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  1. We have Starlink at home and experience a lot of this on a daily basis, just not quite as severe. We sometimes get buffering on our youtubeTV because it slowed down so much. We see speeds fluctuate from 30-300MB and we aren't moving. Also depends on the weather. Starlink is also mostly geared to the northern area so far so I imagine the satellites are not as plentiful near the equator (as mentioned it's still being built). Starlink is not amazing but when it is all you can have......it's AWESOME compared to other options. I imagine as they continue to build the service it will get much better. I live in an area where lots of people have it and they are throttling heavier users and charging more than other less heavy use areas. With the newer satelittes (when they do it) going up it will get much faster, more reliable, and handle more capacity and I am sure that will help sailing starlink! On our cruise on Oasis in January 2023 I found it way better than Voom but did have some times it just flat out SUCKED!
  2. We just did a catamaran/snorkel/beach in January through shore excursion group and enjoyed it. Currently making a video of some of it and will post it so you can check it out for yourself. We would recommend it, staff was very friendly and made good rum punch
  3. It was a good place to start! Anything bigger would probably have been very intimidating! Can’t start with 10 foot surf
  4. We had never seen anything like this before and also couldn't find anything on it so we made a short video of it when we did it January 2023. We enjoyed it and hope you did it and enjoyed it too! Hopefully RCCL keeps this one on the list of excursions!
  5. We did these two in February 2020. We enjoyed them both. The trikes in Aruba were not RCCL but the cave and beach in Curacao were RCCL. The walking around at the shops in Curacao was a short walk from the pier. Hope this helps And
  6. Here is a video of our vlog of our excursion (Bonaire Land and Sea Adventure) in Bonaire! We did not get to do too much exploration on the island beyond the excursion because it was ALL day but we saw a lot of the island while on it. Video shows some of the nicer things of Bonaire! We barely even did any shopping because of the time constraints and the fact that we were in the sun ALL day. That wiped us out pretty good.
  7. Sorry I have neglected this blog since getting home.......LIFE!!! So I mentioned a few posts ago, we had lots of "firsts" on this cruise that we kept noticing and commenting on together. Here are some of the firsts that we experienced: -larger waves (we have been lucky i think so far on this) -me getting sick -our main waiter in the dining room getting sick and out 5 days -eating in the windjammer for dinner vs the main dinning room -vlogging our cruise -head waiter being SUPER involved in our dinner service (like taking our order) -booking a non-Royal Caribbean excursion -cruise director got sick and missed events -dinning room did not have the usual singing and dancing night, and where they have the presentation -having Johnny Rockets -not being in a suite since our honeymoon 23 years ago ? -did not go straight from cruise ship to airport and go home -getting off the ship was not smooth and was a nightmare (did not get off until approximately 1030) There might be more that I can't remember right now...I will keep thinking of things and add in future posts. Still want to get my recap of stuff but it might just be recaps as I post other stuff ...And for the record I am STILL sick even after going to the doctor.....UGH!
  8. They are still in business but LeeAnn Chin sold it years ago and passed away not too long ago. Depending how long its been since you have been there you might see some "changes". They started a thing years ago where they weigh your food, which drives me nuts when they scoop food off your plate!!! Food still tastes delicious though!!!
  9. Explorer just left a couple hours ago for a chartered cruise. It was some Ohio Buckeye cancer benefit event. While we were waiting for the disaster that was disembarkation, they were posting the stuff for this ALL over the place. 5 night cruise with only 1 stop....and that is Cococay. After this cruise it goes back to normal cruising. Sounds like a lot of the cruise staff doesn't really have to do much during this charter, especially the singers and dancers. They were just hanging out for the next few days I guess. We are now just hanging out in Miami until Tuesday morning......early morning! We went and checked out downtown Miami and the Bayside Market area. Pretty neat area! Tomorrow we are going to try and get to South Beach and check that out. We are doing some vlogging while we are here to showcase what we see here, as a side note. I plan to have a recap down the road when I can put all my thoughts together. One thing both of us have commented on a lot was all the "firsts" that we experienced on this cruise, which is odd since this was our 10th cruise together!!! So again, tomorrow is hopefully South Beach! Sure is nice not being in the MN cold yet but it sure is nice to go home after the cruise. There's just something about ending a cruise and going home. That last night aboard kinda just puts you in that "go home" mode. We much prefer to extend the trip BEFORE we board and then go straight to airport from the ship. Maybe that's just us but just feels like it should be that way. This is the first time we have not gone straight home and it all just feels "weird".
  10. Here is just a picture from the pool deck last night. It was dead there and it was only 9pm!!! Everyone must have been packing or eating.
  11. Last night we went to Johnny Rockets for the first time ever on a cruise ship! We got the milkshakes. I had caramel and Lisa had Oreo. Apparently they are included on the refreshment and liquor drink packages!!! This will be dangerous now that we know that!!! The server even offered us fries for free but we already should not have been eating the milkshakes so we passed... I would highly recommend getting a milkshake as a treat at night! SOOOOO good!
  12. She was busy so took it like a paparazzo would...from far away. ?
  13. Sorry had to take a picture of the picture but here is formal night!
  14. Well that was an experience! We made it to the hotel....thank god! Getting the luggage and going through customs once we got there was a breeze! The taxi situation to the hotel was another situation! People everywhere, drivers not following the directions, and people trying to flag down their own taxis! Finally got our taxi and made it to the downtown holiday inn. Room not ready so leaving luggage and going to check the area out for awhile! That was the longest experience getting off the ship EVER! They doubled the number of customs people (Atleast that’s what we heard) which sped things up! I’ll be sitting down tonight to get caught up on stuff here....
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