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  1. That is one of the major reasons I did a lift & shift to next year. That and I am worried that they may have venues closed, like the hot tubs. I want to have a fun relaxing time on a cruise not be worrying about what others have or might be spreading.
  2. Now instead of only 155 days I am at 513 days until sail date. uuuggghh!!
  3. Update: So I sent my TA an email last night with the links to Royals site that has the info listed saying that it looks to me that I don't have to stay on the same ship. Lo and behold today at lunch I get a voice mail and email from the TA " Oh look I talked with Royal and I am able to get you switched to Symphony!". Yeah thanks That is all I wanted to hear. But why did "I" have to do all this? It was her job in the 1st place. And that is why I am going to go with MEI for all my future sailings.
  4. Oh I know and I am not concerned about that at all. It should be an easy L&S... its a GTTY inside on an Oasis class...I just don't want to do the same cruise so close together.
  5. So here is my delima. I am with a TA that I am going to be dropping and this is just one of the reasons why. I have resolved to do a lift and shift and my "wonderful TA says "for the lift and shift they keep your current price but it has to be the same ship" which I know is not true. I already have a cruise booked with my new better MEI TA for that exact cruise in January. I really don't want to do the same cruise within 6 weeks of each other. How can I convince my TA to get me to a different ship? I am already going to be missing out on one of my destinations that I wanted, but it will come up again in the future I hope.
  6. Even in the large ones there are always 4-5 more than should be in there and crew just keep bringing them drinks and never say a word.
  7. Who is going to enforce this as they dont even enforce the time or capacity limits on the hot tubs now?
  8. I just want to know when are they going to make this decision. How long will we have to react to it and what will be our choices? I mean if I don't L&S and then they cancel me after I have had this cruise booked for almost 2 yrs I will be pissed. Even at 125% FCC I got a great deal booking so early. Now I will understand if they move the re-open date and push everyone back but just to pick and choose and leave me behind while the ship sails, that is a slap in the face. I dont want to do a L&S and then they sail...i want to go on my scheduled booked cruise.
  9. To closed in...I prefer the Oasis class solarium.
  10. Any Southern Caribbean cruise out of Florida port on an Oasis class ship.
  11. I did one on 6/5 and I got my refund on 6/26.
  12. That was from a June 5 repricing. Usually I will get the refund in 4-5 days but after reading the thread I was not expecting it for awhile.
  13. got my refund on friday w00t!!
  14. When I repriced my Coco Club beach day in April it only took 5 days to get a refund now it has been 3 weeks and still nothing. After reading these posts I guess I will be lucky to get it in 45 days.
  15. Nice Putt....love it. 91st Security Police Squadron stationed at Minot. I took every TDY I could and saw the world 2 weeks at a time...lol.
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