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  1. Any contact info for @michelle? I think I'll need some help on this one haha!
  2. Yes, I have "loose" FCCs right now. I have recently freed them from their associated reservations, and they are all three FCCs because I was refused a cash refund when protocols were announced for past cruises. I would feel silly booking a cruise I know I wouldn't be going on just to wait for protocols to be announced to cancel in the hope that I could get a cash refund, even though I haven't been able to before.
  3. I have three $500 FCCs with RC. One was a Cruise with Confidence, I believe the others were not, can't remember at this point as they are all from at least 6 months ago to over a year ago. They all have a book by date of end of April 2022, with Sail By of end of December 2022. With current protocols, I am not allowed to sail on RC. So my question is, how can I get that money refunded, as cash instead of a future cruise credit? When I took the future cruise credits, mandatory vaccinations were not a thing, and I am not keen to book a cruise for December 2022 to possibly have to cancel it again for more future cruise credit. I feel that although I took future cruise credit initially, since policies have changed since I took it they should give me an option for a refund (unless policies change by April, or they announce that policies will change at a given date in the future before my sail by date). Anyone had any luck with this? My experiences with Royal have morphed from AMAZING (pre-pandemic, onboard the ships) to AWFUL (post pandemic, dealing with agents and my money over the phone), and I'd like to make it as simple as possible. Thanks!
  4. Just received this: IMPORTANT UPDATE THE ADVENTURE DOESN’T END HERE We’re writing to let you know that we will no longer be running our Free Ship-ing ™ Instant Win Sweepstakes! There are still plenty of ways to find adventure this holiday season. Take a look at our Black Friday deals to build your ultimate vacation with incredible savings and perks. Maybe they realized just how many free cruises they were giving away? Assuming $1500/cruise, one cruise per minute is $2.1 million.
  5. Also, even aside from the heaviness of the water, if you have a lazy river that goes from say, the port side to the starboard side, and the ship tilts a tiny bit, all the water will rush to one side of the river and the flow of the river will be ruined. Ever seen the videos of cruise ship pools in a storm? Imagine a storm with a lazy river. Dangerous amounts of water coming out of the river. I love a good lazy river, but it will never happen on a cruise ship unless they can fit it into the footprint of a typical cruise ship swimming pool.
  6. I have this on two cards...which is an amazing deal, but I'm not cruising right now. Bummer, wish I could take advantage.
  7. My cruise on 2/4 has a final payment date of 10/27. So however many days that is.
  8. So they're suspending final payment after most guests have made final payment? Seems a little pointless. I have two February cruises that this would be nice for, as I don't like the current protocols, but my final payment is due in early October. What's the point?
  9. I called in yesterday and spent 2.5 hours trying to get two FCCs applied. One was from three months ago and still has not been applied, Royal had to speak with a supervisor to get that one taken care of.
  10. I have a possible example of the "cruising public." I am planning a bachelor/bachelorette cruise in November (on Carnival, but their protocols are pretty similar). Around 16 people total, most of whom have never cruised before or only once. I reached out today to let them know about cruising protocols and rules, and how they would feel if the current rules still held in November. About half were willing to put up with the protocols, with about half preferring to either reschedule the cruise for a later date when things would (hopefully) be less strict, or cancel the cruise outright. So maybe that's a good reference for the "cruising public?"
  11. Keep it on cruises or we're going to have another thread lockdown...we're all tired of lockdowns! ?
  12. So...the CSO is invalid in FL and TX? I agree with @twangster, this has gotten to the point that it's ridiculous!
  13. I would go with c. I also agree with cruisellama that cleaning is important, but I think we can all agree that RC has been VERY good at keeping things clean even pre-pandemic. I think that at some point, we will all need to go back to weighing individual risks whenever we do any activity, whether it's going on a cruise or crossing a street. The vaccines are protective, so if I'm vaccinated, I don't much care who else is or is not.
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