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  1. I can't claim credit for this. @Grenadyr created a very useful calculator to estimate how much you might spend without the drink package, so you can decide if it is a good deal or not. https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3#/ My only advice would be to do an apples-to-apples comparison. Most people only think about the price of the package vs. getting nothing. But to really get an accurate comparison, you need to think about what would you get if you DON'T get the drink package? The soda package? The refreshment package? Or nothing? Figure out the difference based on what you would get otherwise, and then decide if the drink package is right for you.
  2. 300 days 'til Liberty 11/22/20.
  3. No, your Seapass card will show that you have the soda package. Anywhere you want to order a soda, you'll just give them your card and they'll bring a soda to you. The only thing you NEED your cup for is the Freestyle machines.
  4. No, unfortunately it doesn't. The last I knew, the chat feature was only available on Allure and Harmony. (Someone can correct me if others have since been updated.)
  5. I've never had good luck with getting excursions on the ship, but hopefully your results will be different if you go that route. One other thing to remember is to keep checking back with the cruse planner periodically, particularly when you start getting close to the deadline to cancel without penalty. People will occasionally change their minds at the last minute and cancel reservations.
  6. Every kid is different, so your mileage may vary. But for my kids, it really wouldn't be worth it. They don't drink coffee and might have just one or two virgin drinks throughout the cruise. I just got them the soda package and they were happy campers. Unless your five-year old is drinking lots of specialty coffees (not judging! 😁), my hunch is that it probably wouldn't be worth it. But @Grenadyr has created a great drink plan calculator that might help provide some guidance on if it would work for you. https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3#/
  7. I personally prefer My Time, but I was on a cruise once with some friends who wanted to sit together at traditional dining. I went to the MDR to inquire about getting a traditional dining time. They said they would check on it and, later that night, I had a note in my room with my new assigned dining time. So you may have luck going that route if you still want to try for a traditional dining time.
  8. I've had ones change names before, but usually it was just a minor tweak in the wording. Yours makes it sound like something completely different. I'd definitely check on it.
  9. Kind of depends on what you plan to use it for. If you're just looking for snapshots and a few family photos here and there to share on social media, you're probably better off asking a fellow passenger to take a photo of you. But if you're hoping to use these as more "professional" photos for framing and such, it might be worth your while. I got the photo package on my last cruise because we had extended family with us, it was probably the last time we will all be together and some wanted to use them as family keepsake photos and/or Christmas cards. So in that case, it made sense for us to go ahead and pay for the package.
  10. I'm personally not a fan of the matching shirts. My wife loves them. So we compromised and wore matching shirts. 😁 Seriously, though, you'll see plenty of people who do them, so you certainly won't be out of place. So enjoy celebrating with your grandpa.
  11. The water in the sink is filtered and drinkable, so it should be fine to wash with.
  12. Barring some kind of weather or mechanical delay, the arrival times are fairly accurate. That said, @Atlantix2000 is correct--the actual time they start letting people off is in the hands of the port inspectors and customs officials. Usually its only an hour or so, but there's no guarantee in that.
  13. I've seen a lot of people use colored silicone wristbands on their cups. Seems to work well if you can remember who has which color.
  14. Odd question, but does anyone know if the Black Friday sales are posted on board? I'm assuming maybe at the Next Cruise desk? I will be on Adventure of the Seas the week of Thanksgiving and hadn't planned on getting an internet package.
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