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  1. Came here for the food photos and not disappointed. Sorta curious in the pre and post cruise weight change! 😂
  2. RFID sleeve in a passport holder. I also make copies and store somewhere completely different. just in case.
  3. @wmacooper was in Nassau last summer, didn't encounter a whole lot of local trying to sell me stuff until I walked into the Straw Market - and that was expected. I'm from NY, I know how to ignore people easily. We were not harassed by any means and not approached once for illegal stuff. If you mean drugs, I didn't see/smell it. I'm not saying it's not there but none of us encountered it and we were a pretty big group. We also were only in the main streets. General rule of thumb for anywhere in the world, don't go down alleyways and streets that look sketchy if you're concerned about any of this stuff.
  4. @Vanessa77 I'm not here to tell you what you should do but I do know you an easily place someone in his spot. My cruise a few years ago was because my friend and her husband got a divorce and they already booked. All she did is call her travel agent and then I called and we switched the reservation. (and you're not a third wheel when you're with family!)
  5. @mittmott I've left from the area 2x. Once in June - the waters were pretty rocky. I grew up on the water but even I had a hard time. Most recently I left in October (Anthem) and was fine. I guess it depends on weather and time of year. I'd get the patch just in case.
  6. @spursfreak21 There is definitely bread and they will bring that to the table nightly if you speak to them. I've never seen pasta but I can't say for sure they don't have it. The menu is clear what is gluten free and your waiter will speak with you about it. Usually she/he will bring you the next night's menu and you can order ahead of time so they can make sure your food isn't contaminated - helpful for Celiac's.
  7. @wmacooper I've cruised solo - I do whatever I want to do. I didn't feel limited, if I wanted to do something, I did. I've never purchased the photo packages, solo or not. It's really not a big deal. It's the bonus of solo travel, you do you.
  8. I do. I went on a cruise with a bunch of people and a few of them did as well. I don't take meds, my friend does daily and my other friend takes meds when he needs it. We all drink, no one gets crazy. It really depends on your type of anxiety and how you deal with it. My friend and I workout in the am usually which helps us. My other friend needs to relax. We did what we do off of the ship, we distract. Not sure if this helps and if you only have anxiety related to the ship or outside of it. We didn't have a whole lot of anxiety related to the ship, just our usual.
  9. @JLMoran I live about 25 miles from JFK. It's my choice airport and really only the only choice in most cases. LaGuardia is the huge PITA. Getting to JFK is a pain depending on traffic and it's HUGE. I rarely drive there myself now, usually Uber/Lyft but next month I'm doing a park and ride with a nearby company (land trip to Italy!!!). Security lines to me are the same everywhere, it depends on the time of day/year/week. I will say this - Body searches- somehow I've been picked for extra searches leaving NY. Never coming back, just leaving. The traffic - don't go during rush hour. The Belt Parkway is no one's friend. I have family in Staten Island so I'm pretty used to it and it's better than it was in the past but TRAFFFFICCCCC. Unfortunately my flight is at 9:30pm so I'm limited - probably will leave ridiculously early just to not sit in Friday night traffic. Once you've made it to the airport and are at the right gate - it's fine. I had the same dilemma with my flight, I could've chosen EWR for a cheaper flight but when it came down to it, I didn't wanna. Too far. Not worth it. Plus, by the time I fly back in I'd just flew for almost 10 hours. I wanna be as close to home as possible.
  10. OOO! I say if you have time, have lunch in San Juan. The restaurants are so cute and a bunch have outside seating. It does cut into sightseeing time but but you get some good PR food.
  11. San Juan is beautiful and you won't need to book an excursion unless there is something you really want to do. It's very walkable. I've felt safe there every time I've gone.
  12. You definitely will. Harmony is lovely and huge!!!! It took a few days to not get lost and even then there are some weird roadblocks - you wind up having to walk across more than you think.
  13. I'm be there in a few weeks on a land tour. I was advised that the "skip the line" tickets were the best option if you didn't want to pay for private tours.
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