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  1. Has anyone tried either if the Sol y Mar RC excursions at Roatan? Neither mention anything about shade.
  2. We did the same thing. After a couple of days, we called, and were told the OBC wouldn't hit until 2 or 3 weeks before the cruise. As we wanted the OBC to make purchases from Cruise Planner sales that were in progress, we had to stay on the phone an hour or so, and get bumped up to a superior. Finally was resolved in our favor, and we received the OBC that day.
  3. We have our final payment due today/tomorrow... Guess I'll still make it, and hope for the best!
  4. Is it safe to take a taxi from the cruise port to a nearby beach, like Junkanoo Beach?
  5. Apart from the excursions offered by RC, what else is available to do? So far, none of them really interest me. Is a walk to the Straw Market from the ship doable?
  6. Which locations (Chill Beach, Coco Beach Club, Harbor Beach) have umbrellas? Don't want to do the cabanas, but don't want to fry in the sun, either!
  7. We're going on 9/18 (hopefully)!
  8. Thanks! We're scheduled to be there in September out of Galveston.
  9. Does anyone have recommendations regarding what to do in Key West? We're open to shore excursions, or wandering on our own. It will be our first time in Key West.
  10. I bought an AirMini travel CPAP, also. When it arrived I realized the cord is shorter than my regular CPAP. I really love the size, though! it fits in my camera backpack, which I carry on with me. I'm glad RC provides an extension cord; I've just submitted my special needs form for my April 19 cruise on Freedom out of San Juan.
  11. Thanks! I thought they would probably supply them, but figured I'd have to wait until I boarded.
  12. I know they don't allow extension cords as a rule, but what if you need one for your CPAP machine? Usually the electrical outlets are on the opposite wall from the bed.
  13. When looking at shore excursions on our upcoming trip, some of them are listed as a specific (10, 20, etc) percentage off. Others say "Pre cruise deal". What is the difference?
  14. We were in Barbados on Adventure in 2018, went on a TIAMI catamaran cruise with snorkeling. I'm not a swimmer, but I would definitely go again. The views were beautiful, the crew was fantastic. My wife went snorkeling, and loved it. They served lunch, chicken and fish prepared by the crew (delicious), and had Banks beer and a few other types of drinks they served after the snorkeling, of course. Sister in law and her husband also enjoyed swimming. Our excursion was through RC. Would go to them directly next time, if RC doesn't offer them.
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