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  1. ellcee

    Dining on Anthem

    Make reservations. Always if you want something specific. I'm not sure about Anthem, per se, but I know with MTD if you want something specific you need to let them know.
  2. Hi! We just did this. We had more people and tried linking everyone online, we thought we handled it between ourselves and our travel agents. Right after we boarded we wound up having to go to the dining area (2 of us went for the large group) and spoke to someone. We got the same table for 6pm every night - same waitstaff, same table.
  3. ellcee

    Should I really pack it ? ...

    lol...mine would be a picture of Advil PM and antibacterial wipes. I don't even think to bring any of that stuff but don't get me started on my hair products and tools. Your stateroom attendant can provide a wine opener, correct?
  4. ellcee

    first cruise on Anthum

    We did MTD with 17 people. 6pm dinner (Main dining room dinner was before and after - we wanted a specific time). We tried to link ourselves pre cruise but first day after boarding we went to the dining room and arranged it all. We were told it may not happen but it did and every night after we had the same table/waitstaff. If certain parties within the 17 of us didn't want to join- they did not but the table was always ready.
  5. ellcee

    Cruise of a lifetime. NOT.

    A friend of mine went to the doc on our July cruise....can confirm he was not quarantined.
  6. ellcee


    I go to Squaremouth and figure out the best plan/company for my needs each trip.
  7. ellcee

    Quick coffee question

    On Adventure I hated the coffee. For Harmony I had the drink package but tried the complimentary coffee and it was good. I think it depends on the ship.
  8. ellcee

    Southern Caribbean Excursions

    This hike is not at your own pace. It's up the mountain and the guides have to get you up and back down to the bus. If you're interested please read other's reviews on this particular hike. I say this because I jog 1 or 2x a week and I was not prepared...
  9. ellcee

    Southern Caribbean Excursions

    St Kitts - First time I went we did the volcano hike. Not sure I'd recommend unless you're an athlete. (I am not.) 2nd time - We did a resort for a day - made the mistake of going to the Atlantic side - not the Caribbean side. Beaches weren't swimmable that day due to sea weed. We had a great time in the pools but I'd recommend going to the Caribbean side. Barbados - I *think* it's a 2 mile-ish walk each way - we walked to The Boat Yard. Drank, ate, swam and relaxed. One of the most memorable and best port days ever.
  10. Omg! I saw the Big Dipper immediately!!! As usual loving your pictures. The whale sightings are amazing.
  11. You all seem to have the basics covered. Here's another - snacks and entertainment of some sort. I've been through a few of these and what we forget are the little things - keeping ourselves entertained when there is no power. Board games and books are huge. We lost power and heat with Sandy for 6 days. Nights were rough when you had nothing to do and no internet to keep you company.
  12. While I know this is a possibility when you book a cruise during hurricane season (and live on an island that gets hit with hurricanes) UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Nothing wrong with Canada but who wants 40's or 60's when you're supposed to be in Bermuda!!!
  13. ellcee

    C&A changes are coming ?

    Looks like the RC website dragon is at it again. Mine looks normal.