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  1. I am one of them but that just means I probably won't sail one but I love a blog.
  2. I've enjoyed it. I think it depends on what you want out of it. You can be friendly with others (same as non solo) or keep to yourself. I like the freedom of solo and doing what I want to do whenever I want to. I'm also an only child who can entertain myself for hours. I haven't loved the solo events because they weren't clearly marked and non solo joined. I did the trivia a few times and there were couples, kinda was besides the point...
  3. I did it solo and loved it. We had a full table and everyone interacted with one another.
  4. I got mine in the middle of a super busy day so I looked, laughed, got sad that I had nothing at all planned and promptly forgot about it just just now. No cruises planned at all.
  5. I hate this. I don't agree with the pushback. As long as she tells you may have to wait if you don't choose to share there should be no pushback. I wouldn't appreciate feeling forced to do anything as long as I'm not complaining. Glad you got to sit on your own. Personally I wouldn't mind if I was in a group and a solo came to share but as a solo, back off. I'm solo for a reason.
  6. I can see being mildly disappointed if it's your favorite food venue but I think I look at it differently - a group of people with very specific food needs need a place to eat and this is perfect for them. It also means the other food places may be slightly less crowded. It just seems like an overreaction to me. Also why quote "group". No quotes needed, it's a group of Jewish people who follow Kosher food practices (clearly I'm not knowledgable because I don't know how to phrase it right).
  7. For my September trip lightning was forecasted so we were able to get our money back for the excursion.
  8. Even if you were your safety is way more important. You're a good person to think maybe it's something else, like not understanding boundaries, but I'm glad you listened to your instincts.
  9. @Ampurp85 You have a smushy faced cat?! I can't love this enough.
  10. I clearly have resting b face and/or am hideous. No one has ever given me a second glance. Up til writing this I was fine with it.
  11. Oh COME ON! I already stopped buying anything pineapple but I love my garden gnomes. Floridians better leave my peacocks alone.
  12. Yes. I couldn't verbalize this when I ate it but yes, it 100% does. I had never had before so I figured that's how it's supposed to taste?! Loving catching up on your blog. Love that you travel with your family.
  13. this is my favorite part. Not having to go to JFK or tha' otha' one makes for such an easier trip. Following along! Hope you both have an amazing vacation.
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