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  1. Booked for May 21 but thinking of cancelling and rebooking for the October of the same year. If I cancel and they give me £600 in FCC can i use the FCC to make a deposit on the October cruise? thanks, John
  2. It is not yet proven that with the vaccine you can't catch or spread the virus sadly. Perhaps by September more studies will have been done. Still even with a vaccine 10% of those vaccinated will not be immune and can infect each other. It's wait and see but don't expect masks to go away this year even with mass vaccination programmes. I'm just hoping that their use outdoors on a ship can be relaxed as I really don't want to wear one sitting outdoors.
  3. I agree I would definitely cruise with a mask requirement but I would also definitely avail more of room service for my meals. For us we have spoiled ourselves with a Balcony so would not cruise unless we can afford one. I think a lot of studies have shown that the chance of infection in the open air is very limited and people would have to be inches away from you with no wind, therefore I think that once seated outside the mask requirement should be dropped. Also can we keep covid posts specifically in relation to cruising if possible, otherwise it quickly descends into political
  4. Really looking forward to have something booked going from Barcelona on Harmony, the ship I was on from Florida last August. Don't have to make the final payment until 13th March so we can see how it's progressing by then. However I did opt for the drinks package already as it was only £38 per night. Never seen it that low before. Anyone else feeling more upbeat since the vaccine announcements.
  5. Did they say US sailings only? I must have missed this part. I'm hoping European sailings begin also in March 2021.
  6. Good morning all from a sunny Belgium it's been 515 days since I disembarked from Explorer of the Seas in Southampton. I like RC blog for it's reliable no nonsense information but I am finding it quite US centric. Where can I find reliable information on possible start dates for European sailings. Are RC only starting in Europe when the US government says its ok? From what I can read they are starting worldwide on 1st December. Any reason to think this won't happen? Thanks J
  7. I fully agree however as a committed European I think we need to stop closing borders. There is frankly no evidence to suggest that me travelling from one location to another helps spread the virus. The virus is everywhere and people travelling will not make any significant difference.
  8. ok anyone have any idea when they will post the new sailings online? If I were in charge I would make no announcements until the sailings were posted. I'm not searching every day it's ridiculous. Was about to book but will now wait and see.
  9. ok has their website been updated I was looking at harmony from Barcelona in May it still shows the same cruises? Adventure of the seas is showing no cruises from Barcelona at the moment.
  10. I wasn't talking about the test. If I pay $4000 for a weeks cruise from Barcelona and turn up at port to be denied boarding and have to arrange a quick flight home or 2 week's hotel quarantine my insurance won't cover it. If they start testing before boarding this is a red flag for me as I cannot be stuck in a foreign country.
  11. TUI flights Zante (Greece) to Cardiff (Wales) had 7 with corona virus positive cases, mask wearing wasn't complied with and the staff were not enforcing their rules. Massive media coverage all over the UK and in Europe about this. TUI are still operating flights nothing has changed. If cruise lines get a few cases I shouldn't see why this would change a future cruise the next week. Like other (rare) norovirus cases I don't see that anything should change even with a few cases onboard (in isolation)
  12. @Jason12 Do you have to include the flights with the initial booking or can you phone them up to add flights later? Sorry for the questions and thanks for taking the time to answer. PS I love the photo with homer.
  13. Thanks Jason that's great news did you phone the UK number or a US agent?
  14. Just look and RC's air travel is only for US and CA residents. For my flight next year Brussels to Barcelona none of the airlines flying the route offer any cancellation refunds or vouchers unless you take business class or fully flexible. Could book though and take a credit on my deposit if i couldn't find the flights?
  15. Doesn't matter it's not for European customers. What is the air2sea department? There website doesn't offer included flights does it or is it only shown when you have booked the cruise? I'm in the same position I want to book a good priced cruise for next year but I don't want to take expensive non-refundable flights in case the cruise doesn't sail. It's the first time I've heard of RC booking flights. thanks, John
  16. check out this guy. If you watch on PC you can choose for it to auto translate CC into English, which it does fairly well, abeit with some really funny mistakes but you can get the most of it. Thanks to @Neaxan for posting it a few weeks ago. Seems like he's also doing river cruises. I follow several vloggers doing theme parks as well and not one of them has caught the disease despite being in Florida AND visiting themeparks daily. What does that mean for me? Well it means when you have situations which are controlled and protocols in place the mitigat
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