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  1. I am replying just in case someone at Royal is reading this thread. 43 days in 2022, but I did not get an email, and my domain is gmail.
  2. It is not too difficult. You grab the hook and "tilt" the magnet a bit to the side (like opening a pull top aluminum can). Once the magnet lifts partially away from the wall then it will come right off. It does not take that much force to pull it off the wall by rotating it in this manner, but if you are concerned, you can always slide the magnet along the wall to an outward facing corner and then the magnet will very easily come off when a portion of it is no longer attached to the wall. Usually one cabin wall will have a corner like this on either the bathroom or the closet side. The ceiling is even easier since there are lots of places where there are little gaps to remove the magnets.
  3. My saga continues. My advice is don't wait around. Call, call and call again if you are pending. emed.pdf
  4. I just called too. They said that there was no issue with my credit card, so they elevated my case to "Level 3 Customer Support" like @SpeedNoodles. I will give them the weekend, but then I am going to copy your plan. However, I will wait until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday.
  5. It is interesting that the cancelled sailing of Serenade still went to Cozumel. Maybe the Serenade is simply picking up Covid positive crew from other ships, or maybe there is something else going on???
  6. I don't know a reason why, but the same thing happened to me. I just called up and told them that I didn't get the eDocs, and they "re-processed" them and I had them the next day. Just give Royal a call and ask for the eDocs.
  7. The smartphone app should allow real time comments/complaints so that they can be addressed ASAP. We should be able to use the app to send a message to the appropriate department head to address most issues such as maintenance, food/beverage, etc. This would be very helpful in addressing issues and reducing complaints and improving the passengers overall cruise experience.
  8. We look forward to meeting you onboard! Yes, most of the ships have clotheslines in the shower, but we find it more convenient to keep the drying clothes out of the bathroom.
  9. I received a similar thing a while back. Here it is:
  10. Transatlantics are generally less formal than a Caribbean cruise, and in our experience, similar to an Alaskan cruise. The weather is usually cooler and everyone is dealing with airline baggage limits, which makes efficient packing a requirement. You husband definitely does not need a suit or sport coat. Lightweight dresses that can be rolled are great, and so are pants, along with a very versatile warm wrap that can be worn in the evenings. On this trip, we will be gone for 35 days (the TA is the just the start of our trip as well) and we will pack enough clothes for one week. We will then re-wear or creatively re-combine our outfits make it seem like we are not wearing the same thing every day. We use a small clothes line (this is ours: https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Summit-Lite-Line-Clothesline/dp/B000T28X4E/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B000T28X4E&psc=1) and magnetic hooks (https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Refrigerator-Neodymium-Scratch-Resistant-Base,Ideal/dp/B07XG5HFVW/ref=sr_1_15?keywords=heavy+duty+magnetic+hooks&qid=1638749253&sr=8-15), and hang it in our cabin. We do a small amount of laundry (underwear, workout clothes, sleepwear, etc) each day of the cruise. Part of the fun is the planning!! Let us know if you have more questions.
  11. We are Mike & Lynne from Dunedin, Florida and we are joining you on this transatlantic crossing. This will be our fifth transatlantic. We love them!
  12. We are Mike & Lynne from Dunedin, Florida and we are also on this sailing (May 16, 2022) of Odyssey. We are staying at the Hotel San Giorgio in Civitavecchia before the cruise.
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