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  1. We do this same trip often. Here's exactly what we do: We typically stay in the Orlando area, or on resort property (using resort transportation to get from the airport). The day of our cruise, we hire a car service (highly recommend FL Tours) to pick us up from the resort and take us to the port. They're great, because they'll also stop at a grocery store so you can pick up some things before the cruise. They'll also pick you up after the cruise and take you back to the airport. If you're renting a car instead, I recommend Avis. There's an Avis location minutes from the port
  2. Walking onto CocoCay on Saturday, March 14, 2020. The last cruise with passengers to visit the island.
  3. My TA was able to rebook my cruises and apply the Double Points promotion. Not only did it go smoothly, but one of my cruises actually had a slightly better rate. So, I get the double points and saved money. Win-win!
  4. We were on Harmony's last sailing before the pandemic shut things down. The sailing before the one @Matt was supposed to be on (Sorry Matt!). We boarded on March 7, and things were still very calm with the virus in the USA. My favorite memory was sitting in the MDR the day before we were set to go to CocoCay, and Captain Johnny came on to make an announcement. We knew something was going on, but wasn't aware of how fast the virus was spreading on land. Captain Johnny announced to the ship that Royal Caribbean would be shutting down operations. There was a moment of pause and we all
  5. Great spreadsheet! Thanks for sharing! Not sure of the creator, but a similar web-based tool can be found here: https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3&fbclid=IwAR2rN17vx_4Vk0_pG--Dvy173K63MTb3PeWsVEeQx37zzbJfOTAxIowZbfk#/
  6. I reached out to Royal Caribbean, and they confirmed it was a glitch in the system. It will be going away, unfortunately.
  7. I have the Sapphire Reserve. The annual fee is a bit alarming at first, but once you see the perks (including the travel insurance), it’s totally worth it for us. From a “points” standpoint, it’s good. 3X for Travel and Dining. I usually transfer those points to an airline for 1:1 redemption and use them for my flights.
  8. Showing up for my April 2021 and September 2021 cruises! Man, I hope it's true!
  9. There will be three of us traveling - my wife, our toddler son (1), and myself. We'd like to travel without a car seat. What's the best and most economical way to get from FLL to Port Everglades on the day of our cruise?
  10. We were on Allure last week (May 5-12), and at no point did the thought of the propulsion issue cross our minds. I didn't hear anyone onboard speak about it (Guest or Crew). It was a great sailing. The only downside was waiting for the ship to get to FLL from Miami, and not being able to board until after 4 p.m. and not sail away until 9 p.m.
  11. Sure, Matt! To save some time, here are some highlights and lowlights. Highlights •Loved the views on Brilliance. Best elevators and views of the ocean from any ship I've been on. •Live entertainment Lowlights •Our Deck 3 room was under the Main Dining Room and the noise was horrible, during meal time especially. •Food selection was very bland. Most disappointing food selection I've ever had on a cruise.
  12. Hey everyone! I wanted to provide you with a review of my recent Brilliance sailing. Please check it out HERE.
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