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  1. Chicken and waffles....who am I kidding...ALL THE FOOD
  2. The ship is Departing from Southampton, not Portsmouth, make sure you have the correct arrangements made.
  3. Disney is more expensive, but if you are a Disney fan (Marvel, Star Wars, ETC) I would say it does offer value for money in that case. I was lucky to do Disney twice , both Wonder and Magic. I would definitely not hesitate to sail them again if I can afford it.
  4. Overpacking. Stressing over the schedule "in my head" instead of relaxing on vacation.
  5. I agree with others, no reason to stay up, just do it as soon as you can.
  6. Why not is because we are not missing any ports, and Madeira being the shortest, and our stay is still 7 hours in port. I'm on the 23rd sailing as well, disappointed but not enough that I would change sailing or expect compensation.
  7. I'm on that cruise, I did both, I scanned in ours and typed in our friends.
  8. Hi Steve, my last two cruises on Anthem (one from NJ, and one from Southampton), they used Deck 4 - American Icon Grill and Silk both for My time Dining. I was sat at the same table and had the same waiters for the duration of each cruise.
  9. We have always been sat sat with the same waiter and table, when using MTD on Anthem. Luck maybe?
  10. Most likely some red tape created by their insurance companies. They probably cant get the shipped insured when sailing from Southampton without this silliness Who knows though? I paid £8.82 for 5 tests and happy to play along, LoL
  11. Anybody, know if this has been an issue recently? I just bought the shoe organiser with metal hooks for our upcoming cruise.
  12. The rules state you can take a picture of the negative test or bring in the negative strip. We are going to bring all four strips in a ziplock bag, it's negative so no cause for alarm. Now sharing a positive result would be a bit different Accepted Tests for Europe Cruises Departing on or After September 5, 2022; with no stops in Greece The test you take can be professionally administered by a health professional, such as a doctor or pharmacist, or you can use a home test kit. Home test kits for these sailings are not required to be administered under live video supervision. You will present the negative test result at the time of boarding. You can show it in the form of a printout, an email, or an app screen from the test provider. Or you can show a picture of your negative home test on your phone, or present the actual negative test itself. Telehealth tests and self test kits are not accepted if your cruise departs from Athens.
  13. This! And I would add make sure if you are booking direct with Royal that you wait for the invoice to some through while still on the phone with them!
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