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  1. Thanks @JLMoran. Our current reservations are class 6V, but I'm not showing any available on the cruise we're looking at. Hopefully we can work something out with a different option.
  2. If doing a Lift and Shift and changing classes of ship, does anyone have any knowledge of how broadly RC defines the categories of stateroom? We are currently booked this fall in two interior rooms on Liberty of the Seas. If we change to an Oasis class ship, would RC let us change to rooms that are listed as interior but, on paper, have a higher price point, such as connecting rooms, Central Park view, etc? I'm just curious if L&S considers all interior rooms to be equal? Or if those types of rooms would be considered a separate category.
  3. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. My March cruise was canceled and I've been refunded for our drink packages and one shore excursion, but still waiting on refunds for our taxes and two other excursions.
  4. Snagged the beverage package for my Thanksgiving cruise on Liberty for $41/day. Barring another $18 glitch, I'm thinking that's about as good as its going to get.
  5. The only advantage is that you have a guaranteed reserved table so you can come right in and sit down at dinner time. With MyTime, if you go at a peak time, you might have to wait a little bit for a table. Otherwise, the experience is basically the same. So it's just a personal preference of whether you'd rather have the guaranteed table at a certain time or have a little more flexibility with your schedule.
  6. Just got this from Royal Caribbean: Dear Guest, Over the last few weeks, we’ve implemented new and enhanced health & safety protocols, along with travel regulations, to ensure we maintain a healthy environment onboard as developments related to coronavirus COVID-19 continue to change globally. While we continue to assess the impact, we’ve decided to add a new health screening which supports all our initiatives put in place to help keep you healthy & safe! So, starting March 6th, 2020 on all Royal Caribbean International ships, mandatory temperature screenings will b
  7. Now that’s a question I haven’t seen before. The RC website says “you are free to bring non-perishable prepackaged food in limited quantities”, so I don’t see why you couldn’t. My only suggestion would be to bring it in your carry-on so, if they want to question it, you could deal with it quickly at the time instead of getting called down on board later and having to wait while they go through your suitcase to see the “suspicious item” that showed up on the scanner. Welcome to the message board!
  8. On paper, you might have an earlier check-in time. But those aren't really enforced anyway, so like @SnickerTail said, no huge benefit other than it's done and you can start counting down to your cruise. You will need to have your passport information and head shot photos ready to upload to complete the online check in.
  9. We (group of 13) have booked a couple of South Beach cabanas for our upcoming trip. In the description, it talks about "cabana concierge service to deliver food and beverage orders." My question is: will our cabana have a dedicated attendant who will be the same one we have all day? Or does it work differently on Coco Cay than it does on Labadee? Just trying to figure out how much/what denominations to bring for tipping purposes.
  10. Favorite thing about cruising is the ability to unplug. With the nature of my job, I am basically on call 24/7 most of the time. So when I go on a cruise, I very intentionally do not get an internet package and let everyone know that I will be unavailable for a week. Dream cruise, I'm a sea day kind of guy, so I'd love to do a transatlantic someday and be able to spend some time in Europe.
  11. In most cases, the on-board deals are just a certain amount of on-board credit. The cruise price itself is the same whether you book on board or online. Normally I'd say book it as soon as you are sure you have your trip picked out. In this case, you are close enough that you could roll the dice that the price won't change dramatically between now and then and get the OBC. Just depends on how much you like to gamble.
  12. You cannot use the drink packages at the standalone Starbucks kiosk on Oasis. (On some ships, the Cafe Promenade is branded as Starbucks because they serve Starbucks products. But it is not a freestanding Starbucks location, like on the Oasis-class ships.) Cafe Promenade (and I believe Park Cafe) have hot chocolate available, so I can't imagine why you couldn't get it made with cream there. FWIW, you can use Starbucks gift cards at the Starbucks onboard Oasis.
  13. Don't worry too much about that--the arrival times are really more "suggestions" that RC uses to try to spread out the crowd arrival. But they are generally not enforced, so you can arrive whenever you want. The terminal parking facilities are 24 hours, so that won't be an issue. But in most cases there's no real need to be at the port before 10 or so as they are still disembarking passengers and getting everything ready for your cruise. I usually try to be there between 10:00 and 10:30 so I can get on the ship as soon as they start boarding my group. Others like to show up later and just
  14. We got some silicone straws for our last cruise. One advantage is that you can get different colors and color-code your drink cups if you have multiple people with drink or soda packages.
  15. Thanks so much. Yes, we booked them at the same time. It wouldn't let me book two under one name, so one is in my name and one in my wife's. But they were booked the same time and to the same cabin #. I'll check at the excursion desk when we get on board. Thanks again.
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