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  1. Not sure, but Galveston is getting a big new Royal Caribbean branded port terminal. They will still have the other dock in Galveston as well. There should be room for several cruise ships I would think?
  2. I cruised in March 2019 out of Galveston. There IS air conditioning (it must have been broken the day you were there ). Sorry you had such a bad go of it. When I was there in March there were priority lines for those in Star class and those with Crown & Anchor membership. By March 2023 though, the beautiful new terminal should be finished, so it should be lovely.
  3. So, are you doing that plan where people retire onto a cruise ship because it's cheaper than "active adult communities"??
  4. I spend almost no time on the pool deck, so mask mandate there wouldn't bother me. Now if they tried to say I had to wear a mask on my private balcony...that would be a game changer. No problem with vaccination once it is my turn (last in line)! Already had coronavirus, it sucked but no terrible problems/after effects. My husband gave it to me and my son!
  5. @princevaliantus So far it's been "All sailings are canceled until Month, Date, Year except Quantum of the Seas". That is very different than what we will have going forward with several ships sailing.
  6. I believe it is going to start being a rolling cancellation on a ship by ship basis. As they are able to get ships sailing those will go forward (i.e. April will be Odyssey from Israel and Quantum for Singapore) and all ships that are not yet sailing will all get canceled. I think it's going to get a LOT more messy simply because it won't be a blanket statement. Everyone will have to be very alert to specific ship's news as they sail/don't sail depending on countries and ports.
  7. NOTE: Those prices are in AUD, Australian dollars, not in US dollars. That can account for the difference.
  8. @twangster Every day a little closer!! Crossing fingers for my Cruise this year!!!
  9. We're up to 70 million jabs here in the US as of Feb. 25, and we're jabbing about 2 million...a day.
  10. What I have done while sailing with my game obsessed 11 year old is to add funds to his SeaPass card at the start of each day. That way he has to budget. Otherwise he would likely use all of his arcade money on day 1, then would complain each day afterward
  11. Why, @twangster why so optimistic? What do you know that the rest of us don't???
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