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  1. ellcee

    Med. Symphony B2B - July 24th to August 12th

    Following!!! Excited for your trip, it's one of my bucket list trips.
  2. ellcee

    A Case for Trip Insurance. . . GET IT!

    Also checking for updates. How is he doing now? ...and I bought my travel insurance right after reading this the first time!
  3. ellcee

    Can we invite extra friend to MDR table?

    As a solo - how do they seat you in the MDR?
  4. ellcee

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    I'm sure they will!!! Yay!
  5. OOOh, Suite! and Sweet! Still on fence about dining package and drink package. Being at port for 2 days makes me wonder if it's needed.
  6. Scotland was one of my very favorite locations!!!
  7. @twangster and @Lovetocruise2002 Thank you! I have this booked for 6:15pm (night 5) - I'll give it a go. It's early enough.
  8. ellcee

    New Sale coming this weekend

    I don't think I need to know this...if you're not sharing.😁
  9. @JLMoran Alright, I changed my time to the 7:30 one for spectra's. I had the later one booked this morning. I have the other booked for a later time I'm hoping for some last rays of sun for the year! Full disclosure though - we booked shows for last week's cruise too, and never made it to one of them. Could'a been all the day drinking buttttttttttt....
  10. ellcee

    A Case for Trip Insurance. . . GET IT!

    Hope everything turns out okay and he has a speedy recovery.
  11. ellcee

    Izumi Reservations?

    Last week we made reservations 15 minutes before we walked in. It was dead. I wouldn't rule out just walking in and asking.
  12. ellcee

    My So Called Live Blog on Harmony

    Think I mentioned I’m usually too in the moment for pictures, this is why I didn’t periscope. We were having issues with Voom at first then I just didn’t care. Attaching one from formal night with my best friend and a dinner pic with most of the group
  13. ellcee

    My So Called Live Blog on Harmony

    Doubt it. Just gotta weigh coffee/bottled water/drinks.
  14. ellcee

    My So Called Live Blog on Harmony

    Ooo - only saw one dog. After all of the complaints on the other site I was surprised. It was a Yorkie - In my opinion was not a real service dog (no special harness) and it irritated me UNTIL I saw them again (I used the running track at least 4 days which is where the doggie pad is) and he ran to me to pet him. I'm a sucker for a sweet pup and all of my annoyance was gone. Please understand I get the need for service dogs but think that sometimes people stretch the reasoning. I also would never bring my house pet on a cruise, it seems mean to them.
  15. ellcee

    My So Called Live Blog on Harmony

    Stray thoughts/Things I forgot to mention: Pools, only went in one pool and one hot tub. Very happy. As I mentioned before, we tried to never be chair hogs. One of us would go down early and then we'd all take turns - after the initial morning grab chairs no chair was unattended for more than 30 minutes, someone was always there or in the pool. One of the attendants on the 2nd sea day tried to say we were hogging but he was wrong, it was the row above. The last sea day I was in my chair by 7:25 and while I went up to fill my cup some guy came over and said I stole his chair. Lies. All good though, my friends were there and took care of it. Bar service - pretty damn good. Quick. The good ones learned our names. Same as Cafe Promenade - the morning and afternoon staff knew my name and would get my coffee before I asked. They were tipped almost every time after that. Sorrentos - again, We're all from New York. We likened it to frozen pizza, not the best but will do for a late night snack with no complaint. Food overall - 8/10. 8 because the desserts, with exception of the cookies, were okay. Seafood cake - meh. Had some excellent steak dishes. Really good pasta dishes. Drink Package - worth it for all the coffees, bottled waters and drinks. Still on the fence for my solo Bermuda trip on whether or not I'm getting it but it was well used during this one. Honestly, I did not do very much. We relaxed A LOT. I realized how much I needed to just to relax and do nothing. I'm glad we booked shows but we never made it to them. I made it to the airport not thrilled to go home but not dreading work this week. That says a lot. There was plenty to do but most times I chose not to.