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  1. For searching purposes only, I recommend folks use the 'custom search tool' on the VacationsToGo web site. An extremely customizable tool with with your choice of must have, and excluded ports of call, along with many other parameters For example; search for a cruise with stops in Labadee, and Coco Cay, but not stopping in Jamaica, between these two dates
  2. Another option is a 3-4 hour touch and go, where they get there late or leave early. There is no minimum for how long they need to be in a foreign port (that I know of) Also agree that 24-SEP is way to far out to be even slightly concerned yet.
  3. Technically 750ml or smaller of wine, sparkling or not, per cabin. In Bayonne (or default port of choice) we usually just separate and go through the security lines individually and then meet up on the other side.
  4. My TA did it for us one time. We were PIF for a cruise that became a lift and shift. He reversed the CC charges by the value of the FCC and then applied the FCC, so in the past, I know its been done. Good Luck.
  5. You will all know who we are, the ones who lug the 2 bottles on board every trip. We are the only ones walking around with a wine glass filled to the brim.
  6. Foo-Foo drinks are ~$13 (think Lava Flow or Miami Vice) Basic drinks are ~$10-11 ( think Jack and coke, Gin and tonic) Beer ~ $8-9 Wine is all over the map and depends on your taste; you can easily go over the $13 if your into a specific brand They charge your first four drinks of the day to the program (up to the limit $13 cap) if you do not speak up. If you are a regular, they get pretty good about letting you know where you stand, I would often hear something like "you have one more left' or 'that was your last one' We start the day with a mimosas, and have to remember to tell the server we are paying for this one, that way we have the afternoon's foo-foo drinks comped at full value.
  7. or very very old school, sounds like a party line, back in the day we even shared the land line with the neighbors. Anyone else remember dialing less than seven numbers? I think it was 4 or 5 when we started.
  8. In April we drove down from NH, and stayed at the Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center on O'Donnell St. Paid for the pkg that had parking and port transfer. They covered all 12 nights. Nothing fancy, its a bit dated, but we were only sleeping there one night. The hotel is fairly close to port, we could see the ship from our room. I also believe they is another BW with park and sail on the west side of town if that is where you are coming from. From the accounts I have read, that one is a little less dated.
  9. I have been told both yes and no. I think its all perspective, on the UBP, do people start tipping after they hit drink #5 (the break even point) ? I tip them for the great service I receive. I have been bringing a stack of crisp new $2 bills on every cruise now that I'm Diamond.
  10. Does anyone know the approximate cost for 2 chairs and an umbrella at Palm Beach in Aruba ? Want to make sure we bring enough cash with us ... Thanks,
  11. We are doing the ABC loop in Oct. Having trouble finding the cost for 2 chairs and an umbrella on both A & C. We want to be sure and bring enough cash with us. Does anyone recall the going rate on each island. I only found one place listing a price so far, and they wanted $80 for the day ( I'm used to St Martin's Rates ) Thanks!
  12. Just thought I'ld just mention the name issue some have had, all documents must have matching names, otherwise also bring all official change documents too. Check RCCL web site for details.
  13. Like on air lines, no one has been thrown off (yet), Just asking for volunteer. They will up the offer if not enough people opt in, I highly doubt they will let it go so far as to deny boarding to a party paid in full. It would be a PR disaster
  14. For us, most all port visits include a search for a local beer, preferably one that is not mass produced. We have stubbled across a few interesting ones over the years.
  15. Uhm 10:30 ? What am I missing, that's as early as it can be. We had 10:30 on July 8th, no lines no waiting. Drop off the luggage, drive over to the open lot and park, in and on board in ~15 min. Now at noon time, well that's a whole different story; cars lined up in front of luggage drop off for as far as the eye could see (from the comfortable lounger on the top deck).
  16. Just learnt this the other day, in the app, the bar menu will have the prices 3.50 for soda, $4 for Red Bull ...... We'll be on her 1st -15th , if you see us on board say Hi
  17. another RCCL IT mystery solved, I thought I was loosing my mind .... Thanks for this
  18. you could choose to complain to your special someone that six years between cruises it too long a wait. Where do you get the patience for that ?
  19. haven't seen it done yet, but don't know the rules.
  20. On Oasis (a Friday run) in July, yes people with HC stickers were being directed / let into the garage; others were parked in the open lot.
  21. I always thought the discount was for "close in sailing"; seeing you booked in '23; I doubt there were any C&A discounts to be applied at that time. Also taking a B2B makes no difference, in the eyes of the cruise line they are three independent bookings each with their own market driven rates. So use your agent, or keep an eye on the prices yourself between now and final payment; one of those legs will likely have a price drop during one of the many RCCL sales.
  22. Yes, Just off July 15th. Plenty of Porters available that day.
  23. and if the magnet isn't there on day one just ask for one. On Oasis a couple weeks ago the "kids gang" ran around the ship one night re-distributing them. We even saw one on the out side (not the doors, but facing the atrium) of an elevator. First time seeing anything like that happen for us.
  24. Mixed bag, your mileage may vary. I've seen tip containers used, and I've seen it pocketed, even with the jar in sight. I believe in concept they are shared tips, but people are people.
  25. just off Oasis on Friday (15th) , original style cups being provided all week. Though I read in the thread that was not the case a few weeks ago, but can't re-locate to verify
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