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  1. extra tip on our Diamond drinks, and fun with slots; it doesn't last long ....
  2. at best there is only a cooler, not a real fridge. Fill out the medical needs form and a real fridge will be in the room waiting for you when you arrive
  3. You should both come and sail with us out of NJ when you get a chance; we always have sea days before and after; very relaxing.
  4. This is true for all mid to large ships, I'ld say anything over 500 people would use it. We have seen as many as 4 ships at the same time, they wrap around the east end of the dock if needed.
  5. At least one service offers a morning run into the Seaport district, otherwise it will be about a two mile walk up to the Boston Common, or over to the Aquarium area. The other option would be UBER, taxi, or the Silver Line. Note The Silver Line on the weekend is spotty at best, they really don't stick to the published schedule. Google the service you are thinking of and look at their map of stops.
  6. My understanding it that its tentative, and could still change before you sail, although from what I've heard ( limited ) it rarely does.
  7. Have you tried scanning the barcode on the GTY reservation; you are close to being able to see the assigned room, it will be the numbers after the dash.
  8. Fully agree Ampurp85, would only add that you might have to try a bar or two to find what you want, when we were there we found different drinks available at different bars. Obviously the floating bar is the most limited.
  9. Plan a full city tour and visit to the city Market, check your tide charts and see if a tour out to St. Martins will be worth it. Same for the reversing Falls / river. You could also rent a car and make a run up to the Fundy Trail Parkway for some sight seeing.
  10. Your signature panel shows Past Cruises RCI Allure of the Seas - August 4, 2019 It will be just like that.
  11. Interesting story, We moved one that we booked on board with a casino discount late last year, my TA told me it came over to her with a negative commission which she had to fight to get removed. Needless to say, we don't trouble her anymore when the casino is involved.
  12. For our B2B on Explorer out of Miami the 6 day we had the weed smell, but not on the 8 day. Not sure why, but different vibe between the two sailings.
  13. hope its not being dropped, the MDR lunch is also a perk for us B2B sailors.
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