (its the only option apparently) as I don't like the sound of the 'health protocols'. Assuming RCL make cruises only available to vaccinated children forevermore, do you think I am within my rights to ask for a refund? as I will never be able to use the FCC.
  4. Assuming the ship was fully booked how will they offload people? Also if its 50% I may aswell cancel the key! Ive noticed its not for sale anymore?
  5. Im interested how it affects UK children who may not be eligible? Additional costs/restrictions?
  6. But still restrictions? This will make them stand out like a load of Lepers! I don't want my children being ostracised for being un-vaxxed
  7. As Fain has said this He added that there would be no additional costs for children who are not eligible for the vaccine. Do we think this will apply to UK children who most likely not be eligible by my cruise date?
  8. Not what this says? Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that prohibits businesses and government agencies in the state from asking people for proof — digital passport or otherwise — of a COVID-19 vaccination.
  9. If in Florida RCL are not able to ask the vaccine status of passengers, how will they know?
  10. But its also the procedures on board for the un-vaxxed that I don't want my children to cruise under. I also suspect they will be looked upon as disease spreaders by some! If this applies "The move comes after Florida passed a law that will fine companies $5,000 each time they ask customers if they are vaccinated against the coronavirus" How would RCL determines someone's vax status?
  11. Assuming the policy of children over 12 need to be vaccinated to cruise lasts forevermore, and my children wont be getting vaccinated (until the trial period is over) Because of this rule and over procedures on board for the great unvaxxed, it looks as though I will be cancelling my Aug 22nd cruise on Allure. Therefore I'm guessing I will only be offered a fcc? Now here is the issue, I will possibly never be able to cruise in the near future due to the vaccination policy, therefore there is literally no point re-booking with fcc. In this instance would it be not be reasonable to re
  12. You are aware that vaccinated people can still get it?
  13. Hypothetically, if the vaccination rules apply to children for next year as well. How will I ever be able to get my money back?
  14. So am I right in thinking there is no way I can get a full cash refund?
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