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  1. We recently arrived at 10:35 and people were already boarding. We were drink in hand by 11:15.
  2. $275 per person,and they only charge for the first rwo passengers. So, for three of us to go from a large balcony to JS was $550 total.
  3. We cruise on Nov 10th, we got our offer and I made a bid on Sept 11th, it was accepted on October 2nd. Fwiw our minimum bid was $250 to go from a large oceanview balcony to a Jr Suite. I bid $275 and had no expectation I would get it. Good luck!
  4. Fwiw, we were originally going to get my daughter certified and a refresher for me on our upcoming cruise. After a little research about our local dive shops we found it was cheaper for my daughter to trained locally and I ended up getting my refresher free. The deciding factors were the difficulty in planning our excursions when we didn't know when and where the open water dives would be, how much personal attention we would get during the classes, and whether my our certifying dives would be together. She ended up certifying through SDI over about 2 months, as our schedules allowed, and found it very enjoyable and unhurried. (She also finds it very amusing that she got her diving license before her friends got their driving licenses.) As a result we now have 4 dives planned together thru local dive shops when we visit Roatan and Costa Maya.
  5. It is a bit of a gray area to say the least. For our cruise we got my daughter her own package as she likes to stream music and video when she surfs and would be considered a high bandwidth kind of user. My wife and I have our own package for checking email and surfing web pages, both fairly low bandwidth activities. The vast majority of the time we'll be on separately, except when we're winding down at night at which time we're usually on at the same time. The other concern was my daughter will be roaming on her own so that allows her to be messaged without delay, while my wife and I will be together and can use one device for texts. Fwiw, its also because I like toys and its something to play with on the cruise.
  6. I contacted special needs due to a allergy I have. Here is the response they sent me...
  7. I have the RAVPower filehub and plan on trying it out in a couple of weeks. I've experimented with it here at home and it seems pretty easy to setup and use so far. I hadn't heard anything about MAC cloning but I was under the impression that they provided a login and password for each Voom package you buy. As you can supposedly log one device out and then login another device using the same credentials I'm not sure why they would be checking MAC's against logins. I have heard they actively block VPN's though. I'm not a lawyer (and I don't play one on TV) but I didn't see a restriction on using a travel router in the admittedly brief terms and conditions I found. They certainly specify each package is per device per day and they have a generic note that pricing is per person. If you wanted to stretch the "per device" part of that to the breaking point you could argue that the travel router constitutes your one device as its the only device actively connecting to the ships wifi.
  8. Fwiw, we bid $275/pp for an upgrade to a JS, when the minimum bid was $250/pp. We were notified about 45 days out that we got it. I wasn't expecting to get the upgrade or be notified that early.
  9. @JLMoran , Good thought. I'll have to think about that. Ultimately it would be easier if it was a selectable option but I'm at the limit for usable fields with the level of calcapp I subscribe to. I might be able to rig something in the background calculations. As it stands it would probably be a blanket removal of the depreciation for coffee, juice, and water. That would be easily done without needing another field.
  10. Here's the suggestions I've found while looking around online for room steward gifts in addition to cash... 1. Hard Liquor. (Yeah, I know...) Supposedly hard liquor can be difficult/costly for crew members to get as the crew bars stay with beer/wine. Anyway, something regional or different could be fun as a gift. (Assuming you get it onboard.) 2. Snack foods. I was thinking about regional foods again as you can buy doritos anywhere. 3. USB sticks loaded with music / movies. Crew internet access is limited and can be costly and supposedly there is great demand for electronic entertainment, especially if its tradeable. 4. Toiletries. Not sure about this one as people can be pretty picky about their deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc... 5. International prepaid calling cards. Not sure if this one is still relevant in the age of the interweb.
  11. Try this to help you decide. Don't forget the package includes your premium coffees, fresh squeezed juice, and sodas. Btw, Kraken and Coke is the only correct answer. ?
  12. Here's a handy calculator I made to help you figure out the dollar amount you may drink while on the cruise. You'll find it adds up fast when you include coffees, fresh squeezed juice, and sodas.
  13. Black friday also seems to be a great time for Cruise Planner sales. So far the best I've seen for the Deluxe Beverage Package (DBP) is $49 pp/day, for the Refreshment package was $20 pp/day and the soda package at 8.99 pp/day. I"m not expecting to see anything better unless there's a particularly good sale on 4th of July or Labor Day.
  14. I'm wondering RCI will offer to move people from later sailings, who are already authorized to visit Cuba, to earlier sailings to fill more ships.
  15. Alright, Drinkcalc V.2 is ready for testing. The underlying math is identical but the interface is better due to it being through a different service. DrinkCalc V.2
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