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  1. It's all so exhausting...may shut off all interest in cruising and wait to see if any of this flip flopping ever ends.
  2. Oh wow....that usually happens on a Friday...Not having a good day...my eyes deceive me. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. The way Explorer took to get to the east coast is how I predict other ships will take to get to the west cost. I don't know that information. Does anyone else?
  4. I am in a 12 step program for my addiction to certainty, and say the Serenity Prayer when I remember to if I am triggered.
  5. my take...it will be a mess for a month or two as things shake out and loosen up.
  6. It didn't take long for Fain's video to turn into scolding word salad for me. Another reason why I am waiting it all out.
  7. It's scenarios like these that led me to cancel everything several months ago, grit my teeth and wait it all out until cruising fully resumes. It relegated me to a couple of land vacations. It could be a LOT worse, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have and the memories of being on RC ships. Ultimately, it is helping me save some money for when the right situation comes along even if it pushes against my addiction to certainty. I will say that if Royal brokers an insurance transaction even if they aren't an agent, that they should go to bat on those refunds. They should insist n that with those carriers.
  8. let it all play out...segregating and division won't work for anyone
  9. move to TN (or FL)...we've been in restaurants and churches (maskless) in areas other than Nashville and Memphis since JULY with numbers that are similar to or better than states that are still locked down. Makes you wonder.
  10. is there a chance that a "CDC is Drunk with Power Fueled by Word Salad, so Vent Here" forum can be set up?
  11. Announcements will happen when they happen and cruising will start when it starts. It seems like with all the news last week, a lot of pressure came off the CDC. I wonder if that's a good thing (I think that's a bad thing because I am too much of a pessimist). I'd love to see more news about the lawsuits and of the CDC being dragged through the mud. I just want our certainty back so we can YOLO book it when we want and know we are going to sail...unless there's a charter that pushes me out.
  12. Isn't each billion dollar loss equivalent to the time it takes to capitalize a new ship now? I wonder how many ships would have been in the fleet without the pandemic verses with by the year 2025.
  13. I agree with the sentiment regarding inconsistency in some areas. The thing that puzzles me are the times I do mock bookings and it is cheaper to pick my own room than a guarantee. I wonder if those issues are IT related or some sort of marketing strategy I don't understand. I also wonder if their financial analysts are trying to get so dialed in with maximizing revenue during booking and on board, they do it at the expense of those who are less forgiving of the inconsistency.
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