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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again. NO! I am in the medical field and I clearly understand all the ramifications and I will not travel on VACATION if masks are required. And I will advise all my patients as to the same. Until there is a viable approved vaccine and it has been widely distributed to the general public and it all gets back to normal I will not cruise.
  2. We always eat more on the cruise, however we also move more on the cruise. On Thanksgiving there is just a lot of sitting around, not so much on a cruise.
  3. Well I did as on my Jan 2022 sailing that is my only excursion planned.
  4. Woot Black Friday Sales!!!...back to a reasonable price!!
  5. I live in SWFL....how do I sign up for this? And do we get a DBP with it? Balconies? Oh and do we get C&A points?
  6. That is a no brainer....take 2 cruises. However I snagged a JS for $1200 pp on Oasis and yeah like that will ever happen again! If you can find the bargains snag them up ASAP!! They do happen but you have to be ready.
  7. No additional sale for my Dec 2021 sailing and can't even book for Jan 2022 yet.
  8. No OBC no coal ... just an increase to Coco cay beach club price.... Gee thanks!!
  9. Yes but this is total over the entire pandemic not active cases. In Lee health Ft Myers Fla there is only 10 active cases in the hospital as of 9/28/20.
  10. I am extremely happy on my L&S. It worked out great after I schooled the TA. Last cruise with that TA. All future cruises are and will be with MEI.
  11. Yes that is correct but for laymans terms it is easier to explain it that way. A virus is not really "alive" and needs a living cell to to replicate in. That being said my statement still stands, as surface swabs of known covid-19 samples have not shown to be be viable to be able to replicate in cells....better?
  12. Well I would not say they are a waste of time. There are other contaminants that need to be cleaned off surfaces that have been prevalent for much longer than Covid-19. Noro, E.Coli, Salmonella and other bacteria have been around for a lot longer and the crews have done a wonderful job of keeping those at bay for years due to the cleaning that goes on all the time that i see while on board. Just make sure to do your due diligence clean your surfaces, don't cough on folks, and please please wash your hands. It's just that simple.
  13. This is a non concern. The Covid-19 has a very low surface contact viability rate. I have not read or heard of any surface sample being able to be cultured at all. Do not worry about this. This is not the same as a Noro virus.
  14. Ok for those wondering...I am in healthcare... i will not board if i have to wear a mask. I do and will wear a mask every day until it is plausibly safe to not to do so. Even before this pandemic there were times when I donned a mask when necessary for the safety of myself and or my patients. There are other nasty bugs out there that will get you in worse ways than Covid-19. Be safe but be aware.
  15. Absolutely not!! I wear a mask all day everyday...I am not going to wear one on vacation!!
  16. Yeah...due to Covid...drinks are on us!!! Woot!!
  17. Mod... ban this creaton from the boards post haste!!
  18. Snails are disgusting slithering creatures and I will continue to do my part in their demise. We MUST keep them on the menu for the sake of the planet and those that loath all things slimy!... Just trying to do my part!
  19. That is one of the major reasons I did a lift & shift to next year. That and I am worried that they may have venues closed, like the hot tubs. I want to have a fun relaxing time on a cruise not be worrying about what others have or might be spreading.
  20. Now instead of only 155 days I am at 513 days until sail date. uuuggghh!!
  21. Update: So I sent my TA an email last night with the links to Royals site that has the info listed saying that it looks to me that I don't have to stay on the same ship. Lo and behold today at lunch I get a voice mail and email from the TA " Oh look I talked with Royal and I am able to get you switched to Symphony!". Yeah thanks That is all I wanted to hear. But why did "I" have to do all this? It was her job in the 1st place. And that is why I am going to go with MEI for all my future sailings.
  22. Oh I know and I am not concerned about that at all. It should be an easy L&S... its a GTTY inside on an Oasis class...I just don't want to do the same cruise so close together.
  23. So here is my delima. I am with a TA that I am going to be dropping and this is just one of the reasons why. I have resolved to do a lift and shift and my "wonderful TA says "for the lift and shift they keep your current price but it has to be the same ship" which I know is not true. I already have a cruise booked with my new better MEI TA for that exact cruise in January. I really don't want to do the same cruise within 6 weeks of each other. How can I convince my TA to get me to a different ship? I am already going to be missing out on one of my destinations that I wanted
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