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  1. I did a lift and shift last October for a new sailing Jan 2022. Would this apply to me or anyone that did a booking last year? Or does the double points apply to the ones that have booked since this promotion has started? I'm sure it's in the fine print at the bottom but gets blurry when trying to zoom in on it.
  2. I went on Oasis for my first cruise too, last December. I would say take it easy and walk around and explore. I didn't do half the things I wanted but I was always doing something fun. My biggest advice. Learn where the restrooms are. There's nothing worse than having some drinks and needing to go pee and not knowing where to go. It took me a day and a half to two to learn the ship layout.
  3. I did this cruise last November. I highly recommend doing the Prince of Darkness Palace excursion tour. Lots of history.
  4. I just did that a couple of weeks ago. I stayed on Hollywood Beach. Very good price for a place right next to the boardwalk. If that's your thing.
  5. I just got off Oasis for my first cruise and also solo. I had my stuff like seapass card, sunscreen, and phone in a backpack. I left them under my chair when in the pool and going on the water slides. I don't think anyone would ever mess with them on the ship. I also went to Hollywood Beach the day before the cruise and left my stuff alone while I was swimming. Same thing when we stopped in St Maarten. There are so many tourist around no one would try to mess with your things. I could be wrong.
  6. I'm going on my first cruise in a coupe of weeks too. I see a lot of people say to take about half the clothes you think you need. I'll be on a 7 nighter and plan to wear mostly t shirts and shorts. I was thinking at least one shirt a day with a couple extra and a few shorts. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have at least one fresh shirt a day because they can get sweaty? Shorts I would wear a couple days in a row. Or when you say half the clothes, you are talking to the people that will have three or four outfits per day layed out? That would be crazy.
  7. Wow. I booked my first one back in Feb for Dec 8 2019 and thought that was a long time to wait and now it's about two weeks away. I think I watched every Royal vlog on youtube and port videos. There is so much information online that helps pass the time. I'm also thinking about what my next one will be. West, or Southern? That helps too.
  8. I have changed the title. Also the correct email address is [email protected] I found it on their facebook page.
  9. Has anyone else had their lunch last this long? I'm going on my first cruise in Dec and have the key too. I don't like to take a long time to eat that's why I'm not sure if I even want to go to the MDR that much. I've seen people say a meal can take around an hour and half. I would rather go eat somewhere else. If my key lunch was lasting more than a half hour I would walk out and go somewhere else.
  10. I had the wrong email at first. I got a hold of them and the have changed the date for me.
  11. Maybe try to show up at the time you are scheduled to.
  12. Good to know. I must have had the wrong email add at first. I found another email add from their facebook page. I emailed them but they are closed until Oct. I reserved that one too but not the lunch. It looks like a really chill kind of day, I hope the weather is nice.
  13. I booked an excursion on their website https://www.caribbeanpaddling.com/ I am sailing on Oasis OTS December 8-15 2019. I was scheduled to be there on Dec 11, and was changed to the 12th. I booked it June 18 and my credit card was charged for it. I emailed them about the change. I just got this email back saying: I am not sure what booking your referring to. My company has been out of business since Irma. Please clarify where and what you booked in case someone is using my company name to scam people. Thanks Rachelle Bisaillon Caribbean Paddle Company Phon
  14. Does anyone else have any information about the embarkation lunch times? I got the key for my first cruise in Dec on Oasis because of the embarkation boarding with the suite guests and not having to wait in line that long. If the lunch takes more than a hour I think I'll skip it. I like my meals to take 45min max. I'm not sure if I'll go to the MDR that much because I've heard people say that could take an hour and half to eat.
  15. I have another question about this. I was thinking about doing a carry on only too. Can I carry that suitcase on the ship without giving it to the porters? I purchased the KEY so I could drop it of when I get on the ship. Is there a size limit that you can carry on the ship?
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