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  1. Does anyone else have any information about the embarkation lunch times? I got the key for my first cruise in Dec on Oasis because of the embarkation boarding with the suite guests and not having to wait in line that long. If the lunch takes more than a hour I think I'll skip it. I like my meals to take 45min max. I'm not sure if I'll go to the MDR that much because I've heard people say that could take an hour and half to eat.
  2. I have another question about this. I was thinking about doing a carry on only too. Can I carry that suitcase on the ship without giving it to the porters? I purchased the KEY so I could drop it of when I get on the ship. Is there a size limit that you can carry on the ship?
  3. Thank you. That was an answer I was looking for. I'm a farmer in the midwest and have a very dark farmer tan (literary) now but it will fade by December. Also that part I'm concerned about is my back and chest. That area hasn't seen sun for years. I would think doing some tanning sessions wouldn't be any worse than being outside everyday from March to November like I am. I try to use sunscreen but I only put it on once and don't reply like I will on my trip.
  4. I still can burn with sunblock when my skin's white. I just don't want to get too burnt.
  5. Hi. I'm going on my first Caribbean cruise in December and thinking about getting a tan before I go. I'm pretty dark now because of summer except for my stomach and back. If I'm not tan I can burn but once I am tan I don't burn. I went into a local tanning place and asked them what I should do. The lady said to start in October. Is that to early or to late? I might not be able to go that much in October because of work. So September might be a good time to start with a little in October and full time in November. How many times per week do you go? I forget to ask. Thoughts?
  6. Maybe have a 55+ area. Like a retirement home atmosphere. lol
  7. Is there a list somewhere out there with all the past, present, and future comedians that have preformed on the ships?
  8. How great would it be if all pot was legal to take on a Caribbean cruise? Sitting around the pool with a nice high or on the beach would be nice. It would really cut down on alcohol sales though and that wouldn't be good.
  9. Hair of the dog!! Do the ships sell Gatorade or other sports drinks? Are they included with the drink packages?
  10. I'm going on my first cruise December on Oasis and going solo. The concern I have with the MDR is how long it takes to eat. I've seen some people on here say it takes about an hour or more. I like to get in and out and go do something else instead of sitting at a table waiting for my food. Plus there are so many places to get something to eat I would rather do that. Is anyone else like this?
  11. This is so true. I get annoyed if I go to a gas station or somewhere where I still need to swipe my card or put it in the reader. It's a lot nicer to just tap the screen with it or uses your phone. In a few years swiping or inserting a card will be like using a key or writing a check. And don't get me started on places that only take cash or checks. WTF!
  12. So if you get hurt and it's in your safe no one working for the ship will go get it for you? What will happen to all your cloths and things still in the room if you are in the hospital when the ship leaves. I'm going to be traveling solo so I wouldn't have anyone to go get it for me.
  13. That looks awesome. I'm going in December and wanted to go to a beach but didn't know which one. I like the walking trails too. Does it take long to walk around the island?
  14. I have a cruise in Dec out of Miami and my flight is at 3 from Fort Lauderdale. What are some things I could do until I go to the airport? What could I do with my luggage? The shore excursions in the cruise planer with airport drop off are for flights after 4, so those won't work. What time do I need to be off the ship? Should I go straight to the airport and hang out because I would probably want to be there around 1?
  15. Is the 18% gratuity applied per drink or applied to the price per day of the drink package?
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