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  1. Thanks! But Uber/Lyft in FL don’t have car seat options, correct? We need an option that provides an alternative to traveling with car seats.
  2. Does Royal offer a shuttle from Port Miami to FLL? Open to other recommendations, as well. We’re trying to navigate without car seats after our cruise.
  3. Does this change still require on-site testing for unvaccinated children? Or can we simply show up with a negative test?
  4. See you onboard! This is the second leg of a B2B on Freedom for our family.
  5. We're on a B2B on Freedom in June. Our check-in window for the first cruise opened today and we completed it. The next opens in 3 days. Do I still need to complete that? Our last B2B was in 2018, and I cannot remember, so any help is appreciated!
  6. Here you go! Source: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/port-canaveral-port-42?tab=schedule&month=2022-07#schedule
  7. I’ve got some conflicting information and I’m looking for clarity. Twice in the past, I’ve asked to book a refundable fare in the NextCruise office. Both times, the representative told me that I would not qualify for reduced deposits or the onboard credit offers if I booked refundable. However, my TA says that I do qualify for the same NextCruise benefits regardless of refundable or nonrefundable fare. What’s the actual policy?
  8. As long as you have the right docs at the pier, you should be OK. My father-in-law is legally named James (as all of his documents list), but he goes by Tommy. His Vaccine card oddly lists Tommy, and our TA listed him in the Royal system as Tommy. There were questions at the pier, but because he had his Passport with him, it didn't hold us up at all.
  9. I highly recommend FL Tours. They'll customize to your needs - one-way, three-legged, round-trip. They'll also provide a grocery stop on your route. I've found their prices to be worth it.
  10. Widespread issue. I'm on the phone with Royal about it now. I'm having the same experience as you. The Royal rep said, "everything looks good on my end," and then when I said multiple people are reporting an issue, I was placed on hold and haven't heard back.
  11. Yes. And they will send it to you multiple times prior to your sailing, even if you complete it.
  12. Thanks y'all! Booked our excursions through Royal!
  13. Context: We're all vaccinated adults traveling with two unvaccinated children (under 12) to Eastern Caribbean in Sept. 2021. Question: Will we be restricted only to Royal Caribbean Excursions, or can we book our own?
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