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  1. I don't want to get into a verbal altercation, however just because there is a jockular name for something does not make it ok to use, just like using a derogatory name for a group for satire purposes. We as educated people should be above such things. Especially on a board here to help educate and help our fellow RCCL passengers. And that is all I am going to say about that.
  2. Yeah ...don't do that... you just spread misinformation which is almost as bad as outright lying about something.
  3. Gah...still 290 days out!! 1. What's your favorite thing about cruising? Relaxation, seeing parts of the world, the food, the party? Yes!! And that someone else prepares and brings it to me and then cleans it up! 2. If you could go on a cruise, anywhere in the world, right now.....where would you go and on which ship? To the Caribbean anywhere on any Oasis class.
  4. That or diabetes, smoking, using the phone while driving, driving while intoxicated....the list can go on and on about things we can control.
  5. Let them know show and then you get the double points!!
  6. So that is the only reserved beach...all the others are open to anybody? Just 1st come gets the best chair locations? We had a beach lounger last year and it was on adventure beach and we want to try a different beach. Heard barefoot was the best but since that is only for suites we will have to try to go elsewhere. I am not going to get a cabana.
  7. Well I book ASAP...my Dec 2020 cruise I booked Feb of 2019 and my Jan 2022 I booked Dec 2019. This way every time I am on a cruise I will book not the next one but the one after that...I will always have one booked and looking forward to it.
  8. Well you know how to keep a lion out of your yard?? Put a goal post in it!...lol
  9. You have to make sure you bring a lot of singles for the...."entertainment"
  10. We have not done a balcony yet so that is a no-brainer. Our 1st balcony cruise will be 2022 and that will be in a Jr Suite so same points as 2 inside cruises.
  11. Straws??...I don't need any stinking straws...I gulp the drink down. yarrr!!
  12. You should get 3x points for your solo suite, that is all.
  13. I take it with me as that is what I use for my wallet, so it has my cash and CC as well. A photo copy might work but if it gets wet or damaged you may be SOL. As ex military and having been in a lot of foreign countries, it is a good idea to have your official documents with you.
  14. There are a lot of places other than the port to park at. Google Miami cruise parking and you will find lots of places. Then you just have to decide what works best for you.
  15. No sales for me for Dec 2020 on Oasis. Deluxe is $59 and refeshement is $28.
  16. Is there any reason to get off the ship at this port? I do not see any shopping or port stores at the port. The last time I was in the Dom Rep, we were in Santo Domingo, and there were armed guards on the bus during the excursions. Now I can handle that but it will really freak out my wife.
  17. When I was on Allure in Jan 2019 I asked for them. The head waiter came over and asked how was it that I a new RCCL passenger knew of such things? He played like it was a big secret and then they made them only for me as a special request. Good humor fun and games. The entire staff was amazing and fun.
  18. Oh I will find something...it might take some time. I was just hoping to hear if anyone had a place to start at.
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