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  1. Life at the house of the CDC family: Celebrating the 10 year old's 100th birthday. Wearing a gas mask while sleeping in case of fire. Ensuring that everyone sleeps for 80 hours a night. Walking for ten hours instead of driving to reduce risk. Cooking all red meat to 1600 degrees. Essentially, just the most risk-averse and numerically illiterate household possible!
  2. I don't know, that data is from the CDC. Can we trust it to be accurate? Did they round down those 2189 outbreaks from 218,900? So many questions?
  3. Someone give them a free cruise! Once you cruise once you're pretty hooked, in my experience!
  4. Or dropped if it was unambiguous bad news. I would like to go by the mantra, "No news is good news." At least for now!
  5. These are definitely steps in the right direction, but I agree that these are baby steps. I'm afraid that by the time we end up at a reasonable place, at this glacial rate of change, it may be 2023 before things are back to normal.
  6. Critical thinking/wisdom, is sadly hard to find these days. Many people are happy to regurgitate what they hear with no comprehension and understanding. The stalwart cruisers, those on this forum, will still cruise regardless of what the media says (I imagine something about a 3000% increase in onboard cases, while in reality, it was from 0 cases to 1 case, and it was a false positive). But the general cruising public may be dissuaded from cruising through headlines, thus cruise leadership has to step particularly carefully.
  7. I have an August Mardis Gras sailing and while not cancelled, all sailings for Mardis Gras have disappeared from Carnival's website through October.
  8. Continuing this to its ludicrous conclusion, when the mask is removed for a bite, you have one hand holding each string. So you must have a sterile bag to place the mask in, and ideally someone dedicated to mask handling (obviously with their own mask and gloves) to place said mask into a sanitary ziploc bag of some kind, and to remove said mask from the bag when the bite is complete. Even if one transfers the mask to one hand, how much time will it take to place the mask back in the bag, and remove it again once (fully masked) chewing is complete? The CDC is a joke.
  9. Exactly. Any cruises under the existing CSO will be at minimum a few months from now, filled with insane restrictions, and likely poorly attended. Anyone will be able to cancel under CWC (if it's extended), and even besides that for other cruise lines, people who don't like the insane regulations can just claim to be vaccinated and get a refund (regardless of actual vaccination status. If we can see that tomorrow is our only hope, I'm sure the cruise lines can see the writing on the wall as well. I'm hopeful, but not convinced that tomorrow will be the day.
  10. I think the cruise lines may be putting not all their eggs, but a majority of them into the "May 12th" basket.
  11. This could be a great comedy/parody video. Unfortunately...it's reality.
  12. You mean the garlic butter? I kid, I kid. I also order WAY too much of the escargot on any Royal cruise I go on!
  13. Thanks Matt, that's the one. Looks like this could be on Wonder, although I know it' supposed to be on ICON. Although, if Icon class looks like that concept art, it sure has a LOT in common with Oasis Class.
  14. I believe there was some blueprints posted for some sort of fancy children's area.
  15. True. But that was determined months ago, around July-August 2020 if memory serves. Temperature checks continued in full swing until it became politically expedient to remove them. I mean, I'm all for less restrictions and no temp checks! And I hope beyond all hopes that cruising does resume in mid July. Time will tell.
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