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  1. Worked fine for us in Aug, Dec, and Apr, and planning to use it again in two weeks. Fast, free, and easy. Book your appointments on line one week in advance for best choice of time. DW and I book b2b appointments, and drive up to the window together, never been a problem, results back in 2 hours or less even thought the tech said it could take up to eight.
  2. I see Celebrity on my Blue. Tried the hack of adding offers causing the re-load of more new offers, and that did work. 178 offers now loaded on my card, but still no RCCL, I'll go back to loading more tonight and hope for the best
  3. Folks are quoting land temps and are accurate, all the ports are walkable which makes late Aug a great time to visit. The sea day(s) will be cooler because water temp will be in the low sixties.
  4. My 2 cents; don't over complicate it. Different model TVs of the same brand use different IR codes. The model and year of manufacture is are most likely different on every ship. This possibly explains why the universal remote works.
  5. ... and a nice place for a beverage after your round o' golf, with an awesome views of the ship
  6. or, just walk off the ship. To the right you'll see a mini golf place on the hill, just to the right of that is a beach (fee based) 5-10 minute walk at the most. Also, I have to agree with Mary S, Bermudians are very friendly and helpful people.
  7. Our Explorer trip in Oct, they shortened the stay in Aruba by a few hours. Its our last stop prior to returning to Miami. My initial thought was they need to slow down the boats to save on fuel.
  8. agree with most poster here, post covid, I'm seeing the measuring cup used a whole lot more than often that pre-covid. The right tender, and a tip has always corrected the situation.
  9. Not if you are driving distance of the great state of New Hampshire.
  10. No personal experience with them, but when on Enchantment in April this year, kept seeing scooters from this company all over the ship. https://www.specialneedsatsea.com/reserve-equipment/scooter-rentals/
  11. Both Incredibly jealous and happy for you at the same time; ENJOY
  12. Check the port schedule, if you get there on a weekend, CT1 could be occupied by Harmony (I think) and you will end up at CT6 where nothing is walkable. That's what is happening to us in July. We will have to grab an Uber over the locks, and down to Cocoa Beach.
  13. I've often wondered this myself. Royal site claims a B2B is treated as two completely different events, and are not linked in their system, so to me this should work. Anyone with first had experience out there ?
  14. If you will be in town a day or two earlier, any quality property north of South Station is a stones throw away from the port, Boston is very compact. I would suggest something closer to the common for a fun day of sight seeing by foot the day before if you have the time. Don't miss the North End for some of the best food in town.
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