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  1. Thanks everyone for keeping this thread current... I had no luck finding any back in December 2018 in Nassau... Hopefully Cozumel in March 2020 will be a different tale...
  2. Possible the email was sent to your travel agent instead of directly to you?
  3. Was looking at offerings for upcoming sailing on Liberty of the Seas in March 2020 and noticed they were offering a 'Make your own Sushi' class. I have seen this, and done this, on ships with Izumi, but never on a ship without an Izumi. Is this something new? The Jade offerings in the Windjammer just don't scream 'teach me your secrets'...
  4. If I remember it was ~3 hours. Plenty of time after tour to visit bars/Mallory Square/etc... that are near pier.
  5. We did the Bike Tour that concludes with Key Lime Pie last December. Nice quick survey of sites.
  6. The CocoCay cruises from Galveston and New Orleans have some ridiculous overpricing. These are not even Freedom Class ships that could semi-justify the expense... If I remember, Disney did same thing when it did a couple of sailings to Castaway Cay from Texas/Louisiana.
  7. Twangster, have you thrown in the towel on this claim due to bureaucracy or are you able to refile under different 'terms'?
  8. I've got someone on the next sailing getting me one... Thanks for the offer though... How bad was customs this morning? They were able to move our Key West stop to Tuesday last week so we did customs in New Orleans after Nassau... Paul
  9. Must have walked right past this store and not seen it... I checked in 700 Wines and Spirits across from Hilton and additional store across from pier area and they said supply had dried up and Cuba wasn't allowing any more off this island right now... Guess I'll have to wait to March 2020 to check in Cozumel...
  10. Was on her last week and wife talked me out of buying a shot glass... we already have that one she says... Back on land and discover we have Liberty and Freedom but no Vision.... If anyone is sailing on Vision of the Seas soon and could pick one up for me, I would pay you back for item, plus shipping, and time via PayPal... Shipping would be to Dallas, TX so USA member would be ideal... Similar style to item pictured below... think it was 7.95...
  11. There was a 15 year-old kid who was a history/geography whiz... He was his own team and scored 20/20 on a Middle East Map and 19/20 on Flags of the World...
  12. My wife loves that bread... Top item for her when we are on the boat...
  13. The British Colonial Hilton Nassau? Headed there in about 10 days and wanted to plan a walking route...
  14. We did a cruise out of Galveston in December 2017 that stopped at Progreso. We did an excursion thru RCL that included a stop at Mayapan Mayan Ruins for several hours and then swimming/tubing in a Cenote (Underground sinkhole/cave). Mayapan is called 'Little Chichen Itza' and was only 45-60m drive from the ship. You can climb on these ruins and the tour guides did a great job explaining significance of each building type and overall Mayan History. Wasn't crowded at all.. Might consider this as an alternative... (one day I'll finish my write-up on this cruise and post it...)
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