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  1. ellcee

    Anthems Pre-booking Entertainment

    I didn't see an option for my past October cruise.
  2. I am loving reading your blog! You look so happy!!! Love to see fellow solo travelers as well.
  3. I loved Chef's Table....not one bad thing to say. I loved the experience, the wine, food and people. The filet was one of the best I've had in my life and all the food was just amazing. My group was only 7. It was worth every penny in my opinion.
  4. ellcee

    Royal Caribbean Visa Card

    The first time it took a few months to appear- I redeemed early and it showed up in my cruise planner months later. The second time it showed up that day. Early September for a mid October cruise.
  5. ellcee

    Port Liberty parking

    I used the Port Parking last month. It was very convenient for me. Dropped off my luggage - drove one minute to the lot - walked back to check in. The only issue was that the machines to pay were down and they only took cash until the machines were back online.
  6. Harmony is a lovely ship. Plenty to do! Enjoy your cruise!
  7. ellcee

    Overnight in Port

    No curfew. Can board/offload whenever.
  8. ellcee

    Solo dining

    Yup. You can also make reservations for every day if you want to.
  9. Agree that this is the sweet spot. I also travel that way a lot to visit family on weekends - too much past 11 you're asking for traffic.
  10. ellcee

    Solo dining

    No one cares. A lot of people take pictures of their food. I read blogs FOR the food pics. Unless you're a weirdo selfie taker (sorry to all you weirdo selfie takers) you're fine.
  11. ellcee

    Solo dining

    I just did my first solo cruise last month. I was asked quite a bit if I was alone and when I said yes the feedback was amazing. I had an older woman I met on an excursion that she didn't know but she was proud of me.. adorable. In general all of the women I spoke to had the same response, which I appreciated. Men seemed more surprised a woman would travel alone. No one but the staff said anything while I was eating about being solo - except for Chef's Table but that's a whole different experience. I loved dining alone. I had my Kindle. I enjoyed my food. I'm a people watcher so I tried to watch a little while being discreet.