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  1. I did three cruises on Navigator this last year, a 7-day, a 3-day, and a 4-day. The 7-day cruise was delightful and the folks on board were a pleasure to hang around with. The 3 and 4 day cruises were a bit of a nightmare. I sailed solo on all three and was truly disappointed in the behavior of folks on the shorter cruises. Just a general lack of class (jeez, I sound like my mother!), and people who were incredibly unaware of how their actions affect others around them. Ensenada was a big fat 'meh' both times I was there. If I ever sail out of LA again, I will definitely do the longer cruise.
  2. Too many to mention, but one that stands out is this last year. I did two cruises on Navigator in fairly quick succession this last year. A 7-day in November, and a 3-day in January. I apparently spent far too much time in the Schooner Bar because not only did the bartenders remember me, and called me by name, but they remembered how to make the 'Kat-tini' that I had showed them how to make in November. Wow!
  3. I fully support you getting another cruise in... you need it, cruising is medicinal!!
  4. Woo hoo, congrats!!! I hit Diamond in June, and get to take advantage of my sparkly new status in December.
  5. ellcee, I don't have luck every time. I have found that if I situate myself near a group or couple, and strike up a conversation, they will normally ask me to join them in trivia. Or even to walk up to a table that has empty seats and ask if they could use an extra for trivia. Keep in mind that I am an introvert, so these are tasks I take on to get myself out of my shell and to be more social. Keep at it... you'll figure out what works for you.
  6. @Adriana if I could suggest an additional option... If you like trivia, those locations are great opportunities to meet up with people. I have found on all of my solo ventures that people love to do trivia in groups and they will always absorb the solos into their groups.
  7. Adriana, as a solo I got the UDP on my last cruise (got tired of the same meals in the MDR) and loved it. I always felt well taken care of in each restaurant that I visited. Great views, and if I wanted to chat with my neighbors, they were normally close enough to strike up a conversation. I always have my trusty novel with me in case I have those awkward solo moments. The servers were wonderful in going through the menu and answering any questions that I had. Glad you're back cruising... have a great time!
  8. Being a regular in the WJ for breakfast, I have experienced this towards the end of a cruise. Also specialty restaurants made the request each night that I visited a particular restaurant. Ironically, it is that very request that ruins the service for me. Normally I receive amazing service, but as soon as they start with the survey nonsense, it's like they have tarnished, what was up to that moment, a wonderful meal.
  9. My booking strategies (use of a TA vs my own planning) vary based on my travel needs. After some hit or miss (OK, a lot of miss) I did find a TA that works with me and that I can rely on. I tried some of the 'well-known' agencies, and didn't find the working relationship I was looking for. It might take a few trips before you find a TA that you enjoy working with. Good luck, and happy travels!
  10. Thanks! I looked at those two on the map and wondered how close they were.
  11. Hey All, can anyone give some recommendations for hotels? I haven't departed from PC before so I'd love a couple of options near the port. Thnx!
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