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  1. Same experience. Took quite a while but I got it done
  2. Thank you!!! Will be calling in the morning
  3. I have the Bank of America card and cashed out my points for OBC. Does anyone have an estimate of when I should see that in cruise planner? I recall reading something about you may have to call to get it applied for pre-purchases, but can’t find the thread now.
  4. Thanks. I saw I couldn't online. Was just curious if this was even possible before I spent the time trying to call
  5. I got a great deal on the soda/zoom package on Black Friday and booked it for myself. Now there are price drops on the other packages and I'm thinking instead to just do the refreshment package. Can I move the soda/zoom booked for me to my daughter? Current price for zoom is $1/day less than what I paid, so makes sense to just keep that for her for the occasional soda. Or do I just book refreshment under her, and then see about switching it once on board?
  6. Maybe we just had off experiences. I’m really thinking it had to do with being in my time dining, our waiters just didn’t seem to care. It’s just hard with a young kid to do the set dining times, I like the flexibility
  7. All food was certainly luke warm, but that wasn't an issue. More the overall quality of products used. Shrimp was chewy and tiny, not cleaned very well. Salads had limp lettuce that was drowned in lettuce. Guess we'll just go with unlimited dining and see how that works.
  8. We were on Anthem last month and I was very disappointed in the quality of the food in the MDR. We are going on Oasis this summer and I’m considering the unlimited dining package. Would the MDR on Oasis be similar to Anthem, or do the ships differ in quality?
  9. I did it one or two nights last month on the Anthem and felt like the waiters were really upset by it. I just wanted to try different options, and it's not like they are huge portions.
  10. I've noticed the same thing. Oasis 7/4/20 out of NJ. About $2500 for 2, $4000 for 3. Makes no sense to me
  11. If you have no interest in the outlets, just do the Disney transport. Save the money and get an uber straight to Disney Springs, or monorail/walk to a resort and take a bus. I had never dealt with TTC before but it was super easy.
  12. Looking at options for Western Caribbean itineraries for spring break. Looks like there is Oasis our of Ft Lauderdale, Symphony out of Miami, or Allure out of Galveston. Allure is cheaper by about 200 pp. We are flying in so I imagine airfare will be similar for all (too far out to predict). We will have already been on Oasis. Can someone compare the 3 ships, from what I see there aren't major differences. Or does departure port impact these at all, one easier than the other?
  13. Considering doing the Oasis 9 nt Eastern Caribbean. I've heard great things about Charlotte Amalie and Maegen's Bay. However i noticed our port times are 3:30-10:30. Is there going to be anything to do? I'll have a 8 year old, so bar hopping is out. Just wondering if this stop is even worth it or look at another itinerary
  14. I think for us the outlet tour was about $20 more per person. The only reason I considered it was for the Disney outlets, but upon reading heard it's hit or miss and long lines. We have plenty of outlet malls near us, so skipped it and went straight for Disney Springs. There's plenty of shopping to do in Disney Springs, but they aren't outlets. I'd say you have plenty to do especially if you do a longer meal. There's also a movie theater, bowling and plenty of places to stop and relax with a drink.
  15. Just did this last week, what an amazing experience! It did sell out for our day, so that may be why it's gone
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