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  1. OMG. You got the genie thoughtful and beautiful gifts!!! (sidenote - I love "Araceli" so much, it's one of my closest friend's name. it's such a pretty girly name) Loved following along, it sounds like you and your family had a fantastic cruise. Thanks for letting us in.
  2. I've gained 10 lbs by looking at all of those snacks. Love it. Also love seeing pics from your family's point of you. Everything looks familiar (from mine in July) but slightly different (perspective).
  3. OMG! How will you ever sail again in a "plain" balcony room?! This looks amazing!!!
  4. Good boat drinks? Sit by the pool and watch them come out with pre-made cocktails, a lot frozen.
  5. @tracystWhat time are you docking? I left around 7:30am, carrying my own luggage off of the ship. Someone else can confirm Uber/Lyft. It's a very easy process.
  6. I went to the singles/solo trivia a few times and I seemed to be the only solo traveler. Plus, they lied, people played in groups. I played on my own which annoyed me because they had a better chance of winning. At the end of the day I'm fine on my own and met enough people when I wanted to.
  7. Harmony is a beautiful ship! Huge, lots to do. Enjoy every moment.
  8. You didn't miss anything good this year, not only did the game suck, the commercials were not as creative as usual.
  9. Dumb question...do they air the commercials from the Superbowl or are you just getting the Superbowl feed?
  10. I had many 2nd lunches at Windjammer on my last two cruises. Or just to get plates of cookies or cheese at random times.
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