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  1. I spent (i.e. wasted) time this morning trying to figure this out. Created an account, put in several different dates for daily and monthly reservations and nothing came up. UGH! I think I might just Uber to the cruise port instead of dealing with parking.
  2. I just saw it was available!! Woo hoo... checked in!
  3. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Not good for RCI of course, but nice to experience the ship with lower numbers.
  4. Me too!! What an inspiration for young women coming up through the ranks!
  5. Ya, I agree, none of them really wow me, but I did want a chance to get out around a couple of the ports and don't want to do it on my own. The excursions in Ensenada are much better.
  6. Agreed! Let's get this party started!! 37 days to go y'all! Is anyone doing excursions? I chose a couple of basic, walk around the city kind of excursions. Nothing much that interests me in Cabo.
  7. From what I have read of others' reviews, plenty of folks recommend the Crown Plaza LA Harbor Hotel. A little further down the road is a Doubletree (Hilton). If you are looking for something a bit more fancy, you can find that in Long Beach which is a short drive away.
  8. I totally understand that 'lesson learned' - tried out a new TA, thought I had done my homework on them, but apparently there was something I missed because they are not very good. Oh well, lesson learned for me too!!
  9. Magnets and ornaments - Seapass cards stay in my drawer for travel stuff.
  10. Wonderful pics!! It makes me want to go back to Alaska again.
  11. I got it, but it's already been deleted. Thnx to our great moderators!!
  12. I thought I would provide a little info since many folks may not have sailed out of this port before (unless they sailed on one of those 'other' lines... shhhh, we shall not speak of them!)
  13. Thank you all for your advice/memes!! After speaking with Daniel at MEI we decided to leave my two reservations with the current TA (one is just under 60 days out), and for my celebration cruise in June I will refer my traveling buddies to Daniel instead of the current TA. That way I am not pulling business away from anyone, but I know that my friends will be taken care of.
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