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  1. Agreed. The financial loss from the unvaccinated cancelling would be minimal compared to the loss from both vaccinated and unvaccinated I would imagine. As terrible as this sounds...it also may attract those who are uncomfortable sailing with unvaccinated 12 and up's filling up those empty rooms.
  2. Thanks smokey! I feel like a doof I actually just found a thread about this same thing in the general discussion forum. Where is the facepalm emoji when I need it ?
  3. Hopefully this wasn't addressed anywhere else (if it was I apologize) but am I reading correctly that all USVI ports now require all passengers aboard a cruise to be vaccinated or the ship cannot dock? Also, from what I understand RC is not canceling those ports just making a vaccine mandatory for anyone boarding whos itinerary includes a stop in USVI. Is that correct?
  4. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to name a place specifically but I suppose being a newbie someone will correct me if I can't....Its called the Boston Lobster Feast
  5. Ooo! This is a great thread. I love some of these ideas!
  6. If you're sailing out of Port Canaveral (or just missing lobster night from all the cancelled cruises like I do) there's an AYCE lobster place about 50 minutes away in Orlando. It's like pre-gaming (or post-gaming if your stomach can handle it) for the real deal on the boat ?
  7. Hi Mike, We booked Boardwalk Balconies. I did read they can be a little noisy but they looked so cool!
  8. Hi Everyone! We are brand spankin' new to Royal Caribbean and sailing December 19th on the Harmony of the Seas. We were originally booked with Carnival (which is who we have previously always cruised with). Our original sailing with them was December 18th but they pulled a dirty and cancelled one of our seven room reservations because one person in our party is on oxygen. It wasn't the cancellation that got my goat but the way it was handled. They offered to rebook us for January 1st (apparently something magical would have happened with COVID between the 18th and the 1st I guess?) but I politely declined (Ok...truth be told maybe it wasn't so polite), accepted a full refund, and contacted RC who gave me a fantastic deal but I digress.... If anyone has any tips or advice for a bunch of first-timers I would greatly appreciate it!
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