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  1. BTE

    Value of OBC to you?

    Agreed. Lowest price always
  2. Was looking at Bermuda & than stumbled across this blog. Thanks JL as it was very informative. I've put this cruise as a future potential
  3. BTE

    Are night clubs a thing of the past?

    I need to check if that is in my cruise planner as my wife would probably like to do that
  4. Agree 1/27 sailing The DB package was $50 until 1/4 & it dropped to $42 so I booked it & the RR package for $26. Than on 1/8 the RR package dropped to $20 so I cancelled & rebooked. Be nice if something would drop again but doubtful 😐
  5. Am I supposed to see them in the cruise planner
  6. My cruise is in 11 days but I haven't saw any activity waivers.
  7. She has no problem with the going part LOL. She's always up for a trip somewhere. She just doesn't like the part about booking now for a cruise 54 weeks from now as she says something might come up. But it didn't take much convincing 😉
  8. BTE

    How do y'all do it?

    Getting close myself 8 years (would love to be able to retire at 62) but will have to go to 65 so I can get on medicare. Plan is to take at least 1 cruise per year with maybe 2 occasionally.
  9. Well I went from not cruising for 8 years Jan 2011 to booking a cruise in Dec for Jan 2019. Than I put a deposit down on 1/9 for a cruise in Aug 2019 & today I put a deposit down for one in Feb 2020. My wife asked was I getting carried away all of the sudden LOL but she didn't say no. Upcoming cruises Allure 1/27/2019 Ovation 8/9/2019 Adventure 2/1/2020 Guess I'll just work on planning excursions ect.. for the last 2 & hold off booking anything else for now. Thanks to Michelle - MEI Travel.