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  1. This will be our first cruise of 2023! So excited to take our kids, and be joined by our best friends along with their kids, 147 days and counting!
  2. WooHoo!! Covid tests came back negative, we are headed to Galveston tomorrow, will see you all Sunday onboard the Liberty! Can't wait!
  3. I have not sailed on Odyssey, but most modern cruise ships will have both. Some even have additional USB charging ports.
  4. WooHoo!! We are all checked in, Hotel booked for the night before, excursions booked, drink package purchased, just need these next 44 days to get out of the way!
  5. So excited for an Oasis class ship to home port in Galveston, can't wait to see the new terminal!
  6. Anyone else get the email to bid for Royal Up on this cruise? I got it yesterday, put in a couple of bids, fingers crossed. We got lucky last November were able to Royal Up to an Owner's Suite from a Balcony on the Symphony OTS.
  7. We are so excited to be joining you on the Liberty! This will be our 5th cruise, but the first cruise or vacation of any kind I and my wife have taken, with just the two of us, no family, friends, etc... Looking forwarding to getting away from it all for a week!
  8. All covid test came back negative! Fly to Miami this afternoon, and cruise port on Saturday! So excited!
  9. 2 down, 2 to go. My 11 yr old's (not vaccinated) came back negative yesterday, I did my @home test this morning, which came back negative. Now just waiting for my wife and 14yr old, to get home to do theirs!
  10. We were just notified last night that our Royal Up bid for the Owners Suite, on Symphony, sailing this Saturday, so 4 days or so. I don't know if that's standard or not. This was our first time ever using Royal UP.
  11. I originally put in our Royal Up bids on 9/8 for our 11/20 sailing on SOS, we originally booked a standard balcony room. About two weeks ago, all but the Owners Suite had expired, and I couldn't edit the Owners Suite Bid. Got notified yesterday afternoon that we got the Owners Suite, so about 5 days notice. We've never been in anything above a Jr Suite, and are super excited!
  12. WooHoo!!! We just got notified last night that our Royal Up was accepted! Can't wait until Saturday!
  13. We will also be on this sailing, My wife, myself and our two sons (14 and 11), as well as my Parents, sister, brother, sister in law, and nephew, across 3 staterooms. This will be our first time on an Oasis Class ship, and first Thanksgiving sailing! We can't wait! We also have 12:00 check in time.
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