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  1. Well that is the problem right there. :P
  2. Yep...We will end up with 81 just enough for Diamond!!!!
  3. What happens if you skip a tier altogether? We will go from Platinum to Diamond. What happens to the Emerald benefits? Will they just catch up on the next cruise when we are Diamond?
  4. Hmmm.... I made final payment and did my check in for my Dec 4 sailing on Symphony and now it shows that check it is not available until Oct 20? Will I have to check in again or will they accept my current check in and boarding time that I had already scheduled?
  5. heh!! With the current flash sale went from a guarantee inside to a ocean balcony for $200 total on Symphony with 82 days and counting until sail day, and I did not have to wait on a Royal Up bid and twiddle and wait and hope it was accepted.
  6. Yes the 2 outside whirlpools are inside the doors of the Solarium and not only off limits to under 16 but until the end of the year you have to be fully vaccinated as well.
  7. We do our own inhouse testing at Millennium, however Lab Corps or Quest Diagnostics are acceptable as well. It would really depend on your insurance.
  8. So?? where are these tests being done and by whom and are they certified tests? Who is able to and willing to order the tests? What medical facility are they going to accept results from? Joe's Med Shoppe?? See the reason I ask is, as a medical professional we are NOT testing people that are not having any symptoms.
  9. Really no inside cabins?? Ok back in 1978 we had an outside porthole view and it was tiny compared to our inside cabin on our 2019 Allure cruise. We had a promenade view on Indy and that was ok but a very noisy at night with all the partying going on. We have a GTTY for Symphony coming up, then Jr. suite, then a balcony, so we are testing the rooms to see what we like best. However, we had no problems with the value of an inside cabin that we could select on an Oasis class ship. We are very light sleepers and my wife sleeps with an eye mask and ear plugs, so a cave is perfect for sleeping.
  10. Well I just checked on my cruises and it is only showing 2 of my booked cruises... the closest one that is 130'ish days out is not showing but when I go to link it with the reservation number it says that it is already linked even though it does not show up on the planner. Weird!!
  11. Any Voyager class or bigger. That being said, have not been on a Voyager class size yet but I would not rule it out.
  12. True, but you are not understanding the financial impact. I would only get the refund of what I have already paid. Cruise fares have gone up since then I booked this cruise Feb of 2019 and it was a very very good deal. I would get a refund, but would not be able to rebook a similar cruise now for the same cost as I did then.
  13. The Dec cruise was already paid for then lifted and shifted. If I could cancel and the get another similar cruise booked at the same price that I have already paid for then sure I would willing to do that should the need arise. I have already paid for an Oasis class 7 day cruise without wearing a mask and that is what I expect to receive, I don't want a refund, I want my cruise for which I have already paid for.
  14. I can win the lottery, I can become president, I can get a seat on space x, all very unlikely.
  15. Will we get a discount on our fares? My cruises are already paid for and I did not pay for a cruise if I have to wear a mask. I have been tested and have been vaccinated and since i do not have the virus there is no way I can pass on the virus. I will not wear a mask anymore.
  16. I have said it before and I will say it again. NO! I am in the medical field and I clearly understand all the ramifications and I will not travel on VACATION if masks are required. And I will advise all my patients as to the same. Until there is a viable approved vaccine and it has been widely distributed to the general public and it all gets back to normal I will not cruise.
  17. We always eat more on the cruise, however we also move more on the cruise. On Thanksgiving there is just a lot of sitting around, not so much on a cruise.
  18. Well I did as on my Jan 2022 sailing that is my only excursion planned.
  19. Woot Black Friday Sales!!!...back to a reasonable price!!
  20. I live in SWFL....how do I sign up for this? And do we get a DBP with it? Balconies? Oh and do we get C&A points?
  21. That is a no brainer....take 2 cruises. However I snagged a JS for $1200 pp on Oasis and yeah like that will ever happen again! If you can find the bargains snag them up ASAP!! They do happen but you have to be ready.
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