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  1. Hey everyone! Question for anyone who has sailed since the Unlimited Dining Plan revamp please: as I understand it, we get one specialty restaurant per day during port days and a dinner and lunch on at sea days. Is it possible to use Playmakers as a lunch then go to Chops or Izumi for dinner? Not seeing a great deal of value in paying for the plan under the new rules but it would make sense if it could include a Playmakers lunch so appreciate the clarification! Second question: has any of our Diamond members had success with seeking assistance for dining reservations through the Diamond lounge concierge? We had great luck on our cruise last fall with the Suite concierge but wasn't sure if it could be expected with the Diamond one. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. An hour in - they opened a ticket. I was advised to keep calling in to check the status. How's it going with you? Just to add, it advises my booking is locked when I attempt to access "pay now" via the link in the email. Good times!
  3. So I am on with RCCL. They are stating the their system identified a portion of my final payment (roughly $40) as an overpayment, which was refunded to my credit card. Both the email and my landing page show a balance of zero so there is no way for me to remit payment. I believe my favorite part of this conversation was the statement that my cruise will cancel within 48 hours if I don't settle the balance. Dear Lord!
  4. I just received one as well for our cruise in Aug. It advises "balance due" with an account balance due of $0. I'll send good vibes while listening to the hold music with you!
  5. Be super careful - CVS has been known for last minute cancellations of testing. It was a huge issue back in October - so much so that we went ahead and did the proctored/home testing. It was super easy - all three of us sat at our dinner table and performed the tests one-by-one. Good luck and hopefully it won't be an issue for much longer!
  6. Thanks CrznTxn - we sail in August and are basically in the infancy stage of planning but were starting with our 'staples', and this is one. Appreciate the response!
  7. Hopefully it'll come back: seems like a silly profit-maker to abandon. I appreciate the feedback guys!
  8. I'm just chock full of questions this week so thank you in advance for your patience here! On our last cruise (and the ones before it), RCCL had the option to buy $25 in casino cash - came with gaming lessons. When we cashed ours in, we were provided with "Complimentary Drink Vouchers" to be used in the casino bar. They also had a pre-pay for arcade games. Both are missing - is anyone aware if they've discontinued that option? My daughters enjoyed time in the arcade and I like the ability to set aside a hundred or so for the casino. Thank you!
  9. On the Oasis class, we missed the parade, the character breakfast, and although I can't name many of them, the Compass spanning multiple pages, full of way-too-many choices of things to do. I bring up the last as it was a serious issue on our cruise on Oasis this past October: because there were limited activities, even the remote activities were full. For example, my daughters and I decided to show up 30 minutes early for the daily trivia so that we could grab a drink and our 'choice' of seats. We were stopped at the entrance as no seats were available... FOR TRIVIA. Same went for evening karaoke sessions. Unless you committed to arriving an hour early, most events were impossible to attend. They made an amazing effort to return us to sea but unless you wanted to attend the art auction for a fifth time, there weren't the wide selection of activities we are accustomed to.
  10. Don't forget about having to bathe his kids... that's a constant on his suite reviews!
  11. So if I booked it more than 30 days ago, I'm on my own? This is bad news
  12. I am trying to manage 4 reservations simultaneously and am finding it to be a bit overwhelming. I've read a number of posts on this site from individuals who are either thrilled or have regrets from booking under an agent. Would you please share the benefits of having a travel agent manage your reservation? Can I still try for Royal Up? Am I effectively severing my ability to communicate with RCCL altogether? Appreciate the experiences!
  13. Hey guys! We will be sailing on Allure August 6th for the 8 night Southern Caribbean out of Ft Lauderdale. We booked 3 cabins on deck 6 mid-ship ahead of my sister deciding to go. As she was concerned being close to the elevators mid-ship, she is looking into cabin 6326, two from the stern, close to the aqua theater, kitty-corner to Sabor. It looks like she would be able to access her cabin from the aqua theater deck. Does anyone know if there is outside access or would she need to walk the hallway closer to the inside elevators to access her cabin? Also, I know that I've read to avoid the cabins behind Johnny Rockets at all costs due to noise: does anyone know if she'll have issues with noise in this cabin? Thank you for your insight!
  14. Thanks SpeedNoodles! They noted an additional fee for Izumi and as Chops was far more expensive, I assumed it wasn't.
  15. Happy holidays! ISO information on the unlimited dining program - specifically for Allure. Is Chops included? Is Johnny Rockets? Trying to determine if it'll be used enough to justify the expense. Thanks guys!
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