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  1. The smallest ship may have something to do with limited activities in this area...time of year that you're sailing too...
  2. It's more likely you will have a boarding number between A-10 and A-30...I think it's over rated, and intended to generate revenue. If everyone in your group is on the spot for online check-in exactly 24 hours before your flight, the likelihood of sitting together is pretty good with a B1-30 slot. Those odds go down if your plane has passengers from the previous flight flying through.
  3. There's plenty of time for another Cruise Planner sale. There's no chance they will bargain on pricing since they can only book what is loaded into the system when you call. If they did it for you, they'd have to do it for everyone. A good strategy is to book it today regardless of the price and cancel and rebook later when it lowers. I also like @tiny260's suggestion about the Black Friday idea...there is certain to be a deal out there that day, you will have about 100 days left till you cruise.
  4. I'm curious to know what the cost for lunch at Jamie's on Symphony is on board. The CP cost is $24.99. It does not show a discount. If this is the cost, I will just show up while on board on a day I feel like going. Does anyone know?
  5. At embarkation ports in Florida, it is a third party company called Intercruises that handle check-in details and may provide for the security in the terminal, although I am not certain of that. When stepping on board, ship security takes over, and they scan your Seapass each time you board or disembark and ask all the pertinent questions. Every time I observe them or interact with them, I am impressed. They deal with all kinds of crap from entitled passengers, and handle it really well.
  6. That's what we did when we did our first GC...you may be able to book now to take advantage of possible lower prices and then see if rebooking yields more OBC to justify...
  7. you will be very glad you have those wheels when you get on board!
  8. It's true that rooms aren't ready until 1:00 pm. Show up when you want, especially if you're in a Grand Suite...bring a carry on with essentials. If you board in the morning starting around 10:30, you can go to lunch or the pool or both. Ideas for complimentary lunch are the Windjammer, Park Cafe, and I believe the Solarium Bistro...you can also get food at the Promenade Cafe Chops, Jamie's are open for an extra charge. I wouldn't sweat when you board.
  9. I usually keep my SeaPass in my phone case under a towel and hat on the lounger. I don't worry about it especially if it is close to the pool or hot tub I am using. I have also put my SeaPass on a lanyard, looped it on the lounger and covered it with a towel secured by towel clips. It may be a slight risk, but if my SeaPass disappears, Guest Services can take care of that issue quickly.
  10. Next time I am there, I will definitely do the port area and just hang around. I really like the lounges and the pool options.
  11. You're looking at a 30 minute drive from the cruise terminal to SEATAC, and that's not considering during rush hour on a Friday...I think there are a lot of variables for you to be comfortable disembarking and getting to your flight on time. I would try to see if the flight can be changed. If you can't, self carry off and be among the first to go through customs if you can.
  12. I have loved every ship! I flip flop between Navigator and Empress as my favorite. Navigator because it has all the features of Freedom Class and is a little smaller, and Empress for the character of that ship, and the best Boleros and Schooner bars I have been to. And the cafecitos you can get at the coffee bar at the starboard entrance to Boleros.
  13. I'd love to know where your husband read that! I don't think I've ever been in the Windjammer other than embarkation day with fully covered shoes. Could it be that this was in documentation about a behind the scenes tour? They are sticklers for it when you tour the galleys.
  14. The Cruise Planner will list hours each day.
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