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  1. My unsolicited advice - Don't underestimate the sun's rays. My ethnicity is mostly Italian with a little middle eastern thrown in. In the summer I go from olive skinned to quite dark if I don't watch it. My coloring in the past has made people question my race. I tan VERY easily. Saying that, if I don't use sunscreen religiously I burn. Once a day does not cut it. Yes, it's annoying but so is sunburn and subsequent peeling which is unarguable worse. I wear 50 and still get a great summer tan. I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt, just keep this in mind. Do what you will and enjoy your vacation.
  2. As someone who appreciates when others try - this is adorable.
  3. No. No. No. They're creepy and not like original cast creepy. I see the trailer and just get creeped out. Also, this just reminds me of Barf from Space Balls.
  4. Just asked Michelle from MEI about this for a future cruise and she said it was have to be repriced.
  5. I hated it on Harmony but on Anthem is was amazing... @rjac congratulations on Diamond!
  6. This is my niece, except we can get dresses here and there only if she picks them and they're not too frilly or purple. lol. In the winter it's athletic shorts and a sweatshirt, she tries to get away with it at school too. Not a parent so ignore me if you will but what if your daughter wore the same kind of clothes as your son? What about a pair of khaki shorts? My point is if she's on the same level, clotheswise, who cares. At the end of the day, who cares. I'm actually one of those people who wouldn't think of not dressing up BUT NO ONE CARES. So what if you get a little side eye? So what? If it's going to cause issues for you and your family to get your kids to dress up on vacation, forget it
  7. There was definitely lobster and I can't remember what else but I remember one of our group was pregnant and couldn't eat certain things, they worked around it for her. It's not the same as an allergy so hope this helps.
  8. Meh. I remember not thinking that. I also don't enjoy being in closed areas with smoke. There was a smoking area on one of the decks, can't remember which one but we went up almost every night for cigars. It was outside so it wasn't bad but sometimes you could smell it near the pool.
  9. Chef's Table is incredible. I had a great group of people, we all reminded one another to drink water in between the wines. The food is very good and it's great experience.
  10. @Boston Babe only liking the YOLO part. I'm sorry about your husband.
  11. @twangster because he's the pro, whether solo or not. I love solo. I did the Anthem 5 day to Bermuda last October so much I booked it again for next June. Same reasons as you for locality. My friends and family are started to get jealous so the June one may or may not be solo. I travel with friends a lot but love a few days by myself. Cruise-wise I think, fully solo, 5 days is my limit. I did meet people on the one excursion I took and Chef's Table had a great group. I did specialty dining because I didn't want to eat in the MDR by myself and I really enjoy food so it worked for me. I loved dressing up every night just for myself, as weird as that may sound. The best part to me in enjoying things on my own schedule. I love being with others and I love being alone. If you have the itch to do it, go for it. If you don't love it, it's only a few days! As for the weather you really can't predict!
  12. I live in a hurricane area. We've had it both ways, DOOOOOOOM for a week, nothing. Little storm, real doom. Some tropical storms have been worse than hurricanes. 3 years ago all we had predicted was rain - meanwhile the streets flooded so high I got stuck for a few hours in my car because I found higher ground in between two heavily flooded streets. Take weather reports with a grain of salt and just be prepared.
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