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  1. Just looking at May June 2023 and May June 2024. Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 28 MAY 2023 £459 Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 11 JUNE 2023 £519 Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 25 JUNE 2023 £549 Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 25 MAY 2024 £864 Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 15 JUNE 2024 £936 Ravenna - greek isles 7 nights 29 JUNE 2024 £906 I think i'll wait until March 2024 to book
  2. Just reading on a disney forum that in Europe adults (18+) still need to get parental consent to drink and parents have to be at the bar with their adult children when ordering drinks. Is this common across all cruise lines or just Disney? I ask as my niece (19) had the drinks package on our med cruise last year on Royal. Never a question was asked and her mum didn't have to sign any waiver.
  3. Just thinking about doing this cruise but see that Balconies and Suites are already sold out. If we book an ocean view will we actually have a view or will we just be staring at canal walls? 2nd question do you think balcony cabins or suites will be available later on? I ask this as we booked an inside on Brilliance for August in February but after April dozens of balconies and suites came online to buy. Should we already go for an inside and can we pay the difference for an upgrade later if something opens up? 3rd question is November a good time to go weather wise will we have nice warm sunny weather? Anything to pay attention to? Thanks, John
  4. Congrats don't want to rain on parade but we 'won' an upgrade on Brilliance of the seas to a balcony above the piano bar. The piano bar singer was awful. Some nights we had early starts but really couldn't sleep until after he'd finished lol. Most people wouldn't be affected by this but sadly I'm one of them that once I hear something I hear it and can't drown it out. Anyway I can't imagine a spacious balcony will be above any pubs or bars. You'll love Odyssey it was my favourite ship by a distance.
  5. Thanks seems like a cheaper option would be just to do 24 nights rather than a 7 night and 5 night in a suite.
  6. On the RC site you can filter ships, date, location, duration and price from low to high but you can't filter cabin type. Sometimes the cheapest inside cabins don't have the cheapest suites. We are 24 points from Diamond so want to do some cheap double points cruises this year.
  7. You make a great point. Sad thing is that Oasis class ships have far more people than seats at bars. This is just a reality. If you don't leave sharpish then you do stand a chance of having to stand for the next event at the bar. I always stay to applaud but doing so I realise I won't get a seat when I hit the bars. Same as if I stroll up at 1pm to pool side on a sea day then start looking for a seat lol. Can I just add people playing loud music on their balcony. We had this recently on Brilliance of the seas. Trying to read my book to loud music is not enjoyable.
  8. Don't worry about it. Just send one of you on with the baby the other will drop the cases with the driver. He puts them all on the bus. There were 3 busses when we were there. Only very small issue was the 30 minute wait once we got there as the other 2 buses beat us to the port and there was limited space at the port for all the covid checks. Of course this might have improved now they are not required. But don't worry about the transfer it's well run.
  9. People sending someone early to the theatre show to reserve 10+ seats, then when the show starts 4-5 of their reserved seats are still empty.
  10. Just to clarify there are two departures 9am and 11am it was easy to do. We booked the shuttle out from venice and return to Bologna will NEVER do that again. Our voucher never stated the outward journey despite lots of calls to RC. The Tronchetto people mover runs from the Piazzale Roma, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy is easy to use it's 1.50 and it's only two stops there are about 20 people with clipboards from all different cruise lines so you have to guess which one is RC. They were all wearing Trumpy (yes, i laughed) tours t-shirts. The bus had airco and we stopped about 2 hours in for a 10 minute loo stop. We were returning to Bologna but on RC ships system it was venice. Lucky I had my voucher with me which said Bologna as the CS were insisting on Venice. Bologna is much closer so for all you wanting to do Brilliance choose Bologna airport if you can. There is a handy monorail from the station to the airport.
  11. I'm now Emerald and never received any pins at what level do you get them?
  12. Great post and I agree with everything however on European sailing we have been on while the 12-17 shared the same area the activities were definitely 12-14 and 15-17. My 13 year old had a great time with kids his age doing the activities. Perhaps after the restart they are having some issues getting the clubs up and running again.
  13. Just be careful to fully read the protocols it changes from region to ports even. Hope you have a great cruise. Just a word of warning to unvaxxed that have not had covid yet. There is a high risk of catching it on the ship. I speak from personal experience having done 2 seven night cruises. Many people including all those that hadn't yet had covid in my party caught it. Just want to add, good or bad, don't expect people to test or even tell Royal that they have it. That's clearly not happening in many cases.
  14. I suppose it depends we usually have two pretty full cases with slacks, suit, toiletries but we always go on 7 day cruises with 2-3 days either before or after so need the supplies, we don't want to be walking around with sweat stained t-shirts on day 5 lol I moved my luggage through the ship once and the carpets make it tough going so I prefer to let someone else do the heavy lifting after the cruise.
  15. Firstly most banks in Europe don't have cash you have to order it. Last few times I've ordered USD the lowest denomination I could get was 20$. People these days use pre-paid cards in Europe like Monzo or Revolut. Cash is rarely used in Europe and I am suspicious when a vendor says his machine is broke. I usually reply saying that's ok I can do a phone transfer. In most bars people tap to pay for drinks.
  16. You may but good luck getting them outside the US
  17. Sadly in Europe we don't have 1 or 2 bills only coins so I double line my speedos to tip all the people I talk to on the ship. I get funny looks with my 200 coins bulging but hey ho when in Rome....
  18. Don't worry it's only 3 questions now and they ask you to confirm them at port, it won't take longer.
  19. People also do this to get the one deluxe package what they do is they can print a duplicate key for you that just opens the door so the parent that swaps rooms still has account privileges on it.
  20. Congrats. We had to do it for our two european cruises this summer. I always self tested before so kind of knew the result but it's still stressful. It didn't matter for the first cruise as anyone in our party of 12 who never had covid caught it on the cruise.
  21. I have enjoyed reading this post. I was lucky enough to be on two European cruises this summer with a large contingent of US clients. However I didn't see 1 dollar pass hands or get left for any drinks over my 14 nights of cruising I'm really surprised at this considering that many on these boards say they take stacks of 1$ bills to hand out. Does the tipping policy not extend when not cruising out of US ports? Or is it done discreetly via a palm with the deluxe drink card hand over. I'm not saying it doesn't happen just I expected to see it once or twice on my cruise but didn't see it at all on any night.
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