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  1. Get the coffee card. IMO it's worth it.
  2. Women on vacations or without a clothes iron have known this tip forever. 🤣
  3. YAY! also Congratulations to you both @1978bucketlist and @JohnK6404
  4. Love it. I solo cruise/travel. The ebook book thing is what I do when I eat by myself.
  5. Yup! They’re in the middle of a renovation that is taking years. Depends on the time of day and day of week. If the prices are best from LGA then just plan for extra traffic time. I fly LGA quite a bit. Actually leaving for Dallas tomorrow. Because it’s a Friday evening flight we’re leaving ridiculously early. It’s only about 25 minutes away but we’re leaving hours ahead of time in case of bad traffic.
  6. JFK and LGA are my home airports. LGA is never recommended unless necessary. They’re doing a ton of work and getting in and out of there can be rough. If you can do Newark another +1 for Newark.
  7. Not sure if the ship matters but on Harmony '18 we had MTD for a group of 15 ish. We tried to link everyone before the sailing but that didn't work. As soon as we boarded the ship 2 of us who had all of the names went down to the dining reservations area and gave them our request. We had the same table/time/waitstaff every night and things went very smoothly.
  8. Right?! I have a cap in my head of what I'm willing to spend per day...and it may include a few extra $$ for convenience. $82 just seems ridiculous unless you are someone who can hold your liquor for days on end.
  9. That's my dresser. Week of everything as it's available gets put on the dresser. If it doesn't need to be washed it's there about 5 days before. I have a land trip Friday and since I'm working until I go to the airport and am doing laundry morning of, I'm packing day of. This is probably a first ever for me but I basically know what I'm bringing and it's basically a relaxation trip where we maybe dress up one night and the rest of the days in sweats or athleisure. Usually I'm fully packed one or two days before I leave but all of the stuff has been ready to go for a few days.
  10. Gimme that filet - saying that I'm four months into eating mostly plant based.
  11. Same. I spent a lot of time there, reading when it was too cold to be outside on my sea days from Bermuda.
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