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  1. If I were to book a jr suite on Oasis, should I avoid a connecting room? And what deck should I try for?
  2. Yeah I saw that but do they have the soft serve like they use to? Also can you get hamburgers there or would you have to go to the WJ? Matt was just there he should chime in.
  3. On our last cruise on Allure I lost 2 lbs and my wife did not gain any. Now it has to be known that we tracked our steps and we would hit 10k before lunch. Also we did not try to avoid any meals or beverages. We ate as we were on vacation and enjoyed it. We even took a desert back to the room to have as a later night treat.
  4. Well yeah that is cold!!..today it is only going to get to 74 ...brrrr.
  5. Yay!! just got the room # 15 days out. Promenade view.
  6. Not all up yet...Nov 21- Feb 22 only Oasis class ships listed so far.
  7. Well 16 days out and still no room # for us on Indy. It has shown now for over 1 week that they have been sold out.
  8. OMG!!!....Look I know that norovirus can be scary to think about, however the BEST thing to do to avoid this is to WASH your HANDS!! Really that is the best way to avoid almost all transferable illness. If you don't believe me and or the cruise lines video, ask your doctor or the nursing staff. Oh and make sure you have gotten your flu shots this season.
  9. 17 days out and still no cabin assignment. The cruise has been listed as sold out for over a week now.
  10. 22 days out still nothing on the GTY. I did a mock book and the cruise is sold out!
  11. 23 days out and no room number yet. Did a mock booking and they are sold out.
  12. 24 days out and still no room number for us on Indy.
  13. The best time is NOW!! Do it!! Go through a travel agent!! Tell them what you want and when and let them do it for you at no extra charge. That is all you need to know.
  14. Oh really?? Different strokes... https://www.doncesar.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsJ2W3fHn5QIVJOeGCh3zFwiREAAYASAAEgJUgPD_BwE Now that is a bucket list place to go...not a communist country for me.
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