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  1. Just so you know, I value the UK. I have already had two trans Atlantic cruises on Anthem to Southampton canceled so I'm frustrated too. Now it seems like my next best option is a trans Atlantic in April 2022 on Allure. That cruise goes to Spain. It isn't that I don't want to go to the UK. On the Allure trans Atlantic , all the other stops are in Spain except for the stop in The Bahamas. My guess is that the least number of countries I visit will be better through the end of 2022.
  2. I don't know about two stops at CocoCay since I haven't been there even once yet. I have booked a future 5-day cruise on Mariner that has only two stops --- Labadee and CocoCay. I like that idea and that's why I booked the cruise. I could see doing a 7-day cruise that included Labadee and CocoCay and maybe any other port that will accept the ship. I don't mind sea days so it would be fine with me. I have been to Labadee three times and I like it there. I like cruises that stay overnight for two days too. I think Royal did some overnights at CocoCay at one time which didn't sound to
  3. How do you put a "hold" on a cruise. I know a person used to be able to do a short term hold for 48 hours or so. Online, that doesn't seem to be an option anymore. My idea of a hold is now putting down a refundable deposit but I don't like doing that anymore. I have 7 cruises lined up over the next 2 years already. Some cruises are refundable and some are not. I don't want to get anymore FCC's. I don't really like the added expense of booking refundable either.
  4. I have two different apps Royal and Royal IQ. Neither one does much of anything. I just looked at both of them and I would now say they do nothing. I did an update and still nothing. Maybe I have the wrong app.
  5. There is no price protection on taxes and fees when doing a L&S. I don't know why my taxes and fees were $150 higher on a nearly identical cruise in 2022 as compared to 2021. I have done two other L&S and the taxes and fees were a few dollars less on one and a few dollars more on the other one. When there was a $150 difference on the Quantum Alaska L&S I thought it was high but what can you do? I suppose local government and port authority revenue has taken a big hit. I think they will want to make up for lost revenue too when cruising resumes. I have never figured out ho
  6. I'm not sure I should disclose my L&S experience with my Alaska cruise on Quantum. Originally, it was very straight forward and done quickly. The price protection was done but taxes and fees increased by $150. Best I could tell, it seemed correct. There was a FCC involved that tends to obscure the actual cruise price. About a week later someone posted information that involved some glitch that resulted in the price protection to be incorrect. When I looked at my remaining balance, it was approximately $300 more. I had to call again to get the $300 removed. The first response w
  7. The "C" must already be underwater because I can't see it .
  8. Yeah, to be honest ... I'm not even counting on the Allure B2B happening either. I just think the odds are better. I think a private island itinerary on Allure has a decent chance of happening. The wild card is how well the vaccinations progress. I'm hoping vaccinations will be a game changer.
  9. Yes, it is on my bucket list as well. I just don't think it will happen in 2021. For one thing, it isn't even listed anymore on Royal's website because the CDC won't allow cruises more that 7 days to be marketed through the end of October I believe. Back to back cruises lasting 14 days however can be booked. Another problem with the Panama Canal cruise is that it stops in about 6 different countries-a logistical nightmare in the covid world. I don't think I want to tackle those risks that soon. Maybe in 2022.
  10. Allure October 17 and 24 B2B here. Big Ten football and everything will be normal is my prediction. I still don't think the October 1-15 Panama Canal cruise on Radiance will happen. I probably should just cancel it now. Allure is my back-up plan because I doubt things will be THAT normal on October 1st --- I decided to give it 2 more weeks. However, spending almost the whole month of October 2021 on a cruise ship sounds good at the moment.
  11. I'm more optimistic about my October Allure sailing. It has 2 private island stops and I don't really care too much about the other stops. I have never been to CocoCay and that surely will be open by October I would think. I have no optimism for the October 2021 Panama Canal cruise on Radiance though. It is booked refundable so I'm just waiting to see what a Panama Canal cruise in 2022 will look like. In a way ... still optimistic.
  12. My strategy changed a long time ago. If I can't do a L&S, I reschedule cruises into the foreseeable future before the final payment date. When I can, I get a refund for a cruise --- only then do I book another cruise. Don't ask me why!! I have been juggling about five cruises. If it goes bust ... I have tried to limit my losses. Still looking forward to my Alaska 2022 cruise that was already L&S when Quantum cruises were cancelled.
  13. Try to expedite the return to normalcy in Canada ... my cruise to Alaska now postponed to August 2022 hinges on that. At the moment, we are relatively normal here in Iowa. I'm starting to like the mask because it keeps my face warm. My face gets sunburn on a cruise so I can see some positives there too. I can't wait to get vaccinated if that is what it takes.
  14. This is such a good question and you would think our government would be working on this but I doubt it will happen. There are electronic medical records but privacy laws don't provide easy access. I do think vaccination records should be an important component of a passport. Another approach that covid would need is adequate proof of a positive test for antibodies. Nobody really knows how long the current vaccines provide immunity. The natural way that one gets immunity is by having the infection --- that way of immunity should count too. That could necessitate an annual test for im
  15. I'm not sure what caused the problem. It made my cruise vacation receipt look totally different. I liked that they itemized the FCC and all the discounts on separate lines. It looked much better and it was understandable as compared to when they used the FCC to create a lower cruise fare. The problem was that the cruise fare was listed at full price. When they corrected it, they just changed it back to the way it was originally. Now, nothing is itemized again.
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