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  1. Fond memories of this morning when I had my finger over the mouse for the drink package at $44 a day on Oasis 12/6. I guess I'm glad I didn't now!
  2. Well stated. And the changing goalposts that a few have mentioned. I refrain from politics here, but the fact remains that much of this cruise shutdown and pandemic in general, has become more politicized than a health related situation should be. I have seen many organizations, governmental or otherwise, use this as an opportunity to gain more power, and I'm afraid the CDC is one of the organizations that sees the pandemic as allowing them to have broader powers than they had before 2020.
  3. Depending on which ship you're going on, I would say two cruises. On many ships the Junior Suites are just a small bit larger than the balconies, and many of the newer ships (Oasis and Quantum class) have huge balcony cabins. Unless you want a specific benefit of the Jr. Suite, such as the extra points or the bathtub, I say go two cruises!
  4. Cruise planner and everything is working properly for my 12/6 Oasis cruise. Attempting to stay positive..but it's getting more and more difficult!
  5. @RBRSKI, would you be willing to amend the date on this? I have an Oasis cruise on 12/6 that I would really like to sail!
  6. I agree. As much as we'd love to see the testing schedule and know every little detail, those may not be released. All we're likely to see is which cruises they plan to sail, at least in early December. They seem to be trying to cancel cruises about a month out, so I'm guessing the next week will let us know which ships they are likely to start with. I do however, think that they *could* be ready for paying customers on December 1st (staying optimistic). They have a lot of these requirements laid out already with the Healthy Sail Panel, and I assume that they are ready to go at implementi
  7. To follow up to this, Explorer did not get her recent renovation, as Matt said. However, I sailed on her February 2020 (barely before COVID), and LOVED the panoramic ocean view staterooms. These are at the front on deck 12 and were added in 2016, so they still feel much newer than the rest of the ship (light wood vs dark wood, etc.) We also enjoyed the hot tub in the gym, which was to be removed during the renovation. Even without the waterslides and new (planned) additions, Explorer is a great ship!
  8. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/readout-vice-presidents-call-u-s-cruise-industry/ Pretty unclear.
  9. Has he even heard the "Wash your Hands" song? Does he know that it was actually around pre-COVID? He'll be humming that little diddy all the way back to DC! Don't get me excited for no reason now haha! It's not official until @Matt posts it haha!
  10. Apparently CDC Director Robert Redfield and Richard Fain are in the conference. Oh to be a fly on the wall (or Pence's head) in that meeting as they go head to head. From what I've heard Redfield is very against cruises starting back up in the foreseeable future.
  11. I'm also hoping that it changes. The regulations now really only apply to Singapore cruises, since they're all that is approved so far (fingers crossed for others). I know mask wearing is more normal (before 2020) in most Asian areas than it is in the US. Thinking that may have something to do with the sweeping mask mandates.
  12. Sure hope this gets thrown out of court. That's the stock market for crying out loud! If you can't afford the risk find a less risky investment or diversify.
  13. Looks like it starts in about ten minutes. Finally something to give us hope!
  14. Sounds like there's not much to do at the port, you'll really have to take an excursion. Looks like normally a Carnival port, but I'm sure COVID has changed many things around. Found some good info here: https://www.caribeez.com/dominican-republic/article/la-romana-cruise-port Not decided yet if this is a "stay on the ship" port or not. I have decided that I'm very sad about St. Lucia.
  15. I love your confidence! I really hope that you're right, as I would love to see cruises get started again. Most of all, I think we all seek some definitive answers, as in are November/December cruises happening or not?
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