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  1. Yep i kept checking and it was up $150 before the 90 day mark and now that it is 57 days out and it is $50 less than what i booked in February.
  2. Get your dinner reservations in now. Then you can plan your shows around your schedule when they come available. I am on the Oasis Dec 2020 and I already have my reservations made.
  3. That is my Favorite time to go.
  4. I don't know how you guys do it. All mine have gone up. When it did go down just $50 my TA changed it and cost me $175 in OBC. My next booking will be with MEI.
  5. I would check on flights to Miami then check flights from there to San Juan. Either that or other Fla airports to see if there is a better deal that way. From Ft Myers it is about $200pp.
  6. Where on Indy besides the MDR, Windjammer, Sorrento's Pizza, and Cafe Promenade is there to eat for no upcharge?
  7. 84 days out and still no cabin assignment on Indy.
  8. you should have pulled the trigger on that $$.
  9. Book it now before they fix it and it goes away.
  10. All checked in over the weekend...just have to pack now. Well that will happen in a few months. If I pack now I wont have wrinkles, they will be creases.
  11. Just before 12/19-12/23. It was as close as I could get with me and my wifes schedules.
  12. For me the more wavy the better. It's the small rollers that get me sick.
  13. My Dec cruise on Indy is still @ $52...not going to do it unless it is $45 or less.
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