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  1. Having sailed on Anthem, and already booked Anthem out of Southampton in May 2020, Anthem gets my vote.
  2. I can confirm that on my last sailing (Anthem of The seas September 2019) the UDP covered and included drinks up to $13.00.
  3. Booked for another trip on: May 15th, 2020 - Anthem of the seas
  4. IMO, Anthem is the opposite of this. I find it very interesting how we all can view things differently. I loved Anthem when I sailed her to Bermuda September 2019, and have already booked Southampton sailing next May. Probably the best or 2nd best ship I have ever sailed. Cannot wait to sail her again.
  5. UK site still showing very limited offerings.
  6. I have seen it go as low as $26 per person per day on Anthem. So anything below $360 per person is probably a good deal. It’s currently $30 per person per day on my 8 day Anthem sailing.
  7. It will be on a sheet in your cabin, possibly the app, but as soon as you board, you can definitely go to any specialty restaurant and they will have the booking there, then you can change and or make the rest of your choices.
  8. Totally a chance of that happening. They removed everyone's on my departure from Cape Liberty.
  9. They may not allow you to reuse your WOW bands if your band colour is not assigned to the same muster point on your next cruise, that is of course if your previous cruise's muster point is on your WOW band. Not sure of this, but I was not allowed to choose an alternate colour band on my sailing on Anthem, I HAD to have white because of the muster station printed on the bands.
  10. On my recent check-in from Cape Liberty they were taking all e-cigs out of carry on luggage and asking the question about it contents (did it contain cannabis, etc).
  11. I’m especially interested in the availability of Miller Lite and Fosters Oil cans and there “normal beer” choices. Would be sweet if you could give me a heads up when you get back to what the selections were like! Enjoy your cruise 🚢 😁
  12. Hotel Buckminster next to Fenway is where we stayed before our cruise.
  13. I recently booked in the U.K. and with the current UK sale my booking would still be quite a bit more.
  14. Sailed to Bermuda twice and been in and back out the triangle 8+ times, still here to tell my tales.
  15. Jamie's Italian went out of business in the UK, the international and cruise ship locations are the only ones left. Maybe they wanted to go with a stronger brand?
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