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  1. I'm in a Facebook group for Liberty of the Seas and someone posted about a Fatality during a RC Sponsored Snuba excursion in Grand Cayman last week. The post does not have any follow-up comments nor can I find any media reports. It seemed legit but the fact I cannot find any other mention is suspect... Any heard anything else?
  2. We literally had a voice mail on our cabin phone informing us... No other notification... Other passengers had 5:30 crossed out on their seapass card with 5:00 handwritten in marker...
  3. If we ate lunch nobody would be hungry for our assigned 5pm dinner...
  4. our 5:30 Dinner got moved to 5pm last week Liberty. Lunch pretty much got cancelled all week and a few excursion days got shortened. We complained in the survey...
  5. I submitted the receipt for ~$199.98 for 6 proctored tests to Aetna and was reimbursed 100%. Understand that policies can vary greatly...
  6. Asking specifically about upcoming trip to Maya Chan but I guess the scenario could apply to other resorts as well... Taxi ride is included in pricing of resort... Would you still tip the taxi driver a few bucks coming and going? Personally leaning in that direction but just wanted thoughts from others...
  7. Wondering about possible itinerary changes because of weather... If a storm is covering Cozumel area and all ports are south of there, do we instead head east to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Labadee??
  8. Looks like parking at new terminal is up for reservations... portofgalveston.com even with promo code GRANDOPENING22 the cost is almost 2x higher than what we've paid at EZ Cruise in the past...
  9. Hoping for the best... Cancun and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean battle a sargassum seaweed invasion (thepointsguy.com)
  10. Check-in times are open in the Royal App... 3:15pm CST 05/03/2022
  11. RCCL Excursions in Belize and Roatan. Maya Chan in Costa Maya. Nachi Cocom in Cozumel. Never been to either so it be fun exploring new options...
  12. Maya Chan Beach Resort in Costa Maya posted on their Facebook Page that they will be closed from July 1, 2022 till October 12, 2022. Plan accordingly... We are visiting them the first week in June for the first time... I think Matt may be heading there next week on Wonder and can get the details...
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