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  1. I feel like this should be our code word for when we hold our tongues on here.
  2. Welcome Deb. Unless it's crazier than usual flooding (which happens) Venice is equipped to deal with it. They have platforms set up for flooding so you can still walk around most places. You can't really count on or control Mother Nature but for the most part they've got it down.
  3. They put tables together for my large group that was about the same - on Harmony.
  4. this is timely for me. @twangster @WAAAYTOOO @Lovetocruise2002 Just canceled a cruise for 2021. I'll get FCC. Can that be applied to 2020 (already booked) cruises? or does "future" mean after 2021?
  5. I know!!! I wanted to splurge a little (more) on the B2B one without feeling it.
  6. Cancel my Allure 3/14/21, please!
  7. I didn't pay attention but it was within one week.
  8. I think I'm one of the few. My 11/9 Odyssey GTY room - the number showed up within days of booking. I'm sure it could change.
  9. You don't have to be. Enjoy your time on vacation and with your family. I love that you're in the moment! You can blog later.
  10. Same. I just use the Calm app when nothing works. When all else fails I read.
  11. Stop 😂 😂 isn't a millenial thing, it's a young person thing. You'll always find these types of issues with the younger set, no matter which generation they're from. From a Gen X-er
  12. @FionaMG Thank you for posting these, they're beautiful. It made me a little emotional to see these- was there over the summer and had such a wonderful experience.
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