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  1. I'm loving this blog. My last big trip pre 2020 was Italy and it was the best vacation I've had. How hot is it? I'm supposed to go back with a friend and I told them I refused to go back in any type of summer weather. I want this exact cruise for next year!
  2. I'm loyal to no one and I fully acknowledge it sucks to be on a cruise and not get what you paid for. It's not okay. But as said many times in this thread alone, this is the state of the world right now. I'm feeling it in my own job - hiring for a job in my dept and usually get a bunch of resumes - I'm getting next to nothing. Add people getting sick and things are even more complicated. Friends in other fields seeing the same. My dogwalking company was short a few weeks ago and people didn't have coverage for their pups. None of this is okay but for a while this is what it is. No, it doesn't make sense to me that cruise ships are at full capacity right now....but don't we all know this a risk when we book cruises right now? I canceled my march one because I wasn't comfortable around so many people at this time. I scheduled for September hoping for the best but knowing what I'm in for.
  3. Always. I leave a book and a bag (with nothing of importance) to be clear I AM STILL HERE. It's always worked.
  4. We're all just cruisers here, no one works for Royal.
  5. You can't add without repricing but you can have a no-show - they'll just refund the port fees for that 3rd person.
  6. My favorite game to play while solo traveling as woman is how many times I hear "YOU'RE SO BRAVE TO TRAVEL ALONE". sigh.
  7. I think you need to look at overall costs and how much you actually will drink. Yes, the drink prices are nuts right now but we all know inflation is up so this isn't a complete surprise. You'd have to compare the prices of each cruise and what you're actually getting for your money. Royal is more budget friendly to me at this point plus, if the drink package is too expensive, I don't buy it and pay as I go.
  8. You'll need to go to the specific restaurants and make each reservation.
  9. i'll bake from scratch for special occasions but this is one step I'm okay skipping.
  10. 1- hairdryer 2- phone charger 3- books/kindle Besides basic toiletries I'm fairly simple.
  11. I've asked the same question - I bought it for a sea day and for a port day (orlando) for my friend for an upcoming cruise. I have no idea if it was a good purchase but it means I can sleep in and not think about trying to get myself a spot and save it for the day.
  12. GURL, JUST DONT. Unless you can air dry and be fine. I have a ton of hair and tried once to use RC's. Never again.
  13. I ride mass transit with a mask but i'll work from home a few days before and after if possible before any big event. I've been living on the more careful side so I can always be around my family members who are immuno-compromised.
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