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  1. I bought an AirMini travel CPAP, also. When it arrived I realized the cord is shorter than my regular CPAP. I really love the size, though! it fits in my camera backpack, which I carry on with me. I'm glad RC provides an extension cord; I've just submitted my special needs form for my April 19 cruise on Freedom out of San Juan.
  2. Thanks! I thought they would probably supply them, but figured I'd have to wait until I boarded.
  3. I know they don't allow extension cords as a rule, but what if you need one for your CPAP machine? Usually the electrical outlets are on the opposite wall from the bed.
  4. When looking at shore excursions on our upcoming trip, some of them are listed as a specific (10, 20, etc) percentage off. Others say "Pre cruise deal". What is the difference?
  5. We were in Barbados on Adventure in 2018, went on a TIAMI catamaran cruise with snorkeling. I'm not a swimmer, but I would definitely go again. The views were beautiful, the crew was fantastic. My wife went snorkeling, and loved it. They served lunch, chicken and fish prepared by the crew (delicious), and had Banks beer and a few other types of drinks they served after the snorkeling, of course. Sister in law and her husband also enjoyed swimming. Our excursion was through RC. Would go to them directly next time, if RC doesn't offer them.
  6. Thanks! Might do that and avoid the MDR those nights so I don't have to wear a coat and tie!
  7. On the formal nights in the MDR, what is the attire for the specialty restaurants like Giovanni's and Choops?
  8. Never had a frozen Mojito! I'll have to give it a try!!
  9. Went to Bermuda this year on Grandeur OTS; so had to try a "Dark & Stormy" using Gosling's Black Seal rum and ginger beer. Quickly became hooked, and drank it most of the cruise!
  10. Which airports are best for sailings from Cape Liberty?
  11. Full disclosure, I'm a Texan. Having said that, I've sailed out of Galveston twice, once on the Liberty. We had a great time, the ship is very nice. As the CrznTxn and Clear Laker above note, the airports are not close, so if you can get into town the day (or 2) before, it gives you some wiggle room. Although the Galveston beaches and water are not Caribbean beautiful, there are some things to do and places to eat that you might want to try.
  12. We're debating between 2 different ships: Rhapsody and Majesty in 2021. The itineraries are the same and we live in Texas, so Majesty out of New Orleans looks good. We have sailed on Rhapsody and enjoyed it. I know Majesty is smaller, and I noticed the (smoking) Casino is near the shops and schooner bar. We don't care much about gambling, so the question is: how bad is the smoke drifting over from the casino?
  13. Which is the more enjoyable port in the Bahamas: Nassau, or Grand Bahama?
  14. When we were doing our online check in, we were asked to upload a photo (essentially a passport style photo). We attempted to do so (went and had photos taken), but when we tried to upload them, we could never get them cropped correctly to fit the RCI website requirements for size. Fortunately, it is not a requirement to complete the check in. Has anyone dealt with this?
  15. We are taking Adventure of the Seas from San Juan. We are flying in the day before and are spending the night in San Juan. The boarding information says boarding begins at 12:30 pm. Is it possible to check out of our hotel, and drop our luggage off at the cruise terminal, so we can spend more time looking around San Juan?
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