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  1. THIS! Exactly, I always declare and have never had to pay. I think its when you don't declare it and they find it, and they can fine you, they make it worth their time?
  2. As long as they keep Wonderland though October so my Sister can try it for her birthday that will be fine by me, LoL
  3. Only been to Chops on Anthem (twice) and we really enjoyed ourselves both times. One was a full capacity pre covid cruise, the other reduced was a reduced capacity post covid cruise. I always have the filet and the wife always has some kind of fish (she is not mad about red meat). Never a complaint in fact we indulged in a bottle of Moet last time and REALLY enjoyed ourselves.
  4. Quantum Class ships have a Roller Skating Rink in the Seaplex, it also serves as the bumper cars arena, basketball court and indoor soccer filed. However I have not seen them offer roller skating since COVID.
  5. Not here in the UK. However we have extra consumer rights when booking cruises in the UK, so maybe that makes up for their lack of expertise, LOL.
  6. I have been lucky every time I have declared my duty free purchases (over the personal limit) to border patrol in the USA, they just shake their head and wave me through like it's more hassle than it's worth for taxing a couple bottles. Not sure if this because I am a USA citizen residing overseas and the port is not my final destination or what? YMMV
  7. I think it would depend on the crew member serving you? Like if you were upfront with them, " Can we have this to share or do I need to pay for it outside of my dining package?" They may not be concerned/bothered about who is eating the food? I mean if your friend takes a couple of fries off your plate or a wing is anyone really gonna know? I say just ask.
  8. Both P and O Cruises and Virgin Voyages out of the UK offer High tea and Afternoon tea Royal Caribbean just offers tea and cookies in Windjammer, LoL!
  9. Thank you, I will have them bring their cards for proof, remember the dates and type, or make this information up the day before(its not like it can be verified). Seems silly as it states on their certs 3 of 3 doses and date of booster, but hey, whatcha gonna do, LoL?
  10. I know it is not as much, but the good old USA charge their own fees to outside travellers. Just saying. And let's not even mention the amount of money they charge for actual visas to stay and work in the USA.
  11. Yeah, two of our group are Irish, not even gonna bother with theirs as well. Bring it ALL to the port of course, both digital and paper copies of everything, is the plan.
  12. Thanks:) Love that we could show up on bikes, LoL. Any recommendations for in-store or in-clinic testing in Orlando or Miami (anyone)?
  13. Do Walgreen's offer in-store testing for those without a car? Or can anyone recommend a convenient place to have the tests done? Travelling to Orlando/Miami from the United Kingdom and looking for place to test before our cruise, can either be Orlando or Miami.
  14. Also for some locations (Cruises sailing from the UK for example) the maximum drink allowed for the Deluxe Beverage Package is $14.00.
  15. No, they will not do doubles or shots on the side officially, however if you tip enough....YMMV.
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