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  1. 14 NIGHT British Transatlantic Cruise LEAVING FROM:Miami, Florida, onboard Jewel of the Seas VISITING:Miami, Florida | Cruising | Madeira (Funchal), Portugal | Cruising | Vigo, Spain | Cruising | Bruges/Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium | Amsterdam, Netherlands When does this cruise go to Britain ???
  2. I don't see a trans Atlantic cruise on Anthem going to the UK in 2022. Last I knew, Anthem was still somewhere near Southampton. I doubt the trans Atlantic in April 2021 on Anthem will happen.. I would like to lift and shift it to 2022. What now??
  3. I was very reluctant to spend money on cruise planner purchases but I couldn't resist: Coco Beach Club --- $53.99 PP Helium Balloon Ride ---$36.99 PP (not sure if that is good or not) On our Alaska cruise in August 2021 --- please God, let this one happen ... it's our anniversary and we have a Grand Suite on Quantum! All Access Ship Tour --- $79.99 PP (I couldn't get the same time for 2 people who would like to do the tour together --- I bought two separate times on the same day... can this be changed?) Refreshment Package ---$18 per day for the wife ... she likes the
  4. It is per person --- per day. Since every person in the stateroom needs to have it, it becomes very pricey. It doesn't take too long before a suite looks appealing because most of what you get with the Key is included when you book a suite!!
  5. Two related questions: 1) If I applied a FCC to an April 2021 cruise and then decided to L&S the cruise to April 2022 --- will the FCC be carried forward to April 2022? 2) It is unlikely we will do a trans Atlantic on Anthem booked for April 2021 and we want to do a L&S--- when will the April 2022 trans Atlantic cruises be announced?
  6. I'm not one to panic. I'm just getting tired of revising my vacation plans and never actually going anywhere. The April 2021 trans Atlantic was originally planned for April 2020. I wonder if the FCC's due to expire at the end of 2021 will be extended to 2022. It now seems like cancellations will continue well into 2021
  7. Soooo .... Am I suppose to assume the 14 night Panama Canal cruise on October 1st 2021 isn't happening??? I was planning on using the FCC from our Trans Atlantic cruise on Anthem scheduled for April 2021 on the Panama cruise. I don't think the Trans Atlantic will happen so the Panama Canal cruise was my back-up. Any recommendations?? I wonder if lift and shift to 2022 will be an option??? Are longer cruises done for the foreseeable future??
  8. We might be on the same B2B if you are talking about Freedom -- now Explorer 1/23-1/30/22 and 1/30-2/6/22 cruises. That deadline of 30 Oct 2020 is also strange given that I don't even know my new stateroom assignments and how "similar" the itineraries will be. It seems like the default is that you accept the change if you don't cancel by the end of the next week. The cruises are more than a year away ... why do I need to decide in 10 days?
  9. We took 4 Freedom class cruises between 2012 to 2015 and liked them all. Then we did an Alaska cruise in 2016 on Explorer. We liked that cruise as well except that Explorer seemed like she was missing something but Alaska made up for it. Ever since we have been on Quantum and Oasis class ships. For me, I like Quantum class because of the indoor solarium when the weather is bad but that class tended to remind me of an indoor shopping mall everywhere else. Oasis class was a bit too much because of crowds and reservations everywhere. We were just looking forward to returning to Freedo
  10. Your comment was absolutely fine ... no problem with it. However, Royal's notification to me about the changes were another matter --- here's the excerpt from the notification I was referring to ... in Royal's words: "The good news is, our sister ship, Explorer of the Seas, is heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico! The even better news? She'll sail on the exact same day as your original cruise and will visit similar destinations!"
  11. I'm aware of this. I'm really trying to stay positive about all this. I decided to sleep on it to see how I felt this morning. Given that our B2B on Freedom for January 2022 was the result of two "lifts and shifts" of cruises scheduled in 2021. Considering the time spent to make it so we could stay in the same stateroom. Then factoring in that we upgraded our rooms because the price guarantee that carried over to the cruises in 2022 seemed attractive. Finally given that we were very pleased with the net result and this was all done about one month ago ... I have slept on it and
  12. I guess the itinerary might only be "similar". I'm just trying to see something positive about all this but Royal is trying to make it sound like it is all good news! According to the notification-- it says: "The good news is, our sister ship, Explorer of the Seas, is heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico! The even better news? She'll sail on the exact same day as your original cruise and will visit similar destinations!"
  13. According to my notification I just received-- Explorer is a sister ship to Freedom! I was on Explorer about 5 years ago. Nothing was bad but she could have used some enhancements back then. Had the amplification happened to Explorer, I wouldn't mind so much. No way would I refer to Explorer as Freedom's sister! Cousin maybe but a bit distant. Also, $100 OBC to accept the swap is NOT going to make up the difference ... not even close. I still like the itinerary though but still can't see it happening yet. Does Royal ever do any negotiations behind the scenes?? I'm only in a junior
  14. I haven't received any notification yet but it seems like my B2B cruises on Freedom will be impacted. Nothing against Explorer but I really wanted to go on Freedom again. I liked everything as was planned and now it seems like the plan has changed. What does Royal do in these cases? Explorer isn't Freedom and I'm not thrilled with the change! Just wondering.
  15. There is a part of me that says I'm ready to cruise again. Then there is a part of me that says not yet. It becomes a personal decision what to do on the final payment date based on what side of me speaks louder at the time. Another factor is what type of cruise it is. I have a 4 day cruise in April 2021 on Independence with 2 stops in the Bahamas -- I REALLY want to go on that cruise as a way to test the water. I will likely make the final payment and hope that cruise happens. However, I have another April 2021 cruise which is a 12 day trans Atlantic on Anthem that involves stops
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