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  1. It doesn't work from Firefox or Edge using a bookmark and linking from a google search gets the same result. Oh well.
  2. The Shiplife YT channel is speculating Navigator and Mariner
  3. To me, it's good news as long as those who prefer not to take a vaccine can assume the risk in not doing so when booking.
  4. All of this emphasizes that the cruising public will run into a cluster in the opening months. I don't care about my own exposure to a disease with a flat death rate, but all of this complexity and friction isn't worth it until the perception of overkill kicks in. Cruising will suck for a long while.
  5. Kind of like changing the date on a previously published world wide cruise avoidance warning.
  6. I am in complete agreement. I go down the rabbit holes of the CDC, WHO, NEJM and NIH and scientific opposition to what politicians, media and others promote every day. If you go into the bowels of those sites, you realize media and government marketing programs aren't being truthful, I have a growing library of links and pics built since the stat below came out in August. This hasn't changed. I am only posting this because the shaming of those who question this needs to end. If anyone feels better wearing a mask, please do so. We aren't staying home for you any more than we expect someone else
  7. I saw some pics of the welcoming of Apex to this hemisphere, but didn't see this YouTube video from Captain Kate on this thread, so I am posting it here. It makes the Cunard meetup in the River Merzy a few years ago look like amateur hour...impressive as it was.
  8. Totally agree...while dining at Wonderland is fun to do once, I wasn't wild about the food. It was just too weird for me. The drinks were awesome.
  9. It's going to happen eventually, so might as well be now...my pessimism makes me want to snark on the report, though.
  10. I bought The Key once and I think it is worth it if you are getting VOOM, and if you don't want to rush getting to a show. We boarded late, so we couldn't do the Chops lunch or utilize the carry on storage, which I think is minor. I think anything more than $24.99, it loses value.
  11. While on board Brilliance at the back by the windows in the Colony Club, I noticed engine vibration. I am checking to see if anyone has been in an aft cabin on Jewell, specifically 8168 or nearby if any vibrations can be felt that you might think are more pronounced than anywhere else on the ship. I have this booked for a Baltic in 2021.
  12. If it expires, how can it extend? I don't remember the no sail order having an expiration time on 9/30/20. Does that mean it's already expired?
  13. If I sail out of FL, I am more inclined to drive now after just being annoyed the whole time on a flight to/from Jacksonville in July. I am not tempted to justify it saying it's "not that bad." I am more inclined to say that it just sucks. The sketchy reporting of numbers from the CDC and localities about infections and deaths caused me to quit playing this fear game months ago. Active cases have consistently been at 0.12% of the population where I live (lockdown has been done for months and masks mandates have been done for weeks) and there haven't been deaths (0.01% to population) in weeks.
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