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  1. This protocol must be a resident of the United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands & Isle of Man). Just plain sucks
  2. Soo cool pity it's Cyprus it's a hard place in Europe to get to Flights from Belgium with Ryanair are already over €400 each.
  3. Still showing vaccine requirement for cruises out of Cyprus for me. I presume Barcelona will be the same.
  4. I'm so enjoying Matt being speechless. Amazing if I was watching live I would definitely have chipped in the odd 5 bucks lol
  5. This is a great resume about vaccinations and sailings but did you know in Europe and Asia cruise lines have been sailing with unvaccinated guests for many months now? Royal Caribbean has now passed more than 100 000 passengers in its cruises from Singapore and MSC and TUI have been sailing from Europe for many months with only one or two family break outs which were swiftly contained. RC is sailing from Cyprus this summer on Jewel and kids are allowed on already with a negative PCR test. I fully expect there to be the usual temp checks testing and social distancing rules in place and I don't see any problems arising on their sailings. I think the American cruise industry is doing too much hand wringing about all of this and hope this bill to limit the CDC in cruise ship protocols works as they really have went far beyond their remit as far as cruising is concerned.
  6. That never bothers me as I always something to top it up Do you think that the rest of European summer cruises will be cancelled? MSC is the only major cruise line in the med at the moment and they are cleaning up most balconies on their ships are gone and suites are gone as well. I'm surprised that Royal have Harmony of the Seas still sitting idling while Anthem is already announced.
  7. I will be cruising this summer from many European locations. Belgium will have enough vaccines to fully vaccinate 50% of the adult population by end June and that is only taking into account 1 out of 4 suppliers who can commit to supply. AZ, J&J and Moderna have not yet given their supply details yet so expect this number to rise perhaps even up to 60% fully vaccinated by end June in time for summer season. I think the Cruise companies might regret moving their ships to cold and wet summer cruises in the UK. Not even thinking of two other vaccines about to announce vaccines in Q2, Novavax and Curavax. the future looks bright for European Cruises this summer with no CDC to worry about. People might be best hanging fire on UK British Isles cruises to see what's out there in the next couple of months. Like I have said before if that is Europe wide then we are talking about potentially 200 million fully vaccinated clients in the EU come July. Cruise lines would be very foolish not to want to tap into that market.
  8. I'm a Brit living in Belgium. I was disappointed at first to see the UK government unsurprisingly opted for UK only cruising to UK only residents this summer. Given over 50% of EU citizens will be vaccinated fully by start of August I hope it will allow the UK gov to drop this UK only rule and also seeing cruise lines amend their offerings perhaps to go to Iceland or Norwegian fjords.
  9. Hi Jeff, for us Non US readers can you tell me what HHS, NSO, PHE and CSO mean? thanks, John
  10. @J_KeebleAlso tempted but I need to wait to see what kind of vaccine I get. I'm due to be vaccinated mid-june if I get one of the 3 week ones Moderna or Pfizerm or the one shot J&J I will be ok for August. If I am unlucky and get AZ it will take another 3 months for me to be fully vaccinated. So I cannot book anything at the moment which sucks.
  11. The Q2 April - June period should see 50% of EU citizens vaccinated as the numbers really ramp up. Q3 July-September predictions show that the EU will have supply to fully vaccinate all citizens by end of September. I have a feeling this date will be lower as the US will eventually stop it's export ban and allow pharma companies to fulfill their legal contracts with other countries. So I wouldn't be so concerned about EU vaccines. If 50% of EU citizens are vaccinated by end June that is a HUGE number of people to sell cruises to roughly 223 MILLION adults . RC would be completely insane not to tap into that market. Let's say they don't meet their target and only 40% are done. that is still 180 MILLION adult customers. Yes I hope Harmony sails from Italy or Spain this summer. Cyprus is a lovely place to start a cruise from I will be following this with interest.
  12. I think RC will abandon Europe this year. Which is a shame as most EU countries will have 50% of their population and 100% of their retirees fully vaccinated by end June. Plenty of people capable of proving vaccination for the summer.
  13. Great news, but what about children and more importantly teens. My boy will be 16 this year in May. So far our country has not approved vaccines for 16+ although Pfizer has recommended their vaccine for 16+ Europe will begin to vaccinate all adults beginning Q3 with vaccines exceed supply by 200% in Q4. This is guaranteed. So we could look at Halloween cruises having been fully vaccinated. I presume the incidence of covid at that stage would be virtually 0 so a negative covid test for non vaccinated kids should be an option I hope.
  14. Ha why didn't I think of this. makes prefect sense. However I can't find another cruise that suits my son's school schedule at the moment. I'm waiting for school to announce next year's holiday schedule.
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