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  1. Due to all the fighting that is on the ships now they are doing background checks to see if they need to cancel people from cruising. J/K
  2. it is still down... when i have issues i come here to see whats going on...lol
  3. We usually do a between Holidays cruise. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That way the ship is decorated and we get the festive feeling and the holiday menus but with less children as they are in school. Win Win!!
  4. Ok final payment was yesterday... the real countdown begins. No more testing...yay!!!
  5. You are looking at it wrong. You got an extra 30 minutes on board more than he did.
  6. Congratulations...it is a milestone to celebrate. We will join the club in 96 days on our Oasis sailing.
  7. You can get meclizine otc at Walmart for about $1.50 for 8 tablets. It is what I use and start at dinner on day one. I tried to not do it one time and had to get shots of promethazine and ondansetron to help. I will stick with the tablets.
  8. We were on Symphony in Dec and Oasis in Jan/Feb and the WJ was better on Oasis. The Solarium was better on Symphony. pick and choose your venues. Go to the Park Cafe, El Loco Fresh, MDR. There will always be a place to get something.
  9. So just to show how on the ball my MEI agent @michelle is, she sent me an e-mail reminder about final payment 2 weeks ahead of time. Way to go MEI!!!!
  10. Oh no that is just terrible. Having a beer poured into a frosted mug is standard at our American Legion Post 110.
  11. Carnival ?? The line that has the ships that catch on fire??? No thanks, I will stick with Royal!!
  12. Ok more specific, I don't like the taste of canned beer... keg beer has a different flavor to it. Beer on tap is poured into a frosted mug, I suppose if they were to pour it from the can into a frosted mug for me then I would try it.
  13. Was it on tap, in bottles or cans? I will not drink beer out of cans unless it is Fosters. Then it has to be the big can.
  14. We sailed late this past January and it was freezing butt cold in Miami in the 40's-50's when we left. When we got to Coco Cay it was 60's-low 70's, but by the time we got to St Thomas and St Maarten it was great 80's. Fronts can come through but they don't get that far south. You just have to watch the weather and see how it is.
  15. I am sick and tired of all the complaining.
  16. True ... but the Casino Royal program is to subjective. I spent hundreds of dollars and several hours everyday in the casino on my last 2 cruises and only walked away with 145 points. And yes I handed my seapass card to them everytime and I even tipped when I won. I was at the craps tables. Well table... they only had 1 open.
  17. Do you realize how crowded those venues will become if you remove the other dining options? It would be a madhouse tying to get something to eat. The only thing that we can really do without and should be banned for the good of everybody is smoking on board all ships fleet wide.
  18. Yeah I was worried about posting that ... I did not want to come across as judgmental... sorry if I did.
  19. I am so so sorry that you are in that type of position. That being said.... and I really don't mean to be flippant, mean or rude, however, even the President can take time off. I was in the military and there is a chain of command for a very good reason so that one single not replaceable. I am currently in the medical field and I can take time off. There is always another doctor, nurse, staff to take over. What happens if you were to get hit by a bus?? Would the universe collapse? I have worked and still do with life of death situations and I can take time off. If you can't then there is a flaw in the business plan that should be addressed. If that entire company solely depends on you for one day of the year you have to be Santa Clause and you can miss a day in Sept. Please please find a way to enjoy your cruise!
  20. I am so glad that I don't have to do this. The major reason I go on a cruise is to get away from work. I don't want to even think about it. I do but I don't want to.
  21. Every single day I have 2 slices in the afternoon on my balcony as a snack and then 2 slices as a late night snack after the shows as we wind down for the evening with an extra dessert that we brought back from the MDR.
  22. The "Best" time to do a Holiday type cruise is in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is when we cruise. The ships are decorated and the children are still in school back from Thanksgiving break and not yet out for Christmas break. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....fa la la la la !!!
  23. I cruised many years ago with my family and loved it. When I moved back to SWFL with my wife I tried to get her to try a cruise but she is/was very afraid of being on the water. It took 6 years to convince her to try a cruise. I had a coworker who had been cruising Royal for a while and I looked into them and decided on going on the Allure as a 1st cruise for my wife. After that 1st cruise we did a 4 day on Indy and she said that the 4 day was to short so ...ta da... now I can book anything I want and she is ready to go right there by my side. She went from "no way" - to "where are we going next!". Oh and having a smiling crew member always asking "is there anything else we can do or get for you" that does not hurt at all!!...LOL
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