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  1. True, but that was over 1 month ago and only for a few hours until they fixed it.
  2. Oh? Are they paying me to dress up?? No? Well then they are lucky I put on a polo and dockers. I am on VACATION!
  3. RSW is easy peasy...15-20 mins tops thru TSA. As for traffic...compared to Miami or Orlando...there is no traffic....lol. Well barring any accidents.
  4. The Aqua theatre is outside.
  5. Sure. Only on Sat or Sun and he only gets 1 bag that will fit on my bike.
  6. LOL...I live 2 hrs away. Try this for parking and shuttle. https://www.airportparkingreservations.com/lot_park_n_go_port_everglades_flz?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItZq257na4wIVSyaGCh0YOwxlEAAYASAAEgKgzfD_BwE
  7. Hmmm useful?? Everything I bring has a use, if it did not i would not bring it. All the things that I pack in the backpack are important. The MOST important thing is my 2 750ml bottles of "wine"
  8. I had a similar issue with AAA. The agent we were to use retired and the one that took over was there for a few months and then left with medical issues. The next one we got was less than helpful. She cost me $175 in OBC while only saving $50 for the cruise fare when I only asked her to look not change. I will be using MEI in the future.
  9. I ended up booking 2 at the same time one this yr and one next year. Now I will book every year for 2 yrs out, that way i have one scheduled every year at the best prices.
  10. Well My next 2 cruises are the week before Christmas, so I will be sure they will be decorations up.
  11. Well it can also depend on where you are at. There are 3 stations that they serve at. The middle one really fills up and there can be a long wait in the beginning. When I was there in january they had a shuttle looking to take you to another station as it was very crowded. It really depends on how far away you want to walk for lunch.
  12. I heard on the news today that the family is blaming RCCL due to having open windows that are hard to see next to the fixed glass ones.
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