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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a movement to mandate HEPA filters on cruise ships despite the statistics that show that the transmission of viruses and diseases is much more likely on land. The bottom line is if you act like an idiot and expose yourself, not wash your hands and take measures anywhere, you'll get sick.
  2. @Scrumps Thanks for posting that. I just started the process on a cruise that just cancelled.
  3. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer is one of my favorite books telling the story that included Beck Weathers and everyone else who was on the mountain that year -- back when I was fit enough for some hiking/mountaineering...there are LOTS of videos on YouTube documenting it, and when there's time to kill while we are stuck at home, it's a nice break from watching PTZTV of Port Miami and Port Everglades. I hang on every word Beck Weathers utters when he is interviewed. He is a good man.
  4. It's a catch 22, and I wish the CG would make a recommendation to send ships to Jacksonville, Charleston or elsewhere up the coast where the population density isn't as high. I am certain those HAL ships are small enough to fit in those harbors. I think the HAL ships are flagged in the Netherlands, and I would think the closest port that would even consider them would be Sint Maarten, which I bet couldn't handle a lot of critical patients.
  5. While I think pricing is close to bottom now (it is certainly higher than where it landed a couple weeks ago), I made a purchase a couple days ago and will resist watching it every day...it is a long term consideration for me, and I do want to test the stock holder benefit on a sailing or two...the $100 credit seems nice, but is worthless if you end up selling for a loss. I also picked up some Carnival, because that stock is really hurting right now, and I think they have such brand diversity that they will end up recovering eventually.
  6. I follow a vlogger who has been in contact with crew on board Oasis...I thought I would share the latest video featuring the captain's announcement regarding that and some other things...I am keeping the crew in my prayers...
  7. We're booked in an aft cabin on Adventure on a Baltic cruise next year, and cannot WAIT...
  8. January 6, 2018 on Brilliance when straws weren't uncool
  9. every evening at 4, the ships around the Edge sound their horns...you can see it on @captkatemccue on Instagram...they have been around Symphony, Harmony, Oasis till she went to Miami yesterday, a couple other Celebrity ships, some MSC ships, etc Follow #HopeFloats for their Sunset Salutes
  10. The cruise lines have plenty of cash right now and are taking prudent steps to recover quickly including the retiring of the operating cash they took out loans for. They will be fine...they will market their product, and veteran cruisers will be back immediately and new cruisers will forget the bad stories soon enough.
  11. I keep the PTZTV YT channel running in my makeshift home office and stare at the cruise ships that are alongside. Today, there are maybe a half dozen ships anchored off South Beach, and it is such a strange sight! Oasis came alongside this morning after Freedom left and docked to port, which I have not seen at the new terminal. The Chris Wong vlogs indicated that he debarked this morning and is facing a long day of travel. My prayers are for him and the many other crew members as they re-enter the new real world after such a great situation on board for the time they were floating around the Bahamas. Personally, I would prefer the perceived calm and safety of the ship at this time.
  12. I am kicking myself a little for not buying last week, but I am also glad I showed some restraint. I decided to see what the announcements are in a week or so and make a decision then. I would still stand to make a healthy margin if I bought now, but if another dip is coming, that's when I plan on going.
  13. If today's opening is any indication, the market liked it. RCL is up 72% from its low and 44% from its opening yesterday.
  14. Every single cruise has special memories of time with family and/or friends...I can't name just one.
  15. short update...both stocks I am tracking, RCL and CCL are up slightly ...first time in days...I scour the internet all day for good news, and the green looks a lot better than the red
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