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  1. Go to a local dive/scuba shop and ask to be fitted for a mask. Note the brand and model. Then see if you can find it cheaper online. Sometime you can and sometimes the store just might cut you a deal. You might pay more but it will last for years and years if kept inside and out of the sunlight.
  2. Ultra Jewels in Cozumel was good before the craziness started 3-4 years ago. I think everyone is going to have low stock. Mexico does have a tax refund program but it takes a very very very long time. 6 months. They will tell you otherwise. Then you have the custom fees when you get back.
  3. I will just say after Hurricane Harvey came through 2 years ago and flooded us with 50 inches of rain in two days. Royal didn't let us know if the cruise was a go or no until the day before. Yes a day before. Lucky for us it is just a 40 minute drive and we had no damage. I couldn't image the stress level for those trying to fly in when airports had been closed for days.
  4. I would bring a small portable fan. They help drowned out a lot of noises. We always travel with one.
  5. Most people are not even going to notice it. If they do then they think is might be a fake. Just be mindful of your surroundings and stay in the tourist areas. Good things don't happen after midnight and down side streets. I purchased a YG Daytona from Ultra Jewels in Cozumel a few months before the Daytona craziness ( I saved 10K). I put it on my wrist before I left the shop. Caught a cab and headed back to the terminal. I was a little nervous but I was dressed way down. So, I am sure most people thought it was just some fake gold watch.
  6. You will be fine. Now there might be some ports that you might not want to wear it ashore at. Then just lock it in the room safe. Then again if you have it insured, as you should, then wear it where ever you want. There are people that travel with lots of watches and jewelry. Just make sure you have it properly insured and enjoy it.
  7. I like the Ultra Jewels Rolex store but it can be a very expensive excursion.
  8. The BBC!!! Delicious!!!! It is Baileys, Banana liquor, Rum, and Pina colada mix. Pool side will put in a fresh banana too sometimes.
  9. They are hoping you have vacation dust in your eyes. Their used Rolex prices are insane!!!
  10. Yep. During the late 80's they would screw the sliding glass doors closed during spring break.
  11. We did the dolphin swim in Roatan last year and it was a lot of fun.
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