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  1. There is a buc'ee's in Alabama now too.
  2. cdunnintx; September 22-29, 2019; Allure of the Seas
  3. I know they just opened the one in Denton off of I35E.
  4. We go on the Allure of the Seas the end of September 2019 and have a large wedding party. I'm taking Buc'ee Nuggets for our room attendant and a handmade journal with my city postcard in the front. Straight from Texas baby!!
  5. Ooo good question. I'd like to read what people think. Maybe bring something local to where you're from? I live in Texas, so my choices are unlimited. 🙂
  6. Absolutely. I'm a terrible flyer. The drive to Galveston from Dallas is not terrible either. I hope they come to an agreement and get this done. I guarantee we will be on that first oasis class out of Galveston.
  7. Our daughter is getting married on the Allure of the Seas - Sailing September 22, 2019. There are 11 of us now. We signed up for the Prohibition Event for the first time ... looks like a blast. I'll send pics. 🙂
  8. That would be completely up to you. $90 could mean booking a reservation at one of the onboard restaurants to someone and someone else would just like to have the money in their pocket. Me, I'd like to use it for all the many extras that the ships have to offer.
  9. How do you transfer? The website seems very limited or I could be going to the wrong site. 🙂
  10. My husband calls me a wimp, but there's a reason I don't zip line, rock climb or surf rider. I stick to ping pong and putt putt. LoL
  11. OMGsh ... my blood sugar just shot through the roof looking at all these carbs! I will be staying away from them ... -chants to self- you can do it ... you can do it.
  12. Go Dallas Stars in six!!! - I made this for Game 6 against the Preds. Seguin requested it during warmups. Took it to practice the next day. He gave me his Game 6 stick for it. I create caricatures of all my Dallas Stars!!!
  13. I remember this weather event. It affected us up here in Dallas as well. Sorry you missed your cruise.
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