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  1. Another interesting point about The Key on my sailing on Symphony on 11/2...I purchased it originally at $19.99 and later cancelled it to use the money for more specialty dining...when I looked afterwards, it was showing as sold out. Now, today, it is for sale again at $29.99...it had hit a high of $34.99. I wonder if they added capacity for it or if people are cancelling it leading up to the sailing. With the prospect of Chops/Jamie's embarkation day lunch being in in the MDR, it isn't interesting to me any longer. I wonder if it's the same for others.
  2. From Port Miami, if you're flying out of MIA, 11:00 to be safe. If you're flying out of FLL, noon to be safe.
  3. I have found good deals on kiwi.com and googleflights, but you have to jump on the good fares when you see them and pay attention to the travel time involved. You might find yourself sitting in Reykyavik for 18 hours for a connection to Dublin to connect to Oslo to get to Barcalona.
  4. I always do a one-way rental...Hertz and Budget are competitive. Cheaper than a couple of Ubers.
  5. Compartment on phone, lanyard or pocket. If WOW bands are available, then one of those.
  6. My first cruise was a four nighter on Enchantment of the Seas one January. I left the cold of Tennessee to find myself watching the ship anchor at Coco Cay early in the morning while the sun rose. What an amazing experience! Then, spending time on the beach soaking in the warmth of the sun that time of year was fantastic. The next day was in Nassau and involved a tour which helped me identify what to do and not to do regarding excursions. It wasn't the best experience in itself, but gave me confidence to branch out in a Caribbean port. The last day was a choppy sea day which ended up with some rolling and the feeling of sea sickness for the first time. Yuck. I figured out that where you are on board has an effect on how you feel, and to stay hydrated and eat green apples. I remember leaving the theater after the last performance thinking that I will be back on another ship asap. It was a little over a year, and the addiction was fully set with a seven night Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard Freedom. I love cruising on Royal Caribbean, and all the people I have met in this forum and on the one group cruise we were able to go on.
  7. Here's a link to one from August https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/navigator-of-the-seas/fri-2019-08-30-0000
  8. That would be a great comment to put on a survey. I think that it would be impossible to respond to them, but they can get a global impression of how things are going by processing the responses.
  9. Sailing is 54 days away and the only thing showing up on the app is MTD. I have booked Izumi Hibachi, all the entertainment and Escape the Rubicon. Not showing yet. I got Chops plus One for specialty, but I can't book until I am on board.
  10. When can a cruiser expect to see their personalized calendar with entertainment, Escape the Rubicon, Izumi and other Pre-purchased items show up on their “my calendar” on the app. It’s all viewable on the cruise planner, and I’m curious. I assume it will be upon boarding, but i’m not certain.
  11. My daughter and I have both been to Nachi a couple of times. She has been to El Cozumeleno once with her brother. She far prefers El Coz, and she loved Nachi.
  12. I am 67 days out on my sailing on Symphony, and bookings for shows other than stand up comedy became available today. The shows are Hairspray, 1977, Hiro and Flight... Stand Up Comedy has been available for about a month.
  13. On a lot of sailings, the crew sells bottled water as you disembark while in port. Depending on the excursion, I am not certain you would be able to refill, but you can certainly take it with you after filling up in your cabin or the windjammer.
  14. I have found it depends mostly on what ship you are on...I love your description of it on your sailing!
  15. The smallest ship may have something to do with limited activities in this area...time of year that you're sailing too...
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