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  1. We've managed to convince another 4 people onto the cruise one gets sea sick so I hope the cruise to Mykonos is smooth.... Looking foward to it. Only 48 more diet days to go.
  2. Getting worried about our two cruises now and the fact that 12 other people are coming on our cruise we booked. I hope we don't get the blame if they test positive. We have decided to avoid crowded locations on the ship and will probably wear masks. We both have covid at the minute and it's pretty nasty. Going to phone the doctor tomorrow see if we can get some tablets for it.
  3. Hi Donna looks like we will have the ship to ourselves. For the testing you don't need to have a PCR you can do an Antigen at any chemist, it's the ones where you get the result within 15 minutes and now Royal have announced that for Italy you can do it 2 days before you board.
  4. We are just about to book this cruise as well, and also staying two nights. Bit costly if we have to tack on 400+ euros for transfers. Glad I found this page.
  5. We are going on this cruise with family 4 adults 2 teens (17-19) we are also staying in Rome from 8th July. (Party of 3, party of 2, and solo traveler.) We live in Ireland and Belgium and we also have 2 other couples coming along on the same cruise from England and Ireland so we will be 10 in total at some point. Been on Independence, Explorer and Harmony before so this is our first Quantum class ship, looking forward to the port stops and to hearing what others are doing. With less than 3 months to go we will probably have to test somewhere in Rome before our cruise so also wanting to hear of experiences regarding this. I'm starting to look at excursions now it's getting closer I will post here if I see anything interesting. Happy sailing all, John
  6. Thanks for this. I got a discount rate and discount rate on the drinks package do they transfer the discounted drinks across? I would understand they just give me the going rate for the room but would hate to loose those drink package deals full price is €91.85 reduced to €68.66 at the moment. I got it for €46
  7. Had to do this to get my drinks package for my July 2022 sailing they had discounted drinks on select European 2022 sailings. Took 3 goes before I found someone that knew the codes to get this deal. The other two even denied such a deal existed. If you don't get anywhere try again.
  8. Hi there, We booked direct with RCI (bad experience with our two previous TA's so decided to go direct) and I want to upgrade from inside to Balcony as a surprise for my wife. We agreed an inside to save money but I have some savings squirreled away and want to surprise her when boarding. I don't see any buttons on my reservation to upgrade. Also is there a good time to hit the upgrade button (if there was one.) ? I understand there is a Royal Up bidding programme but would like to guarantee and pick my own cabin spot. Many thanks for any assistance fellow cruisers.
  9. You get on Allure of the seas 3rd July 6 nights balcony for 3 for 530$ pp cheapest cruise in Europe on a similar ship in the summer is around 1300$ pp If it’s supply and demande then they need to start supplying more ships to Europe as nearly 3300$ usd balcony for 3 for a 6 night cruise is too expensive…..
  10. I'd say go on a European cruise where she would be treated like an adult at 18
  11. I've been searching all the major cruise lines for some weekend or midweek cruises but none of the lines seem to do it? Seem like a missed opportunity to get younger people on board. There are many times during April-June in Europe where there are Monday's or Friday's off where people could go on a long weekend cruise. So far I have only found 1 on NCL but it leaves and arrives at different ports which means you miss out on good return flight packages. The US seems full of these shorter cruises why aren't there many/any in Europe?
  12. One thing to consider is the 20 year old will be allowed drinks from the bar. I would choose brilliance as well. Our next cruise when covid finishes will be to the Greek islands. I cannot wait.
  13. driving means multiple stops at roadside facilities. I'd rather fly for a day that visit these lol joking aside longest drive i've ever done was 8 hours and never again.....
  14. I'm not a smoker but understand your feelings but you should know that smoking indoors is banned in many European countries so expect sailings to follow suit.
  15. I thought that wonder had a whole section of the ship dedicated to suites?
  16. Thanks my son is at school the following week in October so we can't afford to be stuck in a foreign country. We are all vaccinated so I'd rather mask up and fly home that be in quarantine somewhere. Just looked again and we can now book connecting cabins it's very strange every day for the same booking multiple options appear and disappear Saturday morning all were sold out now there are balconies on multiple decks. Just wish they would allow 3 to a cabin as it's €404 for guarantee balcony which rises to €909 to choose your own...
  17. Great news thanks Mike. From reading this I will still have to take a antigen test even though I'm fully vaccinated and have to take a test on arrival in the UK. This would be a problem as I would be staying in a hotel the night before sailing. I wonder if I can get the test delivered to the hotel?
  18. Thanks for these updates. To be honest I'm not surprised about numbers since they don't allow you to book 3 to a cabin. We want to go with our 16 year old son in October we have tried ringing and they will absolutely NOT allow 3 in a cabin and seem unwilling (???) to book connecting cabins when we phone despite availability on the website. What happens if you test positive getting off the ship? Are you stuck in Barcelona for a week?
  19. I thought it would end in September but I cannot find any information about it. Looks like they are still only doing UK cruises for UK residents for the rest of 2021 ?
  20. This protocol must be a resident of the United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands & Isle of Man). Just plain sucks ?
  21. Soo cool pity it's Cyprus it's a hard place in Europe to get to ? Flights from Belgium with Ryanair are already over €400 each.
  22. Still showing vaccine requirement for cruises out of Cyprus for me. I presume Barcelona will be the same.
  23. I'm so enjoying Matt being speechless. Amazing if I was watching live I would definitely have chipped in the odd 5 bucks lol
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