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  1. Untitled by gretchenandpaul, on Flickr
  2. Can't offer recent info, but I will advise to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at different excursions. Some are only an 'encounter' in which you stand on a submerged platform and animal swims up to you... Others are actually 'swimming' during which you get drug through the water while holding on... Second option is generally more expensive...
  3. Let's Finish This... Falmouth, Jamaica Green Grotto Cave/Dunn’s River Falls excursion via Royal Caribbean Having never been to Jamaica before, we decided we wanted to do the Dunn’s River Falls excursion. Not knowing if we’d return to the island in the future, we wanted to experience it despite the long journey from Falmouth to get there. Normally it is an hour or longer bus ride to reach Dunn’s River from Falmouth port. We researched this beforehand and decided to do the combo excursion of Dunn’s River/Green Grotto Caves to break up the ride. The caves are about
  4. You never know what will happen... When our March 2020 sailing was cancelled, I immediately logged in to cruise planner and cancelled everything. Refunds to credit card within days.... People that left items booked waited months for $$$ to be returned... Just my experience...
  5. We are booked in August 2021 (rebooking of March 2020 cancellation) and if Liberty goes away, hopefully they will at least bring in a different ship to handle some of that business if they are sailing from USA ports by then...
  6. So Matt is saying Liberty is getting dry dock in Spain in July... Guess we need to start making other plans if we have Liberty/Galveston sailing booked for this summer...
  7. Cuba back on the table? 2022 would probably be earliest sailings from logistics standpoint...
  8. With COVID-19 and its effects, has anyone else noticed fewer official shore excursions being listed on their sailings? Some tour companies have suspended operations so certain items aren't being offered until mass sailings resume...? Also seeing fewer options that include food- many that used to include a meal and now do not... This is my experience in looking at 08/2021 sailing to Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan... Paul
  9. We had our bags packed to sail on 3/15 and then everything hit the fan on 3/13... Next booked sailing is 08/2021 on Liberty to Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel... Hopefully...
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