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  1. Hey if I park my gas car at the port and the tank is almost empty will they fill it up for me??...LOL
  2. This is a fantasy. It does even happen in Key West. You go there and rent a scooter.
  3. It has happened and yes the woman abandoned her pet and was charged when she got back. It was at an airport though. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/woman-abandoned-french-bulldog-pittsburgh-airport-charged-allison-gaiser/
  4. True but with a min bid of $1-3k per person that would be way more than a drink pkg, and that was only going up to Sky Class. Star was min $5K per person... nope, nada no thank you. My total cost for this up coming 8 day in a JS is $3800 and that is with gratuities and insurance included.
  5. I would think about Royal uping if extra points and maybe a drink pkg would come with it, otherwise it is really not worth the extra cost.
  6. Was that a Van Halen or a Van Hagar tribute?
  7. Umm...I am sure not many 20-30 year olds know what DJ music is... with real vinyl records spun by a real DJ like Wolf Man Jack. Not these wannabes that are not on the radio. DJ = disc jockey... and not those CD's real vinyl!!
  8. LOL... its $69.99 for my Dec 2024 sailing. NOPE!!
  9. As long as the kids/ 20-30 somethings are well behaved then I don't mind them. Same with the adults... come on people we are on vacation it is not the purge.
  10. We have been on Oasis twice and have one booked again but I would rather be on Allure again.
  11. Why does it matter?...its not like it is that far of a walk to get to anything in the cabin.
  12. Gah!!!....87 days...no entertainment available to schedule yet. Why does it take so long for sail away day to get here and yet the cruise is over so fast????
  13. Yes book it now!! That is what I did when I heard that my Freedom Dec 2024 cruise would be in drydock. It took them 4 months to finally cancel and make us offers. The pricing on 2 other cruises I booked went up several hundred dollars in just that 4 months. I got my alt cruise price matched and cancelled the other. I made refundable bookings so I got my deposits back in less than 10 days. If you are able to take your original date great if not then you have the back up but at todays pricing. And If you end up taking both well then kudos to you!!
  14. I would not wait if you really want to go... My Dec sailing it is sold out.
  15. We are on Symphony doing the same cruise Dec 2....doing a highlight tour then heading to Eagle beach.
  16. Same here and we prefer Portside over Playmakers and it is still more food than we can eat at one sitting.
  17. I hope so. On our last Symphony sailing it was canceled and then the only time for the reshowing ws during daylight hours. It was just meh then. It looked more like a rehearsal than an actual show.
  18. Are you sure you were on a RCL ship?? There is no such place as Sportsmakers that I know of.
  19. they go the whole weekend Friday-Sunday. Yes there are sales, but how much really depends on which sailing you are on and what ship. It is not a straight sale on all things.
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