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  1. It does not matter...as long as I am on a cruise I am happy!
  2. We have to evaluate our pts individually and make decisions on a case by case basis. In his case he was ok to travel, however RCCL has canceled his cruise now, so the point is moot.
  3. Sorry to hear that. We have to evaluate our pts individually and when we do things like this it is not because we don't care, its because we do care.
  4. I had a patient this morning present this to me at his appointment.
  5. If my wife's vacation to Japan is canceled i am going to try to talk her into a quicke cruise.
  6. For the cost there are better rums out there. Make sure you get to the taste before you buy shops.
  7. Was there in Cozumel this past Dec just before Christmas and all you have to do is walk around downtown. there are several places that will let you taste and compare. Just keep track of which one you like the best and go there on your way back to the ship.
  8. I got mine on Black Friday 2019 for my Dec 2020 sailing...that being said every ship is different. Just keep checking your cruise planner.
  9. Gah....why can't I book my entertainment!!??? i am only 282 days out...What am I supposed to to until then????!!!! I want to book it now!! j/k
  10. But did they replace all the soft surfaces after that? If not the smell is still there.
  11. Until there is no smoking at all in the casino, i will not go there. You could give me a free $100 token and I still would not go.
  12. oops... yeah I paid to learn the big words so I use em. 😷
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