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  1. What happened next?? Don't leave me hanging! Highly considering doing this for our upcoming Liberty cruise and was looking to see how much of our cruise it would take up.
  2. I would think the only viable option would be a head strap. You'll be wearing a chest pad and your hands will obviously be occupied. Try it- they may ask you to take it off for safety reasons though.
  3. This was 6 years ago, but the food was terrible and the lines were long.
  4. We take a cab over to that place every time we visit Cozumel and stock up on chocolate.
  5. I thought it included reserved seats for shows? Also when purchasing, it says specifically that you do not need to reserve the shows?
  6. I use insuremytrip.com to compare different medical only trip insurance plans. It compares the different plans for you. I've found these plans to be very reasonable and offers me a peace of mind to not get some huge medical bill on board.
  7. Do you have the morning or afternoon docking time in SJ?
  8. Hi Steven, Like Matt said, we went to St Bart's in July on a St Maarten stop day. We weren't confident with the reliability of the ferries (and it's a good thing because they didn't have one coming back in the afternoon on the day we were there) so we pre booked flights on WinAir out of SXM. Port time was 8-5 (all aboard at 4:30) and our flights were at 9:30 and 2:20 respectively. 15 min flight time. First things first, you have to be ok with missing the ship and getting yourself to the next port. Start off your day knowing that. Everything went perfect for us until the flight back.
  9. We were going to be doing this next week, but changed our plans. We booked with Hertz which is also at the terminal.
  10. I think the babies are more resilient to this than we are for sure. My 2.5 year old will be going on her 5th cruise next week and has never shown signs of sea sickness.
  11. Nobody knows expensive bingo until they go on a Disney cruise
  12. Oh and the avocado margarita from Sabor is superb!!
  13. Sounds delish. I'll have to try it in 2.5 weeks!
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