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  1. Regretting not buying the alcohol package when it was $58/person/day, it went up to $61. Should have listened to Matt and got it when I knew I wanted it but I was sure it would go down and didn't want the hassle. Cost me $28. Oh well, we're doing the Coco Beach Club, and the 11am Wave Jet Tour , and the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter. Holler if you want to join us on any of those things!
  2. Matt was right, don't wait to buy things, buy them when you know you'll want them. I kept holding out on the deluxe beverage package only for it to go up $3 per day per person and not budge on Black Friday. Near as I can tell nothing is less expensive than it was a week ago. What a let down.
  3. So I didn't. ty. Could have swore I searched as far as crtl F could take me.
  4. Where are you seeing that? The embassy web site I linked says something else.
  5. Please tell me if I'm missing something. https://bs.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/ Unvaccinated Travelers: Unvaccinated travelers ages 12 and older entering The Bahamas and/or those travelling inter-island from Nassau & Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, Bimini, Exuma, Abaco, and North and South Eleuthera, including Harbour Island, must obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR (swab) test taken no more than 5 days prior to the date of arrival. Test must return a negative result for entry into The Bahamas. The only part specific to cruise passengers is that they are subject to rules of the cruise lines. Cruise Passengers: All travelers entering The Bahamas on a cruise ship are subject to the testing requirements mandated by the cruise line and approved by The Bahamian government.
  6. I'm hoping the drop the vax requirements before my cruise in early Feb. A lot to hope for, but here we are. I was originally told as long as I bought travel health insurance I wouldn't need it, and as I'm sailing out of Florida where they aren't supposed to be able to ask. Looking at Nassau's web site it looks like you can enter with a negative PCR test even if you aren't vacced, so I don't get why its required.
  7. That's great! Only our second cruise and we feel like we're splurging on a balcony. Hopefully we can toast your friend together.
  8. You weren't able to use them both on the same cruise were you? They told me when I used the 10% wildcard I couldn't combine it with other offers.
  9. Surprised to see they now have tons of listings for free three day cruises out of California, though of course they are all sold out. Doesn't do me much good, but I hope someone else can grab one when/if they restock.
  10. How much is double of infinity?
  11. I wish it was just included with Perfect Day instead of running a premium.
  12. Indeed, I was sad I couldn't get the casino freeplay on top of the 10% off. Grats on the free-ish cruise tho.
  13. I started playing myVEGAS games on PC and mobile when I saw Matt's video on how to get a free cruise. Shortly after I started, the free cruise rewards were always sold out until they were taken down completely, but there are still rewards for low percentage discounts, onboard credit, and casino freeplay available. I recently used the 10% off wildcard discount to book a cruise in January, but it comes with the slight drawback of having to use RC's internal travel agents instead of my own. I was also able to score some free and discounted drinks on my recent trip to vegas, and may be able to use it locally now they've added a bowling partner. Anyone else grinding away on myVEGAS primarily to take some of the sing off cruise prices? Anyone get a freebie before they were taken down? Its a pity the free ones are discontinued, I have enough credits now for what would have been two 4 day cruises.
  14. I had a great experience at Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Miami Wynwood Design District. Looks like Hampton in general is a safe bet in Miami.
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