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  1. My first cruise was 2007 but my first Royal cruise was in 2016. It was not my favorite cruise by far but I did have a lot of fun. We were in Barbados and decided to walk from the ship to the Boatyard. It was hot but I remember liking the walk. We had a few drinks at the bar after finding a good spot to lay our stuff then swam. The water was the most beautiful I'd ever seen, the scenery was gorgeous, the people I was with were all gelling - it was a perfect day.
  2. @mcoler18 I have not been to Labadee but have been to similar types of markets in Jamaica, Nassau, India and Italy. Some of these places I was solo. Number one rule is don't make eye contact (sunglasses are helpful). Keep your bag tight to your body. Sometimes it pays to not speak at all, I've had people assume I didn't speak English which meant it was harder to communicate and they'd give up. Ignore. Once I had to yell so the guy would stop hitting me to get my attention. I'm not sure if it's because I'm from NY and have a "don't effing touch me" look but I'm female and 5'2" and have a physical handicap - beyond the one yelling incident I haven't had an issue.
  3. I second this. Not about the food part as much as the company and the wine. I had such a great group of people.
  4. You can most definitely link yourself or have your TA link your reservations. Then you have a quick chat once you board with the dining manager.
  5. Yup, sans the spray and just use my wet hands to roll over the wrinkly areas. It's not perfect but it works. My stuff isn't too bad though, I roll my blouses and dresses and it seems to cut down on the wrinkles.
  6. It's way too early out to take this seriously. At the end of the day, if they want to charge $82 I'm just not gonna buy it and will pay per drink.
  7. Here's a benefit from MEI. I canceled my June 2020 cruise for the inaugural November 2020 and all I had to do is email @michelle from MEI. She did all of the fun canceling and re booking. I would not have had the patience for all of that.
  8. @DublinFC The only thing I remember is to make sure you are on the Caribbean side. The Atlantic side can be VERY sea-weedy and therefore smelly. We made that mistake last summer at a hotel we paid to stay for the day and couldn't even go to the beach part, we stayed at the pools the whole time which was a waste of $$.
  9. I leave my Kindle and a bag (taking anything else of value). I also don't go too far because I will get violent if someone takes my book/ereader
  10. You’re in good company here. ☺️
  11. If I'm solo, not at all. I enjoy the specialty restaurants. If I'm with people, every night. I like the experience of the MDR with group of people. I always find something I like.
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