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  1. Most definitely huge thanks to @twangster for that! Wish I knew how to make stuff like that 😉
  2. Just went through and read that post! WOW what a wealth of info! I made a folder and downloaded all the pdfs for the different prices. Thanks for the info!!!
  3. Awesome info! I will keep watching the planner to try and find that elusive $11.99/day! I will have to try and find that comparison!!! If it does not go lower we can most definitely wait a few hours of no internet! We have sailed entire cruises without it so whats a few hours 😉
  4. If using the points from the Royal Credit Card make sure you select the option for redemption that says "shared" rather than "individual" and that would prevent one person from having to use the card, if the OBCs are from the credit card (they would have to have shared charging privileges with you though). If they aren't, then make sure everyone is spending the $$$$$$ as @ChessE4 said! Don't lose free money 😉
  5. We are looking at getting the surf and stream internet for our 9 night cruise on Explorer in Feb 2020 for one device. Since we get one free day or a discount on the internet package once onboard, is it better to wait to purchase on the ship or buy it precruise? Current price is $15.99/day but I think it will get cheaper than that with better sales coming up. We do not get the deluxe beverage because we don't drink that much alcohol so we can't bundle it with that. Any other tricks to save money on the internet that I am not thinking of. We want this so we can live blog it and upload videos/vlogs. We have never purchased the internet, only used the 24 hours free for the Diamond level perks.
  6. We must be doing something wrong (or right) because we NEVER get a refund! We even had almost $700 in OBC once and we still had to pay at the end (albeit very little)! Refund? What is that?!?! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Dont have too high of expectations for being the lowest level of the loyalty program. As with all loyalty programs, you don't really see the better benefits until you get higher in the program. For Royal the Gold level has minimal benefits, but of course its better than NO benefits 😉 and as stated above...you won't get any benefits until your second cruise which will be your first Gold level C&A cruise!
  8. Here is the discover scuba in St Maarten Here is the Zipline in Antigua When I get the zipline in St Kitts ready Ill post that. St Kitts zipline was much shorter in terms of lines but much easier.
  9. For our Feb 2020 cruise the sale price is $22. $20 is a great price! In regards to "is it worth it".....that's kind of up to you. Depends how much you drink off of it. In my opinion the bottle water alone is worth it enough for us because we slam the water as much as we can everywhere we go. And of the course the fresh squeezed OJ!!!
  10. So let me ask this then....What did you like (or what was your favorite) about each one individually?
  11. The main advantage of buying Royal is the guarantee to get back to the ship. This is great for unexpected problems because royal guarantees they get you back on board. Non royal excursions you would be on your own if you miss the boat. This happened to a friend of mine but thankfully they had a royal excursion so they got to the ship as it was leaving. They were put on a boat and caught up to the ship as it was leaving port. You will pay a little more for that piece of mind though. What kind of things do you like? How adventurous are you guys? How much do you want to spend? We have done several excursions at these ports and some we have videos so you can actually see it
  12. Make sure you aren't too far from a bathroom after this...........😉 We ate at a hibachi place on Las Olas Blvd (can't remember the name) where you can sit basically outside and it was AWESOME!!!! We loved it! Especially nice for us in January coming from MN 😁
  13. Both of these seem very interesting...enjoyed one more than the other?
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