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  1. @Teddy do you have any idea how Royal Up works if you need a handicapped accessible room? I know Royal has ADA Jr. Suites, but I'm not sure about the other classes/ suites.
  2. Online check in has been moved back as well. My cruise is Dec. 19 on Harmony. We are 90 days out from sailing today, but final payment has been moved to Nov. 19. We can't check in yet.
  3. Matt has covered this in his videos and live streams. If you want to walk off you can, but you will need to wait in your stateroom for them to call for walk offs. They don't have groups congregating in places like they used to. Not really sure how they keep people from all being at the elevator at same time? Maybe it isn't much of a problem since capacity is still so low? 30-50% depending on sailing for passengers.
  4. @WannaCruise Emma from Emma Cruises talks about at home tests in the U.K., so they aren't just in the U.S. Interestingly, the only at home test that is accepted by Royal Caribbean is the one where you have to call in via a video call and do the test over teleconference. That way there is proof that you are the person who is taking the test.
  5. @FionaMG You are correct. I am a Crown & Anchor Society member and all of my cruise bookings have "CAS discount" for Crown & Anchor discounts. I went and checked my most recent bookings and that is how they are noted.
  6. @MarineMoMmaBear Looking at my Christmas week Cruise, here is what I see for Holiday meals available in the Cruise Planner.
  7. Mid ship is great for less movement, less seasickness. Aft balconies are usually spacious, though you may hear some engine hum at night. This doesn't ever bother us and instead lulls us to sleep.
  8. Dress is up to you, your cruise will have a " dress to impress" night. That can be very formal if you like, or festive and less formal (slacks/button down, short cocktail dress). Most specialty restaurants will offer a set holiday menu at a certain price. Not usually included in UDP plan.
  9. @HtownHollyYes, what Reigert said. My husband is full time in a power wheelchair. We fill out a Special Needs form for every cruise we go on, as part of that they ask if you need assistance at the embarkation port.
  10. I can feel myself going into Insulin overdrive already from all the rolls I'll be eating on my next cruise!!!!!
  11. So if they are treated as unvaccinated, and Royal isn't letting any unvaccinated guests over 12 on cruises to the USVI/St. Thomas that means I need to cancel my family's cruise. We aren't willing to cruise without our son on Christmas week. I guess I'll wait a bit longer and see if guidance changes. ?
  12. I am waiting to see what happens on this one. If this requirement stays, it puts my family in a bad position. We cruise the week of Christmas to the USVI on Harmony and my son turns 12 at the end of November. He will have two shots by Christmas, but he will not have had time to do the two weeks after vax that are required to be considered "fully vaccinated". Does anyone know or have any anecdotes about how the cruise lines are handling this? TIA.
  13. Welcome @OliverDarwin! Would love to see some of your photos, especially ones taken from cruises. ?
  14. Just seeing this! Thanks guys. Since I missed it, Happy Father's Day to all you Dads!
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