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  1. I usually do 2 appetizers, the escargot and something else. Then the main entree followed by a shared desert with my wife. But then I get another desert to take back to the room for later.
  2. I don't see what all the fuss is about. I was topless on Allure in Jan 2019 and on Indy Dec 2019. I always go topless in the pool or hot tubs.
  3. Yeah and just wait until our 2022 sailing. I have a suite booked...oh no!!!! Now I have gone and done it.
  4. Nice, but now that my wife has done a 4 day with me just last month she says that it is to short and now all she wants is 7 days. Doh!!
  5. We did not get our cabin assignment on Indy last month until about 10 days out.
  6. Has anyone noticed the dramatic price increases for 2020 and beyond? For my cruise for 2022 that I booked just before Christmas the interior rooms are now more that the Jr suit that i booked.
  7. Wow...together my wife and I will drink a bottle of wine with dinner.
  8. Same here, although we are in a lowly Jr Suite for my 2022 Oasis sailing we do not get a genie.
  9. Here is a tip...don't get trapped in a little bottle.
  10. Last January on the Allure and 2 weeks ago on the Indy and no fees. I was expecting them but nothing. Our servers even chilled the white for us. We had a comp bottle of champagne and they put that one back into stock and got us an already chilled one in ice at the table. Royal is the best at treating us passengers well.
  11. Got back from Cozumel on Monday. Had lunch at this place from recommendation from @Matt. It was great and we were the only ones in the place.
  12. You got that right...booked the 1/16/22 one in a Jr Suite on my Indy cruise earlier this week.
  13. It is to subjective. My formal and your formal are not equal. Besides are they going to throw me in the brig for not wearing a tie? And dont piss me off because I can follow the rules but you wont like it. I can wear the tie like a bandana and by the "rules" I am wearing a tie.
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