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  1. Explorer just left a couple hours ago for a chartered cruise. It was some Ohio Buckeye cancer benefit event. While we were waiting for the disaster that was disembarkation, they were posting the stuff for this ALL over the place. 5 night cruise with only 1 stop....and that is Cococay. After this cruise it goes back to normal cruising. Sounds like a lot of the cruise staff doesn't really have to do much during this charter, especially the singers and dancers. They were just hanging out for the next few days I guess. We are now just hanging out in Miami until Tuesday morning......early morning! We went and checked out downtown Miami and the Bayside Market area. Pretty neat area! Tomorrow we are going to try and get to South Beach and check that out. We are doing some vlogging while we are here to showcase what we see here, as a side note. I plan to have a recap down the road when I can put all my thoughts together. One thing both of us have commented on a lot was all the "firsts" that we experienced on this cruise, which is odd since this was our 10th cruise together!!! So again, tomorrow is hopefully South Beach! Sure is nice not being in the MN cold yet but it sure is nice to go home after the cruise. There's just something about ending a cruise and going home. That last night aboard kinda just puts you in that "go home" mode. We much prefer to extend the trip BEFORE we board and then go straight to airport from the ship. Maybe that's just us but just feels like it should be that way. This is the first time we have not gone straight home and it all just feels "weird".
  2. Here is just a picture from the pool deck last night. It was dead there and it was only 9pm!!! Everyone must have been packing or eating.
  3. Last night we went to Johnny Rockets for the first time ever on a cruise ship! We got the milkshakes. I had caramel and Lisa had Oreo. Apparently they are included on the refreshment and liquor drink packages!!! This will be dangerous now that we know that!!! The server even offered us fries for free but we already should not have been eating the milkshakes so we passed... I would highly recommend getting a milkshake as a treat at night! SOOOOO good!
  4. She was busy so took it like a paparazzo would...from far away. 😉
  5. Sorry had to take a picture of the picture but here is formal night!
  6. Well that was an experience! We made it to the hotel....thank god! Getting the luggage and going through customs once we got there was a breeze! The taxi situation to the hotel was another situation! People everywhere, drivers not following the directions, and people trying to flag down their own taxis! Finally got our taxi and made it to the downtown holiday inn. Room not ready so leaving luggage and going to check the area out for awhile! That was the longest experience getting off the ship EVER! They doubled the number of customs people (Atleast that’s what we heard) which sped things up! I’ll be sitting down tonight to get caught up on stuff here....
  7. Finally off the ship and now waiting in the long line to get luggage! Apparently they added more customs agents in last 30 minutes to get the ship cleared...more to come
  8. We haven’t experienced this ever either! It is very strange! Our fight isn’t until Tuesday so we have plenty of time 😉. We are hanging out in Miami for a couple days once we get off the ship.
  9. Quick update for getting off the ship...customs and border protection have been overwhelmed apparently so they have stopped people getting off the ship since about 8:00-8:30 this morning. The ship is still filled with people! It’s 10:00 and they have only gotten to number 5 for tags. We are number 21! Long way to go
  10. I found her. She was in the area blocked off before lunch started. I went in after they opened it and she was gone. I saw her another time but didn’t have my phone. I’ll keep trying.
  11. Oh no! Last nachos on board until January 2021! 🤯 and if anyone has the chance for this pizza it’s called “carnivore”....it is delicious! They only had it a few days of the 9 nights but when they did you would want to grab a piece! YUM!
  12. That would be nice, especially for us snowbirds! And apparently EVERYONE else on the ship likes the sale too! The line took 45 minutes to get through!
  13. Today is the last sea day and last full day of the cruise 😔. Not a whole lot planned today. We are taking the diamond and above level entertainment tour (which we have never done before) this morning. Today is also the tshirt sale day so we are hitting that up! We plan on some mini golf this afternoon too! If there is anything anyone wants to see please let us know and we will try to get it posted. Only a few more cruises for this ship before dry dock (and it needs it)!
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