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  1. I'm now trying to upgrade one of my booked cruises. The money I'm saving on train tickets, going out, lunches, dumb purchases will hopefully go towards a balcony. yolo.
  2. Yup! But we can imagine spending it. Not everyone gets the checks, depending on their income.
  3. I'm pretty sure our don't either. I'm not sure how it works and don't want to question it. I'll take it!!!! 😆
  4. I love it so much. I haven't done it yet but I'm going to. My friends have been posting the fun cocktails and the creative way restaurants have been making it work...adult capri suns. Bottling cocktails. Mason jars.
  5. For those whose cruise is still on - Anyone else stuck at home thinking about when we can move past this all and pondering big cruise planner purchases??? You know, stuff you wouldn't normally purchase? A drink package, a cabana, the dining package? Basically, what you're gonna splurge on when this is all over?
  6. NY the liquor stores are open. Also - our restaurants are selling curbside pickup cocktails/beer/wine with your food pickup. It's kinda awesome and it keeps restaurants in business.
  7. Old fashioned's are my favorite. I now make with rye at home.
  8. sitting anywhere but my home would be nice right now. At least we can make the best of it and eventually will all be on those beaches. Cheers.
  9. It's pretty good and comparable to the good hard seltzers.
  10. Also, couldn't help myself, my supermarket last week ran out of eggs, bananas, chicken and my favorite crystal light but had this:
  11. I made these over the weekend and called it a Quarantini - coconut rum, raspberry vodka, vanilla vodka and pineapple juice.
  12. It's not harsh. Also, are you sure you're in the US? We do NOT have the best healthcare system. We may have the best doctors and nurses, I wouldn't know how to qualify that though, but the system itself isn't the best. Many people don't have full access and you said it yourself, people WITH $$ come here. I have family who are in the local hospitals. We're not ready for this. If you watch any news, we don't have the equipment needed at the moment. A good attitude is super helpful but you've got to pay attention to what's actually happening.
  13. I’ve been home - now on my 11th day with one breakout. My original date to go back was April 3rd. Today we were told that date is indefinite. My job is in NYC. I can only hope cruises go back soon. I need something to look forward to and I’m tired of being home. This one needs a grooming.
  14. deleted post. Stepping away. This isn't worth it.
  15. I think even playing around that it's a conspiracy is dangerous and quite frankly, stupid. I've said this before but I still don't believe the media has blown this out of proportion. I live and work in the high concentrated areas and the misinformation I've gotten was largely from social media, not the news...unless it was an official who was speaking out of turn and had to be immediately corrected.
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