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  1. I'd do whatever I needed to do to cruise, I've stated that before. I don't like people in my personal space unless they're invited...so I'd be thrilled. Elevators with too many people have always freaked me out. I will wait or use the stairs...just not sure how this would happen. Personally, if it's a packed space like an elevator or a venue I don't know how I'd feel on a cruise ship.
  2. I believe @AshleyDillo said yes when I asked the same but I may be wrong....
  3. More of a ghost but Cafe Promenade and pool servers learn my name VERY quickly on every cruise I've been on and there are always a couple who seem to tend to me. I mostly love it but the introvert in me dies a little that I can't hide and the other side of me loves the attention. (I'm an extroverted introvert).
  4. At this point, because of proximity, the only place I'd want to leave if cruises resumed this year would be Cape Liberty. Don't know when I'll be comfortable flying again.
  5. So sad. I don't know when I'm going back into the office. We were told definitely not until after Labor Day. I kinda miss NYC a little. A little. Not a lot.
  6. Same but I'll accept a loss. I'll keep you all updated.
  7. So far, no. non-refundable and I don't qualify for the dates listed. Only til Sept. I'll check my cruise insurance at some point. So far the flight is the only thing I'm losing. They're giving me $16.80. woof.
  8. That's exciting. I'm not booking anything for a while. I want to see what FCC I have. I'm sorta shocked at how bummed I feel. I knew this was a strong possibility and am pragmatic about most things, I feel this. It was my first B2B. My first time flying first class. First solo trip that I didn't book a solo room (the rates were great for the second leg).
  9. On the bright side, I get 7 days of vacation back. Lost my flight $$ though.
  10. It's also canceled on the Royal Caribbean website. I knew this was a strong possibility. At this point I will wait to rebook anything.
  11. Well, I guess that's done. I was really hoping to meet so many of you.
  12. Practicing my new hobby. Paddle boarding. 2x this weekend.
  13. Well, isn't is "No gnews is good gnus" I'm currently stuck in my childhood tv/movie screening.
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