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  1. True, but you are not understanding the financial impact. I would only get the refund of what I have already paid. Cruise fares have gone up since then I booked this cruise Feb of 2019 and it was a very very good deal. I would get a refund, but would not be able to rebook a similar cruise now for the same cost as I did then.
  2. The Dec cruise was already paid for then lifted and shifted. If I could cancel and the get another similar cruise booked at the same price that I have already paid for then sure I would willing to do that should the need arise. I have already paid for an Oasis class 7 day cruise without wearing a mask and that is what I expect to receive, I don't want a refund, I want my cruise for which I have already paid for.
  3. I can win the lottery, I can become president, I can get a seat on space x, all very unlikely.
  4. Will we get a discount on our fares? My cruises are already paid for and I did not pay for a cruise if I have to wear a mask. I have been tested and have been vaccinated and since i do not have the virus there is no way I can pass on the virus. I will not wear a mask anymore.
  5. I have said it before and I will say it again. NO! I am in the medical field and I clearly understand all the ramifications and I will not travel on VACATION if masks are required. And I will advise all my patients as to the same. Until there is a viable approved vaccine and it has been widely distributed to the general public and it all gets back to normal I will not cruise.
  6. We always eat more on the cruise, however we also move more on the cruise. On Thanksgiving there is just a lot of sitting around, not so much on a cruise.
  7. Well I did as on my Jan 2022 sailing that is my only excursion planned.
  8. Woot Black Friday Sales!!!...back to a reasonable price!!
  9. I live in SWFL....how do I sign up for this? And do we get a DBP with it? Balconies? Oh and do we get C&A points?
  10. That is a no brainer....take 2 cruises. However I snagged a JS for $1200 pp on Oasis and yeah like that will ever happen again! If you can find the bargains snag them up ASAP!! They do happen but you have to be ready.
  11. No additional sale for my Dec 2021 sailing and can't even book for Jan 2022 yet.
  12. No OBC no coal ... just an increase to Coco cay beach club price.... Gee thanks!!
  13. Yes but this is total over the entire pandemic not active cases. In Lee health Ft Myers Fla there is only 10 active cases in the hospital as of 9/28/20.
  14. I am extremely happy on my L&S. It worked out great after I schooled the TA. Last cruise with that TA. All future cruises are and will be with MEI.
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